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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 12 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Nova Types

Side: Mina Arabelle

Windy Cannon(Violent Windbird Talon Bullet)Calamity(Sovereign)!”

All of a sudden, a massive tornado was conjured in the middle of the battle. Then, it transformed into a six-winged phoenix and headed towards a bewitching beauty – the sweeper who had introduced herself as Teardrop(Crimson Tears).

High Boost(Magic Super-Acceleration)!”

In addition, Mina also cast her amplification spell, making Ingrid’s attack multiply its power.

It was the combination of these two that broke through the magic defense of the combined sweepers earlier.

A tornado bird of dazzling brilliance slammed into Teardrop.

But just before it made contact,

Aegisphere(Shield of Protection).”

A shield of magic power appeared and repelled Ingrid’s wind magic spell.

“That spell……I’ve never seen something like it before.”

Ingrid murmured.

“Wait, could it be…….”

“If magic spells don’t work, then how about physical combat!”

This time, it was Mary who rushed forward.

She accelerated so fast that she was creating afterimages behind.

It was all due to the sword in her hand. By the power of Ralfagh, Mary’s physical capabilities have doubled its strength.

Elcia Amulet(Pure Heart Protection)!”

But as if it wasn’t enough, Mina immediately casts a support spell to further enhance Mary’s athletic ability.

With double amplification, Mary moved at sub-lightspeed, closing into Teardrop in what’s almost an instant.

“Ara ara, you’re an energetic one, are you?”

However, upon making contact, the figure of the smiling, half-naked beauty just flickered and faded like a shimmer.

The red sword that Mary thrust out – Ralfagh – only cleaved an afterimage.

“She’s gone!?”


“Over here~.”

In an instant, Teardrop had moved behind Mina and the others.

“So fast──”

“that’s not it, Rosemary. It’s not a ‘movement’, but a transfer.”

Ingrid corrected the frustrated Mary.

“Transfer……like teleport or something?”

“Yes, a spatial transfer magic. For a moment, I felt a strong surge of magic on her. She probably timed it with your slash earlier.”

“You saw right through me. You’re right, little miss.”

Teardrop smiled gracefully.

“Your attacks will never hit me as I cross space. All will miss…”

With a spare commentary, the Sweeper beauty then went on the attack.

Photon Bomb(Flash Spell Shot).”

Light bullets were shot out from her supple hands.

But just like before, Mina used her defensive spells, Ingrid, her offensive magic, and Mary engaged the opponent in close-quarters combat.

However, Teardrop used her spatial transference once again and avoided their attacks, and launched a counterattack once again.

It was the repeat of before.

Their attacks couldn’t hit her, and hers was barely overcame by a paper-thin difference.

At first glance, it looked like an evenly matched battle, but as time went on, it was becoming clearer who had the advantage. If yo u are a ble to re ad this mes sa ge, you are r ead ing from an unaut ho rized agg rega te si te. Read at my W ordPres s to sup port me and my tra nslati ons.

Mina and the others would take heavy damage if they made even the slightest mistake in their response, thus each of the opponent’s attacks took a tremendous toll on their stamina. Meanwhile, Teardrop was all relaxed and unfazed at all, despite being outnumbered one-to-three.


Mina bit her lip.

The girls’ coordinated attacks were easily fended off no matter how many times they tried.

“That person……she probably using Original Spell(Spells of Beginnings)s.”

“Original …… spell?”

“I’ve read about it in the ancient texts of the Kingdom of Finia. That the magic system of this era is just a kind of copy of the magic that once existed in the very ancient times…….”

Ingrid answered Mina’s question.

“In other words, what she’s using are the magic spells of the Super Ancients, the source of modern magic we had today, hence they are dubbed as Original Spell(Spells of Beginnings). Of course, she’s not as good as me in terms of magic power, but because the type of magic she’s casting is a whole lot different than mine, it will be hard for us to overpower her.”

“Ara, to think you’re also quite knowledgeable despite your stature. I didn’t expect some people still know about the original spells.”

But Teardrop just smiled lustily at Ingrid’s comment.

“As you saw, there seems to be no difference between you and me when it comes to power levels. Still, for a mere human being to have that much supernatural strength──quantity-wise, you are amazing.”

Teardrop then thrust out her right hand.

“However, there is still one big difference between your powers and mine, and that’s──the difference in quality.”

She announced.

“Even if we are evenly matched in terms of magic power, there is no way that my spells, who are using a much more superior magic formula, can lose to makeshift spells like yours.”

Then, a flame-like glow was suddenly conjured in Teardrop’s milky white fingertips.

“Now then, I’ll be attacking seriously from here on. If you can take this, I’ll recognize you as the ones who can stand up to Sir Redone.”

The glow then converged, from a shimmering crimson to taking the shape of what looks like a dragon.


“Now, take it. Wyvern(Flame Magic Dragon)──”

Elciawall(Pure Heart Shell Barrier)!”

Mina immediately activated a defensive spell to counter the attack spell that was about to be launched towards them.

However, in the next moment, the light in Teardrop’s fingertips disappeared.


“Ara, that’s too bad. We’re given orders to return.”

Shrugging her shoulders lightly, the beautiful woman canceled her attack.

“I would have liked to have played with you guys a little longer, but Sir Redone’s orders are absolute. So let’s end this ──for now.”

As soon as she said that, Teardrop’s figure slowly faded away.

“Until we meet again, ladies!”

With a smile, her figure disappears completely.

She had used spatial transfer again.

“So it was that……how she appeared after we defeated the sweepers, and most likely, how the sweepers got inside the town in the first place.”

Watching how Teardrop easily retreated, Ingrid easily deduced how the enemy bypassed the wards that had been put up around the town.


Side: Claudia Wellstein

Claudia was having a hard time attacking the Magic Armament in the form of an old woman, one who calls herself Mystique(Green Phantom).

What’s more problematic was her opponent wasn’t going all out yet.

Still, she couldn’t attack her recklessly.

Claudia was holding her two swords at the ready while watching her opponent’s movements.

“Why aren’t you giving it your all? Are you underestimating us? Or are you just…… playing with us?”

“Yes, but what’s wrong about playing? I’m just having fun. I, and our master, love fighting more than anything.”

Despite her opponent’s wariness, the old woman just laughed as if unperturbed.

While at it, green mist starts spreading behind her, and from them, several swords shot from it in a circus-like manner. This cha pte r trans la tion is made po ssi ble by sta bbi ng with a s yr inge tran slati ons. chec k u p-to-d ate trans lat ions on my Wo rdpre ss si te.

Claudia flicked them back with her swords on her left and right hands.

However, she had felt that her opponent still wasn’t taking it seriously even with her changed mode of attacks.

She could feel it from the other’s presence.

Is she playing with us?

Is she underestimating her?

Or is it some kind of a prelude to a real attack?

(I can’t read her.)

“In fact, it is the same for you, isn’t it? I could smell it from you, little girl. Fighting is what keeps you alive. You have the eyes of that kind of warrior.”

Claudia continued to hold her swords in silence.

She knows she can’t afford to let her guard down, not even for a moment on this ‘old woman’.

“What if I told you that unleashing a horde of sweepers was just to add to the fun of my master’s upcoming party?”

“Party……you say?”

“Yes, a party. This was all for a party that our master had constructed, the most fun party this world will ever have – where he will be able to find strong people who deserve his full attention and go on an all-out fight with them. I’m sure you’re already on that shortlist of his……Miss Claudia.”


“With all the power he possesses, our master can easily destroy a country or two. Well, truthfully speaking, there are many countries that he has already destroyed as a sideshow of his power. But we know that all of them is just to spice things up for him to make him truly enjoy himself later on.”

“Destroying countries……is just spicing things up for him?”

Claudia gritted her teeth.

“Of course it is. Because if it’s not, how will the people of this world go all out on him? Our master desires a good fight, and a good fight you will give him……unless you want to die.”

(I told myself in the past that I shouldn’t let my temper get the better of me, but now…… I couldn’t control my anger.)

“Be glad. For there will be a big fight in the not-too-distant future, a fight that you both will enjoy. Pretty generous of our master, right? That fight will be a real treat for ya, and you don’t even have do anything but wait its arrival. As it will be the greatest battle that will shake this entire world~.”


Mystic’s wrinkled face twisted into a wicked smile.

“I’m certainly the kind of person who finds joy in fighting. But when it comes to killing each other, it’s a whole different story.”

Claudia glares at the old woman.

“If innocent people are gonna be tormented and hurt, I will do everything in my power to stop it. To do that, I’m going to take you down first.”

Claudia kicked the ground.

Edge Seven(Seventh King Sword)Abyss(Hell).”

Seven treasure swords were launched towards the woman, piercing her figure. However, what they cleaved turned out to be an illusion, which then dissolved into the void.

The real Mystic had already moved a few dozen meters ahead.

“Unfortunately, it looks like our little game is off. Sir Redone has ordered us to retreat for now.”

She sneered, and that figure of hers also started to fade and disappear.

Claudia tried to pursue, but because their starting distance was just too great, she had no choice but to give up.

Claudia bit her lip as she looked at the vanishing old woman in the distance.

That old woman and Redone──they should never be allowed to exist.

They are a true evil that had no place in this world.

──that’s what Claudia felt at that time.

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