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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 14 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Mad Eater

Side: Ludwig Escharte

“So, this is the Nova-type we’ve been hearing about, huh.”

The adventurer in front of the line spoke as he looked at the boy in front of him.

He was Ludwig Echarte, ranked twenty-first in the S-class, also known as the “Black Knight”.

Mad Eater(Blue Brat).

At first glance, it looked like a boy with an innocent face that could be found anywhere.

“You know me? I guess you are really wary of us, then.”

Mad Eater shook his round belly, which has swollen like a balloon and looked around leisurely.

Ludwig was dispatched to the Kingdom of Runegalia to guard against the upcoming invasion announced by Redone.

He is now conversing against the same invaders who wanted to destroy everything: a large army of sweepers and a boy who seemed to be the one leading them.

According to the info he received, a huge number of sweepers had also appeared in the other parts of the continent. Because of this, the guild immediately dispatched parties of mainly S-class and A-class adventurers to intercept them.

And Ludwig and his party are one of these parties.


(Perhaps some of them encountered the Nova types like us.)

In the earlier battle, Ludwig lost to a Sweeper. And a basic one at that.

His defeat was so bitter that he could only bite his lip in frustration.

It was a bad memory.

(But I won’t lose this time.)

(I will defeat them.)

(And I will protect as many people as I can.)

Because of his loss, Ludwig is more fired up than before.

He was a proud warrior, and he had a sense of mission despite being an adventurer.

With all of these in mind, Ludwig wielded anew his beloved sword, the GoldBreaker(Mountain Splitting Hard Blade).

He slashed and slashed and slashed at the sweepers with his signature Raging Flame(Rekka) Overlord Style(Hakenryuu).

Meanwhile, other S-class adventurers also unleashed their sword skills and magic spells, while the A-class adventurers supported them on the rear… and as a result, they almost destroyed the frontline of Sweepers that had first appeared. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

It was difficult for Ludwig to defeat them alone, but now that he has a number of fierce S-class adventurers gathered alongside him, it is now a different story.

Working in tandem with them, he was able to destroy each and every one of the basic Sweepers without fail, leaving only black wreckage scattered around his path.

(The difference is really huge once we have prepared ourselves.)

And so, it reached to where they are today, facing the last remaining enemies, together with “Mad Eater”, the Nova type.

“All that’s left is the boss.”

Serun Keithhound, who is ranked twenty-third in Class S and has the nickname”Lightning Rod(Golden Magic Wand)“, stood next to Ludwig.

He is a gentleman who had teamed up with Ludwig ever since they had a mission together, and even though a Sweeper almost defeated them both, he showed reliable conduct in their battle against it until the end.

“Let’s surround him and take him out in one fell swoop.”

The one who stepped forward was a female mage with an eye patch and neutral good looks.

It was Sylvia, the fifth-ranked S-class”Rune Master(Sorcery Nymph)“.


All in all, the S-class members of this party were Ludwig, Serun, Sylvia, the Miller sisters, and Glenda – six in total.

The highest-ranking among them was Sylvia, so naturally, she was decided as their actual leader.

“Then we’ll go first with our synchronization spell.”

“Shall we go while at it?”

The beautiful and mature mages – Edith and Edna Millar – held their positions in mirror of each other.

Synchro(Synchronized Aria), Charge-up(Initiate)

The voices of the sisters made an aria together, spinning a beautiful incantation that resembled a musical melody.

The two spells were spoken in the same rhythm and timbre.

By chanting two high-level spells at the same time, the power of the spells is increased synergistically. This is a super high difficulty magic technique called Synchro(Synchronized Aria).

If the timing of the chanting is off even slightly, the spell will have no effect, so only the Miller sisters, who are twins with excellent talent in magic, were the only ones capable of using it in this world. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

If the enemy showed any sign of attacking, Ludwig’s role was to step forward and prevent it from happening, but at this moment, it was deemed unnecessary.

It is because the enemy is not even making a move at all.

Mad Eater only looked at them with a grin, as if he had a lot of composure in himself or he was underestimating the humans by a lot.

Eventually, the chanting of the sisters was complete.

“Full Charged──Howling(Twin Roaring) Thunder Fang(Thunder Dragon Fangs)!”

The Miller sisters unleashed their lightning spells at the same time.

Lightning Cannon(Lightning Beast Roar Missile)!”

Another tempo later, Sylvia activated the highest level spell of the Lightning system.

The three lightning dragons intertwined as they slithered at each other, becoming a more powerful attack energy that was pushing forward into Mad Eater.

“Wow, that’s a lot of magic for a human. It’s not as good as those in the time we were created, but it’s still pretty impressive.”

But Mad Eater just laughed at it and opened his mouth wide.


With a deep breath, he sucks and swallows the incoming magical dragon like he was slurping air without a straw.

“You……ate the spell!?”

“Yeah, it’s dense and thick with magic. It was delicious.”


The Mad Eater praises as if he just had a good snack, sticking out his tongue flippantly.

“But, it’s still lacking something……yes.”

From there, he looked around.

“Hmmm…… Master Redone might get mad at me later for this, but I can’t help it. I’m just that hungry.”

Laughing childishly, he reached out to the last few sweepers left.

He pulled the black magic armaments towards his mouth and──.


“H-hey……did that guy just……?”

Ludwig was the first to gulp at the strange scene.

With a crunch, crunch, crunch, Mad Eater began ‘eating’ the sweeper who was just beside him.

But he didn’t stop there. He also devoured several more, one after the other, until finally, there was no sweeper left in the place.

“Phew. Resupply complete. I’m going to get hungry again in fighting you guys. But I think this amount should be fine.”

A blue aura enveloped the fat body of Mad Eater as he turned around and faced them.

“Let me warn you beforehand. I’m a little stronger on a full stomach.”

The moment the boy said that,


A powerful impact hit Ludwig’s body, and he was immediately blown away behind the group.

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