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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 11 Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – Recovery Eros

After finishing my battle with the monster “Sweeper” that suddenly appeared in the town, I returned to the guild headquarters with the Miller sisters – Edith and Edna.

From there, I found out that several more of these Sweepers have appeared in the town.

There were thirty of them in total.

However, all of them have already been defeated, as all of the S-class adventurers have thankfully gathered here.

In particular, Felix, the first-ranked S-Class adventurer, had defeated seven of them by himself.

It was indeed an impressive feat.

But now, the crisis is over.


I was going to go back to the inn, until…

“You did great, rookie. If it weren’t for you, I would have been in grave danger or even dead by now.”

Edith, ever still smiling lustily, pulled me aside.

“For that, you have my deepest gratitude, Lian. If possible, I would like to repay you, by any means you like.”

“Me too. Thank you for saving us, Lian.”

Edna also thanked me with a neat smile and a deep bow.

“No need to thank me, really. After all, it was the three of us who fought the sweeper in the first place.”

“No, I won’t be satisfied with just that……That’s right! As a show of gratitude, how about I let you enjoy my body to the fullest?”

Edith then stared at me in a bent-over pose, causing the deep cleavage of her breasts to jump into my view. If you a re able t o read this message, you a re reading from an unauth orized aggregate site. Read at my Wor dPress to suppor t me and my tr anslations.


This, she’s showing it off on purpose……

The sexiness of a mature woman……it’s making me feel dizzy.

“I’ve heard a lot of rumors about you, too. I’ve heard you’re a great lover.”

“What do you mean by that rumor?”

“No need to deny. I have keen ears. I’ve heard that you’ve been quite involved with quite a number of women ever since you started adventuring.”

Could it be that Mina and the others, or was it, Paula? Claudia, or……

Aaah, I had too many to count that I find it hard to reply.

“Well, that……haha.”

I scratched the back of my head with a wry smile.

“You’re disgraceful, sis.”

Edna warned beside.

“Pardon her. As soon as she sees a good-looking man, she is…”

“Oh, a good-looking man only? It’s not just his face I’m attracted to, you know? He possessed beautiful traits too, just the way I like him.” While at it, she brought her face closer to mine.

Her eyes were filled with a wet glow that gave her a mysterious sex appeal.

“What I’m talking to is that kind of heroism that comes out in battle. I am drawn to such tales when I was a kid. That’s why I became an adventurer. I want to meet such a real “Man”, fall in love with him, and spend the rest of my love life with him.”

“But sis, aren’t you already technically married? To have such ──”

“That’s not love, Edna, and you know that well, being on the same page as I am. Our ‘about-to-be-husbands’ don’t look at our adventurer life; they only care about our title as nobles. Also, that guy has had already many women in his arms. Why shouldn’t I have a little fun, too?”

Hmph! Edith puffed up her cheeks.

“Right. Let’s do it this way. As a thank you for saving me, I’ll restore your strength and magic power. Then you won’t have any complaints.”

“……Restore? Wait. You’re going not going to use that method, are you?”

Edna looked more and more reluctant for some reason.

“No, I haven’t depleted my strength or magic to that extent ──”

As I was about to say this, I was momentarily blacked out.


I almost collapsed to my knees, but thankfully, I immediately managed to hold on.

I wonder if it was a reaction to using the third release of Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration), even if it was only for a moment.


I thought I could handle it for a short time – but it seemed to be more of a burden than I thought.


I’m not as tired as I was when I fought Fenrir before, but my fatigue is increasing rapidly.

Perhaps my mana had also decreased a lot.

“It seems that both your body and your magic power are considerably drained in using that technique of yours.”

Edna made a grim expression.

“But, I’m still okay, so──”

But Edith just smiles lustrously upon seeing my state.

“In that case, it’s perfec-no, it’s bad! He’ll need both of our help to make Lian recover!”

“Eh!? M-Me too?!”

“Oh, don’t you want to repay Lian for saving you?”

“No, I’d like to. But that way is…….”

Edna’s cheeks turned red.

“I-I’m engaged too, you know?”

“It’s just a magic ritual, moreover, a treatment for someone in dire need! You have to separate it from cheating or anything like that. Also, save that thought when you’re officially married!”

“But, but the engagement…….”

“Engagement, my ass! They are the ones who can’t accept us and stated that unless we give up our adventurer life, we won’t be treated as married! Plus, do you really want to live the rest of your life like that? We’re already past our thirties, and we still haven’t managed to start a family. Or is it because you don’t like Lian?” This cha pter translation is made po ssible by stabbi ng with a syr inge translat ions. check up-to-date trans lations on my Wordp ress site.

“No! That’s not the case, but……ugh, I certainly want to thank him, and it’s urgent that Lian, who is a valuable asset, needs to recover……but I’m a married woman……Ah.”

Edith, who was exasperated with her twin sister’s demure actions, and Edna, who seemed to be struggling with something.

Moreover, Edna glancing at me and sighing in a troubled manner each time she does so……

The expression on her face was somewhat sexy, and I couldn’t help but feel unsettled.

But what in the world is bothering her just now?

“I understand.”

After a struggle, Edna seemed to have made up her mind.

“This is a ritual.”

“Yes, yes. It’s not an affair.”

Edith continued.

What do you mean, an affair?


No way, what these two are trying to do is……

“Of course, I’ll keep our so-called “husbands” out of this.”

“I-isn’t that obvious!? I would never tell them anything about this!”

“Um, what were you talking about earlier……?”

I asked, half expecting the answer.

“Edna and I are going to have sex with you, Lian. As a ritual to restore your strength and mana.”

Edith declared with a vibrant smile.

──Oddly enough, I already had a feeling that I would get an answer like that.

Recovery Eros(Flesh Recovery).

In simple terms, it is a healing spell that allows you to recover your physical and magical strength significantly by having sex.

Normally, when magic power, or mana is reduced to some extent, it takes more time to recover.

This spell, however, is not subject to such restrictions and can recover all of it at once.

However, what is required as a ritual for this is──.

“The subject has to engage in male-female intercourse.”

Blushing, Edna explained.

“It is ritual magic based on the sexual ritual of Armeris, and it is a complicated spell. However, my sister and I can dramatically increase the effect of the spell by synchronizing, so if we use it together, we should not fail.”

“Edna, you’re not really cute when you explain that while blushing. It doesn’t suit a mature woman like you.”

“Shut up, sis. A married woman should not allow herself to be touched by a man other than her husband, even as a ritual.”

“But we’re not married, remember? We’re treated as engaged, even with all that ceremony stuff. Which means……fufufu.”

In the course of a single night, I never imagined that I would be asked out by three S-class beauties in a row.

Glenda, and the Miller Sisters Edith and Edna.

I wonder if this is also thanks to my maximum luck with women?

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