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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 13 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Invitation


I had heard that name from Mina and the others.

The other day, they told me that she was a commander-type of the “Sweepers” that attacked Regulus City.

“You see, I have been observing you for a while now, Mister Lian; in the form of that old woman.”

Teardrop started the conversation with a smile.


That white hand brushing up her long red hair which had almost reached her feet.

Sweet scent of a woman drifting to my nose.

A pair of blue eyes that stare at me, giving off a mysterious light.

What……is this?

I just observed her, but I could already feel something tingling on my back.

It was an odd sensation.

“Also, to think that an Akasha’s Terminal was with you. I really thought you got the upper hand there, you know?”


Teardrop silently turned her attention to the three people lying behind me.

No, she’s only directing her gaze at Felix.

What does she mean by “terminal”?

And what the hell is Felix?

There were many things I couldn’t understand, including the purpose of Teardrop that suddenly appeared here. If you are abl e to rea d this mes sage, you are re ading from an u nauthoriz ed aggr ega te site. Re ad at my Wor dPres s to supp ort me and my trans lati ons.

“I’m not sure if I’m really qualified for this, but I’m going to test you first ── to see if you really deserve it. Wyvern Spear(Flame Dragon Spear Attack)!”

Her white hand was thrust straight out, and from the palm of that hand, flames in the shape of a dragon were shot toward me.


I hurriedly readied my sword in response,

“Wake up, Milfa!”

and called out to her once again, this time as if I was half praying.

Of course, I need her as a fighting force, but more than anything, she is my most important partner.

I’m begging you, let me hear your voice.


I’m not sure if my prayers were answered, but I heard the usual electronic-sounding voice from the sword.

……Thank the Goddess.

She seems to have stopped functioning a while ago, but now she has returned to normal.

“Lend me your strength, Milfa.”

I stared at the small sword.

A smile of a pretty girl appeared and overlapped my vision of the golden blade.

“As to your heart’s content, Master.”

A dazzling glow lit up the blade as she announced her agreeement.

“What she casted is a flame attribute magic of Original Spell(Spells of Beginnings)-class. This one has an ice attribute to intercept it.”

Milfa gives me advice as usual.

But those words alone were enough to calm my mind.

“As for that, here it is. Frost Bullet(Blue Ice Breaker Sphere)!”

Milfa shot an icy blade wave that split into countless bullets and turned the incoming flame dragon into a beehive.

After that, the dragon burst into flames, clearing out the surrounding area with its blast.


But even with that, Claudia, Georg, and Felix were still lying unconscious.

If that blast were to reach them, they would be blown away without a trace.

I hastily cut off the blast aftermath with another shot.

“You can easily intercept a magic spell of this class? I’m impressed.”

At that moment, a magic circle appeared in front of Teardrop.

“In that case, I’ll let you try some more.”

From there, thunderbolts and whirlwinds, earthen bullets, and ice arrows were unleashed in rapid succession.

I cut them all off with magic sword techniques of each opposing attribute and even shot some of them back to her.

Teardrop is strong.

Yet, I don’t feel like I’m going to lose.


But that’s only if it’s one on one, with nothing in the way.

Right now, I was also preventing the aftermath from reaching Claudia, Georg, and Felix, who have fallen unconscious behind me.

It’s not going to be easy.

“Are you concerned about your companions? You’re very kind.”

Teardrop smiles lustrously.

“On the other hand, Master Redone would not hesitate to cut off others for his own gain.”

“Don’t lump me in with that man.”

I glared at her in discomfort.

“Well, you’re both reincarnators, and on top of that, you were both elves, aren’t you? So, I couldn’t help but find some common ground.”

“I told you not to put us together──!”

I swung my Milfa at her.

Exebanish(Spiral Rupture Gleam Slash)!”

Hydrafrost(Nine-Headed Dragon Magic Ice)!”

The light magic sword technique I unleashed clashed with the ice dragon created by Teardrop──but was completely devoured by it.

“That’s magic interception for you. Fufufu. How is it? The magic system of the High Ancients I am using, the Original Spell(Spells of Beginnings)s, are much more powerful than what the humans of this world use, you know?”

“In that case──”

I stepped in further.

I have to try my best to keep her attack away from Claudia and the others.

For that, I need to get closer to her.

Bloody Fang(Sky Dragon Fang)!”

This was the special move that once defeated the magic armament Fenrir.

Dragon-shaped magical energy was let out once again, and it clashed against Teardrop’s Ice Dragon spell heading towards us. This ch apter tra nsl ation is ma de possib le by stabb ing with a sy ringe tran slati ons. check up- to- date transl ati ons on my Wordpr ess s ite.

However, this time, I have the side that has the greater firepower.

“Damn……I can’t contain it……!?”

The blast of light pierced the ice dragon, and Teardrop was blown wide open.

Most of the clothes she was wearing were burnt off, and she was no longer half-naked but almost entirely naked.

I couldn’t help but admire her body, which had become even more glamorous without clothing.

I almost forgot that I was in the middle of a battle.

“I see. It seems that you have the same power as my master, Redone.”

Teardrop smiled, not even trying to hide her erotic limbs.

The rise and fall of her ample breasts were swaying in front of me.

“However, it seems that you have yet to open the door he had already opened.”

What the hell is she talking about?

Wait a minute. She said ‘door’. Is she referring to the one I just saw?

No, she might be trying to make me upset by saying something suggestive.

“Now then, it’s about time we settle this.”

On those words of hers, I also regained my composure and walked up to Teardrop.

I don’t want the fight to drag on for too long. I want to get it over with quickly so Claudia and the others wouldn’t become collateral damage.


Besides, my goal is not to defeat her in the first place.

But to gain power from this place.

“Ara, I could feel the impatience in you. Why don’t you slow down for a little bit and enjoy the time you have with me?”

I’m unsure whether she knows what I’m thinking or not, but Teardrop smiles meaningfully at the impatient me.

“And perhaps after that ── I can give you what you want.”


“For now, let’s continue our conversation somewhere suitable──Negaphase(Spirit World Dimension).”

With Teardrop’s spell, my vision goes dark.

A moment later, I was in the space of flickering red blur.

“Another space……?”

I mumbled, looking around my surroundings.

“Good answer.”

From the direction of the sound, a glamorous silhouette appeared in front of me.

“This is a special space that I created with my space manipulation magic. Now then, let’s start over here.”

A gust of wind blew away the little fabric that was left on Teardrop’s body.

A dazzling white nakedness appeared in front of me.

A shiver ran down my spine, and a rush of blood naturally flowed through my lower body.

I couldn’t believe that she was a weapon, but it was so lifelike, so sexy, and so ……naked.

“A short while ago, I noticed you staring at me lustfully with those eyes of yours.”

Teardrop also stares back at me.

“W-what are you talking about? I’m not…….”

But I can’t stop my words from trembling with excitement.

I can feel my heart tingling sweetly and fluttering over her.

I can’t help but admire the naked body in front of me more and more, on how beautiful it is.

“It would be tactless to talk about it now. So, for this moment, I’ll let you have your fun. This is my true power, the magic of enchantment.”

Teardrop declared as her beautiful eyes shone bewitchingly at me.

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