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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 13 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – The Maidens’ Unity

After Lian, Felix, Georg, and Claudia rode off on the dragon and was seen off by the adventurers of the guild,

(Sir Lian……and there he goes.)

Mina breathed a small sigh as she stares at the dragon flying high in the sky.

A feeling of loneliness and anxiety was creeping into her heart.

If I could, I would have followed along with them.

But now that Sir Lian has asked us to stay, we can only respond.

“Lian, will he be okay?”

Next to her, Mary murmured anxiously.

“Yes. If it’s Sir Lian, he will definitely accomplish this.”

Mina spoke firmly.

“I believe in him.”

“I believe in him too, but I’m still worried.”

Mary, on the other hand, was still anxious.

“They’re going deep into a labyrinth that no one has reached the end in its 300 years of discovery. Even the brave me would have second thoughts on that.”

“But you, too, insisted on coming along, right?”

“Of course. I’d rather face the danger with Lian than staying here unknownst of his state. It’s the same for you, right?”

“Fufufu. Yes, it’s the same for me.”

“Still, according to my findings, it has been reported that several S-class adventurers have challenged the labyrinth before them.”

It was then Ingrid who spoke.

“And the results?”

When Mary asked with trepidation, Ingrid shook her head expressionlessly.

“They were all wiped out.”

“Is that so……”

“It’s okay. This is Sir Lian, after all.”

Mina told them again, this time in a stronger tone than before.

“He will come back. To us.”

Biting her trembling lip and trying to keep her face resolute, Mina spoke words of faith in the return of her beloved man, not only to her companions but also to herself.

It wasn’t that she was no longer anxious.

There was no guarantee that the enemy would not launch a major offensive at a time when Lian and Felix were not around.

Mina, Mary, and Ingrid have become much stronger than before, but “they” are still formidable opponents.

(No, that’s why…… we have to get stronger as well)


With a puff of air, Mina looked around.

Many adventurers were gathered around them in preparation for the upcoming strife.

But everyone was anxious, and it’s understandable.

They must have learned all too well how strong the Sweepers were from the previous battle.

And now they’ve been forewarned that they’re about to be attacked all over again.

“We’ll do what we can on our own.”

Mina put up a brave front. Then, she spoke out loud to the uneasy mob.

“You don’t have to worry, everyone. The other day, I, Mary, and Ingrid successfully repelled all the sweepers in this town. I’m sure we can beat them this time too!”

The stiffness faded from their faces somewhat. This cha pter translat ion is ma de pos sib le by sta bbi ng with a syr i nge trans lati ons. check up-to- date transl ati ons on my Wor dp ress site.

“It is as she said. And we’re prepared for another round as well.”

“We’ve got to make sure we will not be a deadweight once they get back.”

To that response, it was a calm woman with glasses who came in.

“You’ve really grown to be quite dependable, Miss Mina and her party.”

With a simple but well-defined face, the woman is Paula, the receptionist in the guild.

“It’s because we’re aware that we have to do something about it as well.”

Mina replies to Paula, who, for some reason, was smiling at them.

“I see. It’s not cool to rely on Lian all the time. I’m sorry for being so weak.”

“We don’t mind it. In fact, the guild has been a great help for us. Plus, this is our job in the first place. As adventurers, we do what we have to do.”

Mina added. Mary and Ingrid nodded their heads as well.

“I heard that you guys became A-level adventurers too.”

While at it, three adventurers arrived before them.

A huge warrior, a mage, and a healer.

The “Three Stars,” as they’re known, were a trio of top-ranked A-Class Adventurers: Galeo, Argyle, and Els.

They had met them before on a quest in Est City.

They were attacked by a vampire and were in a state of near annihilation, but Lian saved them.

“We originally came here for a quest in this town, but this time we’re reassigned under the command of the Guild of Regulus City because of the threat,” Galeo Barack explained.

“That elf is one thing, but you guys are also an outstanding bunch. We’ll see you gals in a week. Of course, we’ll do our best as well.” the giant warrior smiled broadly.

“Yes, Let’s all do our best to protect this town.” Mina supplemented them.

“Hmph, look at them, going all Lian, Lian, Lian…….”

It was a beautiful blond-haired, blue-eyed man who appeared on the side, saying unpleasantly.

Combined with his glittering clothes, he had the air of a nobleman of a kingdom.

But despite that, he looks familiar for some reason.

Mina and the others have never spoken to him directly, but the man who said those lines was Malik Shahzad, a high-ranking A-Class competitor like Galeo and the others.

“I can’t believe you’re admiring a subhuman like him. This humiliation to me, I haven’t forgotten it…….”


He was mumbling to himself.

“Uhm, Mister Malik… are you still trying to get at Mister Lian?”

The mild-mannered Paula who heard it suddenly became grim.


“After all, Mr. Malik has picked a fight with Mister Lian before, so….”

Mina, who suddenly heard a disturbing fact, got miffed by Paula’s explanation.

“Sir Lian……my destined person is……?”

“Hey now, girlie. Don’t make me look bad. I’m just trying to have a bout with him, that’s all.”

Malik ruffled his hair in a pretentious gesture.

As a good-looking man, there were probably more than a few women who were attracted to such gestures.

But for Mina, the only thing she felt was discomfort.

“You were beaten up by Mr. Lian, though, am I right?”

Paula murmured near. If you a re abl e to r ea d this mess age, you ar e rea ding fro m an unau thor ized aggr ega te site. Read at my Wor dPre ss to supp o rt me and my tra nsl ations.

Oh, that’s because…… I’m a little out of sorts at that time…… No, that’s right, that Lian used a cowardly trick. So I──”

Malik was just about to say some bad excuses…… when a red light flickered in front of him.


“Lian used a cowardly trick? I won’t forgive you if you talk such nonsense.”

It was Mary, and she has already with her sword drawn without even a trace when she had pulled it out.

Malik was unable to move in front of the cutting edge that was pointed at him.

If he moves even slightly, she will slice him. That’s what he thought.

That’s just how intense the bloodlust emanating from Mary was.

“R-ridiculous, I can’t even react──.”

“Take it back. What you just said.”

Mary glared at the young swordsman.

The red sword – more specifically, the tip of Ralfagh – was then swung before his eyes.

“Uu, uuu……”

Malik, utterly overwhelmed, collapsed on the spot.

“Now now. Let’s leave the adventurer squabbling at that.”

It was Galeo Barack who intervened.

“But we know Lian as well. He helped us in a previous quest. So if you say anything bad about him, we won’t shut up about it either.”


Barrack glared at him, and Malik soon left with a cluck of his tongue.

“As douche as ever. Well, then, I’ll see you girls on the quest. Let’s defend the town together.”

After saying that, The Three Stars also left.

Unlike with Malik, Mina, even Mary, and Ingrid bid the three farewell with a smile.

“Still, Rosemary’s swordsmanship has become amazing.”


Ingrid murmurs as she reminisces the development of her comrade.

“To think you’ll turn obsessive as well when it comes to the man you love…….”


Mary’s face turns red at this point.

“Oh, I’m, uh, you see…….”

She stammered at first, but as if she couldn’t take the embarrassment anymore, her face turned into a haughty one, then looked straight at Mina and Ingrid with a rebuttal instead.

“A-and, what’s wrong about that? H-hmph! I just can’t allow someone to talk about Lian in that way! In front of my face even!”

“Fufufu, so you admit that you’re in love.”

“It’s a little late for that tsun-line.”

At Mina and Ingrid’s straight comments, Mary finally gave up. But even with a bitter smile, she didn’t back down.

“You guys are saying that, but in fact, that goes for every one of us. We are all attracted to Lian, am I right? Right?”

“That’s right. Even Ingrid here has feelings for Sir Lian.”

“……No, I’m not really…….”

“So Ingrid is alright to hide it but not me? That’s not fair.”

“T-that love thing…… as for I l-love him……I……uuu, yes. I also love him.”

Ingrid nodded as if she had given up covering it.

For Mina, though, it was already apparent from the start that her companions have fallen for Lian.

Still, this was the first time that the three had opened up like this and expressed their respective feelings straightforwardly.

“Let’s do our best so that we can get through this battle and spend the rest of our lives together with Sir Lian.”

Mina expressed to the two.

“……However, I will not give up the position of Sir Lian’s “first”.

“What did you just add at the end?”

“Declaration of war.”

“Fufufu, we’re still rivals in love, after all.”

Even at the fussing Mary, and the twitching Ingrid, Mina’s smile became brighter than ever.

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