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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 10 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – Incoming Sweepers

Side: Ludwig Escharte

A knight was walking through the town at night.

He has brave look on his face, raven-black hair and black pair of eyes that emitted the calmness of a man in his mid-thirties, yet at the same time, it also possessed a strong sense of will.

The knight’s armor he wore was also black, just like his hair and eyes. It was also the same for the sword on his back, from the scabbard up to its hilt.

This is why Ludwig Echarte became known as the “Dark Knight.”

Despite his odd obsession in this color scheme, he is an S-Class adventurer and currently in the 21st rank.

“Lian Tiarade, huh.”

Ludwig mumbled the name as he recalled the S-class certification ceremony he had participated until late in the evening.

While it took Lian only half a year to rise from the lowest up to the S-levels, It took him more than ten years to reach it, so he could only be surprised and in awe of the elven boy who had risen himself to the topmost ranks in the most breakneck speed.

“But he is indeed quite the highlight, looking at the history of his accomplishments. I’m sure he’ll be even more successful in the future.”

(Yes, far ahead of me, much, much far ahead. He could even rival the top…)

“I have to do my best too, in my own way. But first, an inn…….”


Seeing the night has come to him, Ludwig planned to stay in town and take the first carriage back to the Kingdom of Almedia tomorrow morning.

“But it’s been a long time since I’ve been outside the kingdom, and I might as well stay for a few days,” he thought to myself as he looked for a place to sleep this night.

But for no apparent reason, he looked up at the sky.

“Red moon…… Now that I think of it, there was a moon just like this that day as well.”

Since his teens, he had made a name for himself as one of the strongest swordsmen in the country, rising to the rank of Knight Commander before he was even 20 years old.

It seemed like smooth sailing on the elite road for him, but from there, he went astray.

It all started when he fell in love with the second princess, and after the kingdom had found out about their illicit relationship, he was banished from the country.

As he looked up at the red moon, he wept for his homeland, which he could never return to.

He was devastated by the thought of his lover, whom he would never see again.

Eventually, he found a new path as an adventurer, where he then overcame the grief of losing his love and his hometown at the same time and continued to make rapid progress along the way. If you are able to read t his message, yo u are reading from an unautho rized agg regate site. Read at my WordPress to suppor t me and my tra nslations.

Sometimes he risks his life to explore dungeons in uncharted lands.

Sometimes it’s a battle against SSS-class demons.

Sometimes, as a mercenary, where he plays the role of a demon on the battlefield.

Fifteen years after turning into an adventurer, Ludwig is now a hard worker who has risen to the highest S class level.

(I wonder how she is doing now, the princess that I was forced to part with at that time.

Is she……looking up at this red moon the same way as I am right now?)

“Yo, Ludwig.”

While he was immersing himself in sentimentality, someone walked up to him from ahead.

“You are……”

He is a young man with a beautiful face and golden hair.

Despite his good looks, the smirk around his mouth gave him the impression of being frivolous.

“Serun, huh.”

He was Serun Keithhound, an adventurer with the nickname “Lightning Rod(Golden Magic Wand)” ranked 23rd in S-Class.

“It’s been a while. And you still have that same bitter look on your face, don’t you?”

“And you’re still as frivolous as ever.”

They exchanged a look that was a mixture of a wry smile, a smirk, and a pleasant surprise.

“The last time we met was on a quest a year ago. As I recall, the two of us defeated an SSS-class demon tribe that appeared in Almedia.”


“Yeah. I remember that. I mean, cause the nobleman’s daughter who requested it was quite beautiful.”

“……And I believed you were messing with her back then, weren’t you?”

Ludwig frowned slightly as he recalled.

“You almost got yourself beheaded.”

Ludwig then remembered the look on the nobleman’s face that time as he raged at them for misleading his innocent daughter.

“But I can’t help it. it’s a man’s duty to converse to a beautiful woman when he sees her.”

“Good grief. This man……”

But to that, Ludwig just chuckled inwardly and said: “You haven’t changed at all.”

Ludwig was a serious warrior from the get-go, so a frivolous man like Serun would normally not be his cup of tea.

However, for some reason, ever since that time, he and Serun became close friends, and their bond remained tight for several years.

“Oh, yes. I’ve heard that there have been some incidents recently where adventurers were being targeted. You’d better be careful, Ludwig.”

“Only adventurers?”

Ludwig couldn’t help but furrow his brows.

“I’ve heard of some unscrupulous adventurers attacking other adventurers in order to take credit for their work. But this isn’t news to us, right?”

“No. This time it’s not like that” Serun just shrugged his comment.

“If that’s the case, then these guys would also take the materials and treasures that the adventurers collected, but this one only kills adventurers, leaving these precious proofs alone. It’s like it’s as if they have a grudge against adventurers or something.”

“An existence which only kills adventurers…….”

Ludwig mumbles.

“So far, there have been victims in B-Class and even in A-Class as well. I heard that the perpetrator is pretty skilled. Either way, there’s no harm in being careful. Plus, I don’t want to die at my age where I still have a lot of good women waiting for me to hold and cuddle.”

“While I also agree on the part of not wanting to die just yet, I’m not doing it for the sake of ‘cuddling’ a woman like you do.”

But just as Ludwig was about to nod with a wry smile……


Suddenly, a scream was heard from ahead of them.

This made the two look at each other for a moment, but immediately they started running towards the direction of the shout without exchanging a word.

At the sound of someone screaming in distress, it is proper conduct to rush over to save them. This chapter tr anslation is made p ossible by stabbi ng with a syringe translat ions. check up-to-date translati ons on my Word press site.

It was a natural principle for adventurers to act this way.

“No, no, monster……!”

Soon, they spotted citizens fleeing from their front.

“We’re S-class adventurers. There is no need to panic. Where is the monster you’re speaking? We’ll take care of it.”

Ludwig reminded them to calm down as they waded through the waves and stepped forward with Serun.

It was then when they saw something black from across the street.

It was approaching towards them slowly.

“What the heck is that?”

Ludwig furrowed his brows once more.

It is because this black spot stopped in front of them, and a “shadow” started to ooze out from the center of it.

It was a jet-black “silhouette” seeming to be assimilating into the darkness of the night, and it had a conical shape with a slippery sheen.


At first, Ludwig thought it was some kind of demon, but its strangely “artificial” appearance is making him judge that it’s not. At least, not in the demon species that he knew of.

“I don’t know what this thing is, but just to be safe, let us assume it’s an enemy.”

Ludwig immediately pulls out the sword on his back.

His treasured sword GoldBreaker(Mountain Splitting Hard Blade).

It is said to have the power to cut through mountains, a legendary weapon of great destructive power.

“That’s odd. This thing is not even in my intel. What is he, this guy?”

Next to him, Serun is holding up his staff.

“So even a demon fanatic like you can’t figure out this thing?”

“For the last time, I’m not a fanatic!”

“Didn’t you proclaim that you have the entire encyclopedia of the Demons of this World?”

Ludwig couldn’t help but tsk-tsk, even at this serious moment, which made Serun look sulky at him in turn.

“it’s not like I have the complete set of them, you know? I still didn’t have Volume 58.”

“Volume 58 of the 230 volumes set. And you’re still not considering yourself a fanatic?”

“But it’s not the first printing, it’s the second printing. The second printing, you know! If I were a true fanatic, then I’ll be having the first printing instead! Also, I’m not ready to call myself a fanatic yet…….”

“I really don’t understand that obsession of yours.”

But even while talking lightly, neither Ludwig nor Serun averted their eyes from the object in front of them.

“Sweeper 13, reporting to Lord Redone……Possessors of strong combat abilities found……matching the Guild’s database……Match complete.”

The black cone – the “sweeper” – emitted in a flat voice.

However, the “voice” was completely void of emotion, giving off a mechanical impression instead.

S-Class 21st……Ludwig Echarte. Also……S Class 21st…… Serun Keithhound.”

“This thing knows us!?”

Ludwig couldn’t help but murmur as he raised up his eyebrow.

“No, I don’t think so. Are you……stealing information from the guild……?”

But the “Sweeper” didn’t reply. Instead, with an ominous mechanical voice,

“We will now Initiate……the Adventurer Hunt.”

“It” has now begun its move.

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