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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 12 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Reunion and Burning Love


Side: Felix Harrion

Felix, the top S-Class adventurer, was currently confronting a boy who had introduced himself as Mad Eater(Blue Brat).

In appearance, he looks like a fat boy with a cheerful smile.

A fat, smiling boy who could be anywhere.

But on the inside, he was a fearsome Magic Armament.


In fact, all the adventurers around him couldn’t help but be nervous.

All, except for one.

In the midst of all this, it was only Felix that remained calm.

He held his sword at the ready, concentrating his mind and maintaining a stance that allowed him to fire his magic sword technique at any time.

“Hmm? You look a little different from these ‘normal’ people.”

The Mad Eater stared at Felix.

“Your smell……it’s just like us. But you don’t seem to be a Magic Armament either……hmmm, I wonder what it is.”

“I’m just an adventurer.”

Felix raised an eyebrow slightly.

“My name is Felix Harrion. Nothing more, nothing less.”

But despite his indifferent poise, his voice trembled slightly as he said it.

The boy’s words had upset him.

It’s been a long time since he felt himself in such a state of emotional turmoil.

Whether it was in the middle of a battle or embracing a woman, Felix always acted calmly, coolly, or in a matter-of-fact manner.

But now, that calm feeling of his is wavering.

(I didn’t know I still had these feelings inside me.)

It was a surprise even to Felix himself.

(I should always be calm.)

It was unexpected and unpleasant.

“You seem like an interesting person.”

The Mad Eater smirked.

“If you like, I could invite you to Sir Redone’s side myself. How about it, willing to change sides?” If yo u are ab le to rea d this me ssag e, you are r eadin g from an una uthor ized aggr egate si te. Read at my Wor dPr ess to supp ort me and my transl ati ons.

“I am an adventurer. Therefore, I will not go to the side of those who would harm others.”

Softly announcing this, Felix swung his long sword over his head.

“──well, that’s saddening. Unfortunately, a withdrawal order has been sent to us from Sir Redone. My apologies, but I can no longer play with you.”

The Mad Eater then retreated at a super speed that did not seem possible for an obese body.

“Goodbye, Mr. Felix. But don’t worry. The next time we meet, we’ll be able to play for longer. That I can guarantee you.”

He laughed, and his figure faded away.

Original Spell(Spells of Beginnings)?”

Felix mumbled when he saw it.

Spatial transference.

It was a lost, super ancient magic.

Felix continued to stare at the disappearing figure of the boy, as if in a daze ── until its entire presence faded away.


“Mina! Mary! Ingrid! Are you guys alright?”

When I arrived in Regulus City, I quickly got off the dragon and looked around for the girls.

I left Sylvia and ran around the city by myself.

The city was in a terrible state.

Buildings were burning here and there, either collapsed or all blown up.

It was evidence of a fierce battle here.

“Master, there’s a strong magical force over there!”

It was what Milfa told me, so I rushed down that direction of the street.

Soon, I saw a familiar figure in front of me, so I ran towards it.


“Sir Lian!”

Mina turned back and ran towards me after receiving my call.

I could also see Mary and Ingrid by her side.

Thank goodness. It seems that all three of them are safe.

A sense of relief spreads through my heart.

“Sir Liaaann~.”

With a sweet voice, Mina jumps into my chest.


She was sniffling and crying.

I couldn’t tell if she was anxious or relieved.

I patted her on the head.

“Ehehehe. Ah, I’m sorry. I got a little carried away.’


Mina looked up and smiled, tears still in her eyes.

“You deserved it. You worked hard, after all. But, of course, Ingrid and I did well too.”

Mary told us with a smile.

I looked at Mary, only to see that her armor was tattered all over as if she had been through a fierce battle.

But once I looked closely, I could see that she is now carrying an unusual red sword on her back.

Come to think of it, the staff that Mina is holding is also different from her usual one……more like a scepter?

Well, I guess I can ask them about it later.

For now, let’s just be happy that everyone is safe.

“You’ve done well, Mina, Mary, and Ingrid.”

“Ehehe. I wish I could have shown you all the incredible things we did.”

Mary made a big grin at my praise.

“No need. After all, it was only because Lian broke my seal that I was able to fight.”

While Ingrid just nodded bashfully, averting her eyes at me.

It seems that all of them are okay.


──After that, reports came in one after another from guild branches around the country.

It seems that the almost endless number of sweepers began to pull out one after the other. This cha pter tra nslati on is made po ssi ble by stab bing with a syrin ge transl ati ons. check up -to -d ate trans lat ions on my Wo rdpre ss si te.

Did Redone really withdraw them all, just like that?

Based on the reports of the guilds in the various regions, they fought mainly with S-rank and A-rank adventurers that they think of as strong, so the damage was said to have been kept to a minimum somewhat.

The number of defeated sweepers was in the hundreds – quite an unexpected war record, considering one Sweeper alone is already a hard fight.

But still, all of us know that that’s not something to be relieved about.

After all, it also meant that an army that large and powerful could attack at any time, anywhere, depending on that guy’s whim.

If we’re not careful, we might see another army of sweepers moving in on us tomorrow.

As long as that guy has a chance to show off, the world will be in danger.

How could such a single reincarnated person affect the fate of the world?

It was an outrageous line, as if straight out of fantasy, but it was all real.

Then again, thinking about the immense “trait” that resided in me, I could no longer think of it as just fantasy.

If one were to wield such power with malicious intent, it might even be possible to destroy the world.

That’s the power given to reincarnated people.

I realized once again how great it is.


After that, I returned to the inn and threw myself on the bed.

The sun had long since set, and it was already night.

There was a bright moon shining outside the window.

“It’s only been a day since then…….”


I sighed as I looked at the moonlight entering the gaps of my windowsill.

A lot of things had happened ……from my promotion until the battle we had the other day.

From the S-class certification ceremony to the sex with Glenda.

And then there was the battle with the Sweeper that appeared in the town I was staying in.

After that was the sex with the Miller sisters, and then the sweepers that showed up again.

And to top it off, a chance encounter and fierce battle with the dark elf Redone, whom I was tasked to defeat by the Goddess Elciata……

“Sir Lian, may I?”

Suddenly, a voice from outside the door interrupted my thoughts.

It was Mina’s.

After a knock, the door opened, and after a tiny peek, the small figure entered the room.

“Mina……wait, why are you dressed like that!?”

What she was wearing right now was a bewitching underwear that was almost showed all of her skin.

Beyond her thin fabric were breasts that swelled up in contrast to her petite body, her slender limbs, and almost all of her white skin, all visible and glimmering even in the scarce light of the moon.

Also, the moment she entered the room, she gave off an enticing scent that sent shivers down my spine.

“I, I thought you’re all worked up from all the fighting, so…….”

Mina fidgeted embarrassingly as she speaks.

The scent of soap drifted from her shoulder-length hair as if she had just finished bathing before this.

“If it’s okay with you, I’ll……I’ll do my best to quell it, uhmm, that.”

“Q-quell it, you say…….”

I was stunned by the sudden offer.

As for Mina, she was staring at me with feverish eyes.

My heart couldn’t help but tingle sweetly at the sight of this cute yet bold, beautiful girl.

“I’m all yours for the night. Please embrace me as you wish, Sir Lian──”.

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