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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 14 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – 3P in the Labyrinth, Part 2 ※

“Now then. Can you lie down here, Lian?”

With a smile still as enchanting, Tia pointed on the part of the ground and prompted me to lay down there.

The said spot was covered with a red shroud, a sign of some sort of space manipulation, but when I laid on it, it felt like a soft cushion.

Thinking that it was finally time for the real thing, I felt a rush of excitement flowing into my penis, even though I had just released one a while ago.

Soon, it became fully erect and is now towering vertically.

“Master Lian is still big…….”

Milfa’s white cheeks turned rosy as she gazed at the towering, symbolic organ of a man.

I still couldn’t help but adore her reaction, which is almost the same as those of a virgin’s.


“Fufufu, with that size, you may not be able to take it in. Let me take care of it from here──”

It was from here that Tia stepped forward and seized my dick from Milfa.

In reality, both of them had only one sexual experience, and that is all with me.

Both of them are supposed to be virgins until now, but unlike Milfa, who still retained the innocence of a dainty girl, Tia is already acting like a woman who has an extensive sexual experience in her arsenal.

The way she smiles seductively, even the vibe she was giving off here, was as if she’s a hunter about to pounce her prey.

Brushing up her long red hair, Tia began to straddle my waist.


With a wistful exhale, she grabbed the thick trunk with both hands and pressed it against her secret place.

The two fresh lips throbbed, and little by little, they warped along with the shape of my tip.

From there, Tia slowly began to lower her hips. Her love juices made squelching sounds as she put the rest of my member in.

“Nnn, haaa……It’s so warm inside you, Tia….”

The heat of her slippery mucus is no different from that of a human woman.

Rather, it enveloped my member with even more passion than that of a real woman’s.

“Aaah, it’s so big and hard……Your cock is wonderful, Lian……fuaaahh…….”

Tia exclaimed as she looked down at me with a hint of ecstasy on her face.

When we’re finally joined at the base, she immediately moved her hips back and forth as if she were devouring me, and it shook her long red hair and huge tits along it giving me a more seductive scenery. If yo u ar e abl e to re ad this mess age, y ou are read ing from an unau thoriz ed agg regate site. Read at my Word Pres s to sup po rt me and my t ranslat ions.

“Fuaahh, aaah……so thick……aahh……this is what sex feels like……!!”

Because of this, it didn’t take a while for Tia to pant longingly.

This was Tia’s second time having sex. With this, she should’ve had more leeway to feel the friction of the penis and the pleasure that was building up in her.

Then again, among all the girls I have done with, only Tia was able to move like a sexually experienced woman despite having just lost her virginity.

It’s probably because of her knowledge of sex-related data that she is able to use her hips in such a way. That, and maybe her natural adaptive ability as a magic armament as well.

“Ughhhh, that feels so good, Tia……!!”

Each time Tia’s hips grind against my lower abdomen, my manhood gets squeezed by its tight, flirtatious flesh, from the tip to its base, also sending a pulse of pleasure throughout my lower limbs.

“Oooh, uaaah, Tiaaa, aaahhh……!”

Pushed by the excessive pleasures, I self-consciously reached out both of my hands towards Tia’s shaking chest.

I rubbed those huge mounds, squeezing and enjoying their softness with both my hands.

“Aaah……that’s it. Yes, touch my breasts more…more……more……mooooree!”

Now panting long in great pleasure, Tia intensified her humping.

Meanwhile, our joining parts also intensified their loud squelching.

This watery sound heightened my excitement, and it prompted me to grab and squeeze her voluminous breasts even more than I should.

But instead of it relieving my lust, the elasticity and freshness of her breasts ignited it even more.

Her hard nipples tickled my fingertips, an evidence that Tia is also getting high on the carnal pleasure we were having.


“Master, you must not feel yourself comfortable to such a black-hearted woman.”

While I was mesmerized by its softness, Milfa approached me from the side.

It seems that me ignoring her made her sulk for a bit.

“Are you, perhaps, jealous?”

“No, I’m not jealous, master. I’m just worried that, as your partner, you’ll be misled by such a……witch of a woman…….”

Despite saying it in monotone, Milfa’s face is bright red, and her voice is trembling.

Yep, she’s cute, alright.

I thought so, honestly.

Even though she is usually my partner in battle, seeing her materialized in human form like this, moreover, in a lovely figure of a girl, I couldn’t help but find her cute at any angle.

“I also……nn, chuu.”

Milfa also stooped down and brought her face close to mine, then proceeded to overlap her lips with my own.

Occasionally, she glances at Tia, and while at it she continues to kiss me as if she was showing off, chuup-ing and chuu-ping like a little bird pecking at some grains of rice.

“Fufufu, I see. You’ve done it now. Lian~, instead of playing with that immature girl, how about you focus on enjoying my moist pussy more?”

“No! He’s gonna play with mine!”

Milfa, who was kissing me, stopped all of a sudden and looked up towards Tia.

“Ara, did I offend you, perhaps, Miss Sword? Then why don’t you show it and try to make Lian feel better than me? Then we will make him decide.”

“……fine, you’re on. Let’s switch.”

Milfa is starting to look annoyed.

On the other hand, Tia is still acting casual, as if she still has another ace in her hand.

It was literally a women’s showdown. This chap ter transla tion is ma de possib le by stab bing with a sy ringe trans lati ons. chec k up-to- dat e translat ions on my Wordp ress si te.

“Now then. Let’s see what you got.”

After saying that, Tia lifted her hips, also pulling out my meat stick which was deep inside of it.

A thread of love juice dripped and stretched out from the gaping slit to the tip of my dick.

It also exuded a sweet smell, enough to tingle my whole body just from the scent of it.

“Now then. Come, Miss Milfa.”

“You don’t have to tell me that.”

This time, it was Milfa who straddled my waist.

“I’ll make sure you’ll forget all about that woman, master.”

The girl who is also my divine sword declares to me with determination.

Her small breasts swayed plumply along with it, but rather than making her fierce, they only made her cuter instead.

Milfa……I’ve noticed it for a while now, but have you changed your personality in some way?

Her change in character is so much that it seemed that Milfa has developed a ‘jealous mode’ and is now switched on and in full throttle.

The first time I had sex with her was a threesome between me, her, and the goddess Elciata. However, Elciata’s existence could also be classified as her master, so it was still acceptable that she didn’t show any hints of jealousy at that time.

However, I was having sex with other women several times before this, and she didn’t respond to me in this way until now.


Maybe it was because I was having sex with Tia, who could be called our enemy, that had triggered her jealousy? Or perhaps it was because she’s also a weapon and not a human, which caused her to compete with Tia in this way?

“I-I’m putting it in now, master.”

Milfa, who was sitting in the middle of the room, announced to me nervously.

After all, it’s only her second time having sex, so she’s probably still getting used to it.

Indeed, Tia is an odd exception, and a very odd one at that, as she acted like she was very experienced in it even though we only did it one time.

“Relax, Milfa.”

I expressed my signature smile and did my best to relieve my beloved sword of her tension.

While at it, I also adjusted the position of my hips, aiming it in a place that will make it easier for Milfa to insert it herself.

Soon, I could feel my taut tip hitting perfectly into the hollow part of her flesh.

Okay, this is the spot ── along with that thought, I thrust my hips up lightly.


It waded through the hot vulva, and just like that, my manhood was instantly swallowed by Milfa’s sweet secret hole.

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