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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 12 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – One Night with Mina, Part 2 ※

After my climax, Mina rinsed her mouth and came right back.

“Ehehe, I thought it would be hard to kiss, with all that stuff. So……kyaanmm~!”

I hugged her without saying a word, loving Mina’s show of compassion.

Then I took her lips forcefully.

“Nn……uu, Shhir Lian, don’t suddenly kiss me like that……it’ll make my heart throb more……nn, mmm.”

In between the kisses, Mina murmured as she also inserted her tongue.

We quickly moved into a deep kiss, lapping, crawling, and curling our now flaming hot tongues around each other, swirling it round and round inside the other’s mouths.

We also licked the smooth dentitions, our warm palates, and even the backs of our partner’s cheeks.


Almost everything in our partner’s mouth was licked and debauched, leaving no spot behind.

“Haa, auu……mmm…….”

Mina’s nose twitched, and she gasped as I kissed her passionately and deeply.


“Fuahh, n-not enough……haamuu……it’s not enough……right? Sir Liaan……ahuu…….”

Mina told me this in between kisses and looked at me with bewitching glowing eyes.

I guess she knew that I couldn’t stop with just one or two ejaculations. After all, we’ve been on “skin-to-skin contact” so many times before.

“Fuuh……please feel……good inside me this time, okay?”

While continuing to kiss me on the mouth, Mina dexterously removed her bra and panties.

Her white naked body was then revealed, giving off a faintly sweaty and a sweet and sour scent.

Her bewitching pheromones made my excitement boil even further.

Mina then lovingly ran her fingertips over my penis.

She rubbed the roundness of my tip with her fingers, which was still hard even having just climaxed.

The stimulation is not too strong, not too weak, but just right, and my rod throbbed as if it was in joy.

“Does it feel good, Sir Lian? Fufufu……In that case, I’ll do it more.”

Mina moved her fingertips up and down further.

At the same time as the pressure of her stimulation increased, a sweet feeling of pleasure passed through the core of my meat stick like an electric current. This cha p ter tran slat ion is made pos si ble by sta bb ing with a s yri nge tra nslatio ns. chec k up-t o-da te tra nslati ons on my Word pres s si te.

“Eh, someone else was already here before me?”

Suddenly, another voice was heard.


I broke the kiss and turned around, startled at the source of the noise.

“You are……”

Mina, for her part, stopped caressing my meat stick and turned her head at the intruder on the door.

A tall silhouette was standing there.

Short, blonde hair with sharp ends.

A face giving off a daunting vibe, while also having a distinctive eye patch on her left eye.

“Sylvia, why are you here……?”

I stared at her in surprise.

“Why you say……can’t you tell it already?”


But Sylvia just laughed at my reaction and started taking off her military-like outfit.

I stared in amazement at the striptease-like actions in front of me.

In the meantime, Sylvia took off her jacket, boots, and undershirt, and in no time at all, she was in her underwear.

“I heard you were staying here, so I planned to have a night visit.”

Sylvia’s smile deepened as she wiggled her slender limbs in front as if she’s showing them off.

N-night visit, you say…….

“But it looks like I’ve miscalculated my timing……to think there was already someone faster than me into night crawling at this time, moreover, losing to the daintiest one at that.”

“Miss Sylvia, don’t tell me, you also……?”

Mina gulped.

“I meant what I said. I’m also the same as you.”

Laughing mischievously, Sylvia unclasped her bra and took off her panties as well.

“I came to crawl in the night so Lian could embrace me.”

The moonlight streaming through the window illuminated Sylvia’s beautiful silhouette in a pale blue light. If yo u ar e abl e to re ad this me ssa ge, you are rea di ng from an una utho rized agg rega te sit e. Re ad at my Wo rdP ress to su ppo rt me and my tr anslat ions.

It was my turn to gulp hard.

I couldn’t tell from her clothes, but now that she took them off like this, Sylvia had incredibly huge tits.

Her hips were also firm, and she looked incredibly seductive on her gait.

She had a feminine, glamorous body that belied her usual masculine tone.

“How is it? Do you like it? Pretty amazing once I take it off, right? I have a lot of experience on my side, so I’m confident enough that I can satisfy you.”

Sylvia’s masculine tone and smile, mixed with the scent of an experienced woman’s sex appeal, these two combined and created a unique atmosphere of mystery and arousal all over my body.

“If she’s asking him out like this…….”

Mina’s expression tightened as she stared at Sylvia.

“……it means Miss Sylvia loves Sir Lian as well.”

“To be honest, I was already interested in you for a long time. But after seeing your performance on that last battle, it was the time that I realized that I have fallen in love with you completely.”

Sylvia gave me a look of a woman in heat.

“Also… you would have been in danger without my support in that last fight, am I right? In that case, just think of this as your payment. Of course, you’ll be paying your body.”

As soon as Sylvia said it, she approached me casually.

Then, she wrapped her arms around me.

Before I could even respond, a supple fingertip began to play with my object underneath.

“Nnn, kuhh……agh……ugh…….”


A bewitching yet unfamiliar pleasure came forth to my penis.

Gently stroking on the tip, Sylvia began rubbing the bellend’s mouth with her fingers.

The other hand gripped the rod softly, sending sweet pressures to my skin.

She also didn’t forget to rub and caress my testicles, stimulating and caressing every part of the genitals with her hands.

These combined movements were performed without pause, and another burning sensation of the flesh quickly rushed up to my newly ejaculated penis.

“Hot……Lian’s dick is getting really hot. Fufufu, you’re feeling it, right? That pleasant feeling.”

Smiling, Sylvia’s face came closer, then in a quick and brisk manner, she took my own lips.

Unlike the gentle and caring Mina, Sylvia’s tongue pushed me with a strong force.

The hand jobs, the kisses, every act of hers was intense.

An aggressive play, yet it was far from being wild like Glenda’s.

As a result, my entire lower abdomen boiled with excitement once again.

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