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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 14 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Mystique

Side: Rosemary Grande

“My blood is boiling.”

Inspired by Claudia the S-class female swordswoman, Mary started aspiring to become a strong adventurer.

And now, in front of such aspiring adventurer was an enemy so powerful that even an S-class swordsman could struggle against it, defeat it even more so.

If she manages to defeat this enemy, she’ll get even stronger.

She’ll be able to bring herself to a higher level.

Of course, what she had now was not only her fighting spirit and ambition.

Swelling inside her was a feeling of love for her friends and a single man.

Mina and Ingrid – her two best friends, companions, and even romantic rivals.

As well as Lian, her one and only love.

She vowed to protect all of them, including the other adventurers that helped them along the way, with her sword.

With a feverish determination in her heart, Mary sprinted forward.

She knows that if they continue to go on the defensive, they will eventually be defeated.

The only way out of this situation was for her to step forward and attack Mystique.

“Oh, you mean you want to get closer so that you can beat me? How naive.”

From the front, from the back, from the right, from the left, from above my head, from under her feet…

Countless swords flew in the air and from all directions.

“Now then, can you prevent this many?”


“Prevent them all? Maybe I can’t…”

Mary was not afraid and accelerated even faster.

Swinging her red sword in all directions, she shattered the swords of her enemy one after another, almost at a speed that couldn’t be seen in her eyes.

It was a series of slashes that took full advantage of the physical ability-enhancing effects of Ralfagh, as well as the weapon destruction technique of the Crimson Emperor Beheading Moves, the Rend(Ha) Blade(Jin).

“Since are too many of them, I’ll just destroy those that block me.”

Mary grinned, shattering more and more swords that were targeting her.

“My swords are……!?”

Mystique voiced her confusion as if she just realized something.

“Your attacks just now……it resembled Claudia’s.”

A faint smile appeared on Mary’s lips.

Indeed, it felt like a mock battle with the woman of her dreams.

“Here I go…… Ms. not Claudia.”

Murmuring the name of the woman she hoped to challenge and surpass one day, Mary accelerated to her highest speed.

“Hmph. In that case, just take everything then.”

After she said that, Mystique’s dead branch-like fingertips began to cut out intricate markings.

From there, the number of swords around her increased by tenfold at once.

“In that case, I’ll go full throttle too──Mina!”

Elcia Amulet(Pure Heart Protection)!”

Mina cast a spell on Mary to strengthen her body with the blessings of the goddess.

It was a double amplification, with the addition of a body enhancement by Ralfagh.

Mary’s movements turned into a flash of red light.

She sprinted at a super speed that far surpassed her previous movements, cutting through, destroying, and blowing away the countless blades that were approaching her from every side.

“Impressive. This is as good as Master Redone’s Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) I. No, Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) II even.”

But Mystique’s smile remained. This cha pter transl ati on is ma de poss ible by stabbi ng with a syr inge transl ations. che ck up-to -date trans lation s on my Word pr ess si te.

She was still smiling with a hint of reserve.

“I never thought you’d reach that level with just a human flesh.”

It was because despite the power boost, it was still not easy for Mary, who had almost become a super-warrior, to keep up with the endless rain of blades coming at her from all directions.

The unstoppable slashes cut off part of her shoulder armor, shaved her arm protectors, and even tore her leg armor.

“You’re strong, Mystique……however!”

Mary took another step forward.

She dodged the rain of swords by a hairsbreadth and crushed them one by one with her counter.

“She escaped from it!?”

Mystique’s smile faltered slightly.

“How ──”

“Indeed, your attacks have a random pattern, but in the end, it all leads up to the same thing.”


One more step, then another.

While using minimal evasion and defense against the slashes in all directions, Mary gradually approached Mystique.

“Killing humans with maximum possible efficiency… well, it’s a habit that machines can’t escape, isn’t it?”

With this, Mary was able to read the trajectory of the attacks.

How can I kill myself in the fastest way possible?

She put herself in her opponent’s shoes, predicted their trajectory, and stayed out of them.

“Nonsense. A human being ──”

One step, two steps.

With each step closer, Mystique’s smile grew colder and colder until she eventually broke her composure.

“I am the fruit of the wisdom of the High Ancien──”

“You’re just a weapon made by a human being!”

Mary took the final step.

Just in the proper distance to reach her.

Crimson Emperor(Teikou) Beheading Move(Zan Jutsu)──Crimson Sky Flicker(Guren Ten Shun)!”

──From there, fiery red slashes from nine directions came towards the old woman’s body.


Side: Ingrid La Finia.


The old woman, who had been blown away by the power of the nine slashes, stood up again weakly.

White smoke was rising from all over her body.

Sparks were flying around her, as if some part of machinery was broken from the inside. If you a re a ble to r ea d this mes sage, y ou are rea ding from an u nauthor ized agg regate si te. Re d at my Wor dPr ess to suppo rt me and my trans lati ons.

There was no doubt that she had absorbed a huge amount of damage.


Right after Mary’s attack, Ingrid quickly unleashed a barrage of attack spells.

Mystique summoned countless swords and also unleashed her own attack magic to intercept them.

An explosion of light bloomed in the space between the two.

It was a head-on collision between two magic powers.

The weaker of the two would take the brunt of the attack.

However, the balance soon broke, and it was Mystique who was pushed over the edge.

Either Mystique’s magic had been drained by Mina’s continued prevention of her attacks, or the damage that Mary had inflicted has limited her capabilities, or perhaps it was both.


Mystique’s bitter cry echoed as a result.

But fire, ice, snow, thunder, whirlwind – all kinds of attack spells continued to rain down on the old woman.


The old woman staggers around, billowing even a bigger white smoke.

But she was still standing, showcasing the toughness of the peak of magic armaments.

Even if Ingrid were to unleash all of her magic power on her, it would still be insufficient to defeat her in a one-on-one match.

However, if the adventurers gathered here work together and combine all their strengths, they will slightly – but surely – overpower her.

“A little more, just a little more, and we’ll push through……!”


Ingrid readjusted the grip on her staff with a renewed fighting spirit.

The golden aura surrounding her petite body swelled up.

Her magic power as well. it surged through her entire body and was getting even more fired up.

In the Kingdom of Finia, this overpowering aura drew the awe and fear of those around her.

Because of this, she was branded as an abomination, and her magic power was sealed shut.

Even she herself had once thought that her power was indeed, a source of abhorrence.

(But not anymore.)

She felt not repugnance, but pride.

Her power has now become the one of the pillars that allow Ingrid to protect those that she cares about.

She felt nothing but utmost respect and gratitude to Mina, Mary, and Lian for releasing that power and making it her own.

“With the power you have given me, I will defeat her.”

Again, Ingrid locked eyes with the old woman.

“I’m gonna defeat you, and protect everyone ──”

“Defeat? A human being, to this me?”

A ghoulish expression appeared on Mystique’s face.

“Don’t get cocky, you small fryyyy!”

With an indignant expression, she screamed, and from there, a poisonous green aura began to rise up from her entire body.

“The people of this world are nothing but the dregs of what was once a civilized world! Do you think you can defeat me with such trash methods? Don’t make me laugh! Kuoooooooooooooohhhh!”

Along with the scream, a white ball of light appeared in front of Mystique.

There seemed to be a tremendous amount of energy concentrated in it, that the atmosphere surrounding it was getting violently distorted.

“I’d rather die by myself than be killed by you. Kukuku.”

Mystique gave a twisted smile.

“That sphere, don’t tell me…….”

Ingrid gulps her throat.

They had seen it before when they went and participated on that Transcendent Difficulty Quest.

──The very same attack used by the magic armament Fenrir which almost brought them near their certain deaths.

“She’s going to unleash a Curse Blast(Curse Energy Burst)!”

“I will die, but you will also suffer and die in agony!”

Mystique shouted, almost as if she’s literally cursing them just with her voice alone.

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