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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 13 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – First Time with Teardrop, Part 2 ※

“Fuuuh……you’ve let out so much…… So this is Lian’s taste……it’s thick and wonderful.”

Tia smiled lustrously as she scooped the semen from her face and breasts and licked them off her fingertips.

The beautiful woman’s body was coated with drips of white muck that made her look sexier.

The more I stared at this tantalizingly erotic beauty, the more my heart would throb and tingle.

“But it seems that once is not enough for you. You’re still standing strong. No, you’re even more vigorous than before.”

Tia lightly stroked my cock.

Then, she twirled the same fingers along the curve of its tip.



She had only put a subtle pressure, yet I already had a zing of sweet sensation running to the core of my cock.

“It’s your trait of “Matchless Vigor During Sex”, isn’t it? In that case, will you embrace me next, Mister Lian?”

Tia switched hands and ran her fingers between her legs. Then, making a V with her index and middle fingers, she spread her own secret hole wide open.

Seeing her white pussy and the light pink flirtatious mucous membrane wriggling in the back of it, I gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

“I’d like to feel your thing this time. Directly, right here.”

The more I stared at Tia’s pussy, the more I couldn’t believe that she’s a weapon. Her secret place was so gleaming and ripe that it almost surpassed some of the actual humans I had sex with.

“Now, come inside me, Mister Lian.”


I nodded my head, my mind blurred by the ever-increasing intensity of Tia’s scent.

Tia grabbed my cock and guided it between her legs.

She put it against her wet crack and tried to push it inside.



In the middle of it, Tia’s brows furrowed.

It’s tight.

She was so wet that she was literally dripping with love juices, but even with that amount, the tip of my cock didn’t go in.

I also tried thrusting my hips out to meet Tia’s, but even after I inserted it that way, it was pushed back with tremendous repulsive force.

Don’t tell me, this is ──.

“Tia, is this perhaps……your first time?”

I immediately questioned Tia. If you are able to read this message, you are reading from an unauthorized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

“……E-even with that, I still have knowledge of all things human. I also have a thorough knowledge of their sexual behavior……Kuh, why, why is it so tight…….”

I can’t believe that such a bewitching beauty was actually a virgin.

I was surprised, but at the same time, my heart was fluttering sweetly.

I even felt a kind of conquering desire to take Tia’s virginity.

“It’s okay. Relax more.”

I whispered into her ear with a smile.

To that, Tia immediately leaned herself back.

Now then, let’s take the lead from here.

I grabbed Tia’s slender waist with one hand and grabbed my manhood with the other.

Then, pushing my waist firmly towards her, I started putting my weight on her little by little.

“Aguhh!? Fuuu, ghiiiii……haaam, auuuhh!

As I pushed it in, Tia made a sound that could not be distinguished as a cry of pain or pleasure.

Nevertheless, the sliminess of her vagina increased, which is good, and it became much easier for me to insert.

I wondered if this ‘slime’ was her love juices or blood from her broken hymen.


I couldn’t tell, but looking at Tia, she wasn’t in as much pain as I thought she would be.

Reaching the point where I think I could ram the rest in one go, I thrust the rest of my cock.

My towering organ moved forward, and from there, I felt the stiff wet linings wrapping around me inside.

In the end, the tip of my rod crashed against a feel which seemed like soft rubber.

Safe penetration. Success.

“I’m in, Tia.”

“Haaa, haaa, haaaa……so this is……the real sex…….”

Tia breathed as she stared at me. Then, that stare went down below, towards the parts we are joining.

Nevertheless, as we are both in a standing position, all she could see is the base of my genitals and each of our pubic hair.

“I knew it well from the data, but the feeling of the real thing was so different from what I expected. It’s hard, hot, and…”

Tia smiled. My heart thumped with excitement.

It was unlike the first smile I have seen from her.

Not only was it far from being fake, but it was also filled with a gentleness that, for a moment, I have seen the real her.

But it was only after a moment, and right afterward, it was replaced by a very seductive one she always uses. This cha pter tr ansla tion is ma de poss i ble by s tabb ng with a syrin ge transl ations. che ck u p-to-da te trans lat ions on my Wordp re ss si te.

“Fufu. Worried about me? Spare me the need. After I learn the rest hands-on, I’ll have you make the best cumming face from here on.”

After saying that, Tia kissed me lightly and began to wriggle her hips on her own.

She didn’t seem to have any pain from losing her virginity as her hips moved smoother than I expected.

We stood there, our hips piled up against each other. Soon, Tia and I were winging our hips rhythmically.

The sound of muddy water rumbled from our joining parts.

After a while, her membranes, which had felt so raw and hard earlier, became accustomed to my penis. This made it easier for me to push and extract.

The friction, the tightness, the heat and moisture of the vaginal walls – everything about this woman’s hole is quickly becoming ideal and pleasing.

I quickly became engrossed that I pierced Tia’s virgin vagina even harder.

“Haa, guh, auuh, so good! It feels so good, Liaann!”

Upon observing her, Tia was just as into it as I was. She even proceeded to hug me as she let out high-pitched squeals of delight.

I hugged her in return, and while at it, I gradually quickened the movements of my hips as well.


The pleasure was so overwhelming that I felt like my meat stick was going to melt.

“How is it, Mister Lian……haaa, aahhh, nnn……My pussy……do you like it?……auuh, haaaa, do you want to eat it more?”

Tia asks, panting in front.

“I am a weapon created to destroy mankind – a Sweeper. But even so, and even though this thought of mine is negating my purpose, I think you are more suitable to be our Lord than Redone. Not just that, I believe that you can do even better than him in playing around and killing people…….”

Does this woman really believe that she is no more than just a weapon?

No, but I can’t help but think the girl who was communing with me earlier looked more feminine than an actual human.

Which one is the real Tia?

“I’m……not going to destroy the human race.”

Despite my blurry thoughts, I stopped moving my hips and looked straight at Tia.

“Fufufu, then be a prisoner of my charms soon. From there, you will destroy this human world……all for my sake.”

Tia whispered to my ear.

As always, the tightness and slippery feel of her cunt is good, and her temptation is sweet.

Still… there’s no way I’m going to nod my head on that.

Tia’s advances are absolutely unacceptable.

“It’s all right. You are an elf. After you destroy the people, you can make a world of elves with me, and I will love you there forever.”

Tia brings her lips close to mine.

The red lips that glistened with her moistness are still as seductive as ever.

But I turned my face away, trying to reject it.

“You’re just trying to make Master Lian your tool! That’s not love at all!”

Suddenly, a voice rang out in anger near us.

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