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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 13 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – First Time with Teardrop, Part 1 ※

“It’s rather boorish if we just settle it with talks. Now then, let’s get to work.”

Teardrop’s blue eyes took on a more mysterious glow than ever before.

As I stared into the light, my consciousness became numb.

“I’m going to use my true power, the magic of enchantment.”

While at it, she also brushed up her long red hair which reached to her feet.

From there, a sweet smell drifted to my nose. It was the same one I had smelled earlier.

Don’t tell me….. Teardrop’s eyes and scent are a byproduct of her magic?

When I thought about it, my consciousness began to numb once more.

“Master Lian!”

Milfa in my hand warned me.

However, it was too late. I couldn’t muster the strength to hold on to her anymore.

Milfa left my hand and fell to the ground with a thud.


I groaned unconsciously.

Teardrop standing in front of me appears to be glowing brightly all over her body.

My heart was beating fast, and I couldn’t control it.


Thump, thump.

“Teardrop, you…….”

What are you trying to do?

You’re supposed to be the enemy, but why do I feel like this?

However, these countless questions that pop into my head dissipated when the lustrous body was brought in front of me.

I couldn’t think of anything else.

I just want to burn myself with the overflowing desire that was surging in my lower body.

Such primitive desire swelled explosively.

“If you don’t mind, please call me Tia. It’s a little long to call me Teardrop, isn’t it?”

She smiled, this “Tia.”

“I have always longed for the act of being called by my nickname. I also longed to be called dearly by a man, as if I were a human woman.”

“Tia, I……”

As I was saying this, I was almost self-consciously holding her close to me.

Tia was tall, about a head taller than me.

Therefore, when we embraced each other, I had my face nuzzled into her ample chest.

The see-through outfit Tia was wearing earlier seemed extremely thin, making me almost see it all, but that was no match for the current scenery presented to me.

Now that I can touch her directly, I was able to feel not only the softness and elasticity of her breasts but also the fiery heat of her skin.

I can’t believe that she’s a weapon.

I can feel a warmth like that of a human being.

My face was sandwiched between her ample breasts, so I naturally felt lustful inside.

Hot blood flowed into my lower body, giving me an erection. This chap ter tra nslat ion is made pos sible by stab bing with a syrin ge trans lat ions. check up-to-d ate tran slation s on my Wor dpress si te.

“For starters, let’s have a proof of love. Let’s kiss each other on the mouth, my sweet dear.”

Tia pulled herself away from my embrace.

Then, she licked her own lips with her tongue to wet them and lightly thrust them towards my face as if begging for a kiss.


I leaned forward, letting her lips take me in.

Slowly bringing my face closer to her beautiful face…….


We put our lips together with a faint exhale.

Her lips were sweet.

Rather than a human being, it was as if I was kissing a fairy or a goddess – a non-human being.

No, in fact, Tia is not an actual being.

But she was a ‘thing’ that possessed charm and sexiness that was way beyond a human being.

Combined with a thrill that felt like it was stroking my spine, I press my lips harder against such entity.

With the same force, Tia pressed her lips against mine and even twisted her tongue inside.

Our sweet pecks became a deep kiss.

“Nmmmmph, mmm…….haamu.”

As I twined my tongue with Tia’s, my consciousness became increasingly blurry.

──As if I am beginning to feel love for the beautiful woman in front of me.

“I see you’re beginning to feel it here as well.”


It didn’t need to be told, but the hot, boiling blood flowing inside me has already had my groin pushing up on my pants, forming up a majestic tent.

Tia ran her gentle hand over this tent.

The soft palm rubbed my erect stalk that was almost ripping through the soft fabric.

“Huaaa, aaahh……!”

Sweet pressure causing a pleasant numbness began running, and I began to moan, but Tia continued her act.

This time, she rubbed my penis in a circular motion instead.

It’s not too strong, not too weak, just the right amount of pressure.

It was as if she knew exactly how much pressure to apply to give the male organ the perfect stimulation.

“Uuuu, aaahhh……guhh……!”

I panted, my lips quivering from the intermittent waves of sensuality.

“Can I touch you directly, Lian?”

She whispered that in my ear, and I nodded enthusiastically.

The next thing I realized; Tia has already pulled my pants down along with my underwear.

My bare lower body felt cool in the open air.

“Good, good. You’re feeling much better now. Fufufu.” If you ar e able to re ad this me ssage , you are rea ding from an u nauthor ized aggreg ate site. Read at my Wor dPres s to su pport me and my transla tions.

My erect penis was standing upright, its reddish-gray head already leaning out.

But Tia just smiled as she observed the stiffness between my legs and the reaction on my face.

“Aahh. I’m beginning to like you more and more, Lian.”

Once again, she took my lips with hers.

“Mmmm, chuuu……mmm.”

The thick, plump lips were comfortable to the touch that my erection grew harder each time.

After that, Tia reached out her other hand and gently wrapped it around my manhood as well.

She made a tube with her hands and began to squeeze the rod while repeatedly kissing me sweetly.

The feeling of friction and pressure was nothing short of exquisite.

Her hands were like those of a prostitute rather than that of a weapon.

From there, the pleasure that had already been building was beginning to go up, all due to Tia’s skillful hand job.

Soon, a magnificent electric current ran through my tailbone, my spine, and into my brain almost at the same time.

“Ooooh…… kuhh……aaaah, uaaahh, so good……!”

It felt so good that my lower limbs immediately lost their strength, and I had almost collapsed.

I hurriedly stepped on it to avoid the fall, but Tia suddenly crouched on the spot.

“Not just my hands. My mouth, my breasts, all of my body, you can use them all to enjoy yourself, Lian.”

Pausing her hand job, the smiling beauty then lifted the fruitful and bountiful breasts.


While shaking the milky white twin peaks, she sandwiched my thing from side to side.

After the hand job, she was going to give me a tit-fuck, huh.

Welcoming her devotion to good service, I also raised my lewd anticipation on her.

“Nnn……so hot……it’s like I’m burning in my chest……aahh.”

Tia rubbed my manhood against her deep cleavage while her heavy breasts moved up and down.

A tantalizing breath touched the glans, and numbness that could not be described as ticklish or pleasurable ran through me.

“Ugh, that feels so good…….”

“I’m glad you like it. Now, let’s make it more intense, shall we?”

With a drool, a string of clear saliva dripped from Tia’s lips.

The spit tangled in my flesh like a lotion, and from there onwards, her titfuck increased in momentum.

The skin of her breasts, the spit, as well as the skin of my meat stick, they rubbed against each other, causing her soft breasts to deform lewdly as they squeezed my object from both sides.

My eyes couldn’t help but get glued to the twin peaks as they continued to shape in waves as they continued to rub against my manhood.

In addition to the physical pleasure, the gap between Tia’s innocent face and her erotic tits has also increased my visual excitement, and explosively at that.

I was sublimated into a bewitching pleasure that was quickly spreading from my penis to my lower abdomen in its entirety.

Because of this, I wasn’t able to hold on much longer.

“Kuhhh……not good. Any further and……coming……!”

I looked down at Tia’s mounds of frictional pleasure, changing shape as they were, and from there, I shot my first load of cum all over her mouth, neck, collarbone, and breasts – basically all over Tia’s center body.

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