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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 10 Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – The Miller Sisters, aka the Twin Rondo

Along with the Miller sisters, I was currently standing face to face with a black cone-shaped monster.

“Wow. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Judging from its special magical wavelengths, I’d say it’s more like……a magical armament from a very ancient civilization.”

“If that’s the case, then this thing is not a simple matter. So please brace yourself, sister. Lian.”

Edith was smiling as if she was impressed, while Edna warns her with worry.


But as you would expect from an S-class, she only saw it at a glance for her to confirm that the other party is a magic armament.

“We’ll go first.”

“Let me show you the power of Twin Rondo(Twin Dancers) to the fullest.”

And so, the two of them stepped forward together.

“Wait, I’m coming with you──”

“You stay back, cutie. Just leave this to us, your S-class seniors……fuuuh.”

Edith looked back and blew a breath of air at me.

Her breath was so sweet that it made my eyes dizzy.

It’s the kind of scent that only a beautiful woman of her age can produce.

“I will definitely protect a beautiful boy like you. Besides, I don’t want to get you any scratches on that pretty face.”

Edith licked her lips with her tongue.

It’s a very sexy gesture.

“Your motives are as impure as ever, sister.” This chap ter translation is made pos sible by stabbing with a syringe tr anslations. check up-to-date transl ations on my Wordp ress site.

Edna chided her.

“Pretty boys are the common property of all women after all.”

“Sister, we’re in battle, so please behave yourself.”

Despite the twins’ shouting match, the Sweeper still kept its slow pace.

“Oh, well… That’s enough joking for now.”

“You were clearly serious in your tone, sis.”

“Oh, come on, Edna.”

Edith held up her staff, lightly passing over Edna’s retort.

“Anytime, sis.”

Edna holds her wand up as well.

The two sisters’ stances are as symmetrical as if they were reflected in a mirror.

From there, along with a fluid movement, the tip of their wands created an intricate magic circle in the void.

As their name Twin Rondo(Twin Dancers) implies, what came next was a dance with gorgeous movements.

Aquablast(Waterfall Dragon Assault)!”

A majestic wave of water was released. Edna’s spell immediately swallowed the Sweeper.

And then.

Thunder Fang(Thunder Dragon Fangs)!”

A bolt of humongous lightning struck next to the black conical body of the monster.

I see, so you wet it with water first to increase the conductivity.

The armor of the Sweeper shattered here and there, and the Sweeper fell with a buzzing of sparks.

“This is the power of the Miller Sisters, the Twin Rondo(Twin Dancers).”

“There’s no one better at magic coordination than us.”

Edith and even Edna spoke out, looking very proud.

However, after doing a couple of twitches eerily similar to a human being, the Sweeper immediately got up.

Its whole body swelled, spreading bumps all over its conical shape.

“That’s a weird shape you got there.”

“It has increased its armor, Master.”

Milfa explained.

“The longer you fight it, the stronger the sweeper becomes, thanks to its combat learning and self-growth capabilities.”

“I remember now. It was almost the same way Fenrir powers up while we were fighting.”

But when I was just about to warn the two about that,

“Let’s go with the next. Edna.”

“Anytime, sis.”

The Miller sisters were already preparing for the next spell.

Once again, they swirled their wands in a dance-like motion and drew a magic circle in the air.

Flare Nail(Flaming Dragon Claw)!”

Hell Breeze(Ice Dragon World)!”

This time, Edith slammed her fire magic into the Sweeper, and Edna unleashed her freeze magic.

As a result, the metal-like body heated and cooled rapidly and crumbled fragilely away.

The Sweeper collapsed into pieces once again.

But from each of its piece, something like a cord began to stretch out and started connecting it to the other parts, and soon, it quickly returned to its original form.



The Sweeper mumbled in a flat voice as it gives a shake of its new body.

This time, the nubs covering the surface of its cone turned into a shape that looks like a spike.

Its form is now vaguely reminiscent of a hedgehog.

“It’s getting weirder and weirder…….”

“And it must have grown even stronger. It’s about time the ladies’ magic stopped working.”

Milfa supplemented me as I mumbled.

“Then, should we stop them from attacking──”

“Oh, you think we’ve been firing off magic attacks for nothing?”

As if Edith had heard of our conversation, she turned around to me.

“Sis, it seems that the core is over there. When the enemy was repairing itself, its core of magic power was exposed for a moment.”

It was then Edna who spoke.

“Should we destroy it until it can’t regenerate anymore? Or just destroy the core directly? There are two ways to defeat it.”

“Destroying the core seems to be the quickest way.”

The two of them are discussing.

Not only were they were attacking in the darkness of the night, but that they were also analyzing the enemy in the midst of it.

“Whatever the case, let’s make it shatter again! Thunder Fang(Thunder Dragon Fangs)!”

Edith unleashed her attack magic once again.

The Sweeper receives a direct hit and falls apart.

In the countless fragments scattered on the ground, there was a sparkling thing.

I see. So that’s the core.

It’s so tiny that you won’t notice it unless you’re told.

“The core has been exposed. Edna, shoot.”

“Yes, sis. Thunder Fang!”

Edna unleashes her thunderbolt magic. I f you are able to read this mess age, you are rea ding from an unaut horized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to support me and my translations.

It’s the same magic that Edith used a while ago.

At that moment, a golden glow burst out from all the pieces of the Sweeper.

Edna’s lightning attack was blocked by the glow and was fizzled out.

“Magic of the same power? No, that can’t be.”

Edna groaned in surprise.

“It’s the same magic as us…….”


“What the heck is that……!?”

“Don’t tell me it can copy his opponent’s magic just by looking at it once?”

And so the battle resumed.

Edith and Edna worked together beautifully, unleashing spells in rapid succession, but the Sweeper quickly canceled them out and counterattacked with even the same magic spells.

The state of the war changed quickly and easily.

“It……became so strong all of a sudden…….”

“No way, It had us deliberately attack……at first to learn our magic spells!?”

The two of them have a hint of impatience on their faces.

Moreover, as if mocking them, the magic spells that the sweeper shoots seemed to be more powerful than that of the Miller sisters.

“Haaa, haaa, haaa…….”

With rough breathing, they retreated to my side.

The luxurious dresses they wore were now tattered and torn, exposing their pasty white skins underneath.

Their ample breasts, luscious curves of her hips, and plump thighs were revealed as well, and I could almost see her private parts at the base of them.

In full contrast with their aristocratic and graceful beauty, their half-naked appearance, which for some reason became more indecent than full nudity, created a bewitching atmosphere among us.


I couldn’t help but be moved by her sex appeal, that I almost forgot that I was in a war zone.

“It’s embarrassing, Lian.”

“It seems that we had underestimated our enemy a bit…….”

The two women looked back at me.

“You need to run.”

I was about to gawk at their glamorous figures when I hurriedly snapped back to reality.


“The enemy is getting stronger and stronger……Even with us going all out, we aren’t sure we will win.”

Edith spoke as she bit her lip in frustration.

“In that case, let me──”

“No, Lian. Please go to the headquarters and ask for reinforcements. We can’t afford you to be annihilated here.”

It was Edna who said it.

“Even if the worse comes to worst, it will only cost the two of us.”

“Cost……you mean you’ll sacrifice yourselves?”

“Come on, even if you’re a rookie, you’re still an S-Class. You have to be rational about it.” But even Edith’s expression was grim.

“…… I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know a beautiful boy like you, but I’m afraid I may not be able to adore you in the future. What a shame.”

“Sis, please behave yourself.”

“Oh, but if we survive, would you be willing to spend the night with me? It would be our victory celebration.”


Edith’s eyes glowed brightly, and Edna stared at her with fear.

“It’s just a joke to lighten the mood.”

“Your eyes are serious!”

Even in such a situation, their banter did not change its tone.

Is this the boldness of an S-class?

Or was it just to keep me from worrying about it?

“In that case, then you guys go to the headquarters instead.”

With Milfa in my hand, I stepped forward.

To protect the two of them.

“I’ll be the one who’ll take care of it from here.”

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