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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 11 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – First Time with the Miller Sisters, Part 4 ※

Soon as the glans and vaginal hole made contact, Edna began to slowly lower her hips.

The wet insides split open, and my raging organ pushed its way into the glorious orifice in one go.

Her butt rippled naturally as I felt her damp flesh clinging as if welcoming me.

“Nn, kuuh……!”

Edna has already her thin eyebrows raised, but she kept on moving her hips while panting faintly.

With a last thrust, my penis was finally buried deep inside the noblewoman’s pussy.

“It’s in…….”

I felt a strong sense of immorality and a sense of conquest, knowing that I had just penetrated a woman of another man.

“Ah, I’m sorry, dear. I just……fuuhuaaa.”

While she was apologizing to her partner in her head, Edna’s cheeks were stained with the vermilion of pleasure.


“Fufufu, how is it, tasting your second man in your life?”

Edith’s smile beamed even more.

“How is it……compared to your partner?”

“Nooo, don’t ask, sis…….”

Edna shook her head at the question.

“I-I’m gonna move now.”

And instead, she said that while huffing and puffing wildly as if to cover up her embarrassment.

Propping herself up with her hands on my chest, she began to move her hips up and down with surprising aggressiveness.

It was a little awkward at first, but she was able to accelerate her hips while sending drops of love juices flying from our joint parts as we go on.

Extraction speed increased, and a sweet, itchy sense of pleasure began to build up in my penis.

“Ara ara. To think my sister, whom I thought of as a virtuous and immaculate noblewoman, also has the same predisposition of being a whore as I do. It’s astonishing, isn’t it.”

“N-no! t-this is different! I’m……hauuu, this is just……aaahhaahh! A ritual……nnnhhh!”

She repeatedly insisted that it was a ritual, yet her voice and moans as she speaks of it were so sexy and alluring.

“This is in order to recover Lian, who has a high value as an adventurer……yes,  I need to make sure that he’s able to recover……Aahhh, nnn, ahhuu! Aahhh, yes, over there, yesss!”

“You’re even making such wet and lewd sounds…….aahhh, I can’t hold it much longer……!”

Edith looked down at the area where Edna and I were joined and let out pained breaths. If you are abl e to r ead this mess age, you are reading from an unau thorized aggr egate site. Read at my Wo rdPress to supp ort me and my tran slations.

Then she began to masturbate on her own.

She started by rubbing her crotch with her supple hand and rubbing her cleavage with the fingertips of her other.

“Uuu, kuh……!”

Because of this sensuality of having her masturbating in front, added to that the pleasantness of Edna’s pussy, this caused the feeling of excitement to escalate further in me.

“Sis, it’s time to……aahh, aaahnn! It’s time to switch overrrr……nnn, aauuu! Cumming, I’m cummmiiiinnngg! Hahuaaa……”

In the end, she let out a discreet gasp of ecstasy, and Edna deflated on the spot.

I held her upper body as she fell down, bringing her face closer to my own.

Half-reflexively, I took the lips in front of me.

“Nnuuh!? Nn……chuuu.”

For a moment, Edna looked surprised, but she responded to my kiss right away.

To think she was the one who said ‘no kissing’ at first. Now she was surprisingly the one leading me by the tongue.

I wonder if that’s how absorbed she was in the act.

“Haaa. Mmm……nnn, mlemm…….”

Edna continued to kiss me deeply, actively inserting her tongue even deeper.

While my penis was completely inside her lower mouth, she’s also ravaging me with her upper mouth.

The intense feeling of being connected simultaneously by both our up and down orifices was exhilarating.

“Ah, I’m sorry, sis…….”

After a series of kissing and pumping into each other, Edna seemed to finally come to her senses.

“It’s okay. I approve of you kissing……but isn’t it nice, Lian……chuu.”

Edna gave me a look of guilt about the kiss, but it was quickly replaced by a licentious smile as she kisses me again.

I soaked myself in the sweet kisses of the mature aristocrat while witnessing the latter change her mood from pure and chaste to slutty and bewitching.

Eventually, Edna, seemingly satisfied, finally broke the kiss and undone our bonds.

“To think you have finally shown that side of you. I’m so happy for you, Edna.”

Along with that, Edith kissed her sister’s cheek with a smile. Then she switched places with her and straddled my waist next.

“Now is my turn. I’m going to give you a lot of fun, Lian.”

She gave a seductive smile to me, heightening my lewd anticipation.

After all, she’s more used to it in this area than Edna.

She began by pressing the taut tip against her secret hole, and after hearing a slurping sound, her hot labia had already sucked on my bellend.

As it was, my object entered Edith’s body as if it were being sucked by the undulating petals.


Like her labia, her womb was very hot.

Her soft folds intertwined around me, and just the act of inserting it was already enough to make my pleasure escalate upwards.

Soon, the comfortable vagina enveloped me entirely, and I immediately became in a state of euphoria.

“Phew, I’m all the way in. You really are splendid as they say. Ahh, I could feel Lian’s penis spreading me apart……I could even feel its head rubbing my tight place.”

Laughing cheerfully, Edith began to move her hips as if she were a starving animal.

It was a violent up and down motion as if she was scraping up her own vaginal walls using my protruding bellend.

Combining these movements in an almost automatic way, she drove me to the edge using her skillful cowgirl position.


“I don’t know about you, but …… most men that I have tasted only lasted less than three minutes, you know. Nnn……fuahhh……so go ahead, don’t be shy……make yourself feel better……and give iiimn!”

Unfortunately for Edith, I’m no stranger to this.

I thrust my hips up in time with Edith’s hips and poke her vagina as hard as I could.

This, in turn, made her shake her hips too as well, transferring the vibrations of our motions back to my penis while also making the slick flesh of her vagina bewitchingly shake.

“Aaaah, there……that spot is so good! Yes! You’re hitting all the right spots, Lian! Yeah, keep thrusting! Ohhhh, yes, yes, yes, yes!”

My counterattack seemed to be more successful than I thought as Edith twitched her upper body in a pleasant way.

Getting into the swing of things, I started thrusting even harder.

“Aahh, n-nohooo……nnn, noo, that, that feels too much……aahh, I’m cumming, I’m cummmiinnnggg! Fuaaaaaahh, it’s so gooooood!”

Soon, together with a scream, the bewitching noblewoman convulsed in ecstasy.

She repeated those convulsions on and on until she got drained of her being.

 However, there’s still plenty of room on my end.

I still got a full erection. This cha pter tran slatio n is made pos sible by stabbi ng with a sy ringe trans lations. check up-t o-date t ranslations on my Wor dpress site.

Putting aside my trait, maybe it was also thanks to the fact that even though I had already ejaculated twice, I’m still yet to cum into any of the sisters’ vaginas.

“Fuuuh. I can’t believe I’m the only one being made to cum all this time.”

Edith murmured, somewhat frustrated in her feeling of euphoria.

“It’s so unfair. Let me make you cum too.”

After she said that, Edith started moving her hips more aggressively than before.

But I won’t allow myself to lose either.

Once again, I thrust my hips up and down in the same manner as earlier, even rolling my hips from side to side to stir Edith’s vagina to the fullest.

“Nnooo. No more, I’m being made to cum again……auuuhh! No moore, no moooree! Ahhuuuuu afuuuhh!”

She had already climaxed just earlier, and here she is, ready to cum once more.

This time again, it was Edith’s turn to be thrust into ecstasy.

“Haaa, haaa, haaa……that was amazing, Lian……chuuu,uuu……”

After she had herself deflated like an out-of-air balloon over my body, she reached my face and gave me a kiss as a reward.

I sucked Edith’s lips back and kissed her hotly and thickly for a while, all while lingering on the afterglow of our sex.

“Fufufu, though I’m always welcome, it’s bad if I keep you all to myself all the time. Edna, it’s your turn again.”

“Fufufu, thank you, sis.”

Edna smiled lustfully and switched places with Edith right away.

Eh? Where did that prim and proper Edna go?

Yes, unlike before, Edna is a lot more aggressive now.

Was she wholly blown away after being made to cum by both cunnilingus and sex and all that exchanged kisses?

It was Edna’s turn again to ride me in the cowgirl position, but now she’s giving off an even more seductive vibe…… just like Edith.

After that, I alternated between the sisters.

Soon as I made Edna cum again, as if she had been waiting for me, Edith came on top of me right away.

It will make her tired quickly if I made her ride me from above repeatedly, so I switched positions while we were still coupled up, and this time I thrust her as hard as I could from behind.


After bringing Edith to her climax, I penetrated Edna, who was waiting on all fours next to me, with my hips and made her cum as well.

Bringing the Miller sisters to climax in various positions, I finally ejaculated for the third time.

“It’s coming out, Edith!”

I shouted and poured a large amount of semen, this time into Edith’s vagina.

“Fuaaaaah, it’s so hot! My insides are getting flooded with your sperm! Oh, mmm, mmm, fuaaahh, mmmm! It feels so good!

Looking down at Edith, who was moaning wildly as she was being penetrated, I pulled out my meat stick and immediately inserted it into Edna next to me.

“Aaauuhn, my insides are getting it too……! Aaahh, hiii, nnnn……Liaan, please, give me moore, moore, aaahh!”

I also poured a lot of hot cum into her vagina.

However, realizing that I had seeded a chaste mature noblewoman, fueled my excitement even more.

At the same time…


The magic circle that has been set up earlier shone brightly in response to my ejaculation on the sisters.

After the glow, I felt as if my physical strength and magic power were restored all at once.

“Fuuh, this is quite cooler than I expected……!”

The joy of total recovery added to the joy of sexual pleasure gave a unique comfort to myself.

I then pulled out my penis, and as expected, it was still standing tall and erect.

Both the sisters saw that, and their eyes immediately emitted a mysterious glow as they stared at it.

“So, let’s continue, shall we?”

I smiled briskly, and Edith and Edna both nodded their heads, their faces completely relaxed and debauched.

I spent the rest of the night with the sisters, pumping four more shots into each of their vaginas, as well as face-fucking, belly-fucking, and ass-fucking them all over their bodies.

I marked the two noblewomen, engaged and all that, with the seed of my children.

This basked me a sense of supreme conquest until the dazzling night dawned on us.


── Early in the morning, while the Miller sisters and I were basking in the afterglow of our intense sex, we received the news that countless Sweepers had begun attacking several countries all at the same time.

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