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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 11 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Mina’s Prayer

“Sensing powerful magic user……analysis: equivalent to S-Class or even higher……Conclusion: strong enemy that can be an opponent to Master Redone……sending information…….”

The Sweeper let out a flat tone of voice before Ingrid.

Its tone of voice sounded as if it was communicating with someone in a distant place.


Ingrid raised her brows at the familiar name.

“You……are you one of the pawns of that dark elf?”

All of a sudden, her tone of voice changed.

It was a cold, icy tone that even Mina had never heard before.

However, her dull eyes were lit with fuming anger and fighting spirit, far contrast from her icy cold tone.

“So it’s Redone who’s controlling you…… I see……”

Even from a distance, Mina could feel the back of Ingrid’s teeth grinding hard.

“You had destroyed my country, and now you’re destroying my town like this……I won’t ever forgive you.”

“Ingrid, please don’t get too heated.” If y ou ar e abl e to read this message , you are read ing from an unaut horized agg regate site. Re ad at my Word Press to suppo rt me and my tr anslations.

Sensing something disturbing in her mood, Mina hurriedly called out to her friend.

They had heard from Ingrid that her country was destroyed by a dark elf named Redone.

And that she was also the princess of that country that was destroyed.

(But this is the battlefield.)

It was dangerous to be too distracted by the desire for revenge.

“Heated, huh……”

Ingrid turned to Mina, and as if her words were cold water to her burning head, she gave a slight shake of her head to relieve her anger.

‘I understand that you are worried about me. Thank you, Mina.”


“However, I’m sorry.”

A golden light covered Mina’s vision. It was then followed by a blue spark.


“I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself…”

Ingrid, clad in a dazzling glow, said calmly but in a firm tone.

“I will destroy you.”

Ingrid outstretched the palm of her hand, which was then covered in a pale blue glow.

”All those connected to Redone. Not a single piece will be left.”

From there, hundreds of magic bullets were unleashed.

“I’m not going to leave even a trace of you in this world!”

They flew wildly around the three Sweepers and bombarded them from all directions.

It was an unavoidable omnidirectional magic attack, causing a chain of explosions to blast throughout the surroundings.

A storm of shockwaves spread out next.

“Hey, Ingrid, come back to your senses! What if there are still people there who have yet to escape?!”

Mary hurriedly tried to stop her friend.

“I’ve already scanned the presence of people around us. No one is here. I know that much.”

But Ingrid just replied flatly.

“So with this, I can break them without worry ── I can obliterate them! Like this!”

Once again, countless magic bullets flew and struck the Sweepers.

The next batch of explosions again blew away the three bodies that had been destroyed and regenerated by the previous attack.

“You can regenerate as many times as you want. I’ll destroy you each time.”

The bombing was repeated.


More bombing followed.


The bombing continued as the enemy regenerated.

Haa, haa, haa……! Destroy……!

Ingrid’s breathing turned ragged, getting worse and worse each time as if her spell was being cast.

Even so, she showed no signs of slowing down her attacks.


At first, Mina was worried, but that worry was soon replaced by wonder.

Ingrid’s method of attacking……was odd.

If she were to ice them while they’re still on the verge of regenerating, she would have been able to defeat them right away, similar to what she did to the first Sweeper they encountered a while ago.


But Ingrid didn’t do that.

(It’s as if she was attacking while adjusting to their pace until they are almost entirely regenerated ──)

“Is she……torturing the enemy……?”

She looked at the mage girl again……

……only to freeze back as she witnessed the cold, merciless glint that was reflected in her friend’s eyes.

(I knew it. Something is wrong.)

(Unable to defend……Unable to react……Unable to intercept…… Target’s threat rating modified to above S class……)

The Sweepers, which had taken heavy damage several times, quickly got up. Then in a flat voice, all three murmured altogether.

 “Changing attack mode ── Combined Assault 3 Initiating…….”

The three sweepers let out a jet of flame from the bottom of their bodies and blasted up like rockets.

Then, each of their armored plates opened, and the three overlapped in midair, transforming and combining into one more massive Sweeper.


The one that landed was an oddly shaped figure with a larger cone-shaped body, four wings, and eight jointed legs. This chapt er translat ion is made pos sible by sta bbing with a syri nge transl ations. chec k up-to-date tra nslations on my Wor dpress sit e.

“Combined Assault 3 complete.”

“I will not forgive you. I’ll never forgive you. I will destroy you all…”

But to that response, Ingrid just thrusts her right hand toward the combined Sweepers.


But then, the icicle shower didn’t happen.

Her petite body wobbled……and Ingrid collapsed on the spot.



The startled Mina rushed immediately together with Mary.

“My power……I can’t feel it from my body? Why……!?”

Still on all fours, Ingrid seemed unable to get up.

No way, this is ──.

Mina’s face scrunched up as if she has realized something.

“What’s……going on……?”

“You’ve depleted your magic considerably.”

Mina responded to Ingrid’s question.

Yes, Ingrid’s magic power, which was emanating from her entire body earlier, has now pretty much disappeared entirely.

Even the golden aura and the blue sparks she was emitting earlier have now vanished without a trace.

“Maybe because you had just awakened your powers that you still yet have sufficient control over your mana usage, making you waste a lot of mana in the process. it’s probably because you relentlessly used high-powered spells many times in the fight earlier…….”

In short, it was mismanagement on her end.

“……I was careless.”

(Perhaps if we had destroyed it immediately instead of trying to mess with it, we wouldn’t be in this situation…….)

However, Mina couldn’t blame Ingrid for acting that way.

What she had lost and the sorrow she had experienced must have been deeper and greater than Mina and Mary could understand.

Much more that the underlings of her target for vengeance are right in front of her.

There is no way they can completely suppress her desire for revenge.

“……I’m sorry. I was too conceited that I…….”

Ingrid bowed her head with an apology.

“That’s not what I meant.”

Mina shook her head from side to side.

“Ingrid saved us earlier. Now it’s our turn.”

Mary also smiled and slung her sword over her shoulder as if showing she felt the same way.

(Nevertheless, the opponent is a formidable one……what should we do…….)

How should we fight them?

How should we protect each other?

Mina looked at the combined Sweepers in front of her with a grim expression.

“I want power,” she thought.


Power to protect the people.

And the power to save my friends who are in need beside me.

──Then, as if her prayers were heard, it was then when a pure white light poured down from above her.

Warm light that seemed to heal and illuminate everything.

“Th-this is ──”

Mina stared ahead in surprise.

In the center of the light, floating in the air, was a scepter with purple glitter.

“This is my……sacred treasure?”

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