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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 11 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – First Time with the Miller Sisters, Part 2 ※

“Ohhhh, that feels so good……Agh, aghhhh……!”

The hand job by the Miller sisters continued.

Each of their fingers and palms stroked every part of my penis, from the tip, to the shaft and even to the base.

This caused a sweet itch of pleasure to well up in me, causing my manhood to become swollen to the point of almost ripping out from the inside.

Soon, the hole in the bellend leaked a constant stream of turgid pre-cum, giving off a pungent smell.

If I get any more stimulation, I’ll explode in no time.

“Fufufu, what a cute reaction. Next time I’ll do it with my mouth.”

It was at this point that Edith pulled her hand away.

“What’s that, sis……?”


Edna took her hand away as well, looking puzzled.

“You have to help, too, Edna. We’ll both give our Lian here a blowjob.”


I could see Edna gulp when she heard the word “blow job”.

“You at least know how to do it, don’t you?”

“……Uhm, I’ve never done it before, so…….”

Edna clammed up, looking embarrassed. If you ar e a ble to re ad this message, you are readi ng from an una uthorized aggre gate site. Read at my W ordPress to support m e and my t ranslations.

Apparently, she had never done a blowjob before.

“Ara ara, you’re saying to yourself, ‘I’m a married woman’ a while back, and yet, you don’t even know how to give a blowjob?”

“But we are not actually married yet! We are still engaged, and you know that as well!”

To this response, Edith only shrugged her shoulders lightly. Then she said,

“That’s okay. I’ll teach you. Just do what I do.”

“Uuu……yes, sis.”

A twin blowjob by two incredibly beautiful mature noblewomen.

This aroused a nasty excitement in me, and my lower half of my body was already boiling.

“First things first, you need to make it slippery like this……nn…….”

“L-like this……?”

Edith dribbled saliva on my cock, and Edna did the same in an imitative manner.

The saliva of the two mature women coated the tip and base of the root like a lotion.

When it was ready…

“Mmm, chu……mlem……nnn……”

“Mmm, chu……hhh.”

Edith lightly kissed the glans first, while Edna’s lips crawled around the rod with a hint of fear.

The two beautiful mature twins are giving me a blowjob.

“Urg, urg, shptuhh……” with a splash of raw spit, Edith continued to give me a passionate suction.

Although she is a noblewoman, her technique is as seductive and skillful as that of a prostitute.

The sensation of her rhythmically and gently sucking in and out of my mouth was as sweet as if it were her vaginal flesh that is squeezing me.

“Nchuuu, chupp……how is it, Lian……my fellatio……chuuup……I’m confident with my skills……fufufu, aahhmm…….”

“Ohhhhhh, that feels so good……Edith……”

The feeling of her tongue and her surrounding flesh coated me with warm saliva and felt as if I were plunging into a hot water bottle.

The pleasure of the narrowed walls of her mouth slowly seeped into my entire penis, and the core of my hips lit up like fire.

“Puhaaa, it’s time for a change……chu. Edna……”

“Yes, sis.”

After giving me one last kiss on the tip and seeing mine now standing very stiff, Edith was replaced by Edna, who took the manhood into her mouth next.

“Chuu, paah……aaa……H-how is it, Lian…mmmlem……my blowjob……is it good……mmm, chuuu.”


The neat and tidy noblewoman swallowed my towering erection to the base and began giving me oral ministrations.

Although she was not as good as Edith in terms of technique, her willingness to suck my cock gave me a different kind of excitement and pleasure.

“Y-yes……it feels so good, Ednaa……auu….haa, guh…….”

“Ahh, I’m glad……mchuu, chuu, mmlem……nnn.”

Edna smiled faintly, lowering the corners of her eyes. Then she gradually intensified the movements of her tongue.

Her suctions, which had been reserved at first, began to intensify as well.

I guess she’s getting used to sucking my cock now.

And perhaps it was because she had just watched Edith’s blowjob, the best example she had ever seen, that she was able to learn quick, despite her innocent demeanor.

They may have opposite impressions, but I guess we’re still sisters in the end.

Every time Edna slides the meat stick in her mouth, making sounds of spitting saliva along the way, her wet mouth rubs against some good spots of my dick.

It created a numbing pleasure every time she did that, and that feeling was accelerating.

“Ugh, aah, fuu, haaa…….”

I couldn’t help but groan in the growing pleasure as my penis bounced and quivered in the warm oral cavity.

── If this continues, I’m gonna let it out soon.

When I felt my ejaculation definitely building, Edna quickly parted her lips.

“That’s quite a plot you’ve got there, Edna. That’s my sister.”

Without pausing, Edith took my cock into her mouth again, giving me a skillful blowjob on the get-go. This chap ter tra nslation is made poss ible by stabbing with a syringe tra nslations. check up-to-date transla tions on my Word press site.

“Kuhooooo……this, as expected……this is bad…….”

“Fufufu, I can’t make myself lose to Edna……nnn, mlemm…..”

After more than a dozen oral extractions, Edna sucked on my penis again.

“I’ll……I’ll do my best too……chuuu.”

The suction felt good. It was like sucking through a straw.

The twin sisters took turns sucking my cock, until eventually, I finally reached my limit.

It was good. So good, I am starting to lose consciousness from the rush of pleasure. Even my perception of which one of the twins was currently sucking on my towering shaft is becoming fuzzy.

“Uwaaaa, I’m, I’m cumminnng!”

I spewed out a torrent of hot lust with all my might.

The shower of semen drew a parabola in the air before raining down on the graceful bodies and faces of Edith and Edna.

“Uwaaa, so hot! Mmm, how splendid, Lian……fuaahh.”

“Kyaaa!? W-wow, what a great momentum……ahuuu.”

The plump, lush white slime landed on their foreheads, cheeks, noses, lips, chins, and all over their faces, and coating them in a very lewd way.

And because the massive facial was intensely exhilarating, I continued to ejaculate.

“Mmm, fuuuh, it’s so much…and the taste……nmmm…… it’s so rich and thick.”

Edith licked the semen around her lips, acting pleased about the taste.

“Wow ……I never thought I’d get so many. It’s totally different from his……aahh.”

Edna, on the other hand, looked stunned, her face beginning to get puffy.

Having face-fucked two such beautiful and mature aristocrats, I felt an intense sense of dominance and nasty anticipation of having more fun with them at the same time.

As if reading my inner thoughts, Edith smiled lasciviously.

“Fufufu, the fun is just beginning, Lian. How will you partake the next one, I wonder?”

As soon as she said this, she boldly flung open the bosom of her dress.


BOING. Her breasts popped out, more voluminous than I expected.

The taut, fresh mounds swayed heavily.

Naturally, my gaze was glued to those seductive big tits.

“Come on, Edna. You too.”

“Eh. Eeeeh?”

At Edna’s bewilderment, however, Edna just smiled bewitchingly and said,

“This time, we’ll do it with our breasts. A titjob, that is.”

So even nobles like them knew of such play……

While I mumbled inwardly, my arousal rose to another level.

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