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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 10 Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – First Time with Glenda, Part 3 ※

“Hiyaaaa, aahh, no more, not there! Don’t poke it so hard……ooh, aaaahhn! Hauuuuu! Nhoooo!”

Ramming her repeatedly with intense pistons of my cock, Glenda’s alluring moans gradually turned into beastly screams.

But I didn’t care about it much, considering how forceful she was on me earlier. Instead, I accelerated the movement of my hips even more.

Pulling until I was almost out of her entrance, then pushing in with such force that the inner walls almost seemed to burn at the friction.

Constantly repeating these motions, I rubbed her wet inner walls at high speeds that Glenda’s beastly secret hole became more slippery than before.


“Guuuuh uuuaaaaahh, So-, so good!!”

She is already growling in pleasure, but I still continued to pump in and out.

The insides of Glenda’s pussy is both tight and smooth, and every time I piston it, I get an itchy, sweet pleasure all over my rod.

It was a feeling that penetrated all the way up to the very marrow of my hips.

Glenda Chiffon, 13th rank among the S-Class. A nearly-two meter tall female warrior that believes that might is right.

A carnivorous female warrior that is always hungry for “blood” and lust.

Now, a woman of such might has completely regressed to that of a weak sow. A sow intoxicated to the pleasure of my cock.

The evidence of that was right below me, in where Glenda’s naked body was screaming while on all fours. If you are able to read this me ssage, you are rea ding from an unautho rized aggregate site. Read at my WordPress to supp ort me and my tra nslations.

It was enough to fill me with an intense sense of accomplishment, a sense of a completed conquest.

I was so intoxicated with the feeling, that I couldn’t help but gloat.

“How do you like that, Glenda?! Does it feel good? Do you want to feel it more?”

She has been screaming like an animal for a while now, ever since I started shaking my hips.

Slamming my thighs against her tight buttocks, then changing my angle in order to gouge her deepest parts from above,

“Iyaaaa, no more, no moree……ahuuu. Hnnnnn……”

As I penetrated her further, Glenda begged as she panted weakly, shaking her frizzy blonde hair from behind.

Because of her carnivorous nature, all she probably had were experiences where she’s the one doing the assaulting.

Maybe it was because of that, too, that she was so vulnerable to the doggy style – a position where the man played the dominant role in bed.

In order to screw her over, I started to push my hips even harder.

As a consequence, Glenda’s ample buttocks swayed and bounced with each thrust of my towering cock.

Her beautifully curved back then started to bead drops of sweat, giving off a sweet and seductive scent as we move.

Perhaps because she was a half-beast, the pheromones in her scent were so potent that just a light inhale is already enough to make my vision dizzy.

Flames of lust started to burn brighter and brighter inside of me, and soon, my junior organ began to swell to its limit.

With my full size and hardness, I began stirring and rubbing her slippery vagina to the best I can.

Soon, Glenda responded by tightening her orifice.

All of these got combined, and as a result, it became a rush of pleasure that even it had almost melted my entire lower body, it also increased my desire to ejaculate even more as I hammered away.

“Fuaaaaahhh! I can’t believe I was being done like this! It’s so much! Oh no, I’m going to cum again! Such a dainty-looking elf, yet his big cock is making me cum! No more, forgive me, forgive meeeee!“

Glenda climaxed again and again, until finally, she screamed in surrender.

The exhilaration of screwing over a beautiful S-class adventurer who boasts of being the strongest in the world with sex is intoxicating. After hearing that, I started my last spurt.

“Very well, beast girl. Since you have begged me, this is gonna be my last. Make sure to catch it all!”

With a heroic way of speaking, I finished my last lap, then poured all of that remained onto the deepest part of this beautiful beast.


Hot semen squirted inside her like lava, overflowing the already semen-filled pussy with another batch.

“Aaaahhh! So hot! Hot stuff is flowing in me again! I’m going to have a baby with all this coming inside of me! Ahh, mmm! No way, it’s still coming out!”

Glenda screamed with pleasure as she received another large amount of cum.

Her tight naked body shook and convulsed incessantly as she seemed to reach ecstasy from being cummed inside.

I was also in a similar state as well. I was so intoxicated by the pleasant sensation of cumming that I kept my rod deep inside her until the end.

To think I have made this tall carnivorous woman to swoon over me completely……

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I have never been so glad that I chose those two traits.

“Haaa, haaa, haaa……wow. It’s the first time……I felt like this…….”

After letting go of her hips, Glenda plopped down on the bed. Then after regaining a bit of her energy, she clung her body on top of mine.

Then, with a vibrant smile that was very unlike what she had made earlier,

“That felt good, honest! You’re really something, lad……fuuh.”

“Me too. I felt really good with you as well.”

“Really? I’m glad that you do. Then, shall we have another round? I promise I will make you feel even better than the last time……fufufu.”

The smile on Glenda’s face was joyful and refreshing, without a trace of battle lust or aggressiveness in it.

This ‘more docile’ side of hers, to be honest, it was really pretty.

The first time I met her, I was surprised when she suddenly slashed at me. But now……

I couldn’t help but wonder if my feelings for her have been swayed by our skin-to-skin contact or because I’ve just seen this side of her.

While I thought it would be churlish of me to be so colossally inclined to her after one sex……I decided to act straight on my feelings for now.

“Of course, you can. But on one condition.”

“One condition?”

“Let me make you feel better as well.”

“Fufufu. You are really something, Lian Tiarade.”

Afterward, we got a couple of rounds again, and I released two more shots inside Glenda along the way.

That’s four shots, just today alone.

Soon as I pulled out my penis in the end, a huge amount of semen flowed out of Glenda’s vagina.


Normally, the semen would fall in a thin, thread-like stream, but this time it made a gurgling sound and spilled out on her like a flowing cream.

“Look, now I’ve got your naughty juices all over me, so clean it up.”

I shook my manhood in front of Glenda as I finished my release.

In fact, I feel gooier from the cum I’ve released than she is.


Glenda then knelt in front of me, seemingly out of breath.

She’s now regressed to nothing but a submissive pet, a sign of her complete surrender.

Or maybe it is the mentality of the ‘beast’ in her.

As if her initial attitude had been a lie, Glenda obediently and reverently took my penis as if it was an offering.

“Nchuup, nhuuu……shlurp, shlurp……ahh such a wonderful cock……ahhhh, masshter liaaann…….chuuup…….”

Her words were now polite, and she even calls me master.

Continuing to make those sloppy sounds, she carefully cleaned the stick with her tongue, which had become gooey with semen and love juices.

I continued to stare at Glenda as she gave a cleaning blowjob as proof of her obedience.

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