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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 10 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – Confrontation

The languid mood after having hardcore sex was pleasant.

Right now, the two of us have lined up on the bed and our skins were on fire, but we’re still hugging each other and exchanging each other’s warmth.


“Nn……I feel so sleepy now. Fuaaahh……”

All of a sudden, Glenda gave a small yawn.

She curled up her huge body, hugging both her knees and closing her eyes.

Looking at her like this, it felt like she’s more of a lazy housecat than a fierce tiger.


“……after sex, I get so sleepy……nnyaaamunyamunyaa…….”

Glenda’s voice was already laced with sleepiness in it.

“Thank you ……Lian……for making me feel so ……good. Good……night…….”

After those words, the beast girl fell asleep quickly.

“Hey, you’ll catch a cold if you lie naked. Good grief, this woman.”

Smiling tiredly, I pulled the blanket over Glenda.

Since there’s no sign of her waking up, I guess I have her stay in my room for tonight.

──And that’s when it happened.


“What the…?”

I heard a tremendous explosion from the outside.

Then came next were the screams of the townspeople.

I immediately got out of bed and went to the window. This ch apter tran slation is made possible by s tabbing with a syringe trans lations. check up-to-da te transla tions on my WordPress site.

When I looked down at the main street, I saw something black moving towards us slowly.

The multicolored rays of light it emitted were burning down the buildings of the town one after another.

The people of the town fled as if they were being chased.

“Glenda, there’s a strange monster attacking the town. We have to stop it…”

I turned around, but the beastly beauty was still sound asleep.

“Hey, Glenda……”



But she just turned over in her sleep and showed no signs of waking up, no matter how much I shook her.

“Five more minutes, just five more minutes…….” She mumbled to herself.

It seems she’s the type of person who doesn’t wake up easily once she falls asleep.

“It’s no use. I guess I have to go by myself.”

So I gave up in trying to wake her up.

[Come to me soon as you wake up.]

I left a brief note and readjusted my clothes.

I looked again at Glenda, but she was still sound asleep, much to my amazement.

……I mean, it’s amazing that Glenda can sleep without a care in the world despite all the commotion.

Either way, she’s one bold person.

Anyway, I have to deal with that monster now.

I grabbed the small sword that was propped against the wall – Milfa – and left the inn alone.

But soon as I left the inn, a blazing high temperature immediately blew on my face.

It was probably due to the fact that buildings were now burning all over the place.

The main street was filled with people running for their lives.

I waded through the crowd and moved forward.

“……Please be careful, Master Lian.”

Milfa on my waist warned me.

“That one…… It’s no ordinary demon.”

“Is it a strong one?”

“Not only I could feel its strength……it also appears to be a product of the High Ancients.”

High Ancients – these are the previous civilization that has been wiped out in this world.

“I sense a wavelength similar to that of Fenrir’s. I think it’s also a type of Sweeper.”

“A Fenrir-like entity……that thing?”

Memories of me battling the Magic Armament in the transcendent difficulty quest resurfaced.

If it’s one of its kind, it’s probably a nasty enemy.

“In the end, what is a Sweeper, actually?”

“Sweepers are powerful magic weapons specialized for use against humans. Though its offensive capabilities vary on each type, they all have abilities that make them almost impervious to physical and magical attacks. What’s more, they are capable of self-repair, self-enhancement and most importantly, they have combat learning abilities, which played the largest role on why they are the most troublesome enemies in this world.” Milfa explained further.


……Though about the last part, I’ve pretty much learned it the hard way.

“However, the activation key of the Sweeper is already restricted and should not be able to be moved by the current generation of this world. The only way to possibly break the restriction would be if someone from the High Ancients would activate it by themselves……or those that don’t belong in this generation gain an ability to access it. In other words, whoever is behind this,”

“Milfa’s voice then came to a halt.

Then what came next was a voice filled with tension, very far from her usual indifferent tone.

“──it would be a possibility that he or she is also a reincarnated person, a being similar to Master Lian.”


I was speechless for a moment.

“No way,“ I thought.

No, I already knew all along.

There is only one person. If you are able to re ad this message, you are reading from an unauthor ized aggregate site. Read at my Wor dPress to support me and m y translations.

The goddess Elciata told me his name.

“Dark Elf……Redone.”

I gulped to clear my throat.

“Please be careful, Master Lian.”

“I understand.”

I nodded, bracing myself. Then I ran further until I reached the said monster.

Thankfully, there were already two adventurers in front of the oddly cone-shaped black entity – the Sweeper.

They were just about to engage in battle when I arrived.


“Glad you’re here, lad. This thing is kinda tough. Can you help us?’

The ones who looked back at me were two beautiful adult women who looked exactly alike.

If it’s about their age, they look both in their thirties or so.

Their waist-length, flowing purple hairs swayed in the wind.

They had jeweled hair ornaments that gave the impression of nobility; red for the first and blue for the next one.

And despite being adventurers, they wore luxurious dresses as if they were aristocrats, and it also accentuated their splendid proportions underneath.

But what’s most surprising is that they were the same faces I had seen at the ceremony.

You won’t believe it at first glance, but both are S-class adventurers – the Miller sisters.

“Okay! I’m ready to help at any time!”

“You have a cute face, but you look so dignified in battle. I like that.”

The beautiful woman with the red hair ornament smiled lustily.

“I’m Edith Miller. Nice to meet you.”


“Sis, please behave yourself.”

The beautiful woman with the blue hairpiece chided her.

“By the way, I’m Edna Miller. Glad meeting you here too.”

“I’m Lian Tiarade……well, you already knew that.”

I returned the greeting and turned my gaze forward.

The black cone-shaped demon continued to approach from across the street.

It was doing it slowly, as if it’s enjoying the reaction of people who are running away in fear.

Then, the Sweeper’s gaze focused on us.

“Sweeper 6 to Lord Redone……Found strong combatants……Matching with Guild’s database……match complete…….”

“It,” mumbled in a flat voice.

This guy… did he just said “Redone”?

If so, then this monster is……

“Edith Miller, Rank 8……Rank 9, Edna Miler……also Rank 26, Lian Tiarade…….”

Then, after that announcement, the Sweeper’s entire body was enveloped in a blue aura.

An aura made up of mana.

“Targets confirmed…… Activating all functions at combat status…… Now initiating the Adventurer Hunt…….”

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