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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 11 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Teardrop

“That technique……”

Mina gulped as she witnessed Mary’s next moves.

(I’ve heard about it from Mary before, but to think she’s able to do it now……)

What Mary just performed was the highest level of the Crimson Emperor(Teikou) Beheading Move(Zan Jutsu)s, the Finisher(Getsugi) Series.

It was the ultimate technique of the school, which she said she couldn’t master at the time because her body wouldn’t take it.

But now, with the power of Mina’s best support spell, together with the power of her own meta artifact, this double-strengthening imbued in her body finally made her possible to succeed in performing these techniques.



In a literal way, the crimson slashes sliced through the Sweeper’s armor, causing sparks to fly everywhere.

Then, white smoke rose from its huge black body, indicating that its internal mechanism took heavy damage.

The Sweeper then retreated significantly.

Attack power exceeding unit capacity……exceeding unit capacity…….”

And oddly enough, there was now a slight echo of both agitation and fear in its flat voice.

“Rosemary, stand back.”

At the sound of Ingrid’s voice, Mary jumped broadly to the side.

Icicle Cannon(Ice Magic Dragon Fang)Banishing End(Seven Emperors)!”

Immediately after, a seven-headed ice dragon was released from the get-go.

Reflection On(Magic Reflect Activate)

But the Sweeper still persisted and intercepted the spell with its sub-arm.

Ingrid’s magic spell would be bounced back by the reflective barrier of the combined Sweepers, as it was the same as before. If y ou are able to re ad this messa ge, you are rea ding from an un authorized agg regate site. R ead at my Word Press to supp ort me and my tra nslations.

However, a split-second later,

High Boost(Magic Super-Acceleration)!”

Mina casted a support spell that further amplified the power of Ingrid’s spell.

The seven-headed ice dragon, now clad in a purple aura, roared as if it was alive.

With a flick of its long body, the spell freezed all twelve of the Sweepers’ sub-arms.

It was a combination of Ingrid’s super spells and Mina’s amplification spells.

Despite how enhanced the Sweepers’ ability was, it wasn’t able to withstand its tremendous power.

In an instant, the ice dragon destroyed the sub-arms then wrapped itself around the Sweeper’s colossal body.

“Crush it, ice dragon.”

With Ingrid’s chilling voice, the black behemoth shattered in place.

The countless fragments fell to the ground, but it was further frozen, shattered, and frozen again.

In the end, they turned to dust and disappeared.

“It’s finally over, isn’t it?”

Mary muttered, still cautious of a comeback.

“I don’t feel any more mana response from that monster, so I think it is over.”

Ingrid told as she put out a sigh of relief.

The golden aura and blue spark that covered her entire body had already long disappeared, indicating that her ‘battle state’ was lifted.

“It appears to have completely stopped functioning.”

Mina also made sure.

“Then……the three of us, did it? Yaay!”

And Mary finally celebrated.

“Thank you, Refactor.”

Mina thanked her pink scepter in her hand.

“You saved me there, Ralfagh.”

It was also the same for Mary on her red sword.

The new partners for the girls.

These sacred treasures that hold the power of the goddess──.


“Ara ara, you even managed to kill the three combined sweepers on your own. That’s surprising.”

Suddenly, a voice echoed in their surroundings, cutting off the joyful moment of the three.

“That thing has a fighting strength to the extent that even if several S-class adventurers were to fight it, they would still be no match for it. But to be able to defeat it completely with just you pretty faces, you’re all quite good.”

“Who are you!?”


(When in the world did she appear? I didn’t feel any signs of her at all!)

A figure appeared near the three all of a sudden.

“You gals aren’t S-class, are you? To think there too are adventurers of lower ranks who are this strong. I’m very impressed.”

The one who smiled lustrously was a tall, slender woman.

She was wearing only a thin piece of clothing that shows the roundness of her ample breasts, the red color of her nipples, her curvy waistline, and even the black shade in between her thighs – almost all the parts that should be hidden completely, they are all nearly see-through.

She was half-naked, yet what made her look even more lustful was that piece of see-through cloth she was wearing.

Even Mina, who was of the same sex, felt a mysterious sensation that made her spine tingle when she saw her. This cha pter tran slation is made pos sible by sta bbing with a syri nge trans lations. check up-to-date transl ations on my Wordpres s site.

“Again, who are you!?’

“You don’t look like an ally.”

Ingrid and Mary also showed their caution.

Of course, despite the odd sensation she felt, Mina didn’t let her guard down for even a moment and stared at the woman.

“I’m a sweeper, too, you know?”

The beautiful woman introduced herself with a smile.

“Master Redone called us the Nova Type(Commander Types) Magic Armaments, the same kind as the ones you’ve been fighting.”

(Indeed, it is a magical wavelength very similar to that of a sweeper……)

(However, the amount of magic power was on a different level.)

(It’s as if…… you’re facing a real god, and you feel a sense of majesty and awe.)

“To distinguish myself from my peers of the same type, Master Redone has also bestowed me the name Teardrop(Crimson Tears). Hmm, actually, it would be nice if you could call me by this name instead of the “Nova Type”, as it sounds plain and generic.”

The beautiful woman who called herself Teardrop smiled even deeper.

At the same time, an aura of crimson enveloped her lustrous half-naked body.

“Now, play with me next, ladies. Fufufu.”


Side: Claudia Wellstein

“This guy──!?”

Claudia looked at the enemy, one sword in each hand and with a very wary expression on her face.

On her left and right are Glenda and Georg – both S-class adventurers of the top ranks.

If three of such S-class adventurers are gathered together, they can kill an ordinary demon in an instant.

However, the demon in front of them right now was far from ordinary.

It was an old woman with gray hair and a body like a dead tree.


“Greetings. I am one of the Commander-Type Sweepers. Master Redone calls us the Nova Types.”

The old woman introduced herself, releasing a tremendous amount of pressure around her while at it.

Claudia frowned at the pressure, which was even accompanied by a physical shockwave that shook their surroundings.

You should not be deceived by their aloof appearance.

The other party is a superb demon.

This is what was told in their minds right now.

“You can call me Mystique(Green Phantom) to distinguish me from my other two comrades, who are fighting with our other company right now. Well, you can call me whatever you want. It’s not like we’re going to be friends for long, anyway. Hihihi”

With that creepy laughter, a blue aura began to cover the old woman’s entire body.


Side: Felix Harrion

“You don’t seem like any other sweeper, do you?”

Felix stared at the opponent in front of him in an indifferent tone.

However, the beautiful women on either side of him – the Miller sisters – all looked nervous.

They must have sensed that the entity in front of them was no ordinary demon.

But this didn’t matter to Felix.

It doesn’t matter who he is or how strong he is.

He’ll just cut them down and throw them away like a scrap in the end – just as the guild requests of him.

“Oh, you know that already? By the way, I’m a Nova type, you see. Hehehe.”

The obese boy shook his round belly and laughed.

“In order to distinguish it from the other two, please call me Mad Eater(Blue Brat). Anyway, as per Master Redone’s orders, I’ll have your strength checked one by one, if you may.”

The obese boy said in a cheerful tone, and soon, a blue aura began to well up from his entire body.

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