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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 10 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – Two-Man Cell

Raging Flame(Rekka) Overlord Style(Hakenryuu)Great Emperor Blaze Flash(Goutei Ka Sen)!”

Ludwig first lunged at full speed, unleashing a slash at the Sweeper.

While he was doing it, Serun was also casting a spell to match his timing.

“Dwelling in the sword, flare of destruction……Flare Edge(Beheading Flame Blade)!”

The heat from the friction of the scabbard running through the blade, along with flames of magic power enchanting the edge to further enhance its sharpness…

It was a simultaneous triple attack of fire, slashing, and magic – all three destructive properties fused into one. This technique is the amalgamation of the cooperation of the two S-Class in their past years.

“See if you can still reflect this, you creep!”

Ludwig struck with a large uppercut slash. It was a blow that contained all of his and Serun’s power.


But, even with that power, the octagonal ripple of the Sweeper was still able to block it. It didn’t even flinch as if it was expecting this level in the first place.

But Ludwig’s attack didn’t stop there, at least, not just yet.


With a crushing sound, the warding barrier shook as Ludwig continued to push.

The fire magic slash and the reflective barrier.

Two powerful energies clashed and fought each other.

Ludwig’s blazing flames gained even more momentum, and the Sweeper’s warding became even more distorted.



“I’m not gonna make it ──”

Ludwig’s expression was the next to distort.

He saw that the once disoriented wards slowly became more resilient and even began to push back against his sword.

“Defeat it with an attack that exceeds the defensive power of their warding…but from the looks of it, I’m still slightly underpowered.”

(And the reflective attack will be upon us shortly.)

“Shit! Kuh, Serun! Run away!”

As he realized this, Ludwig stood in front of Serun as if trying to block the monster’s incoming attack with his body.

He knew that evasive maneuvers won’t work in time.

That if he or Serun gets caught in this attack, both of them will be finished for good.

(If so, I have to try saving my friend, at the very at least. Even at the cost of my own body.)

And so, as he had anticipated, the Sweeper unleased its deadly reflective attack on the two.

Edge Six(Sixth Peak Sword)Shining(Phosphorescence)

But the attack didn’t come at him. All of a sudden, six rays of light flew from his side, cutting through the incoming attack and blowing it away. If y ou are able to r ead this message, you are reading from an unauth orized aggregate site. Read at my Word Press to sup port me and my translation s.

“You fought hard and kept your fighting spirit until the end. That’s what makes you an S-class fighter.”

A dignified voice echoed from his behind, making Ludwig turn around in surprise.


Long purple hair fluttering in the wind.

Light blue eyes giving glint of a strong will.

Tightly fitting knight armor hugging her slender bodyline.

A dignified girl with a neutral atmosphere was standing there.

“We’ll take care of the rest.”

“Come on, get back here already……”

At her side was a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties.

She wore an eye patch over her left eye, and her slender body was dressed in what looked like a black military uniform.

“……if you do not want to eat collateral damage from my magic, that is.”

Seven Sword(Seven Sacred Blades)” Claudia and Rune Master(Sorcery Nymph) Sylvia.

They were S-class single-digit rank adventurers, a ranking much than Ludwig’s or Serun’s.

“Matching from database……Adventurers identified……S-class Rank 3 Claudia Wellstein, also, S-Class Rank 5, Sylvia Roiga.”

The Sweeper looked at them – though it was undistinguishable where the organ corresponding to its vision was – and murmured in a flat voice.

“Confirmed targets for Annihilation……Resume……adventurer hunting.”

“So, you’re ‘hunting’ me, huh? Interesting. I’ll take that as a challenge.”

A strong glint of light appeared in Claudia’s eyes. In contrast to her calm and collected expression, she exuded a fighting spirit comparable to a fierce beast.

For her, it doesn’t matter if the opponent is a human or a demon. Instead, like an innocent child, she will get rapturous as if she was invited to a game.

That’s just how Seven Sword(Seven Sacred Blades) Claudia was.

“I’ll take the front next. Miss Sylvia, if you see an opening, use your magic right away.”

“Leave it to me.”

After making eye contact with Sylvia, Claudia held her swords firmly in her left and right hands.

As for the other five, she thrust them all to the ground.


The distance between the Sweeper and the lady knight was only about five meters.

Edge Four(Fourth Noble Sword)Blaze(Hellfire).”

But as if those words were the signal, the swords on the ground lifted up, then shot out like they had a spring mechanism in them.

What came next was too fast for the common eyes to see. Claudia kicked the five swords up one after another in a fluid motion, redirecting the target on the Sweeper’s seemingly vulnerable parts.

Then, the five swords ignited in mid-air and struck the Sweeper as if they were flaming arrows.

Seven Sword(Seven Sacred Blades)……still as impressive as ever……!”

A swordsman who can freely control seven magic swords simultaneously.

At first, it sounded like it was nothing fancy, but once you encounter it by yourself, you will be shocked by its deadliness.

A unique style that allows one to change forms freely.

Unpredictable, tricky, and multi-faceted.

(It’s the same as it was back then……no, she’s gotten better.)

Ludwig once fought Claudia in the past.

(As far as I remember, that was when I had just become an S-class swordsman?)

Claudia, who had already made a name for herself before Ludwig as an S-class swordswoman, approached Ludwig at the S-class award ceremony and challenged him to a fight.

(When she sees someone strong, she can’t help but fight them. Well, as a thrill-seeking swordsman like her, I understand her sentiments well.)

And so they fought.

(That was a terrible defeat, now that I remembered it.)

It was probably the most devastating defeat Ludwig had ever experienced in his life.

A girl more than a decade younger than him showed him a tremendous skill with a sword.

He couldn’t help but marvel at her talent, even though she looks like a feeble girl you can find from the countryside, even now.

(And now, to think the same girl is protecting us like this)

Though it was a condensing attitude, Ludwig was also relieved and thankful in his heart to be able to have such a reliable ally.

“Unmatched attack power……Modifying threat rating…….”

But the Sweeper remained undaunted despite the massive power difference. Then, still mumbling in a flat tone of voice, its surface armor, which had been slashed and blasted by the attack earlier, quickly began to repair itself.

Moreover, its shape distorted once again.

“It’s the same as what we had been through. Be careful. It gets stronger with every fight.”

“I see. It’s similar to the Fenrir we fought before. It learns and gets stronger the more you fight it.” This cha pter tran slation is made pos sible by stabbing with a syringe transla tions. check up-to-date transla tions on my Wordp ress site.

But despite that, Claudia was unfazed. Instead of guarding herself, she held each of her swords in both hands up high.

“In that case, we’ll destroy it in one fell swoop with an attack that will surpass its learning ability.”

After the knight told them, she ran off towards the “creature”, immediately clashing with it as if she had just teleported.

From there, Claudia cleverly manipulated all of her seven swords.

It was also in this same manner that she was able to gain the alias Seven Sword(Seven Sacred Blades).

Of course, a normal human being only has two arms, so it was impossible for one to control seven different kinds of swords all at the same time.

But Claudia is different.

Every time she slashes, instead of pulling back the sword and creating an opening for herself, she unsummons it and pulls out another sword to follow up an immediate attack. Adding her super strength and dexterity to pull it off, much more with each sword being a legendary grade artifact and can be infused with the elements, she was able to unleash a variety of unpredictable attacks from any angles at superfast speed, making her almost invincible when attacking.

A normal person wouldn’t be able to even see her movements, and even Ludwig, who’s already an excellent swordsman, he could only barely follow her thanks to the training of his eyes in his knight order days. However, even with those eyes, there were times when he couldn’t catch her when she was doing a series of ultra-fast slashes.

(She’s even stronger than the last time we met.)

Every time a Sweeper is injured by a slash, its power and speed gets strengthened to another level.

However, Claudia’s attacks accelerated at a pace even faster than that.

It is likely that she intends to push through the onslaught until the enemy’s enhancements cannot keep up with its own body.

A daunting move, but a very effective one.

“Enemy slashing speed exceeds limit reflex speed……impossible to adapt……impossible to adapt…….”

For the first time in his awakening, the Sweeper retreated as if it could not stand her attacks anymore. But from that point, Claudia jumped to the side quickly.

“Miss Sylvia, do it!”

“Haha! I thank you for leaving me the tastiest part!”


Sylvia chuckled and swung her staff at the signal.

“Blow off!! Blazing Cannon(Refined Flaming Lion’s Sphere)!”

In an instant, the strongest spell of the Flame System was released from her wand.

The next thing that happened was the Sweeper exploding with a roar.

“With just one shot…….”

Ludwig heard Serun gasping behind him.

The Sweeper, in an instant, became countless scraps and was scattered on the ground.

“This is bad. It’s gonna regenerate!”

Ludwig immediately warned them.

“Got it.”

And to it, Claudia immediately sprinted – towards the cord-like things that were trying to reconnect the Sweeper into a whole.

Edge Seven(Seventh King Sword)Abyss(Hell).”

Claudia unleased a series of slashes once again, but this time, it turned into countless flashes that almost filled everyone’s field of view with its blinding light.

Her most powerful technique, which slices a target in countless parts simultaneously and to the point so fast that it surpasses any demon’s ability to regenerate.

A non-stop simultaneous continuous high-speed slashes from all directions.

A bright meat grinder hell.

This time, the Sweeper became particles of wreckage and eventually stopped moving.

It didn’t even matter that it was an enemy who has cornered Ludwig and Selun – both of which are S-class adventurers, despite the lowest ranks.

(──To think it ended just like that. It wasn’t even a long battle.)

“……what a wonderful and heroic pair of women.”

To Serun’s remark, Ludwig couldn’t help but smile and chuckle at the same time.

They themselves knew, that their style of fighting was not far from them, a two-man cell composed of a vanguard and a rearguard.

The swordsman attacks, and creates an opening for the enemy, and the mage behind shoots a spell to finish it off.

But in that teamwork, even in the sheer power of them alone, they were utterly surpassed in every angle they could think of.

It was even more when the two also used the same strategy as them.

Because of this, the two were able to clearly see their flaws and differences.

To sum it up, Claudia is better than Ludwig as a swordsman, and Sylvia is better than Serun as a mage.

“As there exists a saying, there’s always someone who is better than you.”

He couldn’t help but spoke those words out of envy, but for some reason, the saying right now gave him a relieved, happy feeling instead.

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