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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 10 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Synchronized Blow

A dozen meters away from me, I faced the Sweeper.

Black cone-shaped figure.

Drill-like spikes protruding from its body.

It has such a simple design that it doesn’t look that strong on the outside.

But the reality is very different.

No matter how many times it was broken into pieces, it constantly regenerated at super speed. What’s more, it even learned our moves, becoming stronger as it fights.

“What do you say, Milfa?”

I asked my partner sword.

“In order to defeat it, we must either shatter it into the smallest small pieces so that it cannot regenerate on its own anymore or destroy its core. It’s either one of those things.”

Milfa answered in a voice with an electronic echo.

The former can be done by unleashing a high-powered magic sword technique on it. Or chopping up all the pieces with super speed. But if I do either way, I might cause damage to the people around me if I use the wrong amount of force.

“……I think the latter is safer.”

That is to directly attack the core.

The only problem is that the core is tiny, so I must destroy it with precision.

What if I enhanced my eyesight and reflexes to the maximum limit?

I have no choice but to try.

“Upping your Physical Reinforcement is not a problem, but there is a risk, master.”

As if reading my thoughts, Milfa warned me.

“And that is, even I don’t know how long can master’s body handle it.”

Then let’s make this as quick as we can.”

“You wouldn’t listen to me when I say no anyway.”

Milfa blurted out in a tone that was both resigned and exasperated.

“Even though I already knew what you’re thinking…… I couldn’t help but worry every time master is going to do something reckless.”

Milfa’s been speaking with more and more emotion lately.

I wondered if the fact that I had sex with the humanized version of herself has greatly influenced her. If yo u are able to r ead this message, you are read ing from an unauthori zed aggregate site. Read at my WordPr ess to support me and my tra nslations.

That went for me as well.

Since then, I’ve felt more and more that Milfa is a girl rather than a sword.

──Not good. Let’s focus on the fight that’s happening now.

“My bad. It’s just that I don’t want to see any more casualties or damage.”

“I know. After all, that’s who you are.”

“Also, I’m an S-Class adventurer now, at the very least.”

“It’s not ‘at the very least’.”


Milfa hurriedly corrected me.

“You’re one of the greatest adventurers now, Master Lian.”

The voice sounded electronic, like a machine, but at the same time, it was warm.

“Thank you, Milfa.”


“Uhm. Sorry to interrupt, Lian, can you give us a moment?”

“We can still fight.”

The Miller sisters lined up beside me.

I couldn’t help but look away as I caught sight of their half-naked figures clad in their tattered dresses.

…… No, it is not the time to be conscious of it.

“But I’m here to…….”

“Attracting a Sweeper alone would mean putting you in more danger than us. I can’t allow you to do that.”

Edith’s smile interrupted my protest.

“It’s our duty to protect our juniors. At the very least, give us a chance to make us look good!”

“We all want to fight to protect others as much as you do, Lian.”

Edna said with a smile.

“Also, it will be a bit embarrassing if we, the Miller sisters of Twin Rondo(Twin Dancers) allowed to get ourselves saved by a newbie S-class.”

“This is not the time to be talking like that, sis.”

“Just kidding.”

Edith smiled lustily at Edna’s comment and then gave me a flirtatious look.

“That’s right! If you show great skill, I’ll let you spend the night with me as a reward. Just like I promised earlier.”

“Don’t you just tempt him so casually, sis.”

“Who says I’m tempting him?”

“That’s even worse!”

Edith smiled merrily at me, but Edna scowled at her with a furtive glance.

“The techniques of an adult woman──I will make you taste it fully. How is that?”


“Fufufu, don’t look so scared, Edna. Or do you want to join in?”

“I’m not as promiscuous as you.”

“Yes, you are. You were a wild girl until you got engaged.”

“No, sister, not in front of Lian.”

Edna’s face turned red.

If you leave them alone, these people will continue to talk to each other forever……

“THEN! How about we make the first shots, and you finish it off. Is that okay with you?”


I was suddenly instructed to fight, and for a moment, I couldn’t keep my head straight.

“Unfortunately, our magic spells have already been learned by the monster, so it will be a bit ineffective now. It would be better if Lian, who hasn’t yet his data taken, were to deal with the last hit instead?”

Edna added.

“……I understand. Please don’t be reckless, both of you.”

“You’re the one who shouldn’t get cocky, bot. After all, we’re older than you. Good luck~. Fufufu.”

With a mischievous smile, Edith blew me a kiss and stepped forward.


Edna lined up next to her.

The mage sisters held their wands in the same dancing gesture as before.

Synchro(Synchronized Aria), Charge-up(Initiate).”

The two voices chanted in harmony.

They began to chant a spell at the same time.

No, it’s not a spell. It’s more like a singing voice.

The voices of the two sisters overlapped, echoed, and became a beautiful melody that permeated the surroundings.

Then, a red-hot aura enveloped their bodies.

“This is……”

I was surprised.

“Their magic power……its rising!?”

Synchro(Synchronized Aria), is an advanced mana breathing technique spell that resonates and multiplies the magical power of two parties.”

Milfa then explained to me.

“However, They need to do it at the same time, without deviating by even the slightest amount as they are also chanting a very long spell. If the timing is even slightly off, it will not succeed. It’s an extremely difficult magic technique – to the point that even I’m surprised there are people who can use it.”

In other words, it’s like those chi breathing techniques, but instead of martial arts, it’s for mana?

It’s already at a superhuman level.

I wondered if it’s the kind of breathing that only these sisters can do.

“──Sync Complete.”

As they chanted, the aura of fire surrounding them intertwined and transformed into a more immense aura.

“Shatter, you monster! Howling(Twin Roaring) Thunder Fang(Thunder Dragon Fangs)!”

Edith and Edna unleashed thunderbolt magic, much greater than earlier at the same time. This chapter transla tion is made pos sible by stabbi ng with a syringe tran slations. check up-to-date tran slations on my Wo rdpress site.

The two thunderbolts melded into one in midair, and as their name implies, they became a giant dragon-shaped thunderbolt that surged forward.


A massive explosion occurred.

Then, a small crater was formed around the center of the explosion.

The Sweeper that took the direct hit was shattered in an instant.

Most of its parts have been destroyed by the much more powerful magic spell.

However, the few parts that remain started moving organically once more, trying to return it to normal again.

“I’m not going to let you regenerate…”

I quickly kicked the ground.

Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) III.”

Milfa’s voice echoed.

Over Drive(Transcendent Burst Mode)


A shock penetrated my entire body, the same shock I also had experienced when I fought Fenrir.

A violent, flickering aura enveloped my body and following it were bolts of lightning shooting out.

My extremities and my entire body burned as if they’re on fire.

An overwhelming rate of physical enhancement……

This is why it shouldn’t last long.

Its effects on the body are different from the usual Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration).

Way too different.


Fortunately, the Miller sisters took care of the offensive role.

Moreover, because most of the Sweeper parts were burned off, it was taking longer to regenerate than before.

Thanks to this, the core has more time to be exposed.

“Though those gaps! Let’s finish this!”

Trying my best to control the energy that was threatening to overflow, I ran forward.

I went far beyond the speed of sound, spreading shock waves in my path.

In an instant, I closed in on what was left of the Sweeper. Along with my eyesight enhanced beyond its limits, I searched for the core.

I saw a glint in the debris.

“There it is!”

Faster than the parts extending from the debris joining altogether,

Even faster than it could regenerate at super-speed,

I flashed my Milfa.

Limit Break(Slash Release)──”

The divine golden sword shone with a red lotus glow. Then, it converged its brilliance to a single point.

Doing so will make sure that I only hit the target in a way that no damage will be done to the surrounding area.

Bloody Fang(Sky Dragon Fang)!!”

Flames in the shape of a dragon fly out from the sword I swung down.

The swirling fire enveloped the core, vaporizing it instantly.

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