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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 15 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – The Final Magic Sword Technique

Mirage Mode(Magic Enclosure Skill)Soul Meggido(Flame Bloom Concept)

Redone’s voice echoed eerily.

Then, the armor covering his entire body swelled up.

It became larger and larger until it resembled a black sphere that completely covered his entire body.

Throb. Throb. Throb──.

Then, the sphere began to pulsate eerily.

It was like a heart with a snarky design.

“What the hell……is that thing?”

“No way…”

Suddenly, Milfa exclaimed.

“Instead of wearing his magic sword as armor, he fused his body together with its magic power!?’

“They fused!?”

It was then when the sphere distorted and wavered into an undefined shape.

There came a sizzling sound, and on the next, something popped out of the sphere.

Head, wings, legs, tail, claws, fangs – these parts formed one after another, revealing a new form.

The earth rumbled, and “it” landed.


A roar that seemed to shake the entire castle.

“A monster!?”

This is no longer an armor.

Redone is now a black dragon, so huge it’s approximately ten meters long.

However, on the chest part of the dragon, Redone’s face and his bare chest are showing, as if they were embossed inside the dragon’s body.

“This is the shape of the “strongest” in my image. A Dragon. What do you think, Lian?”

Even in such atrocious form, his face was still smiling.

A growl escaped from the dragon’s mouth.

“By the way. It’s not a ‘magic armor’ like before. This body is now my own magical power itself. By fusing the power of my will, my magic sword, and my own body, I have created the strongest body I can ever imagine…”

By turning into a form of a monster?

You’ve even abandoned your original form as an elf……

“Looks strong, doesn’t it? Do you like it?”

Vvuumm……something vibrated, and his huge figure blurred.

A flash of light then flashed on my surroundings.


I didn’t even see his momentum.


Half-instinctively, I brought Milfa up and rushed at the black flash distorting the atmosphere around it.

I tried intercepting his attack, but……

“Slow, slow, slow.”

My slash was easily avoided by the dragon, despite its size, by just flapping down.

“This guy……!”

He’s getting even faster!?

“I’m so light! This body is awesome!”


Redone, who had been transformed into a magic dragon, jumped around at super-light speed with a joyful cry.

Even with my Physical Reinforcement III, I can only barely react to the speed of the black flash.

Claws, fangs, and tails were unleashed in rapid succession towards me.

“Hey, hey, what’s going on, Lian? The tables have turned in a flash! In a flash, Get it!?”

Redone’s speed increased even more.

It was hard to believe that he was over ten meters tall yet was moving around at an unbelievable speed.

Earlier, I had the advantage in physical ability, but now I don’t have that anymore.

Lucifer’s Blade(Demon Lord Decapitation)

Countless purple light swords flew from the dragon’s mouth.

He has almost no time to recharge his magic, so he has the advantage in attack speed. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

If I reacted just by looking, I wouldn’t have had enough time.

I jumped to the side with only a hunch.

Immediately, the floor I was standing on is torn to shreds.

“That’s just a small piece of where it came from. Cocytus Breath(Dark Dragon’s Roar)!”

Muttering, Redone spat out another breath.

Another flash of light filled my vision.

Brash Blade(Demon Breaker Slash)!”

I quickly unleashed my magic sword technique to offset the power.


But I was easily pushed aside and got blown away by the blast.

Still, I managed to regain my position in the air and landed safely.

As I looked around, I saw that the surrounding area had become a wasteland.

It seemed that the area around the castle had been wiped out by the breath just now.

“I can move freely without limits now. This is so fucking fun!”

This time, the black dragon plunged forward and landed on the ground with just a flap of a wing.

His super-light speed movement was like a black lightning bolt.

I avoided it with just a hunch before, but I think I won’t be able to dodge it this time.


Its fingernails only grazed me, yet my left shoulder was torn wide open.

“He’s coming back, Master Lian!”

Milfa’s warning sounded.

Frowning at the intense pain, I still jumped to the side.

If I stop for even a moment, I will take a hit.

I have to keep moving.

But his movements were far beyond my agility.

“Take this and this and this and this and this!”

The black dragon attacked one after another with a joyful yell.

“Aggh, gaahh……aahhh……!”

Whether its claws and fangs, tail, breath, or even its aftershocks – all of them hit and hurt my body greatly.

My entire body is torn apart in the blink of an eye, and I’m blown away in a bloody mess.

“Haaa. Haaa, haaa……”

I was breathing hard and wincing in pain.

I was losing too much blood, and my body was losing strength.

“Master Lian, your opponent is superior to you in both attack speed and physical techniques. Any more of this is ──”

“I know.”

I agreed with what Milfa had said.

But even though I was shown an overwhelming difference in power, my will never waver.

The determination that resides in the core of my heart will never falter.

“We can’t win if we stay where we are. So.”

I’m going to surpass what I am now.

I focused my attention.

I don’t know if I can do this.

Even though I learned it in the trial of the High Ancients, it’s not a technique that can be used anytime and anywhere.

This is a power that stems from my “thoughts”.

A power that can only be activated when you put your “heart” into it.

In other words, I can only use it when my feelings hit the extremes……or so that’s what I think.


I felt my heart pounding in my chest.

“I need your help…”

I called out.

To the other me.

The negative emotions of myself that I once threw away and had reencountered.

“We’ll use that, Milfa.”

I told my partner, the divine sword.

My method to end this fight with him.

“Master Lian, the light and the darkness inside you, all of it, I present it to you!”

Milfa shouted in a clear voice.

At the same time, a golden glow burst out from the blade.

The glow possessed an illusory beauty, then materialized into a myriad of tiny swords.

More than a hundred of those little swords flew around me like a school of fishes under the sea.


The small swords flew in all directions in response to my will, heading towards the black dragon.

“What the…?”

It was then Redone who shouted in surprise.

Countless and countless golden lights, reminiscent of comets, these swarm of small swords cut through his colossal body at a speed that surpassed even that of his black dragon form.

“Guh……so fast……and there are just too many…….”

Although his magic dragon form could spit out breaths non-stop to shoot down the swords, there were just too many of them to repel. This cha pt er transl ation is made po ss ible by stab bi ng with a s yrin ge tran slat i ons. check up- to-da te trans lati ons on my Wo rdp ress si te.

They come and slash from every direction.

Even if several are shot down, the remaining are still going to cut you.

Furthermore, whenever Milfa’s main body, which is in my hand, emits light, the swarm of small swords quickly gets replenished and heads toward Redone once more.

As of this time, more swords are being replenished than the ones getting shot down.

“There’s no end to it……!”

Redone exhaled another breath in frustration and unleashed his claws and tail.

He shattered the small swords batch by batch with every attack, but there’s no longer a way he could intercept them all.

It’s just violence in numbers.

Because of this, blood started to splash from the black dragon’s body.

“Damn you……haaa, haaa…….”

Gradually, Redone’s breathing became ragged, and his movements slowed down.

It’s now or never.

An opportunity to strike a blow against the super-fast Redone.

“This is the last magic sword technique I will ever unleash upon you, Redone. Catch it if you really are the strongest, as you say.”

I raised my golden sword high in the air.

Mirage Mode(Magic Enclosure Skill)Divine Meggido(Holy Flame Bloom)

Countless small swords that attacked Redone made a U-turn and came back.

This group of small swords then attached themselves to the blade of Milfa.

Before long, all the small swords fused with the blade and transformed into a colossal sword.

“What the hell is that sword…”

Redone was taken aback.

“Way different from you, isn’t it? This is my Mirage. No, it is our Mirage.”

My version, instead of fusing with the wielder, it fuses with the weapon.


A technique that combines the power of me and the other me.

My true power.

Overlimit Break(Super-Class Slash Release)Divine Force(Celestial Rupture)!”

Rainbow-colored slashing energy surged forward from the sword I swung down.

“I can’t be done with this!”

The black dragon spits out another intense breath.

“No matter what skills you have, no matter who you have on your side, I am the strongest! The only and absolute strongest person in this world is me, Redone Irvine!”

The rainbow slash and the black flare collided, causing violent sparks to fly.

The two energies merged, and it caused an explosion that was so powerful that it almost reached the stratosphere.

“You’re strong, that’s for sure. You can kick all kinds of enemies all by yourself… but that’s also why you lost this time.”

I mumbled, feeling even sadness to the man.

Redone was obsessed with his own strength.

And only his own. And not to others.

No matter how you put it, he is just one person.

All alone.

But my power is different.

It’s a power that I’ve created through my relationships with everyone I’ve met in this world.

Because of this, I was able to become the person I am today.

I was able to develop this “heart” that I have now.

That’s why I can unleash a blow.

A slash that he can never create.

The next moment, the two energies that had been at odds with each other moved in a big way.

The rainbow-colored light easily blew away the black breath and swallowed the dragon’s massive body in a straight line.

“Impossible! The likes of this is pushing me back!?”

Redone, groaning in shock, was buried in the light little by little until it covered his entire body.

“Lian……your power…….”

Then, his body made of magic power disintegrates and crumbles away.

“Farewell, Redone.”

I said quietly, and Redone……


It was not a cry of despair but a murmur of longing.

As if he has finally found what he’s looking for all his life.

And then, he disappeared.

Just like that, the strongest dark elf is gone without a trace.

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