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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 12 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Elf Swordsman VS Dark Elf Swordsman

Brash Blade(Demon Breaker Slash)!”

Lucifer’s Blade(Demon Lord Decapitation)!”

Golden and purple-colored radiance clashed in the air.

The magic sword techniques that Redone and I unleashed collided right in the middle of us, pushing us apart.

Our powers were evenly matched.

The two colors of light energy intertwined in midair, sparking violently with a bang and a whack.

In the aftermath, a tremendous shockwave swept through the surroundings.

“Wow, I didn’t know you could match my magic sword skills.”

Soon as the shockwave subsided, Redone smiled in an evil way.

“You’re the first one. Ever since I was reborn in this world, I’ve never had an opponent who could attack me back as well as compete with my power.”

He then raised his sword.

“This is how fighting should be done. I don’t mind tormenting the weak, but in the end, the best fights are the ones where your opponent is strong enough and is ready to give it their all.”

“Well, sorry for not being a fighting maniac like you.”

I held Milfa up to my waist.

“You’ll be having fun too. Well, soon enough.”

Redone, on the other hand, readjusted his raised sword to his midsection.

“I’ll go for a stronger one this time.”


“Then, me too…….”

We both kept our swords at the ready and increased our magic power.

An aura of yellow and purple once again rose up our places.

It was then when,

Windy Cannon(Violent Windbird Talon Bullet)!”

Sylvia unleashed a wind projectile in the shape of a green phoenix with outstretched wings.

“Don’t forget about me!” Sylvia angrily exclaimed.


But Redone just swung his sword nonchalantly, effortlessly slicing through the wind projectile approaching him.

Still, I’m not going to let that opportunity pass me by.

Exebanish(Spiral Rupture Gleam Slash)!”

I released a series of bright sword waves, creating a spiral of light.

And yet, it was still not enough, as Redone just skillfully manipulated his dragon to avoid them.

However, the aftermath of the raging sword energies still hit him.


Redone tried to counter the leftover energy with his sword, If you are ab le to read this mes sage, you are re ading from an una uthor ized aggr eg ate site. Read at my Wo rdPre ss to supp ort me and my tran slatio ns.

but fresh blood still spattered all around.

“I couldn’t kill the power completely……and to think you managed to land a blow on me.”

Redone expressed a smile on me as a streak of blood ran down his cheek.

“I like it. This is getting more and more fun.”

It was a creepy, coma-inducing smile.

“You should push me harder like this. I haven’t had a ‘struggle’ since I was reincarnated. Can you give me a taste of this more?”

“It won’t be a struggle.”

I swung my Milfa.

“Sylvia, I’ll confront him, but I need a diversion. Can you do it?”

“……good grief, treating your upperclassmen like this. I’m a higher rank S-Class, you know?”

But even though she’s saying that, Sylvia is smiling at me.

“Well, I know your capabilities to an extent based on how you fought the Fenrir, and his Redone guy is a whole new level for me, so I’ll make sure to keep my distance.”


“Don’t lose, Lian.”


This time, she gave me a gentle smile.

I nodded my head, then switched the conversation to the short sword in my hand.

“Let’s go with the fire attribute. I’m gonna use “that” to get close to him.”

“Understood, Master Lian.”

Unlike before, Milfa’s response today left no room for doubt or suspicion.

She seemed to have read the intentions of the improvised strategy I had come up with and was convinced in an instant.

As expected of my buddy, who’s been fighting with me for a long time.

“Now then. Here I go!”

I told as I fuel my magic power.

At the same time, Milfa took control of the magic power I released.

“Blast away…… Blazing Cannon(Refined Flaming Lion’s Sphere)!”

Sylvia hurriedly unleashes her attack magic on Redone as a diversion.

“You’re just wasting your spells.”

But the dark elf just cuts it off without any difficulty.

At that moment, I had just finished recharging my energy through the sword.

With Milfa’s support, I unleashed all this power at once……

Vortex Flare(Hellfire Vortex Blade)!”

……and missed Redone by quite a distance.

“Where the hell are you aiming at──what!?”

However, the blow I delivered was not targeting Redone in the first place.

It was on what’s behind him.

Red lotus flames then swirled and spewed from my sword, similar to a rocket ship blasting off. This cha pte r tran sla tion is made possi ble by sta bbi ng with a syr inge transl ations. check up-t o-da te trans lati ons on my Wor dp ress sit e.

Yes, I used this blow not as an attack, but as ‘propulsion’.

With my sword as a medium, I created a way to “fly”.

I launched myself through the air from the dragon I was riding on while shooting flames backward with my sword.

“The hell, to think magic sword techniques can also be used in such a way──”


Then I faced the surprised Redone, switched off my propulsion, and in the distance, I pointed my sword straight at him.

Using the leftover momentum of the launch, I aimed the golden sword at my target – all while in mid-air.

The golden sword split in two from the center, and then,

Burst(Rend)Seraphim Zapper(Searing Angel’s Absolution)!”

I howled, and red light of magic energy extended in a straight line from where my sword was.

This was the rending technique that I learned from Mary, using her Crimson Emperor(Teikou) Beheading Move(Zan Jutsu) as a base and applying my magic sword technique.

I used the same magic sword technique as a decisive factor when I was fighting Claudia, who was then controlled by the demon Jarvice.



But Redone caught this blow again with a wave of his black sword.

The aftermath of the colliding energies spewed out sparks and shock waves that were more intense than before.

The power was even again… but not quite.

“What the…… I’m being pushed back!?”

It was the first time I heard the dark elf’s voice being agitated.

After all, my technique, which was a combined art of Mary’s and my own sword moves, overpowered Redone’s slash, which was just unleashed in a stationary position.

What he didn’t realize is that all this force was not aimed at Redone himself but at the sword he was holding.

“Go Throouuughhh!”

With enthusiasm, I turned up the power even more.

The red glow in my sword overflowed with explosive force.


And with a high-pitched sound of metal creaking, Redone’s sword ── finally shattered in pieces.

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