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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 12 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – 3P with Mina and Sylvia, Part 1 ※

“Ugh……that feels so good……!”

I let out a squeal as a sweet current surged through the center of my meat rod.

“Fufufu. How’s that? How’s my hand job going?”

Sylvia chuckled as she stared at my face.

It was a skillful technique that he was confident in.

The fingers coming from my either side moved as if they were dancing. The pressure and friction they possessed were exquisitely firm but warm, and they precisely stimulated the points that felt good on my meat stick.

She was fondling me like she already knew all about male sensitivity.

“Aah……looking at your face filled with pleasure, I couldn’t help but feel it too……nchuu.”

I let out a hot breath, and Sylvia kissed me again.

While running her fingers through my penis, this beautiful mage continued raining me with hot kisses.

“U-uhm, Miss Sylvia? I was supposed to be the one who’s making love to Sir Lian here!”

Mina, who has been left stunned for a while now, finally regained her senses and raised her voice in protest.

“Oh, you’re jealous?”

But Sylvia just laughed at it.

“Of course!”

Mina puffed out her cheeks in return.

“Sorry, but when it comes to Lian, these things are non-negotiable. After all, it’s not every day you find a man with such good looks and such strength.”

“I’m not going to give him up either.”

Mina still didn’t back down.


“Sir Lian is my destined person after all.”

“I see that we have feelings for the same person. So naturally, all the more we have to compete, right?”

“……Fine. I’ll take your challenge.”

As if to respond to Sylvia’s provocation, Mina threw away her quiet nature and revealed to them her spirit of rivalry.

Sparks flew between the beautiful girl and the beautiful woman as they looked at each other dauntingly.

“T-then, Sir Lian, I will begin comforting you with my hands now.”

Mina started by stroking her slender fingertips towards the tip of my meat stick.

While glancing sideways at her opponent Sylvia, she gently wraps her hands around my object.

“How do you like it, Sir Lian?”

“It was soothing, but I could also feel your competitiveness within.”

Mina looked at Sylvia again, but the latter just laughed as she heard the comment of the man.

“Well, it was probably because you’ve been in a relationship with him long before me that he’s already used to it. However, I won’t lose just because you stayed longer with him.”

Soon as she said it, Sylvia began to rub lightly near the base.

“Kuh……ohhh……!” If y ou ar e ab le to re ad this m essa ge, you are r eadi ng from an una utho rized aggr egat e sit e. Re ad at my Wor dPre ss to s upp ort me and my transl ati ons.

I felt a numbing electric current run from the tip to the base as it got squeezed with the perfect amount of force.

Mina and Sylvia’s gazes sparked as they continued to feel the other party, trying their best to stroke every part of my penis with their fingers and palms.

A Double hand job with an air of rivalry.

The two pairs of fingertips repeatedly positioned themselves exquisitely. Without interfering with each other, each of them slowly built up pleasure throughout my lone genitalia.

The pleasure increased in intensity. The shuddering of my manhood as well. Soon, a steady stream of turgid pre-cum leaked out of my bellend’s open mouth.

“Uaaahhh, ooh, I’m……!”

I groaned at the sensation as I watched them do it.

But I can’t just be on the receiving side all the time.

And so, I reached my hands in between Mina’s and Sylvia’s legs on either side.


Hii, aaahhh……nnn.”

It was then followed by wet gushing sounds from each of their secret places.

Mina was already slippery there, and it was the same for Sylvia.

Then I inserted my fingertips, I immediately traced them along their flaming hot flesh grooves.

With a drizzle, the nectar that had accumulated inside them was gouged out.

Two people’s love juices spilled all over the place, and a sweet scent wafted around the room.



Mina and Sylvia both uttered feverish sighs at the same time.

Both have lightly wrinkled brows, flushed cheeks, and expressions of pleasure on their faces.

“Now it’s my turn to make you both feel good.”

While staring at the erotically upturned faces of the beautiful girl and the beautiful woman, I began my double finger-banging in earnest.

I started by stirring them with my fingertips, slowly rubbing the hot vaginal walls inside.

Their mucous membranes gently rippled and undulated, tightly clamping the foreign object in.

Soon, a gush of love juices ran along my fingers, and seeing this, I pulled in and out even harder.

“Hyaaaaa, ahhh, Sir Lian’s fingers……it feels so good……!”

“Nn, what is this……even though you have such a cute face……hauun. A-aren’t you too used to this? Ahuuuu, aahh. There, that spot!”

Mina and Sylvia each wiggled their naked bodies in response.

Enjoying their reactions, I changed my aim to their clitoris this time.

I pinched the already bloodshot and swollen buds from the top of their foreskins.

Gave them a gentle squeeze.

Then kneaded them further, almost crushing them with my fingertips.

Both Mina and Sylvia shuddered at the intensifying pleasure, but they continued to give me hand jobs, doing their best to serve my member. This chap te r trans lat ion is ma de poss ib le by sta bb ing with a syr in ge transla tio ns. chec k up-t o-dat e trans lati ons on my Wor dpr ess sit e.

And being the receiver of such wonderful loving, I also put more effort into my fingers.

I caressed and stimulated every part of their vaginas and flesh buds that I could touch.

Then I put more pressure on their clitoris.

“Kyaaahn!? No, no, please. I’m too weak there!”

All of a sudden, Sylvia let out a high-pitched scream.


“The way you talk is different from usual.”

Usually, she sounded so high and mighty like a man, but she spoke in a very girlish tone just now.

“……! It’s just your imagination! I’m──hauuunn, no, please, no more. I, that place is……!’

Sylvia let out a girlish scream again.

“Could it be that your …… girlish way of speaking is your real tone?”

“Like the hell it is! My manly tone is my true self……Ahhmnnn!?”

At my question, Sylvia shook her head as if in a panic.

“N-no! H-how could I have a girlish attitude! It doesn’t suit me in the first place……aahh, aahhh! Ahhnn, ahuu, aaaahh!”

“Really, why don’t you just be honest in front of Sir Lian?”

It was then Mina’s turn to speak.

“After all, you’re also in love with him, right? You super-duper love Sir Lian.”


Seeing her ‘opponent’ smiling at her, Sylvia slumped.

“Miss Sylvia?”

“Y-Yes! I’m super duper in love with Lian! I’m sorry for being such a sweet girl even though I’m already an aged woman, moreover a manly woman at that…….”

“Nope. I think Miss Sylvia is also good at that. Even I find it cute too.”

I also followed suit with a refreshing smile here and there.

But this is no pep talk. It’s what I really feel.

The way she acted earlier was really cute, coupled with the gap between her usual manly attitude and her attractive side.

“E-eh, really……? I, I’m c-ccute!? No, I’m beautiful and glamorous! I’m in no way cute!”

“You don’t have to rephrase anything to make you sound like an adult. Just speak in a tone that makes it easier for me to talk to you.”


I smiled and give Sylvia a light kiss.

The lips that touched the other trembled lightly.

Was it from confusion, or was it embarrassment?

Still, I showered Sylvia with kisses, even pecking her lips several times.

“Ahh……how embarrassing.”

Her face, which was already blushing, flushed even more.

“B-but……I see. Then I’ll speak in a way that makes it easier for me……that……Please, Lian……I want more……I want you to touch me more…….”

Sylvia’s embarrassed shyness is now completely in the manner and tone of a young girl.

“So this is what Sylvia is like from her usual……what a great gap……and so cute too……uuu.”

Mina couldn’t help but murmur with a somewhat regretful look on her face.

“But in terms of cuteness, I’ll never lose! Also……fufufu, no matter how hard you try, I’ll still be the one who’ll be by Sir Lian’s side until the end.”

Mina’s eyes became strangely hollow……

Something just scares me on the inside whenever I look at her like that.

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