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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 12 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Mirage Mode

Redone is a reincarnator like me.

And he has the same meta-artifact(God-Tier Magic Armament) as I have.

Perhaps his fighting style is also magic swordplay with the support of a meta-artifact like mine.

In that case, what if I destroy the sword first, which supports all his techniques?

Right now, that’s where I aimed for.

As a result, his black blade flung around him in countless pieces.

Now he’s unarmed.

Magic Sword Techniques are skills that can only be unleashed with a sword as the medium.

In other words, now that he has lost his sword, Redone has no other way to attack.

I’ve won.

“Master Lian, not yet!”

Milfa warned me.

“Hou, I didn’t expect you to shatter my magic sword Gilferase.”

I thrashed his sword, yet there was no impatience, no anxiety, nothing negative on Redone’s face.

“I guess I underestimated you a little.”

Instead, he laughed.

“It’s more than I imagined. So amusing……fighting you is the best thing I had experienced right now.”

He looked happy.

Innocently happy.

“T-this is──!?”

I stared back at Redone again, only to be surprised.

The pieces of his sword that were shattered in the air──they were floating and circling around him.

“Gilfe, use it.”

“Understood, my master.”

On the next, Redone’s voice overlapped the voice of the black sword.

““Mirage Mode(Magic Enclosure Skill), Activate.””

A dazzling glow covered the dark elf’s entire body.

The next moment, an unusually large chest armor, shoulder armor, helmet, and foot armor suddenly appeared and attached themselves to Redone’s body.

It’s like a power suit with an odd fantasy-like design.


“What the hell is that……?”

“No way, the Mirage Skill!?”

It was Milfa who shouted in surprise.


“It is a technique that can be considered a profound form of magic passed down from the elven race. A technique that maximizes the efficiency of the convergence and diffusion of magic power, which normally could only be acquired by long-lived elves over a long period of time……of course, not all of them were able to master it, and by the record, only a few elves and even humans were able to master the technique.”

Unlike earlier, there was now a shiver in Milfa’s voice.

“Still, I don’t think that he is using the real deal. That technique he used was probably just a pseudo-activation, with Redone’s magic sword replicating the technique.”


“Still, that means Gilferase has a function that I didn’t have. I’m sorry, master.”

“Okay, let’s start round two. I hope you can entertain me more, Lian.”

Redone chuckled and then removed some of the armor parts he had on his waist.

The removed part was then transformed into a black sword.

The design is very similar to the magic sword I’ve been using.

Then, Redone swung his sword over his head, where in that instant, the blade was coated with a powerful purple aura. This ch ap ter tran slat ion is made possi ble by s tabbi ng with a s yri nge tr ansla tions. check u p-t o-d ate tran sla tions on my Wor dpre ss site.

“Either way, we have no choice. Let’s do it, Milfa.”

While at it, let’s start charging our magic sword technique too.

“But he’s…….”

“Hey, hey, don’t start freaking out now. we still have to fight him regardless of the outcome anyway.”

I scolded Milfa, who looked unusually frightened all of a sudden.

At that moment.

Astaroth Blade(Wicked Emperor Blade)!”

An energy blade in the shape of a crescent moon flew from Redone’s sword.

“So early!”

I’ve only just begun recharging my mana to my sword, and yet…

“Tch. Runesolid(Shining Magicproof Shell)!”

Sylvia created a magic barrier and intercepted Redone’s magic sword technique.

However, her power is still way insufficient to halt it all.

Even so, thanks to Sylvia, his attack got delayed for a moment, and in that window, I was able to converge my magic power.

To be honest, I’m already grateful for her support.

Although she is not as good as me or Redone, she has been accurately reading the battle situation and using her spells at the best possible time.

Exeslash(Glittering Cleave)!”

I used that gap to unleash a magic sword technique to intercept Redone’s sword wave.

The powerful energies collided with each other, spreading violent explosions and sparks around the area just as they did in the initial attack.

“This guy’s……!”


This time, however, I was the one who’s being pushed back, a thing that hasn’t happened to me until now since my reincarnation in this world.

I have fought off all kinds of strong enemies, yet when I struck him down with my strongest magic sword technique, and even after fighting with all my might, I’m still the one at a disadvantage!

“And here I thought I completely mastered all the Magic Sword Techniques, damn it!”

“……or maybe he is also the same as you, master.”

Milfa murmured.

“As one of the traits a reincarnated person can acquire, master chose [Complete Mastery of Magic Sword Techniques]. Perhaps Redone has also chosen the same trait as well, rendering you equal in that regard.”

It was possible.

However, it was clear that he was superior in this regard.

If the other side is faster at recharging their magic power for the attack, then Redone clearly has the advantage.

Am I……gonna lose here?

No, not yet.

This is far from over, and I didn’t lose just yet!

“I’m not going to lose!”

Hellflame(Dark Blaze Slash).”

Runesolid(Shining Magicproof Shell)!”

Sylvia once again created a magical barrier to catch the flaming magic sword technique that Redone had unleashed.

Her spell would only take a moment to stop it.

But as long as I have that one moment, I can recharge my magic in time.

“It’s the same pattern as before. I’m tired of it.” If you are able to re ad this mes sag e, you are re ading from an una uthor ized agg re gate site. Re ad at my Word Press to sup port me and my tran slat ions.

Redone sneered.

Suddenly, his flaming magic sword technique drew an arc midflight and avoided Sylvia’s magic barrier.

Tch, I guess we can’t repeat the same patterns over and over.

“Yeah, I figured you’d be doing that. That’s why…….”

This time, it was Sylvia who smiled.

The flaming magic sword technique that curved towards me was blocked by another magic barrier that suddenly appeared.

“Two walls!?”

Redone was surprised.

“The first one was just an illusion. I had read your attack pattern from the beginning and just put the main barrier somewhere else.”

The flaming magic sword technique instantly pierced through Sylvia’s defenses.

But…… that moment was a priceless time for me.

Thank you, Sylvia.

Aqua Fang(Water Dragon Bite)!”

I finished recharging my magic power and intercepted the oncoming flames with my water magic sword technique.

The clash was still evenly matched.

Aside from the speed of unleashing magic sword techniques, there was still no difference between us regarding attack power.

However, as long as his attacks are flying faster, I’m the one at a disadvantage.

What should I do…?

I asked myself.


The advantage of the opponent’s quicker magic sword techniques……I have to counter it.

I need a reversal.


I looked back at Redone, nerves tensed to the limit.

Redone is looking back at me with ease.

And that was when it happened.

“Master Redone, it’s time to go.”

“Oh, already? I haven’t had enough fun yet.”

Redone frowned.

He looked like a sulking child for a moment.

“The Mirage Mode(Magic Enclosure Skill) is still far from complete, thus very energy draining. Please take care of yourself.”

Gilferase, who had changed into armor, counseled the man.

“I guess I have no choice.”

At the same time as Redone smiled, the armor on his body shattered.

The countless shards then returned to the sword he has in hand.

“To think now of all times. Sigh. I’m afraid we have to end this for today.”

Sheathing Gilferase, Redone announced with disappointment.

“But next time, I’ll be ready to play a little longer, so by then…… you’ll have to get stronger, Lian. That way, you will be able to entertain me more.”

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