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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 14 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – With the Power of Sword, Magic, and Healing

Curse Blast(Curse Energy Burst).

An ability known to be possessed by the High Ancients, and also one of the factors why the civilization was erased from the planet.

The destructive power possessed by this magic bombardment alone is already top class, but what is truly terrifying was its collateral effect.

If it landed, it would contaminate a wide area with a curse that would cause a magical disaster that would last for several hundred years.

In truth, many countries were erased not from the blast of the spell but from the land becoming an inhabitable environment after that, and the deaths caused by this long-lasting aftermath always reached hundreds of percentage difference from the deaths caused by its blast.

“You have only minutes left to live. Despair now! Despair! I want to see the horror on your faces as you face your miserable deaths! Kukuku!”

Mystique laughed as she boasted out loud.

Is she trying to scare us by deliberately telling us how much time we have left?

“As if! I’m not gonna let you!”

Three groups of adventurers headed towards Mystique.

It was Barack and his party.

“I can’t believe that no one has noticed me yet……murmur*.”

Malik also went at Mystique from the opposite direction.


The four of them struck her at the same time, but,


The mysterious magical energy emitting from the Mystique’s entire body easily repelled it.

She didn’t even need to activate any defensive spells.

Just by activating the magical energies swirling around her body, she was able to completely block the attacks of the A-Class adventurers.

“Get out of my way.”

Mystique waved her right arm, which almost resembled a dead tree branch. It created a tornado and blew away all four of them at once.

“Damn, I can’t even get close to it.”

Barack groaned.

“No, it’s good enough.”

But Ingrid refuted.

Then, some kind of markings glowed on her chest.

“I’m going to shoot a more powerful spell than I’ve ever shot before. So I need you all to make time for that… please.”

From there, an aria echoed across the battlefield like a beautiful singing voice.

To unleash a more powerful spell, one must require a much longer than usual incantation in order to stabilize it.

As such, during the chanting, the caster is completely vulnerable.

Thus, during this time, a reliable vanguard is necessary to draw Mystique away.

“We could do that!”

“All we have to do is stall her? That’s easy!”

The other adventurers headed towards Mystique at once.

“You little mongrels!”

Overhearing their plan, Mystique bellowed and released a myriad of light balls.

Each one was probably as powerful as a higher-level attack spell.

And there were hundreds of them.

It was a literal barrage.

Elcia Guardian(Pure Heart Absolute Territory)!”

However, all of that was blocked by Mina’s barrier spell, then dissipated along with the barrier as if it were being faded away.


“Everyone……I will……protect them……Haaa, haaa……!”

Mina vowed, her scepter in hand.

What she had just chanted was a defensive spell that erased hundreds of magic spheres all at the same time.

Mina’s breathing was ragged. It was evident as she had just unleashed the full power of Refractor, her meta-artifact.

“An opening!”

A flash of gold and red light soared through the air, taking advantage of the moment when Mystique stopped moving in surprise.

It was Mary. She rushed forward at super speed and thrust her red sword at the old woman.

“Gaah!? Aaaah!”

“With this……!!”

More flashes of the red sword came.

The speed and weight of the sword strikes far surpassed that of an ordinary warrior’s, and it was cleaved in her opponent’s body in tens of times.


But even though her entire body was almost torn apart and she was emitting a greater white smoke, Mystique did not fall.

“You moooortaaaallllssss!!!”

The old woman created another tornado and blew Mary away.

“Damn, I can’t even cut through with this much──”

“You dregs of the past, you’ve got to be kidding me……I, with the High Ancient’s wisdom……!”

Mystique’s expression became even more distorted, stained with rage and hatred.

Her acrid green aura rose up even bigger from her petite body.

The aura was then poured into the Curse Blast – and the white ball of light immediately swelled to ten times its size.

“At last, the charge is over. Perish and be damned!”

Mystique made a triumphant shout.


“Nope, I won’t allow it. It’s finished. Everyone, thanks to all of you for buying me time.”

Ingrid calmly announced.

Mana Overload(Mythic Mana Amplification)──”

Her golden aura popped, spreading rainbow-colored sparks all around her.

Then, the sparks gathered in front of Ingrid, forming a huge magic circle.

“This presence……it’s almost equivalent to the power of the Original Spell(Spells of Beginnings)……no, it’s even greater!?”

Even Mystique had almost forgotten what she was doing and was astonished.

“It’s impossible for someone from this time period to activate a magic of this level──”

Lightning Cannon(Lighning Beast Roar Missile)

A golden bolt of lightning rains down in front of Ingrid. This cha pter tra nslation is ma de po ssible by stab bing with a sy ringe trans lations. check up-to- date tra nsla tions on my Wor dp ress si te.

Blazing Cannon(Refined Flaming Lion’s Sphere).”

Red flame blazes on her right.

Icicle Cannon(Ice Magic Dragon Fang)

Blue ice and snow blows on her left.

Windy Cannon(Violent Windbird Talon Bullet)

A gust of green wind whipped up on her behind.

“To dust, you shall return, born of a far-off age.”

Four High-ranked spells emitted a dazzling radiance from the four sides of Ingrid, who announced solemnly.

These radiances were then sucked into the magic circle, merging into one.

Chaotic Blast(Chaos of Destruction)!”

What pushed forward was a sphere of black light.

At the middle of the two casters, the pure white and jet-black balls of light collided.

The aftermath of the collision created a tremendous shock wave sweeping away all the surrounding buildings.

The ground caved in, forming a huge crater.

The energy from the explosion dispersed even beyond the clouds.

The two balls of light and darkness pushed against each other, and eventually, one began to push the other in.



It was Mystique who gave a startled shout.

“My Curse Blast is being pushed back……no, its energy is being devoured!?”

“The High Ancient world is the pinnacle, and the current world is just a degraded version, huh. This arrogance is the reason for your defeat. Or was it jealousy, that we have surpassed you in this outcome?”

Ingrid takes a step forward.

As if in sync to her steps, the black ball of light advanced as well, pushing the Curse Blast further back.

“Times have changed. Although it is little by little, we have already moved on, and some even overcame those of the past. This world. As well as its people.”

(Even I am not an exception.)

Meeting Mina and Mary.

And falling in love with Lian.

Just as she has said, Times has changed everyone.

“Therefore, this is the end. In order for us to move even further, I won’t let you destroy this town── this world.”

The black ball of light pushed further.

It swallowed the old woman’s spell, obliterating it, and then moved closer.

“Farewell, delusional High Ancient.”


The dignified pronouncement of Ingrid and the regretful exclamation of the old woman overlapped.

Mystique was then devoured by the black glow ── disappearing from the face of the earth and leaving no traces behind.

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