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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 14 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Exceeding Further

Side: Mina Arabelle

──The battle has begun.

Mina was holding her scepter in her hand, her tension rising.

“Come, let’s go wild, my Sweepers.”

On the other side, the old woman, Mystique, commands the armaments with glee.


The army of black magic armaments – the legions of Sweepers – all let out an activation sound reminiscent of the roar of a beast.

All of them charged towards the bracing adventurers simultaneously.


Some of them swung their sub-arms to hit them, while others shot out magic bullets towards the adventurers at the rear.

The adventurers also fought back, but their attacks were either being prevented by ironclad magical wards or being evaded by improving their speed, which were further strengthened by analyzing their abilities.

The battle quickly spread to many parts of the town and had turned into a great war.

“Damn, they’re……strong!”

“My sword doesn’t work on them……This is stupid!”


From the surrounding area, voices telling them that they were outnumbered, cries of distress, screams – they one after another reached Mina’s ears.

The Sweepers were divided into several types, but despite that, all of them are powerful enemies with strong armor, high attack capabilities, and have the ability to adapt to their opponents.

It was evident that the A-Class adventurers are having a hard time. These are magical armaments that even the S-Class adventurers were having trouble dealing with.

“I have to support them all.” Mina thought as she held up her scepter.

Soon after,

“Everyone, get down.”

Ingrid took a step forward.

A golden aura and blue sparks emanated from her petite body.

The air around her is being electrified.

“Mina, I’m counting on you.”

Mina looked back at Ingrid and saw a pattern on her forehead.

(Isn’t that……)

It was a shining pattern that had never been seen before.


Mina stood by her side, then held up her scepter, the Refactor, at the ready.

“Get the timing right. Same tactics as last time.”

Ingrid raised her right hand above her head.

The pattern on her forehead glowed with a dazzling radiance.

Lightning Cannon(Lightning Nine Beast Emperor)Roarbreaker(Roar Missile)!”

A ball of light, perhaps ten meters in diameter, was launched into the sky.

Then the said ball broke apart and rained down in dozens of lightning bolts.

High Boost(Magic Super-Acceleration)!”

With the right timing, Mina cast a spell to amplify the spell’s power.

Under the effect of the spell boost, the lightning bolts split apart again and turned into hundreds and thousands of lightning bolts that attacked the Sweepers. If yo u a re ab le to re ad this mes age, you are read ing from an un author ized aggreg ate site. Read at my Wor dPres s to sup port me and my tra nsla tions.

A humongous figure of a lightning tree with branches turned upside down dyes their vision white.

And then – just like that, the black magic armaments were all wiped out.

The destroyed Sweepers immediately tried to regenerate, but the parts in the process of regeneration were also melted by the thunderous light.

The destructive power of the spell was far superior to their regeneration speed.

Soon, all the Sweepers were gone.

“In one spell──total annihilation?!”

Mystic, as expected, was surprised.

“An enemy with superior regenerative powers can be obliterated with an even greater destructive power…… simply by using brute force.”

“That was great, Ingrid!”


Mary grinned in delight at her party member’s awesome performance.

“The fight I showed you before is not all I can do.”

Ingrid looked coldly at the old woman.

“Magic is the power of the heart. It is through the support of my friends that my power was honed up to this level.”

The pattern on her forehead glowed dazzlingly.

It was as if it was responding to the heightened emotions inside Ingrid.

And its pattern glowing up was a sign that Ingrid’s magic power is all fired up.

“Power of the heart, is it? Is it not the feelings of love you had for Lian that has something to do with it?”

“No, I don’t think that’s……something we should be talking about right now, Mary.”

Ingrid spoke in denial in Mary’s teasing, but her reddened face still couldn’t be hidden from everyone.

Nevertheless, Ingrid’s presence was the most reliable thing to them right now.

While Mina and Mary were somehow able to fight with the help of their meta-artifacts, Ingrid is on a different level.

Just by releasing her own inherent power – her immense sealed power – she was able to kick out an army of sweepers on her own.

How much potential does she have?

In Mina’s eyes, there is no more reassuring ally than a fearsome one.

Now all she had to do was to be careful not to let her run out of mana ahead of time, as she had done in the previous battle.

“──that’s if the opponent is an ordinary one, yes.”

As if she had caught up with Mina’s thoughts, Mary was the next to step forward.

“I know, she’s not ordinary. The three of us must work together.”

Ingrid informs the team.

“Let’s go.” This chap ter tra nslation is made poss ible by stab bing with a s yrin e transla tions. chec k up-to – da te transla tions on my Wo rdpress si te.

“Well, well, well. You’ve done quite the good work out there. I didn’t think that an army of sweepers would be treated like small fry in the front row.”

Mystique began approaching.

“I’m not sure if I underestimated you a little …… or if it’s just that humans can get so strong in such a short time. I guess I’ll just have to play with you myself.”

In that speech, Mina, Mary, and Ingrid all braced themselves.

“Now then. Hack them to pieces──my blade.”

Mystic announced solemnly.

Blade Phase(Phenomenal Blade Dance).”

Hundreds of swords appeared from the empty space and surrounded Mina and the others.

In the next moment, each of them slashed at them in irregular motions as if each had a will of their own.

“This is──!?”

Countless swords jumping across space and appearing one after another.

The pattern of their appearance was completely random.

It was impossible to predict.

“Then just prevent them all! Elciaskeil(Pure Heart Barrier)!”

“It’s useless.”


Mina retaliated with a defensive spell, but the swarms of swords didn’t stop and attacked her barrier one after another.

──Not good. There are just too many of them!

In addition, each blow made by them was filled with powerful magic power. Because of this, the defense field created by Mina is being worn down at a fast pace.

“If we stay on the defensive, we’re going to be breached quick──.”

Sweat beaded on Mina’s forehead.

“In that case, we’ll just have to go on the offensive, is that what you mean?”

Mary holds up her long red sword, Ralfagh.

“No matter how skilled you are, Rosemary, it’s impossible for you to go unscathed to that many high-speed, continuous slashes.”

“Don’t underestimate me, Ingrid. She’s no match for my Crimson Emperor Beheading Moves.”

Marie smiled triumphantly at Ingrid’s complaint.

“Be careful.”

“Oh, so you’re anxious for me as well?’

“I’m not……maybe just little…….”

Ingrid turns away as if she was embarrassed.

She may not have noticed it, but this part of Ingrid has also changed. Maybe it’s because she met Lian that she is now starting to express her feelings more honestly.

“Then, I’ll take care of the defense while Ingrid will put her in check. Then, at the same time, three of us will work together to deal with the finishing blow.”

“Copy that.”

“I like that.”

After a moment of silence, the war that will decide this world’s fate has begun to unfold.

And the girls were the first to receive them.

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