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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 11 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – Encounter

Right now, I was traveling on the giant dragon from the Rushbaron Kingdom together with Sylvia, an S-class adventurer and an outstanding mage.

”Hurry up, hurry up…….”

I whispered to myself, unable to contain my impatience.

An army of sweepers appeared in almost every country and town all at once.

The name of Regulus City, where Mina and her party were located, was also among the places that were being attacked.

Of course, I’m well aware of how strong they are.

But this time, their opponents are of a different league.

Even an S-class adventurer would have a hard time dealing with them, and they could get overwhelmed if they’re careless.

I don’t know if Mina and the rest of the adventurers in the town will be able to fight them on their own.

“If only I could use any flying spells…….”

I bit my lip in regret.

“Master Lian is a ”Magic Swordsman”, not a “Mage,” nor a “Sorcerer”, so such skills won’t apply to you because of your trait. You are only limited to offensive magic in conjunction with slashing and body-enhancing spells to assist your swordplay.”

The small sword on my hip – Milfa told me.

“So, unfortunately, flying spells are out of our domain──”

“Yeah, I know……but…….”


I ground my back teeth together in frustration.

“Please be safe, everyone…….”

I mumbled a prayer,

and that’s when it happened.

“Found ya──”

Along with that voice, something black oozed out in front of us.

It’s not a flame nor an aura, but the entity gradually materialized and created a single figure.

It was a silhouette of a man astride a giant dragon.

“What is that…?”

His looks are so superb that it almost freezes you in place just by looking at him.

Ears pointed like a knife.

Dark brown skin.

It was a dark elf boy riding a dragon.


I groaned in reflex at the scene.

Despite his looks, the pressure he gave was so intense that it caused every pore in my body to open up.

I’ve fought many powerful enemies since I was reincarnated in this world, but I’ve never felt anything this strong before.

In the corner of my mind, I felt like an alarm bell was ringing at full force, saying, “This guy is dangerous.”


I inquired in a dry voice.

Even as I asked, I already half-expected it. This chapt er trans lation is made po ssible by stabbing with a syrin ge tra nslation s. ch eck up-to-date translati ons on my Wordpr ess site.

I knew who this guy was.

It can only be him.

“Be careful on how you speak. For he is the one who strives to be the strongest than anyone else, the one who will rule over all – the one who will be the “champion” of this world.”

The voice that responded to my question was not that of the dark elf.

It was coming from the small sword that he has on his hip.

The sword, still in its sheath, was covered in a pale phosphorescence.

The voice sounded similar to Milfa’s as it’s like an electronic echo, though in his case, it was that of an austere man.

“That presence is a meta-artifact(God-Tier Magic Armament) like me. Be careful, master.”

Milfa warned me from my waist.

“Moreover, it’s probably just as good, no, even better than me…….”

I couldn’t help but gulp.

“An elf boy, I see. Are you Lian Tiarade?”

The dark elf boy smiled.

It’s a horrible, terrifying smile.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Redone Irvine.”


I gulped once again.

I was already expecting it, but I still couldn’t help but get horrified upon confirming it.

So this is Redone……


This is the target that Goddess Elciata directly requested me to defeat.

At last, I met him.

At last, I finally met him.

My tension rose even higher.

“I can tell just by your presence. You’re……strong. And you smell just like me.”

Redone smiled gleefully.

“Interesting, so interesting. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this aroused in seeing someone strong.”

He drew the small sword from its sheath at his waist.

The sword turned into a beautiful sword with a black blade.

Along its body were geometric patterns, giving it an impression of something that came from the future.

And its design…… was very similar to Milfa’s.

“Let’s give it a try. Who is stronger, the elven magic swordsman or the dark elf magic swordsman? Which one……survives in the end?”

“Why are you……doing this?”

“Why? Are you asking why I unleashed the Sweepers? Or are you asking why I’m trying to fight you?”

Redone asked back instead.


‘As for the Sweepers, I’m looking for strong people.”

Redone said matter-of-factly. If you are ab le to read this mess age, you are rea ding from an unau thorize d agg regat e site. Read at my Wo rdPr ess to support me and my tra nslati ons.

“And, that’s it. If you let a demon with that much strength run rampant, you’re going to have some strong people trying to kill it, right? That’s who I want to fight.”

The smile on his face was fierce and innocent at the same time.

“I’ve been reincarnated with the strong powers, but to think there are no enemies that can match me up to this day. I was bored, you know. So…”

Redone points the tip of his small sword at me.

“The answer to the second question is the same. You are strong. That’s why I want to fight you… no other reason than that.”

For that reason alone, you’ve attacked several countries and ruined them?

It is said that this guy once destroyed Ingrid’s country.

All for that petty reason?

You’ve destroyed several countries ── Just because you want to keep yourself occupied?

Just because you were bored?

The feeling of unforgiveness flared up in me.

The anxiety, the pressure, the nervousness, all of it went away as if they weren’t there all along.

This guy, by all means……

As an adventurer, I’ll definitely stop him.

“That’s a good face you got there. Looks like you’re getting itchy to fight as well.”

But Redone just smiled as if he was anticipating my reaction.


“Let’s get started, shall we? You’ll have to entertain me, or you’ll know what will happen next.”

“I’m not going to entertain you.”

I pulled Milfa from its sheath at my waist.

“I’m going to stop you. I’m going to defeat you and end all this.”

“Good. That’s what I’m talking about! Come on, give it everything you’ve got. Let’s have all the fun while we can!”

Redone shouted in delight.

“Let’s do this, Milfa.”

“Anytime, Master Lian.”

Regaining my grip on the answering Milfa, I intercept the dark elf.

““Limit Break(Slash Release)──””

The same incantation was uttered by both me and Redone at the same time.

He’s going to use magic sword techniques too?

In that case, I’ll take it on──.

The sword in my hand was enveloped in golden light, while a purple aura rises from Redone’s sword.

And then,

Brash Blade(Demon Breaker Slash)!”

Lucifer’s Blade(Demon Lord Decapitation)!”

Redone and I performed a magic sword technique also at the same time.

The golden and purple trails then collided, spreading an explosive light across the sky.

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