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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 12 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – One Night with Mina, Part 1 ※

──Please embrace me, Sir Lian.

At Mina’s sudden offer, I stared at her in amazement.

Petite yet glamorous underwear which emanated a cute yet bewitching sex appeal.

Lushly raised chest, which swayed gently in time with her breathing.

As my eyes were sewn to her seductive being, I became aware of the hot blood flowing into my lower half.

My meat rod became iron-hard, pushing up against the crotch of my pants from the inside.

“I’m sorry. I know it was abrupt, but…….”

Mina’s cheeks flushed with shame.

However, the moonlight beaming in through the window made her look prettier than usual.

“There’s nothing to apologize for. In fact, I’m also glad that you came.”

I said in a faint voice.

Maybe it was the left-over excitement of the battle, as she had said, but I felt more lustful than usual.

Of course, it’s not just lust.

She is adorable, and I think she is precious to me.

I want to hold her. I want to embrace her as it is.

That was my honest feeling.


I slowly reach out my hand and gently stroke Mina’s cheek.

She closed her eyes with an enraptured look as she leaned her face on my palm.

Ahhh, so cute.

Too cute, in fact.

I want to mingle with Mina.

I want to lay my skin on top of hers.

I want to have sex with her.

I can feel the hot blood flowing more onto my lower body, making my member harder, thicker, and more swollen than before.

“Sir Lian.”

Mina smiled and gently stroked my lower part.

“I can feel yours……it’s heating up……getting so hard.”

My penis hardened more and more as the soft fingers moved through my pants.

“I’m happy you got excited about seeing me. I truly am.”

Before I realized, Mina’s sweet breaths were already right next to me.

While it’s nice that I had an exciting night with experienced beauties like Glenda and the Miller sisters, a sweet loving relationship with Mina, who is nothing short of cute, dainty, and adorable girl is always a welcome.

So, for now.

I decided to let my growing feelings take over and make my move.


Our lips naturally met.

It was a hot, intense kiss that confirmed the feelings of each of our partners.

I hugged Mina tightly, and she hugged me back just as tight.

And as we hugged, our lips locked and our tongues began to intertwine.

I just kissed her like this, and yet it already gave me a full erection that pushed me over the edge. This c hap ter tra nsl ation is ma de poss ible by stabb ing with a s yri nge trans lat ions. chec k u p-to- date tr ansla tions on my Word pres s si te.

As if noticing this, Mina reached between my legs.

“Please. Allow me to soothe it, Sir Lian. I’ll do my best to serve you.”

She said as she pulled down my pants.

She also took off my underwear, exposing my bare lower half, and then laid my back on the bed.

Mina, too climbed up on the same bed, still taking hold of what’s in my lower body.

Then, with her hot breath, she buried her face between my legs.


Her hot tongue stroked and entwined the sensitive tip.

“Oooh……that’s good…….”

I shivered all over as the sweet pleasure slowly ran up my body from my penis to the core of my hips and spine.


Mina continued to suck my cock heartily.

Come to think of it, this was the first time that Mina had given me a blowjob without me saying anything.

Her first voluntary fellatio.

Her oral caresses, which were awkward at first, have now become more skilled compared to before.


As she had more and more sex with me, she gradually acquired more and more skills.

This showcased how familiar she is with my member now.

“Sir Lian……how is it? Does it feel good?……nnn, hamuuh……”

Mina looked up at me and asked, not stopping to lick, tickle, and suck at the right points.

Her moist eyes, her rosy cheeks, her nose gasping for breath, her wet lips…

It was as if her usual innocence and loveliness were a lie. Instead, Mina tonight has a bewitching sexiness around her.

“Yeah, it’s so good……Kuah, aaah……”

I was in the middle of nodding to Mina when I spontaneously let out a squeal of pleasure.

Before I knew it, she had already dabbed her saliva as a lubricant and used that to accelerate the pulling in and out of her mouth.

Each of these actions is not particularly new for me.

But with the devoted and caring use of her tongue, and above all, the loving affection for Mina, all of this sweetness were directly converted to an intense lust, and it made my object tremble hotly.

But even as I groaned in pleasure, I stroked Mina’s head gently, as if praising a good girl for her work.

“Mina……I want to make Mina feel good, too……ugh, kuh…….”

Mina’s eyes turned up to me, and our eyes met.

In that eye contact, as if we have affirmed each other’s thoughts, we nodded at each other and changed our positions.

It was a sixty-nine.

Soon as Mina’s crotch was placed before my eyes, I immediately ran my tongue over her hot, burning crevasse.

It’s already moist and damp, not only because it’s oozing sweat but also because of its leaking love juices.

It made a squelching sound from its wetness as I stroked along the crack with the tip of my tongue.

Not being content with that, I planted my whole mouth on it and sucked it hard.

“Haaaa, uhnn! Nnn, t-there, so good……aahuuu!” If y ou a re ab le to re ad this message, y ou are re ading from an unaut horized agg re gate site. Re ad at my Wo rdPre ss to supp or t me and my transl ations.

Mina’s petite naked body shivered upon the act.

On the next, we devoured each other’s genitals like crazy.

Love nectars continued to overflow, yet we sucked and slurped each other like a tasty delicacy.

Shluurp, shhlurrp…… I sucked on her fiery labias hard, and Mina’s body twitched pleasantly.

“Haa, aahh, yes, that’s good……Sir Lian, that feels so good…….”

“is that so? Then I’ll lick you some more.”

“Yes, I’ll do my best to……do more for you, too……chu…… mmm, hmm.”

As she said this, Mina’s narrow oral cavity tightened itself around my meat stick.

The sweet, hot pleasure of being squeezed inside, similar to a pussy made my whole body shake again.

“Chuuu, chupaa, hnnn……mlem, mchuu……Sir Liaaann……it feels, sho good……chuuu, make me feel good more……chup……give me some…… mmm.”

Mina’s tongue then switched its strokes. From the tip of my cock, it traveled to my inner thighs, before stopping itself on my testicles underneath.

It was as if she’s making sure that her oral caresses have stimulated every part of my genitals.

Mina’s blowjob was passionate and full of devotion, as if she is transferring her true feelings on me through each and every of her lick.

“Uaah……that’s it, that’s the spot, Mina……I, too……even more as well.”

I want to make her feel better, too.

I want to reciprocate her feelings.

Putting all of my passion into it, I parted the slimy walls with my tongue and pushed my face further in.

Her insides were already tingling – a sign that her pleasure is taking new heights.


“Fuaaaaahh, no, wait, aaahhhhh!”

Mina let out a high-pitched scream as if she was submitting.

Her vaginal walls also let out slight convulsions on the act.


“Haa, haaa……m-me too……nnchuuu, Sir Lian……I’ll make you……feel good too! Nnchuuupp!”

As she climaxed, Mina immediately swallowed my cock again and sucked it even harder.

She swallowed me up to the root of my cock and sucked on it like a vacuum, and from there, a lightning bolt of pleasure ran through me from my meat rod up to my tailbone.

“Uooooh, I also can’t hold on much longer……!”

Like Mina, I also reached my climax.

I released my hot, fresh cum, and ended up pouring it all into her warm, soft mouth.

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