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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 10 Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – First Time with Glenda, Part 4 ※

I was holding Glenda in my arms on the bed after our “fight”.

Her hot skin felt nice and warm.

Firm but supple flesh.

Soft but bountiful breasts.

Cute bush between her legs that was in complete contrast to her fierce personality.

I was able to feel them all over my body.

Right now, we’re soaking up on the afterglow of our intense sex.

“That felt good. I didn’t think I have been made to cum this much before.”

Glenda breathed in satisfaction as she brought her face to mine.

I responded by placing my lips on hers.

“Nchuu, mmm……nnh.”

“Haa, nn……chuu.”

I could feel my feelings for Glenda deepening as our tongues lightly intertwined, and we continued to suck each other’s lips. If you are able t o read this messag e, you are reading f rom an unauthorized aggregate sit e. Read at my WordPress to suppor t me and my transl ations.

She is fierce in battle, glamorous in bed, and above all, she’s like this after sex.

Honestly, I find it pretty cute.

Combining these elements and the charm of being a beast girl almost made me fall in love with her.

“Aah, I think I have taken a liking to you, Lian.”

Glenda parted her lips and looked at me with heated eyes.

It was not the face of a warrior nor the face of a beast.

It’s the face of a woman, enraptured and aroused with a man.

The more I stared at her, the more my heart began to pound.

“You’re so cute…….”

Glenda whispered, pulling her face close to mine.

She kisses me on the lips once again, but this time, instead of going deep, her lips slid sideways to my ear.

“Fuuu, chuuu……nmm.”

She let out sticky breaths along the way, tickling the skin on my neck and up to my much more sensitive ears.


I felt a tingle down my spine as she repeatedly blew on that area, which was almost another erogenous zone for us elves.

My penis, which had just finished its release, naturally became erect again.

“Oh, you’re pretty lively already……It would be a shame to just leave you like this.”

As she says this, Glenda twines her fingertips around my now stiff object.

She tickled the tip of the bellend with her fingers, then lightly rubbed the underside of my shaft, even going down further and tracing the curvature of my balls.

The skillful hand job technique made my erection grow even stronger.

“Fufufu, Looking good. I think it’s ready for another round.”

Glenda spoke happily, seeing the outcome of her actions.

Her smile, in a way, showed how much she loved sex.

“Well, since we’re here, I guess it won’t hurt if we do it again.”

Getting the feeling that Glenda is enjoying herself very much, I got her on all fours.

“Oh? You want to do it in this position? Do you really want to attack me intensely from behind so that so can make me yield to you easily? Well, go ahead. Many have tired, but not a single one of them made me drop.”

But this provocative tone of voice only set me more on fire.

Below me were Glenda’s round, pudding buttocks, lightly swaying along with her furry tail.

It was as if they’re inviting me.

Guided by the pheromones in the air, I immediately grabbed these shiny mounds and thrust my cock in between them once again.

“Fuuuaaaaaaaahhh, as expected, it’s reaching deep! It’s so deep! Your cock is so good! It’s so good! It’s ramming all the way to the back!”


As I thrust vigorously from behind, the tiger’s tail bounced adorably.

I gently grabbed the tail and nuzzled my face over the fluffy texture it gave.

Then I ran my tongue over it.


Glenda’s reaction was more sensitive than I had expected. Judging from the sound of her voice, it seemed quite pleasant for her whenever I licked it there.

I wonder if this was also a unique erogenous zone for beast girls similar to the ears are for the elves?

I put more force on the tip of my tongue and slowly licked from the tip to the base, parting the hairs on Glenda’s tail as I went.

“Haaaaa, aaahhhmm! Waaait, doing it in such a place……!? Auunnn, no way, why does it feel so good……aaahh, aaaaaahhnn! No, no moooree!”

Glenda’s voice immediately went louder.

What I did next was I caught the tip of the tail with my teeth and bit it, and while at it, I grabbed each of her moons with my hands and continued my ramming underneath.

It was a double assault on the vagina and the tail, the two erogenous zones of that of a beast folk.

“Aauuhnn, aaaaaaahh! My pussy, even my tail is……aahhh, they both feeling so good! There, there! Give me more, give me mooooree!”

Glenda screamed loudly as she wiggled her magnificently toned naked body. Seeing this alluring sight, my body got even more aroused.

With my burning lust, I showered her with an even more intense movement on my hips.

With each of our flesh slamming against each other, I rubbed her wet membranes, even going far as stirring the fluids of her insides that she has accumulated inside.

It felt as if our genitals were being melted together, and I couldn’t help but get aroused even more by that pleasant feeling.

“Yes, that’s it! Ohhhh! Aaah! Lian, that’s……amazing!”

In conjunction with Glenda’s pleasure, the tightness in her vagina became even stronger, making my entire penis go number with its sweetness. Th is chapter tra nslation is made possible by stab bing with a s yringe translations. chec k up-to-date translat ions on my Word press site.

The heightened sense of ejaculation that seemed to penetrate to the very marrow of my brain quickly reached me to the limit.

I looked down, only to find out that Glenda already finished her climax.

Her upper body was, in fact, already plopped down the bed from reaching the peak earlier.


She was panting and letting out tired breaths.

Seeing that, I decided that it was time I finish this.

“I’m coming, Glenda! Ooooh……!”

I slammed my hips down and hard for one last time and plunged it in as deep as I could.

My feeling of pleasure rose to the top, and as the folds of flesh entwined around me, I unleashed my torrent of burning desires into Glenda.

Throb, throb, throb, with a pace not even bit slower from my previous discharges, I spewed out my seed juice at a furious pace.

The hot cum quickly filled up her vagina, and Glenda’s upper body jolted up from her prone position.


Right now, the voice of Glenda’s climax was as faint as a sigh, a great contrast from the loud, beast-like moans she had been letting out earlier.

Apparently, the repeated ecstasy had robbed her of the strength to even scream.

After ejaculating up to the last drop of my cum, I pulled my penis out, enjoying myself in another pleasant afterglow that came next.

“Haaa, haaa……I can’t……any more than this……and I won’t be able to leave you……fuaaahhh…….”

Glenda stares at me over her back, looking wholly smitten over my thing.

Her glamorous naked body was covered with beads of sweat, but It also gave her a rosy and alluring atmosphere as if it still wants to be violated more.


“Ahhh, not good……I’m already captivated with you. If I ever embrace you again……no, it’s too late. I won’t be able to forget this. I will be wanting you to embrace me again. Will you……do it with me again in the future?”

Her eyes were faintly moist and pleading as she asked this.

To Glenda, who’s become modest and tame all of a sudden, I couldn’t help but nod at her with a smile.

“Of course, I’d love to.”

“Ahh, that’s good……fufufu, I’m so happy.”

After hearing my response, Glenda exhaled in an enticing way, then returned to me a bright smile, and it was so lovely that I couldn’t help but make my heart pound once more.

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