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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 12 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Dark Elf Redone ・ The Tyrant’s Relaxation ※

Side: Redone Irvine.

At the far end of a chalk-white castle which towers over the edge of a lake, several lustful gasps could be heard.

“Aaah, hyaaaa! So good! Master Redone, there, hit me on that spot more!

“Fuaaaaahh, nnn, me too! Hyaaan, no, not your fingers……Nhaaaah!!”

I want some of it too, Master Redoneee~.”

“Now, now, your turn will arrive. Just you wait.”

Redone, the dark elf who was dubbed as a menace to the world, is currently in an oversized bed.

With him are dozens of beautiful women who were crowding around him like they were competing for his attention.

He took turns penetrating them. Their vaginas, their mouths, between their breasts, almost every other part of their bodies were violated with his raging penis.

These women were all beautiful entities from the kingdoms that Redone had destroyed in his wake.

They were previous queens and princesses, wives and daughters of noblemen.

There are also previous female knights, priestesses, and mages who served their respective countries.

The women who belonged to his harem were carefully selected beauties, including even girls with a good reputation in neighboring towns and villages.

All of these women have stunningly glamorous female bodies.

Naked bodies which were dazzlingly pure white.

Naked bodies with exotic brown skin.

Naked bodies which were flushed full of lust.

Redone gazed at these limbs of variety of colors and penetrated them at random as he pleased.


All of their pussies were moistened to the point that they’re overflowing with nectar, and it filled the surrounding air with their luscious scent.

Tasting more than a dozen variety of pussies, Redone’s pleasure soon reached its peak.

When he was reincarnated, he gained the trait of having “Matchless Vigor  During Sex” and has not wilted after one or two shots ever since.

Judging the time was right, Redone embraced the noblewoman who was right beside him.

“I’m about to cum. Let me dump my load inside you this time.”

After saying that, he took the noblewoman’s lips half-forcibly and penetrated her deeply.

“Hnnn~! Hauhnn.”

With her lips sealed, the noblewoman let out a pleasant breath through her nose. Then, after her slippery vagina was subjected to a high-speed pistoning, Redone pushed himself to ecstasy in one go.

Of course, it was the same for the noblewoman he penetrated.

Aaaahh, cumming, I’m cumming, mastherrr!!”

“Yeah, here I go!” If you ar e ab le to rea d this me ssa ge, you are re adi ng from an un author ized aggr egate s ite. Re ad at my Wor dPre ss to su pp ort me and my tr anslati ons.

Redone took one last plunge, then poured a tremendous amount of cum into the womb of the noblewoman.

After receiving such a huge amount in her vagina, she let out a high-pitched squeal and stopped moving.

“Haa, haa, haa……Thank you, Sir Redone, for pouring so much into my pussy…….”

But despite being rough on her, the breathless young lady thanked Redone with an enraptured look on her face.

“That was pretty good. I’ll be back for you later.”

The beautiful dark elf boy spoke arrogantly as he looked down the noblewoman, who’s now in a state that she could be mistaken for as a sow.

Then, after soaking in the pleasant afterglow of his release, he pulls his alter ego from the slick flesh of her already sopping vagina.

He laid the woman down beside those whom he had already given a good load, and then looked around at the rest of the women in the room, trying to choose his next prey.

Despite his devouring stare, all of the women in front of him had their faces enraptured, their cheeks stained with envy.

“Oh, Lord Redone, please have mercy and do me next….”

“Please grace me with some of that hot stuff, Lord Redone….”

All of them were looking at him fervently.

However, Redone is not using any kind of brainwashing or charm magic on them.

In short, they were all captivated by his beauty, power, and demonic charm alone.


“Excuse me for interrupting your fun, master.”


The space beside him shifted, and from there, the half-naked beauty – Teardrop – appeared.

She is one of the commander types of the magic armaments, “Sweepers”, which can be called the core of the forces that followed Redone.

The beautiful woman, who exuded an unbelievably bewitching sexiness for a magical armament, bowed reverently to the man in front.

“I’m here to report on the maintenance of the magic armaments.”

“Yes, yes, you may commence now.”

Redone nodded hawkishly and got off the bed.

This showed more his naked masculine body, toned, supple and brown.

His lustrous skin was moist and sweaty from mingling with the women, but despite that, his scent was still brimming with the pheromones of a male. This ch apter tran slat ion is made pos si ble by sta bbi ng with a syri nge tr ansla tions. ch eck up-t o-d ate trans lati ons on my Wor dpre ss s ite.

“We will clean you up, Lord/Master Redone.”

It was then when the rest of the beautiful women walked up and knelt at his feet. Then, with their lips and tongues, they lovingly cleaned his penis, which had become sludgy with their love juices and Redone’s own semen.

Redone looked down at them at first before resuming his gaze at Teardrop.

“We are preparing for the maintenance and operation of the sweeper corps. But there are so many of them that it will take about a week to complete the entire process.”

“A week? No matter. It’s not like there’s a need to rush anyway.”

Redone expressed his usual fierce smile.

“In that case, have the army mobilize soon as you’re done. Until then, I permit you to stand by and do what is needed.”

“By your will, our master.”

Teardrop responded with her usual bewitching smile.

Even upon seeing the dark nakedness of her master and the women swarming around his penis, she did not move an eyebrow, showing how she’s used to the scene.

”It seems that master’s recovery has been going well.”

“Yeah, I’m feeling pretty good, in fact, thanks to these women serving me and giving me their energy. The fight with the elven swordsman has drained me more than I expected, but I’m feeling getting better now ── to the point that I’m already itching for another round.”

It wasn’t only for sexual gratification that Redone had embraced several women in succession earlier.

It was also a magical ritual to restore magic power through intercourse.

However, it was also meant quelling his feelings that were aroused by the battle──a part he didn’t like.

“You’re not perfectly recovered yet, master.”

A voice with an electronic echo came from a small sword propped against the wall.

This is the magic sword Gilferase – Redone’s partner, weapon, and navigator of this world.


“I’ve been monitoring it for a while, and as of now, master only has about only 60 to 70 percent of his mana recovered. It will take about three more days to fully recover to your usual state, master.”

“Heh, I guess I’m more worn out than I thought, am I?”

Redone mumbled to himself, his mind thinking about someone else.

“Indeed, that elven magic swordsman – Rian – is a formidable opponent.”

(If I hadn’t used my Mirage System, I would have lost.)

“In any case, let’s announce our “real festival” in a week after. While at it, let us also declare war on the whole world.”

The edge of Redone’s mouth lifted in a grin.

(As I recall, there was a video magic device that was excavated from the ruins of these Super Ancients. We can just use that. If we could activate that thing with Teardrop’s vast magic power, we would be able to relay the announcement even to the entire world.)

“The flashier the festival, the better.”

(Rather, why hadn’t I thought of this method before? Why when I had already destroyed the countries I saw on a whim?)

“Was it fate, or was it something else?”

(If that’s the case, then the guiding hand of that fate should also be on that elf boy I fought the other day.)

“Perhaps he might be even a reincarnator himself. I’m looking forward to it.”

Redone’s smile deepened as she envisioned a rematch with the said elf.

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