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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 14 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – For Victory


Ludwig spat out blood as he was slammed into the nearest wall.

His strong armor was dented and shattered in many places.

When he saw the damage, he realized that it was a series of fist blows from the enemy that had been fired at a speed he could not see or react to.

He couldn’t move.

He couldn’t put any strength into his body.

His vision wavered, and his consciousness faded.

When he regained his senses, what he saw first was the bodies of warriors and knights of the kingdom who were all equivalent to A-Class in strength being strewn about.

Some of them were severely injured and were unable to stand up, while others are huddling on the ground.

“Huh~? It’s much easier than I had thought. Are the warriors and knights who served as the vanguard of this kingdom all this easy?”

Despite his surprise, the fat boy, Mad Eater, was in all smiles, as if he was enjoying the situation.

“Who said we were all this easy?”

It was a female warrior who stepped forward.

“Don’t underestimate us.”

A height of almost reaching two meters,

Muscular yet glamorous limbs,

Body clad in bikini armor,


The speech came from a beautiful woman who gave off a vibe that is both bewitching and fierce.

“You just have a bit of power and speed. Hey you all! This guy is my prey.”

She – Glenda Chiffon, an adventurer ranked 13th in the S-class, licked her lips as she said those words to her comrades.

She has the best close-quarters combat skills amongst the S-Classes present in the scene.

As long as it’s melee combat, you can leave it to her.

“My second name is Legion(One-Man Army). Do you know what it means?”

“What is it? I’m not good with complicated stuff.”

“It means that I’m a single person who possessed strength equal to an entire army – it’s as simple as that. And I’ll show you that strength right now.”

Glenda guffaws and smiles fearlessly at Mad Eater, who was still looking confused about what the woman was talking about.

Then, Glenda howled.


After that, her feminine appearance changed into that of a tiger beastfolk.

The female warrior, now with tiger ears, fangs, and tail, rushed forward with a large sword in her hand.

“Moves which are far beyond the human limits──very impressive.”

The sly grin disappears from Mad Eater’s face. This chap ter trans lation is m ade possibl e by st abbing wit h a syri nge tran slations. chec k up-to-d ate transl ations on my Wordpre ss s ite.

But from it, another expression appeared, and it was that of a fearless warrior.

“Ooh, that’s a nice face you got there! You look better that way!”

As she continued to accelerate, Glenda closed in on the boy and slammed her sword into him.

But despite the speed and power of the slash almost at the same level as that of a cannonball, the boy easily avoided it.

“It’s not over yet!”

Glenda twisted her waist and lashed out with her tail in pursuit.

Then, with a one-tempo delay, she cleaves away with the claw of her left hand.

She also opens her mouth wide and unleashes an attack with her fangs.

Her sword, tail, claws, and fangs, all of her beastly traits were utilized in a series of super-fast, multi-stage attacks against her opponent.

This is the very essence of Glenda as a beast warrior.

“Whoah, whoah! That was dangerous.”

But even with that, Mad Eater easily avoided her blows, utilizing his super-speed and rubbery reflexes that should not be possible to that of an obese person.



Still wielding her sword, Glenda unleashes another series of claw, fang, and tail attacks, but they didn’t even graze Mad Eater’s body.

It wasn’t that her attacks were slow.

In fact, Ludwig’s eyes couldn’t even keep up with the beast warrior’s movements.

It’s that Mad Eater’s physical abilities were just too monstrous.

He was able to avoid all of Glenda’s relentless attacks, which were already producing multiple afterimages after combining her super speed and strength. In fact, he was even able to find a leeway to retaliate with some punches and kicks.

Glenda uses her greatsword to repel each blow of him, but even then, she was still being forced to retreat because she couldn’t catch up with them all.

“What the hell is this guy? Too strong, too fast ──.”

Soon, the brave female warrior showed a hint of impatience in her voice.

For fear of misfiring on their ally, Sylvia and the others were unable to unleash any offensive magic for support.

“Then, I’ll take her place…….”

Ludwig staggered at his feet. If y ou ar e abl e to re ad this mes sage, y ou are r eading fr om an unaut hori zed aggre gate site. Re ad at my Wor dP ress to supp ort me and my trans lat ions.

Yet, he whipped his limbs, which lacked strength, and approached step by step.


Glenda looks back at him in surprise.

“Don’t come. You’ll get yourself killed.”

“I know.”

In terms of competence, he knows he was far behind Glenda or Mad Eater.

“But that’s also why──.”

He smiled at Glenda, who looked back at him, and kicked the ground.

He was wearing heavy armor, but he rushes forward at high speed and closes the gap between them as if he wasn’t wearing any at all.

He knows that he is no match for his opponent in terms of strength.

But just stopping and do nothing but watch was more frustrating for him.

His pride as a warrior will not allow it.

“Even if I don’t win, I’ll make a way for everyone to win.”

With a grim determination, Ludwig ran.

“Ludwig, don’t be reckless!”

Yet contrary to his warning, Serun released fire and ice spells to keep the enemy in check and covered Ludwig’s charge. The other mages followed suit.

“Tch…… what an annoying bunch.”

Mad Eater dispelled the spells that approached him as if he were swatting were an insect.


It didn’t do any damage to him. But, even so – this momentary distraction was already enough.

Ludwig accelerated to his top speed and successfully came within striking distance of the Mad Eater.

“You’re in the way.”

Mad Eater threw a punch at him at random, but then, an unexpected thing happened.

Ludwig did not avoid the fist that the boy carelessly thrust out.

Ludwig managed to reduce the impact by blocking it with his Goldbreaker, but even with it, it wasn’t able to withstand the blow, and his treasured sword snapped into two. The fist, like a cannon, passed through and struck him in the chest.

His flesh ripped open, and blood spurted out.

“Ugh…… I’ve been waiting……for this timing…….”

Ludwig grabbed the fist that pierced him mid-chest with both hands.

He held in place the Mad Eater in front of him.

“You, don’t tell me you’re going for this all along……!?”

The boy’s face grew slightly grim.

“Just to get me to stay still ──”

“No matter how hard I try, I won’t win. But I can at least stop you from moving.”

Ludwig made a fearless grin.

“I know what I’m capable of. I don’t need to be the one to beat you.”

The second he said so,

“Well done, Ludwig!”

Glenda’s sword swung, and what came next was Mad Eater’s head being cut off from its fat body.

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