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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 13 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Exploration

We were currently walking through the labyrinth under the guidance of an old woman.

At first glance, it looked like a natural cave, but its path winded and branched off in several directions, creating a maze of all sorts.

If it hadn’t been for the old woman who was guiding us, we would have been lost for sure.

After about three hours of walking, the old woman stopped.

“This is as far as I can take you,” she said to us.

It seems the adventurers who had challenged the labyrinth in the past had established a safe route up to this point, but it seemed that it’s impossible to go any further here without encountering danger.

“You’ll have to do the rest yourselves.”

“Of course. Even if it’s only halfway, it has already been a great help. Thank you.”

It was Claudia who answered.


The old woman left, and we began to move again.

Claudia was in the lead, I was next, and Felix and Georg were in the back… that was our formation.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but get drawn to Claudia’s shapely legs as she walked ahead of me, as well as her fascinating hip line that I could imagine even through her armor.

──this is not the time to be gawking around.

I have to brace myself.

I pay attention to my surroundings once again.

“There’s something out there.”

Felix suddenly announced.

“Looks like it.”

Claudia, who had drawn her two swords, was already on the defensive.

As expected, these guys who have long careers as adventurers, I am no match for them in this kind of perceptive ability. If you are ab le to re ad thi s messa ge, you are read ing from an unau thori zed ag gregat e site. Read at my Wor dPr ess to suppo rt me and my transl ations.

I stared ahead of us again.

Indeed, there is…a presence.

I pulled out the small sword at my waist, Milfa, with my right hand.

Something was wriggling in the darkness.

“A Slime?”

It was Georg who said out loud.

A slime – I’ve heard the name before, but this was the first time I’d encountered one in this world.

It was an irregularly shaped monster that could be considered one of the standard monsters in RPGs.

Eventually, a light green slime appeared out of the darkness.

It was about two meters tall, massive compared to the ones I imagined, and its body was undulating as it approached us.

Its movements were sluggish.

──But then, it instantly lunged on us.

As for its attack…… its target is on Claudia.


The slime’s body grazed her armor as if it was too quick for her to avoid the unexpected speed.

With a cloud of white smoke, the part metal armor that was touched began to corrode.

Claudia quickly took off her armor and quickly became in her underwear.

Her bare arms and thighs were dazzling and glamorous.

I couldn’t help but admire it.

Edge Three(Third Pearl Sword) ──Tempest(Boufuu)!”

Claudia’s three swords created a fierce wind that sent the slime flying.

“Keep your guard up, Lian.”

It was Felix who warned me, then he pulled out his sword.

“Ah, yeah.”

I had been ogling at Claudia, but his voice made me resume my guard.

The slime undulates and approaches us again in a slow movement.

I wonder if I should just use my magic sword technique to burn it up.


But using flaming sword techniques in the narrow cave would endanger us as well.

As for wind, it can only blow it away, and I wonder if the ice element will work…

As I was pondering this,

“Leave it to me.”

It was Georg who stepped forward.

“But it’s a slime and a corrosive one at that. How can you use martial arts against it?”

I feel like my and Felix’s magic sword skills would be more suited for this…

“You two are our trump cards. Therefore, we need you to conserve your strength as much as possible. As such, I will kill it here.”

With that, Georg sprinted off.


This was not the movement of an old man!


Georg let out a high-pitched exhalation that reminded me of the sound of a flute.

Then, after he lowered his stance in a big way,


The old martial artist stretched out at super-speed and delivered a sharp uppercut at the slime.

With a huge squelch, the slime flew up.

“He blew away the viscous slime with one punch……!?”

Claudia murmured in surprise.

Slimes are usually not defeated by physical attacks.

The soft surface of its body cannot be cut or shattered by swords or spears.

That’s why the theoretical method of fighting slimes is usually to burn them with magic, but…

“It seems that Old Man Georg has forcibly blown it away with uncommon destructive power. But with this, I can’t help but ask if he’s actually old.” Claudia spoke in aghast.

This is almost the kind of “he leveled up so much he could kill them with normal attacks” kind of feeling, that Georg. Th is chap ter transl ation is made poss ible by st abbing with a sy ringe tra nslations. che ck up-to-da te translati ons on my Wordp ress s ite.


The old martial artist let out another distinctive exhalation and chased after the blown-up slime.

His speed was so fast that it was almost inhuman.

The old martial artist then began to pound the slime with a barrage of fists and kicks.

It was almost a rain of bullets up close.

The barrage of blows, which probably surpassed the speed of sound, blew the slime away, and again, and again, and again.

In the end, the slime finally stopped moving, its body twisting weakly.

“That’s “Berserker’s Fist(Fist of the Madman)” Master Georg for you.”

Felix said in admiration.


“Are you by any chance able to use body enhancement like those in magic sword techniques, Georg?”

I asked the old martial artist who had finished the fight.

“Magic? I can’t use such things. This is just pure bodywork.”

Georg said without even batting an eye.

“He’s right. It’s not magic at all. I think only Georg is the only person in the whole world that was able to kill a slime with a physical attack, at least, that’s as far as I know.”

Felix told us matter-of-factly.

── After that, we moved on.

Along the way, we encountered many traps and monsters, but they were all insufficient to stop the four of us.

Me and Felix’s magic sword skills.

Claudia’s seven swords.

Georg’s superb fist techniques.

In the face of all this, monsters were repelled at every turn, traps were crushed everywhere, and we advanced our path with brute force.

Even the world’s most challenging labyrinth, as expected, was no challenge for the four of us.

But there’s still that sense of discomfort I’m feeling.

It’s true that the traps we encountered were quite dangerous, and the demons that served as guardians were also formidable.

However, these too should pose no threat to the S-class adventurers who had challenged it so far.

I’m beginning to wonder why they couldn’t break through.

Despite our doubts, after a while, we made it to the deepest part of the dungeon.

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