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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 13 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Toward the Decisive Battle of Fate

Side: Redone Irvine

Bewitching and handsome appearance.

Dark brown skin. Rugged silver hair.

The Dark Elf boy──Redone, is currently standing in the darkness.

“Almost there…….”

He spoke to Gilferase, the sword in his hand.

Currently, he is the world inside of his consciousness.

It was of endless darkness, where only Redone and Gilferase existed.

This way, he could do a one-on-one conversation with his own sword.

“I’m so close to mastering it.”

Redone imagined.

Again and again.

The most powerful form of his own power.

A figure wrapped in jet-black armor.

And also.

To remind the reason why he was reborn.

Even though he has the trait of “Mastery of the Most Powerful Magic Sword Arts”, he still needs a good amount of combat experience to tune it with his body.

With the magic sword Gilferase, given to him by the gods at the time of his reincarnation, he continued to kill the enemies that stood in his way.

With his emotions aroused by these battles, he captured women he was interested in and made them his prisoners.

After his reincarnation, his life has become one of killing and conquering, lust and desire to dominate.

Eventually, he arrived at a certain ruin at the far end of the continent.

Half by chance, half by fate.

The place was called the “Daybreak Labyrinth”.

It was one of the most dangerous labyrinths in the world and was the counterpart to the Twilight Labyrinth. However, over the passage of time, it became a complete relic that has been forgotten by history.

Redone found it by chance and gained power after overcoming the ordeal of the High Ancients.

There, he became the strongest in both name and reality, and from there ignited his chance of putting his fighting to the extreme.

However, he grew too strong, too strong. In fact, even the warriors and mages dubbed as heroes were no match for him.


Before long, Redone found himself starving for a good battle.

He wanted someone who would let him wield his power to the fullest and afterward, smash him to smithereens.

After several years, Redone finally found one.

It was the first time he had ever met a person who could be his equal.

──And that was the elven swordsman, Lian Tiarade.


Deep inside the magnificent old castle – the audience hall.

The same handsome dark elf boy is sitting in the place where the king should normally be.

“Where is Teardrop?”

Returning from his world of consciousness, Redone stood up from his throne.

Thinking that the time of the decisive battle was approaching, he was already feeling unsettled.

“We haven’t seen her since yesterday, master. houhouhou.”

Mystique, an old woman standing by his side, spoke as she laughed.

“I think she got hungry and went out for some food~.”

Meanwhile, the boy beside her, “Mad Eater,” replied with a carefree answer.

“I wonder what she’s up to this time, that woman──”

“Master, we have discovered several adventurers that have made their way to the Twilight Labyrinth.”

Suddenly, the small black sword at his waist – Gilferase – interrupted him in his usual middle-aged man’s voice.

“Yeah, I see that Lian is there too.”

A smile crept across his face. This c hap ter tran slati on is mad e po ssi ble by st abb ing with a syri nge tra nsla tions. check up -to-da te trans lati ons on my Wo rdpre ss si te.

(So, you’re about to gain new powers as well, aren’t you?)

──that beautiful elf boy……he might become even stronger and stand toe to toe in front of me.

Ahh, Just thinking about it makes me shudder.


Suddenly, he had a premonition.

“Teardrop is there, too?”

On the first time Redone saw her, he had a hunch that this Nova-type was not absolutely loyal to him.

Then again, he didn’t know what the three were actually thinking generally.

In the first place, what they have were not “feelings” but “predetermined programs”……or at least, that’s what he had thought.

“Well, whatever. Even if she betrayed us, it will only add to the fun. I’ll just think of it as an extra spice for the upcoming battle.”

Redone didn’t budge one bit.

Even if she was a Nova type, he could always take care of him if he really wanted to.

That’s how confident he was.

“How’s the Sweeper adjustments coming along, by the way?”

Redone turned to the old woman and the boy.

Most of the sweepers had been destroyed by the adventurers in the recent invasion, while the rest had sustained no small amount of damage at the very least.

Teardrop had been entrusted with repairing and reconditioning them.

But without her, they might not be able to finish their preparations by the day they had announced to the humans.


(That would ruin the party.)

“As a substitute for Teardrop, I will entrust it to you two.”

“No need, master. After all, it was already done.”

The old woman was the one who answered.

“……heee, that’s a witty move you have.”

Redone’s one eyebrow twitched up.

The maintenance and repair of a large number of sweepers and the adjustment of their sorties was an easy task.

Yet she had done it in advance.

In other words, at the very least, this old woman must have noticed Teardrop’s disappearance long ago.

However, he still didn’t know why she hadn’t reported it.

It’s not that Redone cares about it anyway.

He’s gonna use them while we can, and if they become hostile, he’ll just destroy them.

“Yes, yes. While I’m eating my snacks, granny Mystique was already working diligently on repairing the machines. In other words, we are all prepared to sortie anytime now, master.”

“Stop putting it in a way like you’ve contributed anything, you lump of fat. You just eat, and sleep, eat and sleep……you are as lazy as a bum.”

“I’m just doing what I’m supposed to do. My body uses a lot of energy, so rest and replenishment are essential.” If yo u a re a ble to re ad this mes sa ge, you are re ad ing fro m an unaut hor ized aggr egate s ite. Read at my W ordPre ss to support me and m y transl ations.

Mad Eater replies to Mystique’s point without taking offense.

“Okay. I’ve decided. Since the Sweepers have been repaired, it might be fun to go in on them right away. Of course, it’s a little earlier than the date they’ve been warned, but since our main course – Lian –  is already flopping on the table, might as well finish the rest and take care of him last.”

After all he has been told of his rival gaining power, Redone couldn’t wait anymore.

His feelings of excitement have already rekindled and are now blazing up.

“Also, I’m bored of staying still and waiting. hehehe.”

Laughing at his own fickle nature, Redone drew the small sword at his waist.

“Time to go wild, Gilferase. After all, I’ve gotten pretty used to doing the Mirage Mode after my conversation with you.”

“Affirmative. Currently, the duration has been increased to 7.143 times the previous value.”

“I’m hoping that with all this, I can fight my all to my heart’s content. But that’s only if those adventurers other than Lian can get me to take that form first.”


Side: Mina Arabelle

Days remaining before the announced assault of Redone, Mina felt something appear in the sky above the guild.

And so did Mary and Ingrid.

“They have come.”

She gulped her own spit.

It’s too soon.

Sooner than their announced time.

Is there a purpose to this?


Or was it just a whim?

“Regardless, we’ll need your help, Refactor.”

Mina called out to her own scepter.

As if in response to the growing will of its owner, Refractor emitted a light purple light.

“Let’s go, Ralfagh.”

Next to her, Mary was also calling out to her beloved sword.

The red blade glowed like flames in response.

“──I will do my best with all my power.”

On the other side, Ingrid closed her eyes and concentrated on her mind.

A golden aura and blue lightning covered her petite body.

And then, the next moment.

“It’s coming.”

Mina muttered half-unconsciously.

On the next, a huge void opened up in the wide-open sky.

It was a black alien space that spewed out red lightning.

Currently, there was no magic spell in this world that can cause such a large-scale spatial shift.

Hence, they treated it as a magic spell that originated from the High Ancients’ civilization.

From the other side of the void, countless black shadows descended.

“It’s been a while, adventurers.”

Leading the way was a petite elderly woman.

She was a commander-type sweeper who had stood before Claudia and the others in the previous battle.

Her name was Mystique.

“It was a little earlier than announced, but Master Redone has said that we can now start the party!”

The old woman, Mystique, expressed in a smile on her wrinkled mouth.

“As for the expense, it’s all your lives. Now, let us enjoy the blood, the carnage, the destruction that our master wishes and desires!”


The army of sweepers all let out a roaring sound of activation.

“We will not let it happen. We will protect the people and the city!”

“I will rip all your everything with my sword!”

“──I won’t lose.”

Mina took up her scepter, Mary her sword, and Ingrid her staff.

With that……their decisive battle has begun.

The final battle where the fate of the world is at stake.

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