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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 11 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – A Difficult Foe

“……Sweeper 131 to Command…… Spotted a group of what appears to be adventurers……confirming their levels…….”

The black monster in front mumbled in a flat voice that gave a mechanical impression.


Mina muttered what seems to be the name of the monster.

She gulped and looked again at the “Sweeper” in front of her.

Lian is not here right now……

We have to take care of this ourselves……

At least until the people of the town evacuate……

Mina thought to herself as she faced the monster once again.

“It doesn’t look like a very strong enemy.”

However, Mary, who was beside her, just snickered as she sheathed her greatsword.

“Don’t worry too much. We’ll take care of it quickly.”

But despite her confident words, her face was full of tension.

(……I think she was just saying that to inspire herself and us.)

“I also don’t think this enemy is what it appears to be.”

Ingrid also spoke beside Mina, but she also couldn’t help but speak words of care to the team.

 “But use extreme caution.”

“I know.”

Mary also nodded in agreement. This chapter translation is made possible by stabbing with a syringe translations. check up-to-date translations on my WordPress site.

(It’s times like this that I wish I could use the Sacred Treasures……)

Mina could only grit her teeth inwardly.

Sacred treasures……

The three received such special items from the goddess Elciata through Lian.

The one for Ingrid was used to break the seal placed on her and has already been unlocked and transformed into a spellbook with powerful effects, an evidence that it has already accepted its owner.


However, all Mina and Mary could manage is transforming them into a powerless staff and a lackluster sword, both of which had quality almost unusable to Mina and Mary.

That’s because neither of them was successful in activating its power just yet.

It is said that the sacred treasures have a will of its own and will not exert its power unless it acknowledges its owner.

This is why Mary is still holding the big sword that she usually uses, and the same could also be said for Mina’s staff.

Being only a baggage, the two weapons were left at the inn.

“I guess I’ll just have to fight with my own strength.”

Mina murmured with a grim expression.

“As per usual, Mary will be in charge of the vanguard, I will be in charge of the support and recovery, while Ingrid will be in charge of the rear with magic attacks. Is that okay?”

Mina began calling out to the two of them to confirm their formation.

“Yep, same as always.”

“No problem.”

Ingrid and Mary both nodded in assent.

“As for you, Miss mage, please find an opening and attack together with Ingrid.”

Mina instructs the female mage. Then she turns to the middle-aged warrior.

“As for you, Mr. Warrior……I believe you said you were a C-Class, right?”

(Unfortunately, it seemed to be too tough to count on him for the front lines……)

“That……please guide the evacuation of the townspeople.”

“Please don’t look at me like that. I’m aware that I’m not good enough as well.”

The man laughed at Meena’s reticent remark.

“I’m sorry I can’t help you, but I can at least shield those who are fleeing.”

As soon as he said it, the man walked away.

“Also, you may be far from the frontlines, Miss Mage, but please don’t hesitate to run away as soon as you feel you are in danger.”

Mina also didn’t forget to remind the other helper.

“……I know.”

The female mage also nodded.

“In that case, let’s begin.”

After discussing their brief strategy, Mary quickly rushes forward, straight inline towards the Sweeper.

Crimson Emperor(Teikou) Beheading Move(Zan Jutsu), First Sword(Ichi no Tachi)Flame Emperor’s Blazing Fire(Entai Gekisen)!”

Marie jumped high in the air and slammed her greatsword on the top of the Sweeper.


“It’s hard!?”

What came next was a metallic sound, and her slash was rebounded.

Still, the Sweeper was not able to kill the momentum of the attack, and its black body staggered greatly.

Sapphire Bullet(Blue Ice Bullet).”

“Blaze Arrow!”

From there, the ice bullets created by Ingrid and the flaming arrows fired by the female mage struck.

The Sweeper was blown away with an explosion.

However, the shattered fragments quickly came together and regenerated.

(They seem to have the ability to regenerate at super-speed as if they were advanced demons.)

“Offensive Capabilities confirmed……conclusion: unqualified…….”

A part of the Sweeper’s body surface armor opened as its flat voice announced.

“Next, checking defensive capabilities…….”

The muzzle of what seemed to be a cannon protruded from there, and right after, a shining ball of light is released. If y ou are ab le to r ead this mess age, you are r eading from an unau thorized aggregate si te. Read at my WordP ress to s upport me and my tran slations.

“Goddess of Love, bless us with your grace──Elciaskeil(Pure Heart Barrier)

Mina hurriedly deployed a defensive spell, and just with a spare second, she had managed to catch the bullet of light shot at them with intense pressure.

“This time, I’m going to destroy you so badly you’ll be impossible to get back again!”

Mary once again went at the Sweeper with an ever-increasing fighting spirit.


However, the enemy’s movements became much faster than before, a thing she didn’t expect right away.

It avoided Mary’s sword strike. Then a part of the body of its surface ‘armor’ opened up, then it began fighting back with a ‘sub-arm’ that popped out of it.

In total, four ‘sub-arms’ popped around it, resembling insect legs.

Windy Edge(Violent Wind Blade)!”


A blade of wind fired by the female mage intercepted it.

Reflection On(Magic Reflect Activate)!”

But a voice echoed from the Sweeper, then,

GOOOONGGG. A sound of reverberating metal was heard, and the wind blade spell was reflected readily.


The female mage was torn away by her own magic, which was shot back at her, and she collapsed on the spot

(This is bad. It seems it has the ability to reflect magic projectiles!)

Mina immediately rushed to her side.

The mage’s chest was slit horizontally, exposing her small breasts.

Are you all right!? I’m casting a healing spell right away!”

She prayed to Elciata and put her hand on her chest, which has started oozing blood.

Pale light filled the surrounding where her hands were placed, and the wound gradually closed up.


“Don’t move. It will open the wound if you do.”

Mindful of the groans of the female mage, Mina continued her spell.

Due to the fact that the wound was quite deep, it took a longer time for her to heal it.

Mina’s skill would not leave any scars, but the female mage who was drained of her strength would not be able to fight any longer.

In essence, it was only Mina’s party that are the only forces left to face it.

“Damn it, this guy is getting even faster!?”

Soon as Mina turned around at the source of the voice, she saw that Mary has already engaged herself with the Sweeper once more.

She was trying her best to fight back against the enemy who’s now attacking with four sub-arms, only with her greatsword.

“Kuh……it’s even gotten stronger!?”

However, this time it was the reverse, as it was now Mary who was being pushed back by its strength.

“Step back, Rosemary!”

Ingrid warned from behind.

“Any more close contact with it is dangerous!”


Mary jumped back with a cluck of her tongue.

“All targets deemed unqualified……proceeding elimination…….”

The Sweeper raised its Sub-arms as if to intimidate the girls.

Uwiiiiiiiiiiinng. Then it came close with a soft start-up sound.

“I’ll handle this alone.”


It was Ingrid who stepped forward.

“You guys stay out of this.”

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