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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 12 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – 3P with Mina and Sylvia, Part 3 ※

While ramming her from behind as she stood on the wall, Sylvia and I began to exchange gasps and coquettish noises.

“Uugh, Oooh!”

“Haaan, aahhnn! Auuuh, more, mooore!”

My pumping was so hard that our fluids were scattering about, and with each thrust, her vagina became slimier and slimier, which also increased the speed of my pistons.

As if it was a chain reaction, Sylvia and I also started to feel more and more pleasure, and as evidence, Sylvia’s insides started heating up. I could sense it in my meat rod, to the point that I felt like I was going to melt.

“Guuh, ahh…….”

I groaned from the intense pleasure, but I didn’t stop pulling it out and in.

“Ahhn, no more! I’m going to come! I’m going to come! Aaaahuuuu!!!”

Sylvia was the first to raise her voice.

Then, the S-class mage beauty climaxes with a cute moan, just like a little girl.

Her tall, naked body quivered and arched on its back. And then, as if she has weakened, Sylvia pressed her upper body against the wall.

Haaa, haaaa……she let out gasps of exhaustion, indicating she already reached the afterglow of ecstasy.

Her secret hole even twitched and contracted, tightening around my object inside.

However, that last squeeze of hers only increased my desire to ejaculate.

“Kuh……! This is bad. I’m going to cum at this rate ──.”

I bit my lip, groaning as I pulled my penis out of the slippery vagina.

If I had continued my pistons a little longer, I would have ejaculated in the spot.

“Aahh……Lian, you haven’t come yet…….”


Sylvia stares at me over her back with a dazed expression.

“I almost blew it inside you, though.”

“Mou~. And here I wanted you to burst that hotness inside of me…….”

Looking at her mumbling in disappointment, I began reconsidering whether I should have just cummed inside.

However, I still have to deal with Mina.

I’ll have to make both of them cum first, and by then, I’ll be free to make myself feel good.

“I still need to have sex with Mina and make her cum as per order. Don’t worry. I’ll pour a lot all over your insides later. Just be patient, okay?”

“Really? You promise, Lian?”

“Of course. I promise.”

I kissed the expecting Silvia lightly on the lips and then turned my attention to Mina’s ass.

I grabbed the cute but plump ass with both hands, pulled the person close, and then pressed my taut tip against her crevasse.

Because it was already wet, with just a light pressure, I was able to push her moist linings apart as if it was being sucked all the way in.

“Aaaaahhh, it’s reaching so deep…….”

Mina turned her back to me, looking pleasantly surprised.

Meanwhile, her narrow vagina contracted and tightened around the meat stick, which was already buried up to the base.

Over the friction from the tangling of her wet insides and my dick, came an intense feeling of sweet pleasure.

I pulled in and out lightly, and the folds of flesh squeezed perfectly against the outer skin of my penis. If yo u are a ble to rea d this mes sage, yo u are rea ding from an una uthorized a ggrega te site. Re ad at my Word Press to suppo rt me and my tran slations.

After so many times of skin-to-skin contact, Mina’s vagina had become a perfect fit for my cock.

“Kuhhh, what a great feeling……!”

I hadn’t started my pistons yet, but I could already feel the pleasure building up.

If I pumped as hard as I could, I would ejaculate in less than a minute.

“You look more aroused than when you’re doing it with me. It makes me a bit jealous.”

Sylvia hugged me from behind as she said this.

It seems that she has recovered and was observing us for a while.

Still, because she’s embracing me from behind, I could feel the softness of her ample breasts rubbing against my back.

Consequently, my meat rod stuck inside Mina swelled, dilating the tight flesh cavity up to the hilt.

“Kyaaaaaaa, aaahhhnn……no, it’s becoming bigger……aaahah, auun!”

Mina squealed cutely in return.

“Ahh, that face of yours looks so good, Mina……. I can’t wait for Lian to make you cum and put it inside me again.”

Sylvia spoke, then she approached my ear. And in a tone that was just as cute as Mina’s,

“Next time, you fuck me until you cum inside me, okay?”

To be honest, I still couldn’t get over that she has such a girlish attitude when she usually talks like a man.

It was unexpected, but the gap between the two was irresistibly cute.

I turned around and took Sylvia’s lips.

“Nnmm……Liannn……chuu, uuhnn.”

We kissed, exchanged salivas, and twirled our tongues as I resumed my extractions on Mina at the same time.

PanPanPanPanPan. It was a series of pistons that represented my burning lust.

“Auuunn, aaahhh! It feels so good! Sir Lian, please come inside me in this way! Please pour it in me lots!”

Mina has thrown away her usual meekness and was already screaming out.

Seeing her aroused and excited more than usual, the desire of wanting to ejaculate welled up in me even more, so I buried my penis into her narrow secret hole once again.

“I’m gonna cum, Mina! Catch it all in!”

With that declaration, I released a generous amount of my thick cum into Mina’s pussy.

“……to have to stop short for me while you go straight to cumming inside for Mina, it’s kind of frustrating.”

Sylvia murmured sulkily from the side.


But that attitude of hers was also cute, and it made me like her even more.

“Haha, sorry about that, Sylvia. It’s because I had two sex in a row that it became too pleasant for me……this time, I’ll be cumming plenty inside you, so please forgive me with that.”

“That’s a promise, okay? And no takebacks.”

As she says this, Sylvia pokes her lips out as if begging for a kiss.

I kissed her passionately on the lips, just as she wished.

As I was doing that, I put her hands against the wall again and made her stick her buttocks out.

Then I plunged deep right in.

I also didn’t forget to squeeze her ample breasts from behind.

“Haaa, aahhnnn! Good, so good! More, do it more! Ravage my insides hard, Liaan!”

Having already orgasmed once, Sylvia’s body has become more prone to cumming, and after only a dozen or so strokes, her glamorous female body already showed signs of shaking.

“Fuaah, So good, you’re the best, Liaan! Haau, fuaahh, aahh, aaaah, mmmmh!”

“That’s it, Sylvia! Come as many times as you like! There, there!”

I gained momentum and started to use my hips harder.

Sylvia could no longer say any words, only occasional mumbling of ‘cum…ming’, her entire body convulsing with ragged breaths. This cha pter tra nslati on is mad e possib le by stab bing with a syri nge trans lat ions. che ck up-to- date trans latio ns on my Word pre ss sit e.

Perhaps she was orgasming even as she stands up.

The minute spasms of her vagina became tighter, and even though I had just cum, I was already starting to feel the urge to ejaculate.

Thankfully, I’m not the type to wilt after two or three ejaculations.

For now, I’ll just pour one thick shot into Sylvia.

Deciding I’ll do just that, I grabbed Sylvia’s ample buttocks again, fixed it in place, and started my last spurt with a big grind of my hips.

I gave her a series of hard thrusts with such force that my tip was always buried deep into her womb each time.

“Haaa, haaa, I didn’t receive it the last time……haa, fuaah, hhnnn, but this time, this time, I can finally have it inside!”

She begged, breathing hard. It seems that Sylvia was still frustrated that Mina had already my cum inside of her.

“Yeah, I’m gonna let it out inside of you alright, and I’m gonna let out lots! So take it, take it all in the deepest part of your womb!”

I shouted fiercely and used my hips even harder and more roughly.

Our sex, which seemed to be almost devouring each other’s genitals, soon reached its climax.

The moment I penetrated her deeply, my ejaculation peaked, and I spurted a tremendous amount of semen into her vagina.

“Hauuuuu, nnn! Here it is, it’s coming! It’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot, it’s hot!”

Sylvia screamed out in orgasm, delighted by the large amount of cum she had taken in.

After all, I poured as much as I could into her hot reverberating fleshy parts.

“T-that was incredible, both of you.”

I gave each of the girls a creampie, but of course, I’m not the type to wilt at just this.

The manhood I pulled out of Sylvia was still swinging majestically, showing a healthy erection angle.

“Amazing, Sir Lian. Even with all that…….”

“Hey, Lian. You’re not stopping with just this, aren’t you?”

The girls looked back at me over their backs, letting out hot coquettish breaths.

Mina and Sylvia looked at me seductively, as if wanting more.

I grinned and charged once again at the two.


── After that, I gave them both a lot of loving.

Not only standing doggy style, but also in various positions on the bed, such as missionary, cowgirl, face-to-face lotus, and all sorts of other positions.

In the end, I was even able to make them cum all over their faces, breasts, and asses, not to mention their pussies.

“Haa, haa……that was……amazing…….”

When it was all over, Sylvia was looking at me with a debauched expression on her face.

Mina, for her part, was lying limp in bed, probably exhausted from cumming repeatedly.

“I’ve never been made to cum like this before……fufufu.”

“Sounds like you’re satisfied with the outcome.”

“Good grief. And here I was planning to allure you with my feminine charms……but I was the one who got allured instead.”

Sylvia said this in her usual masculine tone.

However, what was in her face was a cute child who has successfully played a mischievous prank.

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