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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 11 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Maidens of Awakening

Mina stared at the floating scepter above her.

The sacred treasure that was given to her by the goddess has now become a complete meta(God-Tier)()artifact(Magical Armament) at her disposal.

The scepter, with its purple glow, was a size larger and longer than the one she usually used.

A heart-shaped emblem was engraved on its tip, and the words “Standing by” were displayed on it like an out-of-this-world digital screen.

Mina gently grabbed the scepter.


At the same time, the blood in her body welled up hotly.

──Refactor(Staff of Love and Healing).

The name of the scepter naturally appeared in her mind.

“This……it’s the scepter’s name, isn’t it?”

In addition, the scepter’s functions and abilities ─ all its necessary details kept popping in her mind.

Meena walked up to Ingrid, scepter in hand.


“It’s okay. I’ll help you this time.”

She then raised her staff. I f y ou ar e able to re ad this message, you a re re ading from an unauthor ized aggr egate site. Re ad at my Wor dPress to su pport me and my tran slations.

What was needed to activate her sacred treasure is the strength of Mina’s thoughts.

The desire to protect others – when it rises to the extreme, the artifact will awaken and give her strength.

No matter how many times she tried, she couldn’t get it to work because she didn’t have enough of that desire.

But now, for the first time, the sacred treasure has responded to Mina and became a meta(God-Tier)()artifact(Magical Armament) because it has recognized the strength of her feelings.

(So……please. Give me the strength……to protect everyone!)

She prayed.

She prayed with her pure heart.

VUUUNNGGG…as if it was the indication that the scepter has heard her prayer, the scepter changed its display from 『Standing by』 to 『Cure mode』.

“Please lend me your strength, Refactor!”

She called out to the scepter and raised it.

Elciaheal(Beautiful Goddess’ Blessing)!”

With the incantation, a purple glow flooded the room.

Ripples of light spread out in concentric circles, enveloping the surrounding area and the entire town.


Ingrid closed her eyes and felt the sensation.

“My mana……I could feel it returning…….”

What Mina had cast was a top-grade recovery spell that healed everything.

It creates a field that recovers a great deal of both physical and magical power back to its full.

The area of effect is so large that it covered the entire town.

Since strong feelings are the trigger for activation, the mental exhaustion per use was great. Thus, it cannot just be used repeatedly, nor can it be used indefinitely.

However, once activated, the effect was far different from that of a normal recovery spell.

“……thank you.”

Ingrid slowly stood up.

The color of blood has returned to her previously pale face.

Golden aura and a blue spark once again covered her petite body.


Mina stared at her friend as she lets out a sigh of relief.

However, the rebound from using the powerful recovery spell had taken a toll and drained all the strength from her, and right now, she could even barely stand.

“Don’t worry. I’m still okay.”

Mina nodded as if to halt her friend’s worry.

“Mina……I’m sorry I acted like that. I have you, I have Rosemary, I have friends now. It was a shameful act for me to run off on my own.”

“I don’t mind. We also know it’s hard for you. However, you don’t have to carry everything on your shoulders alone anymore.”

Mina smiled gently.

“Cheer up, Ingrid! Mina is right! We’re here for you always!”

Mary also rushed to their side.


But their touching moment was quickly abrupted by the roaring sound of the combined Sweepers approaching.  

When they looked at its direction, its twelve sub arms were already completely raised up at them and ready to attack all at once.


Mary immediately stepped forward.


The female swordswoman swung her large sword and managed the ones targeting them, either catching them or flicking them off.

But it was clear that she was being pushed.

“Its attacks are getting heavier!”

The blow that she could not surmount little by little shattered her armor, tearing some of her skin below.

Her sword was even starting to chip out, and cracks started appearing on the surface of the blade.

“Rosemary, get back!”

At the sound of Ingrid’s voice, the female swordsman took a giant sidestep.

Blazing Cannon(Refined Flaming Lion’s Sphere)!”

This time, the blue-haired mage from behind her unleashed a top-grade fire spell with no chanting.

Its power is still overwhelming, but the Sweeper just swung its twelve arms to dispel the fire spell.

“Both its attack and defensive powers are greater than before.”

Ingrid groaned in discontent.

Apparently, the merging of the three bodies enhanced their performance to the extent that is already incomparable to that of a single body.

“If we just shoot magic from the front, it will be just be repelled back.”

“In that case, I’ll get in close and create an opening for ya!”

“Don’t, Mary!”

Mary was about to rush forward, but Mina stopped her.

“The combined Sweeper’s raw power is just too high. Attacking them without a plan will only hurt you! Just look at your weapon!”

Marie is a first-class warrior.

However, even with her abilities, she was no match for the Sweeper in close range.

“But it’s my job to be the vanguard…….” Th is cha pter translati on is made pos sible by sta bbing with a syr inge transl ations. check up-to-date tran slations on my W ordpr ess si te.

Mary was frustrated.

“Both Ingrid and Mina are getting stronger, while I’m only getting dragged down…….”

“But Mary……”

“Me too, I too, want to get stronger!”

Mary announced and rushed recklessly forward……

“I don’t want to be the only one who can’t do anything! I want to protect you two too! You two are my precious friends──”

And swung her already cracked sword towards the combined Sweepers.

However, it just bounced back at the barrier it cast.

But still, Mary swung her sword once again.

With a cracking sound, the blade──snapped in half.


The next thing that happened was Mary being blown away and slamming into the hard ground.

“Kuuh, uuugh……”

Her armor was already tattered from repeated blows, her chest, armguards, even the protective covering on her shins.

Blood was oozing and dripping painfully from her extremities.

Nevertheless, Mary stood up, with her broken sword as a support.


“I told you, I’m gonna protect you both…….”

She smiled at Mina who screamed.


“I want to protect them. I want to protect my precious friends ……I want to protect everyone!”

She shouted and charged again.

──Suddenly, a dazzling red light flashed before her.

“This is……my……?”

Mary stopped with a stunned look on her face.

A sword was floating before her.

It was a greatsword with a red blade reminiscent of red jade.

The crest with the heart on the hilt is the same design as that on Mina’s scepter.

Ralfagh(Crimson Spirit Sword of Blaze), huh.”

Mary murmured, placing the broken sword on the ground and holding the red sword in her hand instead.

“I get it now……this thing gives me power in proportionate to my fighting spirit.”

Grasping the big red sword, she exclaimed.

The frustrated look she had earlier was now completely replaced with a self-assured and fully confident self.

The display on the sword’s hilt changed from “Standing by” to “Attack mode”.

“I can defeat him……I can finally protect everyone!”

“Mary, I’ll cover you!”

Mina held up her shining purple scepter from behind.

“Yeah, I’m counting on you. So here I go, you monster!”

Mary kicked the ground as she howled.

“Goddess Elcaita. Please, Grant blessings to this warrior who fights to protect others── Elcia Amulet(Pure Heart Protection)!”

With the words of prayer, Mina’s scepter emitted a dazzling light.

At the same time, the war maiden’s entire body was enveloped in a golden glow.

It was a physical reinforcement spell whose effects were explosively enhanced by the power of the scepter.

“My body feels super light! If it’s with this…….”

Mary accelerated further.

Then, a red aura appeared on her body, overlapping the golden aura surrounding her.

The power of Mina’s support spell and the ability of the meta-artifact.

With the combined double reinforcement in her body, Mary’s strength and speed jumped exponentially several times.

A flash of gold and red light rushed past in a straight line.

Despite running at speed comparable to the speed of light, the war maiden kept her momentum and came face to face with the black demon.

Crimson Emperor(Teikou) Beheading Move(Zan Jutsu) Finisher(Getsugi)── Crimson Sky Flicker(Guren Ten Shun)!”

She exclaimed as she slashed.

Up, down, left, right, diagonal, and thrust… from nine directions, all of these slashes, each with the power to kill in a single blow, were unleashed simultaneously in just a blink of an eye.

Then, they all struck the target in an instant.

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