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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 14 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Interaction

“So, shall we begin the trials? Or, more accurately, the continuation of it.” Tia spoke as she looked at me.

Before she arrived, the mechanical doll put me in a trial and was transferred to a gray space.

That’s where I was taught the High Ancients’ existence and how their civilization flourished in this world.

It was a civilization that boasted immense power and prospered with magic that was far more powerful than today, but because of its excessive power, it has also led them to the path to self-destruction.

One of its survivors created a reincarnation system, and as one of its byproducts, I was born into this world as Lian Tiarade.

It seemed that this person created this system to impart the High Ancient wisdom to those who reincarnated.

The Twilight Labyrinth.

And perhaps also the Daybreak Labyrinth, which Redone once visited, was of the same origins.

But when I stood in front of the “door” that was supposed to give me power, Tia destroyed the doll, and the ordeal was left in abeyance.

“I will send you once more to the other space for your trials,” Tia again explained to me.

“That’s where the final test awaits.”


The final test, huh?

If I can overcome it, does that mean I’ll gain more power?

The power to win against Redone.

The power to protect everyone.

“Go ahead, Tia.”

“Godspeed, Master Liane. We’re looking forward to your success and your safety.”

Tia knelt down in front of me and bowed her head graciously.

In the next moment, my vision switches.

Back to the gray space──where I once was.

“So it’s the same place as before?”

There is a massive gate in front of me.

I guess if I go through this gate, I can take the final test. I f yo u ar e abl e to r ead th is message, yo u are re ading fr om an una uthor ized aggre gate si te. R ea d at my Word Pres s to sup port me and m y tra nsl ations.


The door opened with a creaking sound.

And light flooded in from the other side.

A dazzling, warm light.

As I stepped out into the light ──

“This is……?”

Suddenly, I was in a quiet residential area.

A row of two-story houses, with apartments and condominiums beyond.

It was a familiar scene from modern Japan.

Rather than calling it familiar, it was precisely the scenery of the town I grew up in.

Then, I saw someone walking towards me.

“We’ve finally met.”

With a smile, a dark-haired boy in a high school uniform appeared.


I gulped.

It was me before I was reborn.

“I am you… the other you.”

He calls himself me.


It’s a bit complicated, so I’ll call him my alter ego.

“I’m sure you don’t have time to talk about anything else, so I’ll just get to the point. You want to gain power. I’ll show you how.”

As expected of myself, I was quick to speak.

“That would save me the trouble. Thank you.”

“Not so fast, though. That said, hmm, there’s no concrete way to do it……but in the end, what we require is interaction within ourselves.”

“An interaction?”

“Our power lies dormant in our soul. We already possess it. All we need to do is to take it out and refine it to be able to reach new heights.”

The alter ego said to me.

“Thus, interaction is necessary.”

“……Indeed. It is too abstract for me to understand.”

“Okay, Let’s just settle it with this. I’ll ask the questions; you answer them. Okay?”

And after that,

“Question number one. For what reason are you fighting for?”

“Right now? For the sake people of this world. To protect them.”

“And here I thought your answer will be frivolous at first.”

My alter ego chuckled.

“Don’t call me frivolous.”

I was discouraged.

“You’re me. I know everything about you. But still, I was expecting [Well, I wanted to play like a hero in a novel] as your answer, you know?” This cha p ter tra nsl ation is ma d e po ss ibl e by sta bb ing with a sy ri nge t rans lati ons. che ck up-t o-d te tr ansl atio ns on my Wor dp res s sit e.

This time, I was the one who chuckled at my alter ego’s point. Then, he continued his words.

“Certainly, you’re definitely different now than you were at first. You’ve changed since you met your friends. Well, I’m sure it has something to do more with the fact that you’ve ‘known’ a lot of women. It’s an experience you didn’t get in your previous life, after all.”

“I was never around women in my previous life.”

My grimace intensifies.

But now it’s different.

I have many important friends now.

And a number of women I care about.

I don’t want to lose them.

I don’t want them to get hurt.

That’s why I need strength.


It’s not just a vague longing like when I was just reincarnated.

This time, I’m seeking power with a definite reason and purpose.

“I now live to protect the people I love. That’s why, right now, to protect the people I care about, I need to become stronger, also in order to defeat those who threaten them… that’s the sum total of why I fight.”

“Simple is good.”

My alter ego nodded in satisfaction.

“Well, if you are well aware of your responsibility, then all you need now is practice.”

He held out his right hand.

From there, a black glow suddenly converged.

“That is ──”

The black light bursts, creating a single shape.

It’s a small black sword that looks just like Milfa.

“This is the second question. Are you ready to fight me?”


“I’ll bring it out in the fight. The power that’s dormant in you.”

The smirking alter ego’s appearance slowly changed.

Silver hair and brown skin.

From where he stood, my alter ego transformed into a dark elf. But it’s not the dark elves in the fiction of my previous life – it was the dark elf I know in my present.

He still looked like Lian Tiarade, except that his hair and skin color bore a resemblance to my foe.

Yes, he looked similar to Redone Irvine.

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