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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 10 Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Parting of the Curtains

Side: Felix Harrion

A young man with gray hair was confronting the black monsters.

Felix Harrion.

He is the adventurer who is ranked first in the S-Class and has possessed the name “Dynast”.

“I will exterminate it.”

Felix told softly as he readied his sword.


That’s what the monsters called themselves.

A few minutes into the battle, Felix had noticed that there were several types of these so-called intruders that invaded this city.

Those with strong defensive fields.

Those without defensive fields but with more regenerative and combat learning abilities.

Those that specialize in attack power and speed.

All of them were strong. So strong that a lower-ranking S-class adventurer wouldn’t be able to avoid a hard fight.

But in front of Felix, they were nothing more than small fry.

Limit Break(Slash Release)──Phoenix Flame(Firebird Blade).”

He said nonchalantly as he raised his sword.

Then, the blade of the sword he was holding got enveloped in a dazzling red light.

“It’s over.”

He swung it down indifferently. If you are able to read this messag e, you are read ing from an unauth orized aggregate site. Re ad at my WordPre ss to support me and my translations.

The red flash of the blade struck the five sweepers, and it easily cut through their strong armor and burned them with its magical flames.

The five bodies then scattered to the ground in pieces.

But Felix didn’t let his guard down just yet.


No matter how many times he cut them up, these monsters would regenerate as if nothing had happened.

As long as the power source, the core is not destroyed, that is.

“There it is.”

But Felix has an enhanced vision that allowed him to see the location of such cores in an instant.

Limit Break(Slash Release)──Phoenix Wing(Firebird Soaring Flash)

Seeing the five cores, he thrust his sword into the ground and fired a series of throwing knives from his pocket.

Five knives, coated with magic power, drew a pale, shining trail and hit the core of the sweepers in perfect precision.

Even the most ordinary knife could become a formidable magical weapon if subjected to his vast magical power.

And thus, just like that, it was ended.

The five “bodies” whose cores had been shattered stopped moving entirely and turned into mere wreckage.

“This area is all cleaned up.”

Felix pulls out his sword, which he had stabbed into the ground earlier, and sheathes it on his waist.

He wasn’t even out of breath.

Rather than a battle, for him, it was only a simple chore.

There was no excitement.

There was no rage.

Not even a burning desire to fight.

It was as if he was doing paperwork, and he killed the monsters without a care in the world.

“To be able to easily deal with five magic armaments…… you’re a monster as ever, Felix.”

A figure appears from the front of the street.

Walking toward him is an old man with full white hair and wearing an Eastern-style martial arts uniform.

Georg Foss.

He is an adventurer of the fourth rank of the S-Class with the nickname “Berserk Fist”.

“The way you look at it, it seems that Old Georg has already defeated the enemy,” Felix replied in an indifferent tone.

“It was a bit of a tough one, though. But, it was a good workout.”

Georg told him casually as he clicks his neck bone.

“However, the magic weapon that appeared this time was strong enough to defeat even the lowest-ranked S-Class adventurers, or even kill them if they are unlucky enough.”

Though he’s saying that, Georg handled his enemy without any particular difficulty.

(Even in his old age, his fists have not diminished……)


Felix muttered in his mind.

“What’s the matter, Felix? I may be an old man, but I still don’t like it when men stare at me.”

Georg chuckled.

“I knew that stare. You looked at me as if you were judging me. Personality, mental strength, and fighting ability. Have you been analyzing me as you do with them?”

“With analysis or not, Old Georg’s abilities haven’t deteriorated even now.”

Felix shook his head from side to side.

“Hey, I’m certainly old, but I’m still healthy, you know!”

“Never mind.”

Georg gave him an implied look.

(Does he have some kind of suspicion about me? Or is he……)

While pondering, Felix met the old martial artist’s gaze with calm regard.


Side:  Redone Irvine

A beautiful dark elf boy was smiling happily in front of a monitor – which was in complete contrast to the fantasy vibes that the rest of the room gave off.

On the screen, several images were changing rapidly. This chap ter translation is made possible by stab bing with a sy ringe transla tions. check up-to-da te transla tions on my Wordp ress site.

A girl knight wielding seven swords.

A magic swordsman who nonchalantly defeats a sweeper.

A martial artist who fights with smooth physical skills which makes you think he is more than just an old man.

A young elven boy with tremendous magic sword skills.

“Wow, thirty sweepers have been wiped out.”

The boy – Redone – whistled lightly as he watched the video feed.

The adventurers, some working alone, some working in tandem, showed some impressive fighting skills in the screen.

Some of them were even strong enough to defeat all five at once.

“They are doing better than I have expected……this is getting fun.”

The power of these S-class adventurers went beyond his imagination.

The group of magical armaments he had scattered into the city was unearthed from the ruins of the Super Ancients. They are fearsome monsters that have destroyed many countries in their wake.

Yet they were defeated, one even killing five of them at once with just simple sword moves.

However, after lumping them all together as S-class, Redone found out that there seemed to be a considerable variation in their combat abilities.

Some of them struggled with the sweepers, while others defeated them without difficulty.

Especially that one person in particular, all those that managed to defeat the Sweepers, caught Redone’s attention.

“Felix Harrion. Georg Foss. Claudia Wellstein……and Lian Tiarade, huh?”

He mumbled their names and smiled, the corners of his mouth hanging up.

“Sir Redone, their powers are not to be underestimated. We will accompany you.”

Several shadows rose from the darkness beside him.


All of them are his servants, and more importantly, all of them are also Magic Armaments.

However, compared to the conical figures battling outside, they were too biological in appearance, almost human-like despite some distinct machine-like parts.

“We’re worried that something might happen to Sir Redone.”

One of the Magic Armaments spoke.

She’s a half-naked beauty clad in a thin, see-through cloth and has a melancholic expression on her face.

“Yes, yes. After all, Sir Redone has a bit of an overconfident streak, doesn’t he?”

Another one added, shaking his huge belly as he spoke. It was an obese man with a tummy swelled up like a balloon.

“Houhouohouhou, I know you’re craving for a battle, Sir Redone, but we still need to be prepared for anything.”

It was an old gray-haired woman with a body like a dead tree who laughed beside the three.

They are the servants that Redone had summoned through his magic ritual the other day and added to his arsenal.

They are a higher model of Sweepers – the commander types.

Because of their model number, which all begin with “NO-VA” for some reason, Redone called these three the Nova types.

“You three are very loyal for a machine, aren’t you?”

Redone couldn’t help but grin in amusement at the three.

“Anyway, let’s begin the second round. First, we’ll lure them in, as planned. Then the next, we’ll start the real battle for good – this is gonna be a fun ride.”

“Leave it to us, Sir Redone.”

“Is it okay to kill the weaker ones while we’re at it?”

“Only the truly strong will be selected and brought to you, Sir Redone.”

The three Nova types knelt reverently.

And thus, that same command signaled the start of what would be the biggest battle the Adventurer’s Guild would ever face in their entire history.

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