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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 14 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Redone on the Move

“For now, you guys play with Mad Eater. I’ll be your judge.”

(Be a judge? To us?)

Redone said with a smile, in which Ludwig couldn’t help but mumble inwardly.

“Just think of him as the qualifying round. Whoever wins against him will get the right to fight me.”

It was an innocent, childish suggestion that had no bounds.

“Mou~. I’m going to be treated as an examiner? But if Master Redone says so, then so be it.”

In accordance to it, Mad Eater’s mouth twitched as if he was sulking.

“But it is still reasonable though? Plus, if they can’t beat you, there’s no way they can beat me.”

Redone snorted as if he was stating a fact.

It was then when a gray-haired young man stepped forward.

“In that case, then let’s get through these ‘preliminaries’ first.”

Felix Harrion, the first-ranked S-class adventurer.

This young man is known as “Dynast(The Champion) “because of his ability to stand at the top of all adventurers.

Ludwig gulped as he tried to watch him fight.

Immediately after, Felix moved.

Phoenix Blade(Champion Firebird Blade)

“Magic sword technique? But if only to this amount…….”

Mad Eater raised his arm towards the incoming projectile, intending to shoot it down.

It missed ──!?


But suddenly, the shining phoenix missed the arm of the Mad Eater and continued on its way.

Startled, Ludwig quickly realized what they were trying to do.

Edge Four(Four Master Swords)Aqua(Deep Sea)

This time, Claudia threw her four swords at that time gap.

From there, a water flow was created, and the technique turned into a hard mirror that bounced off the phoenix projectile that Felix made.

“This is……!?”

This blow from a blind spot strikes the back of Mad Eater.

Phoenix Blade(Champion Firebird Blade)

Felix unleashes the same magic sword technique again.

One strike, two strikes, three strikes…

The released phoenixes continued to get reflected in the water mirror deployed by Claudia’s sword, and each time it does that, they attacked Mad Eater from an unexpected direction.

“Troublesome…really troublesome….”

It was to the extent that the boy, who’s also a magic armament, has erased his smile just to concentrate on intercepting it.

“But if I just increase my reaction time just a bit ──”

“Hmm, you seemed to be distracted.” I f yo u ar e abl e to r ead th is message, yo u are re ading fr om an una uthor ized aggre gate si te. R ea d at my Word Pres s to sup port me and m y tra nsl ations.

──But that moment was what they’re really after.


Starting with his unique breathing technique, Georg lunged forward at super speed.

“Oh, no ──”

Mad Eater turned around as if in a panic.

“You’re young. Your judgment. The way you fight. And your spirit itself.”

Smirking, the old fighter accelerates even faster.

He weaved in and out feint steps, so faint that even Ludwig had difficulty reacting to it. This fooled Mad Eater, and he was struck in the abdomen with Georg’s punch.


The blow was so powerful that Mad Eater even made a cry of anguish as he got blown away.

Edge Seven(Seventh King Sword)Abyss(Hell)

Applying no mercy, Claudia’s sword technique came next, rushing in and severing the boy’s limbs without almost any gaps.

Phoenix Flame(Firebird Blade)

The last blow came from Felix, creating a slash of red light that bisected the Mad Eater’s body.

“Gaa……aaaahh……no way…….”

The boy was cut in half and tumbled to the spot.

“Wow, even with only three of you, you managed to take down Mad Eater so easily.”

But Redone, who was watching afar, only whistled in admiration.

“The next one is you,” Felix said in his still ever flat tone.

There were no hints of excitement in the man.


It is as if he’s doing paperwork, that tone of voice unchanging since he became an adventurer.

“Taken down? That’s not cool, Master Redone. I’m still alive, you know?”

Despite being cut in two and losing all four limbs, Mad Eater was still able to dexterously raise his severed body.

Numerous fibers extend from his surfaces that had been cut, and they each pulled the separated parts, joining them all back together.

In a flash, the cuts finished healing and was back to normal.

Regeneration(Ultra-fast Recovery)? Why didn’t you guys tell us sooner?”

“Ooh, that’s not all. For I’ve become even stronger.”

A blue aura suddenly appeared and covered Mad Eater’s entire body.

And then, a pressure so overwhelming was unleashed. It even made the atmosphere shake violently.

“This time, I will ── Guhaaa!?”

“I’m getting bored.”

But in the middle of it, something unexpected happened.

Redone’s black sword pierced Mad Eater’s abdomen


“I don’t need a toy like you anymore. I’ll play with the rest myself.”

Redone tells the magic armament boy, whose eyes have widened in shock, in a matter-of-fact manner.


But Mad Eater, despite being pierced, managed to jump back.

“I’m not allowing myself to be killed quietly. If you’re going to destroy me, then I’ll at least try to fight back.”

“Defense mechanism in a machine? Hmmm, quite good, I say. I’ll take you on as warm-up.”

Redone brandished his black sword.

Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) III ── Over Drive(Transcendent Burst Mode)

Then, his figure disappears.

But at the same time, numerous streaks of light flashed.

“What the……”

Mad Eater let out a dumbfounded voice. That was all that he could do.

The next moment, the obese boy was cut to pieces and scattered into countless pieces of wreckage.

Astaroth Blade(Wicked Emperor Blade)

Redone waved his sword again at the boy.

From there, a crescent-shaped energy blade erupted from its edge, obliterating the wreckage without a trace.

“The Nova types…… are just pieces of over gloried scrap that combines super-speed regeneration with enhanced adaptive capabilities. To destroy them, you just need to hit them with overwhelming power and at a speed where their learning can’t catch up. Then you obliterate them before they can regenerate at super speed. A simple strategy, but to think you guys can’t even do the second step, how moronic.”

Redone mumbled boringly to the remaining party. This cha p ter tra nsl ation is ma d e po ss ibl e by sta bb ing with a sy ri nge t rans lati ons. che ck up-t o-d te tr ansl atio ns on my Wor dp res s sit e.

”Impossible…….such raw power…….”

Mad Eater, who could not be defeated even by themselves, was treated as crap and set aside by Redone as if throwing thrash.

Ludwig couldn’t stop shaking as he witnessed the unbelievable scene.

“Well, at least he was able to serve as my warm-up. Now for the real thing.”

Redone brushed back his hair, blown by the wind, and a smile appeared on his face.

A fresh, joyful smile, not befitting to be made on the battlefield.

“Do you think you can keep me entertained?”

“That’s a lot of confidence. Are you going to fight us all by yourself?”

It was Claudia who spoke first, carrying a sword in each hand.

Next to him, Georg prepares himself while continuing to breathe in a peculiar way.

“You guys think you can fight me head-on? I should be the one speaking that to you.”

A moment later, there came twice as many black flashes of light that Redone unleashed against Mad Eater.

Whether there was even one person in the place who could recognize that it was Redone’s slash, or was it even a slash at all, they don’t know.




Claudia is blown away as all seven of her swords are broken in an instant.

Georg was sent flying without even being able to take a defensive stance.

“I-impossible……I can’t see……his attacks……!?”

Claudia muttered in frustration.

“Is he……even qualified as a being…….”

Georg was also lying on the ground right next to her.

With that blow alone, it took the both of them to a state where they don’t even have the strength to get up.

The two of the strongest close-combat warriors of the guild were taken out in an instant.

“……you guys should stay back.”

It was Felix’s turn to step forward.

They didn’t know if he has parried or avoided the last attack, but he was the only one unharmed.

“Oh, so you saw through my slash?’

Redone squints his eyes.

“I didn’t know there was such a human being who can do that. No, you’re not human, are you?”

“I’m human.”

Felix said with dignity.

“And I only fight to protect my fellow humans.”


But to that response, Redone’s smile only deepened.

“I’ll fight him here. If there’s an opening, use that as a chance to escape.”

Felix tells the others, holding up his sword.

From there, the battle between the top adventurer and the strongest Dark Elf was about to begin.

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