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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 11 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – First Time with the Miller Sisters, Part 3 ※

Two mounds of voluminous flesh pinched and rubbed my penis, which was wet with saliva as it squirmed and throbbed.

Edith’s beautiful bowl-shaped breasts wrapped around my penis, causing it to softly deform.

“Fufufu, feels good, doesn’t it?”

The expression on her face was that of debauchery in itself, as this aristocrat caressed my meat rod with her swaying breasts.

The edges of her luscious lips, painted with vermillion, hung up in the shape of a smile, similar to a crescent moon.

“M-me too……nn, fuu…….”

From the other side, Edna also pressed her breast meats in a reserved manner.

Her tits, which were also large and beautifully shaped, freshly rubbed against her sister’s.

“Khuu, t-this is……!”

I groaned once again at the growing pleasure.

Unlike the other threesomes I have got, the twins were in perfect synchronization of their mind and body.

Edna had never sucked a cock or had a breast fuck before, but she and Edith were still able to keep up a rhythm that sent a powerful sensation through my own.

“Aaahh, t-there……good……uaaaah……uugh……!”

I gasped with pleasure as the two mature adults attacked me in waves.

The blowjob felt good, but the double titillation provided by these two was also quite destructive.

My sensuality hit me like a tsunami and quickly brought my ejaculation to its peak.

“Ohhhh, I’m coming……!”

Soon after, I released again.

Even though I was just sucked off a load of cum, I was still able to shower it all over the Miller sisters’ faces, necks, collarbones, and breasts.

This was the second time I had bukkake on them.


It was exhilarating to sprinkle as much cum as I wanted on these two elegant beauties.

When the last drop was out, I breathed in a satisfied sigh.

── After two ejaculations, we decided to have a short break.

I’m a man of immense energy, and I could have moved on to the third ejaculation immediately.

But I didn’t dare mention it.


“Is it alright if I fuck you two until I recover?”

I used it as an excuse to caress the Miller sisters.

“Sure. Well, let’s switch roles, shall we? I’m counting on you.”

“If Lian desires it……we can still continue the ritual.”

Edith smiled happily, and Edna nodded obediently.

On the next, I had both of them take off their bottoms and lie down side by side.

Then, I had them pose with their legs spread in the shape of an M. Th is chapter trans lation is made p ossible b y stabbing with a sy ringe translat ions. check up-to-date tr anslations on my W ordpress site.

With this, the precious parts of the celebrity aristocrats were opened up before my eyes.

“Ara ara, you’re breathing so hard.”

“Don’t stare at it too much…….”

While Edith’s face was full of confidence, Edna’s was bright red with embarrassment.

But these two contrasts are fascinating in their own way.

Because of this sudden excitement, I couldn’t hold back and buried my face in Edith’s embarrassing spot right away.

I lightly licked along her crevasse with my tongue, and soon, its wetness slowly increased.

Tasty nectar spilled out of the quivering flesh layer, and after a while, the diamond flesh cleft opened up little by little.

“God, that’s good……Liannn……aaaaahhh, ahuuuu……!”

Soon, the area from her secret hole to the surrounding area quickly became slippery entirely.

Edith has completely gotten wet on her own.

For someone who had a well-developed sense of sex, she feels it so easily.

I showered the flesh lips with hot kisses while I inserted my tongue inside.

Savoring the rippling mucous membranes, I proceeded further in.

Then I pulled my tongue in and out like a penis.

“Ahh, ahhh! Yes, right there! Deeper!”

Edith wriggled her hips greedily, accepting my cunnilingus in full,

“A-amazing……big sis is so lewd, yet so bewitching……aah.”

all while Edna, who was watching next to me, was squirming and swaying her hips.

I wondered if her lust was getting the better of her as she watched her sister in her fully lascivious state.

“nchuuu, mmm……Edna, you’re next.”


I pulled my face away from Edith’s crotch and buried my face in Edna’s.

A mellow scent, just like her sister’s, was rising from the depths of her twitching clit.

I began licking along the red flesh crack, making sounds of saliva as I went.

“Oh, mmmm……another man……another man is licking my embarrassing place…….”

Compared to Edith, Edna’s reaction was quite prim and proper.

Yet, I could feel the minute quivers of the vaginal flesh on the tip of my tongue.

“No way, that spot is……hii, hauuu.”

Even though she’s already a fully matured woman, her neat and tidy response aroused my tastes like that of a virgin.

I put all my strength into the tip of my tongue and pushed it deeper into her narrow secret hole.

The wet walls quivered as they clamped down on my now-hardened tongue.

“Fufufu, you’ve never had cunnilingus done to you before, have you? It feels so good, doesn’t it, Edna?”

Edith whispered in Edna’s ear as the latter tried to catch up her ragged breaths.

“This is……the first time I’ve been……in this……haa, auuu……I think, I’m going crazy…….”

Unlike Edith, Edna’s sexual experience seems to be much less than I imagined.

Because of it, I felt a burning desire to teach her the pleasure she had never known before.

I continued to wiggle the tip of my tongue, stirring the insides, pulling it in and out, carefully licking and sucking the crevasse and clitoris……all those that add various stimuli in the process.

Each time she did, Edna’s lower abdomen jolted with excitement.

As I continued her meticulous cunnilingus, soon,

“No, no, I’m coming…… I’m coming!”

Edna screamed in a high-pitched voice and bounced her hips up as if she were bridging.

She convulsed for a while in the same position and then dropped as if she’s out of power.

“You’re all gushing up. Lian’s cunnilingus must have felt really good.”

Edith smiled bewitchingly as she looked at her sister’s private parts.

“But it’s the same for me as well. Look, Lian, look on how you made it so wet.”

She took my hand and led it to her own crotch. If yo u are able to re ad this message, you are read ing from an un authorized aggre gate site. Read at my Wor dPress to suppo rt me and my tra nslations.

I can feel the wetness of it as it gushes at my fingers.

It is undoubtedly as slippery as Edna’s.

“In that case…… instead of my tongue or my fingers, why don’t I comfort you with this instead?”

I stood up, smiling freshly, and thrust my hips out lightly.

Even after two ejaculations, it was still fully erect and standing tall.

I shook my erection in front of the sisters.

“Wow, to think you’re still totally unfazed even with all that. It’s hard to believe you’re an elf, a species with a low sex drive.”

Edith opened her eyes wide.

“Me too. I’m amazed that a man can still last up to this point after doing it so many times.”

 Even Edna also looked surprised.

I couldn’t help but feel proud that I was able to show off my toughness and grandeur as a male.

“Anyway, let’s get down to the real thing, shall we? Lian, please lie down. We’ll take turns serving and completing the ritual.”

With Edith’s words, the magic circle and ritual objects around the bed flashed faintly.

“It’s finally the climax, huh?”


Come to think of it, to begin with, this is a ritual magic to restore your strength and magic power.

I had been so engrossed in the blowjobs, titfucks, and cunnilingus with the two sisters that I had almost forgotten this fact.

As I was told, I lay supine on the bed.

My erect cock was still throbbing. As such, it stood almost vertically.

“Wow……to think it’s getting bigger than before……!”

Edna gulped when she saw this before straddling my waist.

She was still in a half-kneeling position, but I could see her look down at me with a nervous look.

“T-then, if you’ll excuse me…….”

“Ara, I can’t believe Edna is being this aggressive.”

Edith smiled wickedly.

“I wish I could have been first.”

“Ah, oh, no. I’m sorry about that……After you, sis.”

“No, no. Don’t mind me. Since you’re in the mood now, I’ll give you the go-ahead. Have fun with Lian, Edna.”

“……this is just a ritual. Yes, it’s a ritual.”

Even as she said it, Edna’s cheeks were brightly flushed, and her nose is flaring with excitement.

The realization that I was making an innocent noble beauty lustful made my cock swell even more.

Edna let out a gasp and lowered her hips little by little.

The wetness of her secret hole soon touched my glans ── and made a lewd squelching sound the instant it went in.

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