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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 12 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – 3P with Mina and Sylvia, Part 2 ※

I can feel the warmth of Mina and Sylvia on my fingertips.

They quivered and rippled and tightened around me as if to convey the rise of pleasure in their bodies.

Despite that, I continued to pull my fingers in and out, shaking off the folds of their flesh.

“Aaah, hauuunnn! Yes, it feels so good, Sir Lian!”

“Lian, moore! Ahh, yes, continue on that spot!”


The girls let out intermittent moans of pleasure as my fingers went in and out of them, stirring their insides wet with love juices.

It was so much that I could already see their honey dripping from their cracks and staining the bedsheets below.

But it was also the same for me.

I was fully aroused by the double handjobs the more they rubbed their fingers and palms over me.

The more they stroke the surface of my manhood, the more intense the pleasure became. All these sensations were seeped by my entire penis and continued to build up, making my whole lower body boil.

My cock, wrapped in their hands, pulsed violently. The tip was already gleaming with all the Cowper fluids that I have released.

I felt like I was about to explode at any time.



The moment I stirred their insides with my left and right fingertips, Mina and Sylvia screamed out their climaxes after one big stroke.

“Ooooohh, c-ccummiiiinng!”

In time, I also released a huge amount of semen with my climax reaching its peak.

The white shower came out with a powerful spurt and splashed down on both the two’s naked bodies.


Looking down at my beautiful partners, which were now covered in a thick layer of semen, I took a deep breath at the scenery.

But their breaths combined with their nakedness flared up my lust even more.

“Haaa, haaa, haaaa…… Sir Lian felt good……thank goodness.”

Mina was the first one to speak up.

She looked at me with a satisfied expression on her face.

“Me too……Lian……you’re amazing…….”

Sylvia as well, as I could tell it from her eyes……or eye, rather, as the other one was covered in an eyepatch. However, the said eye was moist and was looking at me with a feverish gaze. If y ou ar e abl e to rea d this mess ag e, you are rea di ng from an unau thori zed aggre gat e s ite. R ead at my Wor dPre ss to sup port me and my trans lati ons.

“What are you talking about? The real thing is just is about to start.”


Fufufu. Sir Liaan~.”

“I’m going to make you both feel even better from this point onwards.”

I said those words then started to get off the bed.


Soon as I stood up, I also made the two follow.

I made the two face a nearby wall.

Then, I told them to put their hands on the said wall and stick their asses out.

The two buttocks protrude to me side by side.

Both were rose-colored and moist, and a string of clear nectar was already dripping from between the open crevasses.

The smell of their love juices drifted all around as if they were telling me to insert it to them as soon as possible.

I looked at their nude rears with a sense of ease.

My cock was so erect that it almost touched my belly button, but I still refrained from inserting it too quickly…….

……even though my mind is already impatient on the inside.

After all, both of them have such sexy asses……!

Barely hanging on, I managed to suppress my desire but stared more at the swaying hips in front of me.

Now that I’ve seen them, Mina’s ass is a bit smaller compared to Sylvia.

Still, she had that lovely white ass that looks like plump peaches.


On the other hand, Sylvia’s hips were plump and fleshy, and the rich flesh of her buttocks and deep crevasse exuded a sexy scent that lured men in.

Two peach butts with different personalities, but both are as seductive.

Aaah, I can’t stand just by looking at them!

Before I knew it, I was already rubbing my throbbing cock against their asses.

I also traced up and down along the valley and rubbed against the folds of flesh dripping underneath.

Each time the glans touched a crack, a faint, lewd sound echoes through the room.

These sounds became louder as the friction and pressure increased, and the rich scent of love juices intensified the more wetter they are.

“Haaaa, aaahhh……Sir Liaann……”

“Stop teasing me, Lian……I, I can’t……anymore…….”

Mina and Sylvia shook their entire lower bodies as if they’re begging me.

Their spilled love juices exuded an even stronger odor, filling the entire room with their scent more.

They looked back at me over their backs, their eyes shaking with frustration as they stared at me pleadingly.

I was still planning on enjoying them, but unfortunately, I was at the limit of my reason.

I grabbed a handful of Sylvia’s plump buttocks and spread them apart.

Her light crimson pussyhole opened in a rhombus shape, twitching and twitching as if it was waiting for me to enter. This chapt e r tra nslation is m ade possi ble by stabbi ng with a syri nge transl ations. chec k up-to-d ate tra nslati ons on my Word pr ess si te.

I screwed my cock into the center of it.

With a nasty sound, the iron-hard erect mass of flesh pierced deep into the womb of the beautiful mage.

“Uu, but I was the one here first before Sylvia…….”

 Mina sulked as if it was unfair.

“W-well, it’s because I’ve already done it with Mina several times, so I thought of tasting Sylvia first here.”

I hurriedly appeased my other woman.

It was a threesome that we had both agreed to, but somehow I felt I was being pursued for cheating.

I wondered if it was because Mina’s expression was so full of jealousy.

“……of course, I’d be jealous if another woman beat me to it right in front of me.”

But Mina just sulked even more.

I thought it was cute, so I gave her a passionate kiss.


At the same time, I inserted my fingertips into her private parts.

“Then, for now, I’ll let you enjoy my fingers while I’m having sex with Sylvia.”

I said as I once again put my fingers in.

Mina’s pussy was already moist from the manhandling I just did that even lightly stirring it with my fingertips was already enough for it to make a loud squelch.

“B-but but, aaah, I’m feeling it again……mmmhh!”

While quelling Mina’s jealousy with the pleasures of kissing and groping, I returned my gaze to Sylvia.

“Lian, you have to……take care of me, too………aaahh, yes, yesh, love me, love me more……auuhhn!”

Sylvia, who has now taken a completely feminine tone, huffed and puffed and begged me in delight.


As I savored the sensation of her vaginal vault, I also increased my penetration.

“I’m gonna make you cum soon.”

Pulling over to increase momentum, I pumped and accelerated my hip movements on Sylvia’s hole.

Her precious hole, which was said to be experienced, swelled and twisted around my thing as if welcoming each of my powerful pistons.

“Ughh……Sylvia’s pussy is feeling better and better.”

I spoke in praise as I could not get enough of the tightness that was squeezing me.

In every thrust, the tip of my member gets sucked on the opening of her cervix, and each time, a new feeling of pleasure surges up on me.

“Nhaaaa! It’s so deep! I’ve never felt anything like this before!”

The female mage cried out in pleasure.

In return, I gouged into her in a frenzy.

While I was doing this, I continued to finger Mina, who’s just right beside me.

I chuckled inwardly at my fantastic dexterity.

My penis on Sylvia, while my fingers on Mina.

Each of them wailed in delight as I assaulted each of them with even more potent attacks.

But this is just the preemptive.

For what is coming will be stronger than before.

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