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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 11 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Light of Awakening

“Are you going to fight alone? I can’t allow you!”

Mina shouted reflexively.

“That thing is much stronger than before. So it’s no longer safe for you to fight alone.”

Even Mary also warned from her back.

“I’m fine.”

But Ingrid, with her back turned to Mina and the others, just told them without hesitation.

“I’m slowly getting used to it.”

Then suddenly,

Shivers ran down their spines.


Mina felt that her friend is not the same as before.

A strong sense of intimidation was erupting from her petite body.

“I was originally sealed out of most of my magic power. However, through the ritual with Lian, I was able to lift this seal.”

Ingrid told them.

Mina already knew this very well.


This was why she was not surprised that Ingrid is now able to show her true power, but,

“I’m also afraid to wield this too much power due to the possibility of it going out of control. But now, in order to protect you all…… I can’t afford to be afraid.”

Ingrid said with dignity.

“Now is the time for me to fulfill my vow. Now that I am free, I will use this power for you.”

She brushed back her blue hair and raised her staff.

“I won’t let you hurt the people I care about…”

It was then when her tiny body was enveloped in a golden aura.

The next, blue sparks flashed around her like a bolt of lightning. If y ou are able to r ead this message, yo u are rea ding from an unauthor ized aggr egate site. Rea d at my W ordPress to supp ort me and my tran slations.


The aura, which was even accompanied by physical pressure, almost sent Mina flying.

“What a……very condensed magic power!”

She groaned dryly.

The flame-like aura of gold, as well as the lightning-like blue sparks, were the manifestation of the outgrowth of Ingrid’s magical power.

The excess magical power that couldn’t be contained in the body was being released in such a visible form.

Mina could tell, just by sensing it, no, even just by seeing it.

The unbelievably vast amount of magic that she has hidden within her friend’s body.

They have fought together with Sylvia, an S-class mage, before, but the magic power being released from Ingrid was even greater than that.

It was an immense magical power that reminded her of Lian.

“Detecting powerful magic user……modifying threat assessment…….”

The Sweeper’s flat voice rang next, seeming to have a hint of warning in it.

“Commencing attack……”

The next moment, huge spikes shoot out from the cone-shaped body like arrows.

 They cut through the atmosphere, flying at subsonic speeds.

Slow(Deceleration), Reverse(Reversal)

Ingrid’s mumbled these short incantations, and the attack instantly slowed down – and went in reverse towards the Sweeper.


The impact was so strong that the Sweeper retreated significantly.

And without pause,

Icicle Cannon(Ice Magic Dragon Fang)

Ice in the shape of a dragon flew out of Ingrid’s hand.

“The highest level of ice spells, she can cast it without incantation!?”

Mina gasped in surprise.

Reflection On(Magic Reflect Activate)


But the Sweeper just deployed its sub-arm and activated the same magic-reflecting function as before.

The ice dragon bounced back and headed towards Ingrid.

“It can still bounce back a spell of this level, huh.”

But Ingrid was unfazed.

With a calm face, she stared at her own spell that was approaching.


Icicle Cannon(Ice Magic Dragon Fang)Banishing End(Seven Emperors)!”

Once again, without chanting, she unleashed an ice dragon, this time with seven heads that approached fiercely towards their target.


Mina could only exclaim in surprise.

The spell……It is probably an even higher-level spell of the Icicle Cannon, the highest-level magic of the Ice system. Th is chap ter tra nslation is m ade possible by st abbing with a sy ringe tra nslations. ch eck up- to-date translatio ns on my Wo rdpress site.

(Even a spell of that magnitude, Ingrid can activate it without chanting?)

The seven ice dragons swallowed the reflected ice dragon, destroyed it, and even pushed onward without losing momentum.

The magic defense deployed by the Sweeper collided with the ice dragon.

But this time, it didn’t bounce back.

There was a cracking sound, and on the next, countless cracks appeared in the sub-arm.

“Defensible magic capacity exceeded……exceeded……exceeded…….”

“Crush it, my ice dragons.”

As if Ingrid’s voice was their command, the seven-headed ice dragon froze the sub arm and shattered it in one go.

The ice dragon continued to push forward and attacked the Sweeper while at it.

The black cone-shaped body was instantly iced over and shattered.

“Follow up.”

Following Ingrid’s instructions, the ice dragon fluttered its entire body around the ‘prey’.

Each of the shattered parts was iced and destroyed, and then the shattered parts were further iced – conveniently, after repeated freezing and crushing thirteen times, the Sweeper became a mere wreck and was scattered on the ground.

“If it’s crushed like this, it’s not going to regenerate further.”

“I can’t believe you beat it so easily.”

Mary’s voice was then heard next to Ingrid, in a tone as if in a daze.


Mina was stunned as well.

The magic power of the fully-unsealed Ingrid was overwhelming.

A power in which techniques nor strategies are further needed.

A fighting style that leaves it to its vast amount of magic power to crush everything by brute force……

“The Sweeper has been defeated. But there must be more. We should take them all down.”

Ingrid turned back to her party members.


The figure wrapped in a golden aura and blue spark…it made them feel she’s absolutely dependable.

After that, they asked the female mage that Mina healed to leave the front line and guide the rest of the townspeople to evacuate.

While at it, Ingrid, along with Mary, ran through the streets to look for the other Sweepers.

Not long after, they spotted black cone-shaped silhouettes in their sights.

But this time, there were three of them.

“It doesn’t matter how many opponents there are. We will annihilate them all.”

Ingrid declared in a dignified voice.

“This time, I’m going to protect everyone. Mina, Rosemary, and all the people of this town with all my power. I promise.”

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