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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 13 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – What Awaits at the Deepest Point

We’ve successfully reached the deepest part of the ruins.

“This is──”

But what was brought to us was a room……about the size of a school classroom.

Its walls were lined with mechanical devices, but they didn’t look out of place in this fantasy world.

In fact, it resembled those walls in the ruins I had visited when I fought the magic armament Fenrir.

The deepest part of that ruin – the place where Fenrir was sealed – was also lined with mechanical devices like this.

“There are no signs of a trap from what I can see…….”

It was Claudia who spoke first.

She’s looking around, holding her left and right swords at the ready.

“A place that gives great power to those who reaches it……hmm.”

Georg was looking around as well.

Nevertheless, all of us felt the same sense of discomfort that we had easily arrived at a place that no one had ever traversed before.

The fact that there weren’t any major difficulties along the way suggests that this place itself is likely going to be a challenge.

Yes, there may be something here that even S-class adventurers can’t come back from.

However, there’s no point in being cautious when there’s nothing to be cautious about at the moment.

“What do I have to do to get the power?”

I asked Milfa, my sword.

──But there was no answer.



I called out, but Milfa stayed silent.

I looked at the display, only to see that the usual “Standing by” is now it’s in “Sleep mode”.

What’s going on here?

“Let me take a look.”

Felix stepped forward.

With a casual gait, he walked up to the machinery on the wall.

“It’s strange……this is the first time I’ve been here, but somehow it feels familiar.”

Felix murmured as he looked around.

But though his face looked indifferent as ever, his cheeks were now slightly flushed.

“It’s a very……nostalgic feeling……haaa, haaa…….”

Huffing and puffing, Felix breathes hard all of a sudden.

What’s with this guy……?

The mood he’s giving is a little strange.

“It’s as if you’re finally back home──.” This chapt er tra nslation is mad e pos sible by st abbing with a syrin ge trans lations. check up-t o-date tra nslations on my Wordp ress s ite.

Felix went to one of the walls and extended his right hand straight up.

As soon as his fingertips touched the wall, a tremor ran through the area.


The entire room rumbled with a sound reminiscent of an animal’s growl.

At the same time, lamps began to light up and flicker on the machines on the wall one after another.

“I remember now……what I came here for…….”

Felix said in a fervent voice while looking around the room.

“Hey, Felix……?”

But the first-ranked S-class adventurer didn’t respond to my call.

“Yes, I’m…… Akasha’s……exploration……mission……that role is…….”

He continued to mumble unintelligible words.

I was beginning to wonder if he’s still okay.

But all of a sudden, Felix let out a deep breath, and then,

“Switch to voice input. Request Authentication.”

He spoke those words out loud onto the wall.


[Please enter the authorization code.]

A machine-like, electronic sound echoed in reply.

“Akasha 07, terminal 32592, search area WE0577314.”

Felix said smoothly in turn.

“Identification code: Felix Harrion.”

[Authentication completed.]

The electronic sound echoed once again.

“Please activate the system.”

Felix tells the wall.

“Felix, what’s going on?”

“What are you talking on about……?”

Claudia and Georg also looked at Felix as if they were confused.

“It’s coming. Please be prepared.”


What the heck is──.

As we wondered, the voice echoed once again.

[Trial has been initiated.]

[Those who come here will gain great power when they overcome the Trial.]

[Initiating psychokinesis──] If you are abl e to r ead t his mess age, you are rea ding fro m an unaut horize d ag greg ate site. Read at my WordP re ss to su ppo rt me and my tra nslat ions.



I heard two cries of anguish at the same time.

Then, Claudia and Georg collapsed one after the other.

H-hey, you two, are you──.”

I rushed over to them.

Claudia’s chest was gently rising and falling.

Georg as well. He has lost consciousness, but still breathing.


I murmured, stunned.

Yes, they’re both……asleep.

[Two remaining. Next is──.]

A part of the wall slid down, and a figure appeared from it.

It was not a human being.

It’s not a demon or monster, either.

It’s a humanoid robot whose entire body is made up of parts straight out of sci-fi.

[You are not eligible. We’ve confirmed you’re an Akasha Terminal.]

The camera eye on the head of the mysterious mechanical doll glowed dully and announced to Felix.

Akasha Terminal?


What are you going on about?

“Indeed……I am.”

Felix groaned with a bitter expression.

[Only Humans can have the power here.]

“Human, you say……!”

Felix shouted, looking up.

His face bared with emotion; I saw it for the first time.

“I’m also ──.”

“You’re not. You’re not a human being, but one of the High Ancients──.”


With a cry of pain, Felix collapsed as well.

[In other words, you’re just a tool.]

The mechanical doll said quietly, then faced me, the last one.

[Lian Tiarade. Race: Elf. A reincarnator blessed by the goddess Elciata. Previous life was human in the 21st century ──]

Its “camera” eye flickered as if it was blinking.

[Eligibility for Power: Possible. The trial will now begin.]

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