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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 14 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – 3P in the Labyrinth, Part 1 ※

In the Twilight Labyrinth, I was shown from the trial about the past legacy of the High Ancients and how its survivors created the reincarnation system that was the origin of the traits that we have today.

But when I was about to go through the door where I will obtain my new power, the trial was suddenly cut off midway by Teardrop.

She is one of the Commander-Type sweepers – direct subordinates of Redone and also the one who attacked Mina and her party back in Regulus City.

Before I knew it, she had already intruded without us knowing, and before I realized, I was already transferred into some sub-space she calls Negaphase.

From there, Teardrop – Tia, offered to have sex with me.

However, the moment I was about to immerse myself in more her bewitching carnal pleasures……

“You’re just trying to make Master Lian your tool! That’s not love at all!”

In the middle of such an act, I suddenly heard a voice.

A dazzling golden light floods out right from the middle of where Tia and I were intertwining.

“What the…”

“Don’t tell me….”

I immediately pulled away from Tia, whom I was joining with in a standing position. Obviously, this also caused me to pull out my rod that was still inside of her.

“Don’t let that woman deceive you, Master Lian!”

The golden light converged in front of me and eventually created a humanoid silhouette.

──It was a beautiful girl clad in white, much like the goddess that I saw upon coming to this world.

She also had golden hair that reached her waist and a green pair of eyes that gave a degree of sharpness.


I stared in amazement at my partner and sword, which for some reason, took a humanized form at an abrupt moment.

In the past, after the battle with the magic armament Fenrir, I had been summoned to the temple of Goddess Elciata.

At that time, I met Milfa in that same human form and had sex with her…

This is the first time we’ve met since then.

She is still as beautiful as ever that I still can’t believe she’s a sword.

She didn’t resemble a goddess despite being under one, but she possessed a loveliness reminiscent of an angel instead, as if to make up for it.

“Ara, so it’s a meta-artifact, huh. Though I’m not sure if it’s because you have a wavelength close to that of a magic armament or if it’s because of some strange interference that you were able to materialize here. Or is it the influence of these ruins?”

Tia spoke as she observes Milfa quizzically.

“Either way, it’s a strange phenomenon. Enough to get me interested at that.”

“I don’t care about your theories. But, now that I have a body, I will use it with all my will to protect Master Lian.”

Milfa glared at Tia. Tia also stared back at Milfa.

The gazes of two beautiful women collided in midair, creating invisible sparks in between.

“Master Lian as well. Master Lian shouldn’t be fawning over such a woman.”

Eh, are you, perhaps, mad at me, Milfa?

“For a goddess’ weapon, you’re surprisingly jealous. How cute,” Seeing this, Tia did not waste her chance to rebuke.

“And here I thought you had materialized just to fight me… or maybe you’re just jealous of me becoming one with your master?” she also added to blaze the fire.

“……!! I, I’m, uh…….”


“Though I get your point, in the end, you’re just a sword, aren’t you? Don’t you think those feelings of yours are going overboard for a weapon?”

“There’s no such thing! I’ve only come out to protect him from you.”

Though blushing red, Milfa still tried to scowl at Tia. Tia must have hit a nerve there.

“If I’m a weapon, then aren’t you also one? And yet, you are here, strangely seducing Master Lian despite already having another master. Are you the one who’s going overboard here?”

“Oh, can I take that as a declaration of war?”

“You’re the one that started this fight with me.”

The beautiful girl meta-artifact and the captivating magic armament’s gazes intensified even more. But unlike earlier, it was Tia who moved away first.

Then, she offered a solution. This ch apte r transla ion is mad e possi ble by stab bi ng with a syr inge transl ati ons. check up-to-d at e tr anslat ions on my Wo rdp ress si te.

“Very well. Why don’t we settle this by mingling with Lian at the same time?”

“……what do you mean?”

Milfa raises an eyebrow at Tia’s sudden proposal.

“Let’s have a contest to see who can make him feel better.”

Holding up her index finger, Tia suggested with a smile.

What in the world is this woman thinking!?

“Don’t think about it too much into it, Lian. I only want one thing….”

Tia approaches me with moist eyes and then──kisses me on the lips.

“Ah, hey! You can’t just steal a march against Master Lian like that! Mou~.”

This act made Milfa angry again.

“This is not stealing a march. I’m just trying to determine if he is worthy of becoming my Lord.”


“Hey now, didn’t I tell you that we’ll settle this through sex? So instead of our mouths, let’s talk skin to skin from here on out. How about you, Miss Sword?”

“Hmph. If I win, you stay out of master and don’t come back ever again.”

“Deal. Well then, since I was here already, I’ll go first.”

Tia started by stretching out her slender hand and stroking my neck with her fingers.

She also begins to rub on my sensitive elf ears with her fingertips, lightly pinching them and applying subtle pressure on them.

Is she trying to seduce me, or does she have some other agenda…?

But in the face of the surging pleasure, such thoughts and reason started to fade away from my head.



After a while, I started gasping.

Despite being a magic armament, this woman caressed me with such a perfect amount of force in my erogenous zones that I felt nothing but pleasure inside.

Meanwhile, blood started to flow from the spongy tissue of my cock, and at a furious pace, my meat stick expanded.

It has gotten so big it’s almost bursting at the seams, and the fresh drops of pre-cum could be felt rising on top of it.


Milfa couldn’t help but gulp as she saw it all.

Her cheeks were flushing, that she couldn’t help but turn her head away in embarrassment.

Both Milfa and Tia had only one sexual experience, yet their reactions were so different from each other.

“You seem to be a very inexperienced maiden. Will you be able to satisfy Lian at this point?”

Noticing this, Tia didn’t miss her chance to provoke.

“Are you a virgin, by any chance?”

“No, I’m not. I had already offered my virginity to Master Lian.”

Milfa glared at Tia in a strange rivalry.

“In fact, you’re the one here who’s pretending to be experienced, even though you’re a virgin yourself until a while ago.” If you are abl e to r ead this m essage, yo u are read ing from an unaut horized aggr egate site. Rea d at my Word Press to supp ort me and my t ranslat ions.

“Ara, it’s true that I’ve never had any hands-on experience until now, but I do have a lot of knowledge about how to debauch a man.”

“You talk big for someone with second-hand knowledge.”

“You’re quite the one to say it as well.”



Milfa and Tia are smiling at each other, but both their eyes were not.

You’re getting scary, both of you……

“Master Lian, allow me to wake up your senses. I’m sure master is preoccupied with his desires right now that it’s disrupting your ability to make calm decisions. So please use this Milfa to vent it all out,” said Milfa as she approaches me.

“Once you’ve regained your composure, we’ll fight her and get you back to where you belong.”

“How did this conversation get into a weird direction?”

“Now, then. I’ll be at your service, master.”

Ignoring my rebuttal, Milfa took off her white vestments.

With her cheeks dyed vermillion from embarrassment, she glanced at Tia, but upon seeing her rival already nude and with a face as if provoking, she immediately stripped naked with a snap.

I wondered if her sense of rivalry overcame her embarrassment of me.

Milfa, now revealing a slender female body with few bumps, bent down at my feet.

“I’m sorry that my breasts weren’t any bigger…….”

She apologizes first as she proceeds to rub her small breasts against my penis.

She probably wants to give me a titfuck, but unfortunately, her breasts were not big enough for the job.

Still, It felt good enough to feel the smooth skin of her breasts and hard nipples rubbing against my cock.

“Milfa’s tits are already pretty and nice as they are……and more importantly, they feel good as well…….”

But the most important part is that Milfa looked so cute as she tries her best to squeeze it in her modestly swollen breasts, and another plus in her cuteness is that she’s feeling shy while doing it.

“R-really? I’m so glad……nchuu, mm……pichu.”


Milfa pulls her face even closer and crawls her pink tongue around the glans.

What her breasts lack in volume, she probably intends to make up for in blowjobs.

“Fufufu. Your technique is lacking, but your passion is wonderful. Even I’m getting excited myself.”

Tia giggles lustily as she hugs me from behind.

This made her breasts, which were very lush in contrast to Milfa’s flatness, to get heavily pressed against my back.

While at it, she also crawled her white hand between my legs, rubbing the base of my cock and around my balls.

“Mmuh, I won’t lose……chuuu.”

Seeing her rival has taken action, Milfa also intensified her caresses with her lips and breasts. As if competing with it, Tia, too, wiggled her fingertips bewitchingly and intensified her stimulations on the base of my meat stick.

“Me too. I have no intentions of giving you up to an inexperienced girl like her, Lian……haammu.”

Tia also sweetly bites my sensitive elf ears, giving me another source of stimulation.

“Ugh……both of you, amazing…… haahaa……ahhhh……!”

With the consecutive pleasures from the two women, I could feel something that was beginning to erupt.

It was so good that I felt like my whole body is going to collapse.

My penis is pulsing incessantly, and quite the amount of precum is already spilling out of the tip.

It indicated that I was ready to shoot at any moment.

Oh, how I wanted to unleash the full force of my desire on the both of them──.

When I thought of this, I had exceeded my limit of endurance.

“Oooooh, kuhh, aah. I’m cumming, Milfa, Tia! Receive my load on each of your faces!”

“Gladly, Master Lian.”

“With pleasure, Lian~.”

Tia stopped licking my ears and knelt beside Milfa, and the two readied themselves with their tongues out.

Soon, white liquid spurted out with great force, splashing and smearing against Milfa and Tia’s beautiful faces.

“Hyaaa, ahhn, Master Liann…….”

“Fuaaahh, it feels so hot……aahh…….”

They all looked ecstatic as both of them received a powerful facial.

To these women with inhuman beauty, I was able to shower them with my cum as much as I wanted.

I felt like I did a great accomplishment at that time.

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