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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 1 (Full Text)

Volume 1 – Three Adventurer Beauties

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Chapter 1 – Millfarazé, the Sword of God
Chapter 2 – Three Adventuring Beauties
Chapter 3 – My Magic Sword Skills Trait
Chapter 4 – Destined Partner
Chapter 5 – First Sex with Mina Part 1 ※
Chapter 6 – First Sex with Mina Part 2 ※

Chapter 1 – Millfarazé, the Sword of God

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The next thing I knew, I was in an unfamiliar patch of woods.

“Huh? Where did the goddess go?”

I looked around.

The dense forest of trees seemed to be stretching forever, and when I looked up at the blue sky, not a cloud was in sight.

Does this mean that I’ve been transported from the chasm up to here? If that was the case, was I able to reincarnate safely?

Anyway, I started walking.

I didn’t even know where I was going to go, but I just kept moving forward.

After a while, I came to a spring.

“Eh, this is……me?”

I looked down at the spring and saw my image reflected in the water.

I have glossy black hair and blue eyes.[1]

Just who is this handsome guy!?

If I could describe it in two words (because one is just not enough), it would be “breathtakingly beautiful,” but really, but the sight of myself really took my breath away. That’s how handsome I am now.

The tips of my ears were sharp like knives as well, making me look like a legitimate elf.

The only remnants of my past life were my black hair, and as for the rest, it looked nothing like the man I used to be. To be honest, if I were another girl, I would definitely fall in love with this figure at first sight.

“I love it! I really do!”

From now on, I’m going to live my life with this?

A handsome boy’s life – aah, I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

But I’m slim and slender, and I feel not as strong as I used to be. It seems that my strength has diminished quite a bit, as a few dozen meters I walked to get here were enough to make me tired.

I’m not sure if it’s because I became an elf.

–As I was thinking about this, a blinding light suddenly flooded my view.

“Transfer completed. Coordinates confirmed. Target acquired.”

For some reason, I heard a woman’s voice with a seemingly electronic echo through the light.

“What is it?”

The light becomes even brighter and then flares up in front of my startled face.

What appeared was a shining sword.

It has a golden blade about seven or eighty centimeters long and a hilt resembling spread-out wings.

But what was noticeable was that the whole thing has geometrically straight lines all over the body, like those of a PCB circuit, a strangely modernized design that was out of place in the fantasy world.

In the center of the pattern, there was something like an LCD screen, and it read ‘Standing by.’

“How do you do, Master Lian. I am a God-tier magical armament meta-artifact sent by Goddess Elciata. My name is Mllifarazé”.

That sword, floating at about my eye level, told me.

The sword just spoke!

“Unlike those counterfeit magic swords, this one before you has real and legitimate special powers – almost on the equivalent of swords of legends that are being spoken in this world! In short, I’m a super-duper extraordinary rare and cool sword!”

The voice itself is electronic, but there is an evident emotion in it. If it had a face, I’m sure that the sword would be looking smug right now.

This sword would have been more awesome if not for its over-descriptive sets of adjectives of itself, though.

“Henceforth, pleased to be your acquaintance. Master Lian.”

“Lian…? Oh, you mean me.”

Having just reincarnated, I’m still not used to my new name.

”’So, what’s this about being sent by Elciata?”

I asked the sword to get my mind back on track.

“She said it would be difficult for you, who was thrown out all alone into another world where you don’t know what’s right or what’s left. She liked you so much that she asked me, a divine sword, to help you in your new life.”

Stated the short sword in mechanical monotone.

“Anyway, just think of me as a guide to this world, a navigator, and a self-defense device.”

She likes me to that extent, huh…….

Knowing that a beautiful woman has told me that, albeit indirectly, I still couldn’t help but be embarrassed──of course, I got a bit aroused as well.

And in a different world where you don’t know what’s left or right, always welcome to have a reliable navigator.

I thanked the goddess in my heart.

It’s nice to meet you too. Uhm, Mill-……what is it again?”.


“……That’s so long and hard to pronounce.”

I stared at the sword floating in front of me.

“How about Milfa, if that’s okay with you?”

“If master wishes to.”

“So, Mlifa. Let me ask you right away……this is a different world, isn’t it?”

I just want to make sure.

“Yes. The closest term for it, if I refer to Master Lian’s mental image, this world would be the so-called ‘medieval fantasy-style otherworld of swords and magic.”

“Well, next question. I’m now an elf, right? Do I have any family or anything?”

“No, Master Lian was born in heavenly solitude. Also, you do not belong to any particular settlement. You have suddenly appeared in this world in your current form and ability by the power of Goddess Elciata”.

Milfa explains. For some reason though, felt like a mushroom, popping out of the forest out of nowhere.

“I see. What about this forest then? Is this where the elves live?”

“This is a forest in the human territory. Normally, elves live in a settlement protected by a magical ward – the Elven Forest – and have little contact with the outside world. It’s only on the rare occasion that an elf with interest in the human world leaves their forests.”

In other words, it’s not the usual pattern of reincarnation in which I was born again as a baby in the home of the elves, but rather, I just popped up in this world as the person I am now. Yep, definitely a mushroom.

“Okay, next question. Tell me about my abilities. Though I wrote down the five traits on Elciata’s selection sheet, I’m still──.”


Suddenly, a ferocious sound echoed, interrupting my question.

It was a roar loud enough to make the entire forest tremble and reflexively shrug my shoulders.

“I’m detecting one living signature about two hundred meters away from our location. Based on the inherent waveform of the magic power, it’s a dragon type demon, and based on the magic energy value, it’s estimated to be a threat of an A-class equivalent.”

Milfa, the God’s sword, spoke.

The display of the LCD on the sword has changed to ‘Search mode.’


“It’s a monster that lives in the other world apart from here. The major species include dragons and giants. Apparently, the demon seems to be engaging in battle with a party of adventurers.”

Monsters, adventurers.

And a divine sword as my companion.

This world…… is like an RPG, isn’t it?

While holding such impression, I could feel my heart burning in my chest.

A certain excitement that I couldn’t get in my previous life.

Maybe this is what I was looking for all along.

“Okay, Milfa. Lead me there.”

“Master has just been reincarnated and isn’t used to magical sword techniques yet, so I suggest refraining from any further approach, especially as this will be your first battle, it was dangerous to suddenly face an A-class demon.”

Milfa warned.

“It’s fine.”

I said matter-of-factly.

Strangely, I should be worrying as heck right now if this were the normal me, but there is not one bit of it being felt in my body.

Instead, I feel an oozing amount of confidence from the bottom of my heart.

It is as if I was instinctively convinced that I was the most powerful force in the world by far.

“I’ll run away if I feel it’s really bad. In the meantime, just give me a tour to the scene.”

“If it’s what Master Lian wishes.”

Milfa responds reverently.

I wrote the trait of mastery of the strongest Magic Sword Arts on the selection sheet.

If the goddess is right, it’s a sure bet that I can kill an ordinary monster in the blink of an eye.

“Then, let’s go… my sword.”

I said and grabbed the hilt of Milfa.

For the first time in my life, I held a sword, and it was heavier than I expected.

I can feel the weight of the cold steel in both hands. However, that weight also tells me that this is no longer a dream but another reality.

I have finally reincarnated in another world.

Now, let’s take on the monster and beat them up.

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Chapter 2 – Three Adventuring Beauties

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Mina Arabelle’s side.

In front of Mina, the gigantic dragon raised its roar.

It was a Windy Dragon(Green Winged Fang King).

A powerful dragon species that is classified as an A-class demon(monster). As its name suggests, its green scales are as beautiful as emeralds, hence the reason for it being sought, but it’s two pairs of membrane-like wings were spread out wide as if to tell Mina and her party of its greater risk.

(How powerful──)

Tears welled up in her dull green eyes, fear waved her shoulder-length blonde hair, and shivers went down in her slender body in white vestments.[2]

What Mina is feeling was a primal awe, a normal reaction when facing a being far superior to humans and other species.

“Hmph, as expected of an A-class entity, very powerful indeed.”

Rosemary, their female warrior serving as the vanguard, muttered undauntedly. She is a beautiful girl with twin-tailed red hair that reminded one of fire. However, her temperament is even hotter than her latter description.

“Just use the usual coordination and attack as you normally would. If we attack with a prior plan, we have a chance to win.”

Ingrid, their mage, matter-of-factly told them. In contrast to Rosemary, she has short blue hair that is reminiscent of ice. Her personality is also as cool as that of ice.

They appeared to be normal, but their faces were all pale. They were all maidens in their late teens and not much experienced as the others, so as adventurers, they were in the C-class. Therefore, an A-class demon was clearly a superior opponent to them.

It’s impossible not to feel uneasy or afraid. In fact, Mina couldn’t stop her body from trembling from a while ago.

”Even so, I… we…”

Mina looked at the giant dragon in front of her with a strong will in her dulling eyes. If they don’t stop that dragon here, it will invade the villages and cities beyond the forest.

The cities have invested a great deal of money in hiring A-level adventurers to guard them, so they’re still okay. But the villages――― they don’t have that kind of money.

They are defenseless. And the dragon will probably cause a lot of casualties if it reaches them.

That’s why we will defeat it. Right here and right now.

When she was ten years old, she was given an oracle by Elciata, the Goddess of Love.

She said, “You have a mission to love people and keep them happy, and I will give you the power to do so.”

And just as the oracle had said, Mina awoke with the power of a priestess that heals people.[3]

However, her qualities are still yet to blossom, as she is still ranked as the twenty-first of C-class adventurers, but …….

“Yes, this is a good way to train. I’ll definitely be stronger after I beat this one.”

“A real fight with a dragon is going to give us good data.”

Rosemary for her strength, Ingrid for her knowledge. Each spoke the reason why they were fighting as adventurers and puts up a stance. Mina, who sent a smile to her reliable friends, immediately tightened her expression.

“──Coming through!”

Immediately after telling that,


With a roar, a greenish flash of light was released from the dragon’s mouth.

It was an attack that could be called the symbolic attack of the dragon race, which annihilates everything in its path, the dragon breath.

The tornado breath that tore and crushed all who touched it was being charged in its mouth, clearly aiming on Mina and the others.

“Goddess Elciata, bless us…”

Mina quickly chanted a prayer on the spot.

Elciaskeil(Pure Heart Barrier)!”

A red glow appears in the air, creating a green barrier up ahead.


Green light and red light then clashed with each other.

The one who was winning in power, however – was the Dragon Breath.

The greenish flashes of light gradually pushed the barrier in, spewing fresh sparks in the surrounding air.

“Kuuh, uuuuuuuugh ……!”

Mina’s forehead beaded with sweat as she put all the magic she could into the barrier.

BACHI! Finally, a single, intense spark popped.

At the same time, the Dragon Breath disappeared without a trace.

“Haaaa, haaaa, haaaa, haaa……”

It was a close call, but it seems that those few seconds of offense and defense have already rooted out the magic power in her entire body.

But── despite that, she was able to prevent the first attack.

Mina’s work is now done.

Now all that’s left to do is…

“Well done, Mina! I’ll take care of the rest.”

Rosemary rushes forward, fluttering her red twin-tails behind.

Crimson Emperor Beheading Move(Teikou Zanjutsu), First Sword(Ichi no Tachi)──”

The beautiful warrior carrying a sword greater than her size on her back charged screaming, then leaps to the dragon’s belly with an inhuman leaping power.

Flame Emperor’s Blazing Fire(Entai Gekisen)!!”

One of the most popular and strongest orthodox swordsmanship on the continent, the Crimson Emperor Slaying Style.

A flash of light that could be considered the distinctive effect of this technique was fully slammed into the dragon’s stomach.


But it was Rosemary who screamed in astonishment.

There was a shrill clang, and the tip of her sword snapped.

Even with the strongest class of swordsmanship, the Crimson Emperor Slaying Style, it wasn’t enough to dent the dragon’s scales.

Too hard──.

“Get out of my way. I’ll do it.”

It was a small girl who held her wand at Mina’s side.

She held up her staff then rotated it above her head, as if to make her look good.

However, it was a habit Ingrid had when her mind had concentrated to the extreme.

“Freeze, crush, and destroy it all.”

With a beautiful melodic spell, a blue light dwelt at the end of the protruding staff.

Sapphire Bullet(Blue Ice Bullet).”

Then, a huge block of ice slammed into the dragon’s massive body, followed by a burst of light.

The attack spell was filled with all of Ingrid’s magical power, however.


They were only scattered by a single roar of the wind dragon.

“It didn’t work!?”

The cool Ingrid let out a rare cry of impatience.

It was at that moment, Mina had realized.

It was too powerful an opponent for them to mess with.

Truly impenetrable, strong in both offense and defense, clearly proving that is befitting to the one of the most powerful genera of all monsters, the dragons.

And that dragon is about to release its signature breath again.

“Both of you get behind me!”

Seeing that Mary and Ingrid had successfully made it in position, Mina put up the wards again.

“Kuhhhh …… so, heavy ……!”

But the power of the enraged dragon’s flash was far incomparable to the one it had previously. With a violent flicker, the wall of magic power distorted. At this rate, the wards would be shot through, and she and her two companions would be torn apart by the tornado.

“No. The warding can’t hold anymore──. “

Mina let out a scream, but at that moment.

Brash Blade(Demon Breaker Slash)!”

A dazzling flash of light blew the dragon away from the side.

“What ……!?”

Mina stood dumbfounded, not knowing what had just happened.


A boy appears from behind the burst of light.

Black hair like a raven’s wet feathers. Clear blue eyes. An incredibly well-groomed face. And – sharp pointed ears.

“……An Elf?”

The first of the fairy-like beings she has ever seen in her life.

“Stand back.”

The handsome boy turns to Mina and quietly tells her.

It was breathtaking, the beauty of him.

The bewitching atmosphere of a different race, which is far separate from humans, at its very first sight ––– Mina was fascinated.

“What’s that? Isn’t that way too big?”

I couldn’t help but blurt it out, being taken aback by the sheer size of the creature as I peek out from a distance away.

I knew that the monsters I saw in video games were completely different when being seen in real life. However, I greatly underestimated their intimidating power when being seen from up close.

It gave off a pressure enough to shake one’s body to its boots.

As expected of an A-class demon.

The ones fighting it are these three girls.

A gentle-looking girl with blonde hair in a bob cut, a strong-looking girl with red hair in twin tails, and a cool-looking girl with blue hair in a short cut.

All three of them – they’re all beautiful girls.

From their respective outfits, they should be a healer, a warrior, and a mage, in that order.

”Master Lian, there is still a chance for us. Let’s run away.”

Milfa spoke.

“But I have mastered the most powerful magic sword art in the world, right?”

“Yes, with Master Lian, with your inherent strength, a demon like that would not be an enemy. But you’re not used to fighting right now, and there’s still the  chance you’ll be caught off guard.”

“That’s true, but in the end, I still have to test these powers, right?”

“My first priority is to protect Master Lian’s life.”

Milfa still would not relent.

“Master has already sated his curiosity from seeing the demon. Master will get a chance to fight one eventually, but for now, this sword gravely suggests we step aside in the meantime.”

“Well, if you want to go that far …… but what about those girls?”

“If we save the girls, we’ll have to get very close to the monster. Leaving them alone to engage with the monster would be the best method, as it will allow master Lian to escape unscathed.”

Leave them alone?

You got to be kidding me!

I can’t just abandon a girl who’s being attacked in front of me and run away.

“Master Lian, you must decide now. You’ll be in range of the monster’s attack, and you won’t be able to…”

“No, I can’t leave them alone.”

I cut off Milfa’s words once and for all.


“I’ll be fine. I’ll just have to fight that and get used to using these powers at the same time.”

Just think of it as a tutorial of a game.

“It’s dangerous. I strongly advise to take on a lower-grade monster in your first battle.”

“You’re a God’s sword, aren’t you? Are you scared of a demon?”

“Wha-wha-wha-what did you say? Who’s scared of who!?”

When I said it in a provocative way, Milfa reacted more than I expected.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen this thing react emotionally.

It’s kind of cute.

“Gunununuu……W-well, fine. I can provide help on the parts where you are still not used to……it’s not that I am not frightened of it or anything, totally not at all.”

Oh, she’s sulking.

“That was too much of me. I’m sorry, Milfa.”

“……You are a strange man, apologizing to the sword like me.”

Hey now. You’re supposed to accept my apology here.

Though in my head, I could feel Milfa smiling.

“…… I understand. It is the role of the sword to follow the Lord’s will. I will do my best to support and protect you.”

“Thank you, Milfa.”

After expressing my gratitude, I return my gaze to the demon.

“Well, then. Tell me how we’re going to fight this thing.”

Now that I’ve become an elf, my strength has become weaker.

How am I going to stand up against a monster of that size?

“The physical abilities of elves are considerably inferior to those of humans. I recommend the use of a magic sword skill Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) to amplify your body strength.”

Milfa, who is completely back in her navigator mode of tone, announces.


“It is one of the basic buffs of the magic sword users. As its name suggests, it significantly improves the athletic ability of the wielder, such as muscle strength, endurance, and reaction speed.”

Wow, there exists such a handy feature?

“Our opponent is a demon with a dark and wind attribute. Let’s attack them with the magic sword technique of the light attribute, which is their weak point.”

“The light attribute?”

“I’ll adjust everything in that area. Please follow my instructions this time.”

“Copy that. For now, let’s give it a shot.”

Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration)

A red light enveloped my entire body, along with the electronic echo of Milfa’s voice.

“Ooh, ooooooh!”

I couldn’t help but shout out.

What I felt was like my blood is rushing through my entire being, and it is as if they were boiling.

My arms, legs, and everything in my body felt like it was being filled with power.

I was still slender on the outside, but I could already feel the difference in my physical strength on the inside.

The small sword Milfa, which used to feel as heavy as a small iron dumbbell, is now light as a feather.

When I looked at the LCD screen, the display had changed to ‘Attack mode.’

“Next, we will enter the magic slashing sequence. I’ll take care of the amplification boost and magic power control. As for Master Lian, please do the release.”

“I don’t know how this is happening, but I get it.”

In the meantime, let’s follow our navigator.

“Search for magic power source……completed. This is ……! That’s a lot of magic power.”

You look surprised, Milfa. Is that bad or good?

“It will finish amplifying in about three seconds. I’ll take count and fire at zero – is that okay?”

“Wait, how do you launch a ──”

When I try to ask, an image of something spreads in my head.

I have no idea how it works, but I can just sense it.

“Countdown. Ten, nine, eight ……”

Milfa began to count down.

The “Attack mode” display disappeared from the LCD area, and a digital number appeared instead.

10…… 9…… 8…….

The numbers change in tandem with the Milfa’s countdown.

At the same time, I felt an intense heat in the core of my chest.

It’s as if a fire was about to erupt from inside my body.

“Four, three……”

Soon, Milfa’s countdown approached zero.

The heat that lodged in the core of my chest had now spread throughout my entire body.

It was like my whole body was being heated up.

So this is it ──.

This is my magical power.


Limit(Slash) Break(Release)!”

As soon as Milfa’s countdown ended, the golden sword blade emitted an extraordinarily dazzling light. I put all of my magical power into it and swung my sword with my strengthened arm strength. And then I unleashed its power.

Brash Blade(Demon Breaker Slash)!”

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Chapter 3 – My Magic Sword Skills Trait

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Brass(Demon) Blade(Slayer)!”

The magical slash I released greatly staggered the dragon’s giant body that was more or less 20 meters in length.

The raging shockwave had also almost knocked me off my feet.

Good thing I managed to apply physical strengthening on my legs, so you could say I barely managed to hold on.

I then walked over to the adventurer girls.

A gallant female warrior with red hair in twin tails.

A cool beauty wizard with blue hair in short cut.

And a dainty priestess with blonde hair cropped at her shoulders.

The girls are completely different from each other, but all of them are breathtakingly beautiful.

“An Elf?”

The one who muttered as she stared at me in amazement is the dainty cleric with blonde hair.

Ugh, she’s so cute!

Even in a situation that I successfully made a grand entrance, I couldn’t help but get nervous involuntarily.



We heard a groan, and from there, I saw the dragon turning its angry eyes on me.

Looks like I have to focus on this one first.

“Stay back.”

I turned to them and readied my divine sword, Milfa, as I told them.

“You, do you intend to fight it alone!? That’s too reckless!”

“Even adventurers in A-Class will need several people to fight against it, much less a weak-looking elf like yourself. it’s not someone you can stand up to on your own.”

The warrior and the mage gave me each of their warnings.

In the meantime, the priestess girl is the only one that is staring at me……

“By any chance, has fate brought you to us ──”

……and mumbling something I don’t quite understand.

“It’s okay.”

I showed my best smile I could manage, and the warrior girl immediately blushes on me.

Also, I’m not sure if she is embarrassed or not, but the mage girl looks away slightly.

“I appreciate your concern, but I have the trait of having the “Complete Mastery of the Strongest Magic Sword Arts.”

There’s also the divine artifact Milfa which was sent by the Goddess.

“How do we fight it, Milfa?”

I asked my partner, the short sword.

“The dragon’s scales have tremendous defensive capabilities. Even if we shoot them from point-blank range, it won’t be fatal to them.”

Milfa explains matter-of-factly.

“Still, it’s not like it hasn’t any weakness. The most fragile part of the Windy(Green Winged) Dragon(Fang King) is the scales under its throat. I’m sure you’ll be able to defeat it if you accurately shoot it there with your light magic sword art, which is also its weakness attribute.”

“Under the throat, huh. Even if you said that……”

I look up at the dragon, which looks more than 20 meters long.

There’s no way the sword can reach that place.

“Can I fire the thig earlier again from here?”

“For a magic sword art that is compatible with an A-class dragon types, they only range about five to ten meters. Any further than that will reduce its power by a lot.”

“So it’s no good, huh……No, wait.”

Isn’t the present me already good enough?

I look at the dragon again.

“Let’s do just that, Milfa. I’ll leave the fine-tuning to you, just like before. Meanwhile, just leave the timing of release to me. I will do my best.”

“Understood my(my) master(lord).”

A moment later, a flash of greenish light filled my vision.

Damn, they attacked me from the other side first!

And I don’t have any more time to avoid.

I reflexively swung my sword.

The flashes of light emanating from the sword’s body quickly scattered the dragon’s shining breath.

“He canceled a dragon’s breath with a magical slash without even chanting? How in the world ──”

The mage girl exclaims in surprise.

“That’s a good reflex. Apparently, master seems to more qualities than I thought.”

I chuckle at Milfa’s words.

Maybe the dragon in front of me is a ridiculous monster by the standards of this world.

But for me, it’s not a significant threat.

The fact that I could easily prevent her attack is the proof.

Now then.

“The only thing left to do is to kill it.”


The dragon backed away as if it were pressured by its new foe.

The atmosphere of the battlefield had changed dramatically, just from the previous exchange of attack and defense.

The weak and the strong.

Those who were the hunters and those who were the hunted.

Our positions had been reversed in an instant.

“Let’s go, Milfa. I’ll make this quick.”

Saying that, I started running.

Thanks to the strengthened muscles by magic, I was amazingly fast.

I can’t help but feel like I’m riding the wind as the scenery in front of me passes away at such a high speed.

It was like I’m riding a racing bike or a race car at such speed.

“Magical convergence rate, 40 percent …… 50…… 50…… 60……”

The mechanical voice of Milfa spoke, indicating the control status of my magic power.


Kicking the earth, I jumped as hard as I could with both of my strengthened legs.

My body, which leaps with the force of a bullet, reaches a distance of about 20 meters from the ground in the blink of an eye.

If my Magic Sword Arts can’t reach you, then I’ll just have to jump within a range good enough to cast it!”

The strategy was so simple I doubt it could even be qualified as a strategy.

“Convergence rate …… 87 percent……we’re ready.”

Limit(Slash) Break(Release)!”

On Milfa’s signal, I swung the short golden sword.

The sword’s blade emitted a dazzling glow.

Along with a clashing sound, its tip split into two halves, and a red ball of light appeared in the hollow between it.

I can feel it.

I can see my magic power gathering and condensing into one.

Yes, this will definitely work!

I thrust the sword with its tip split into two toward the dragon’s throat.

Seraphim Zapper!(Searing Angel’s Absolution)

The crimson magic ball was released, and it shot through the stubborn dragon’s weak scales with a single blow.


Mina Aribelle’s side.

Everything happened in an instant.

The beautiful elven boy who has suddenly appeared easily repelled the dragon breath that even Mina’s protective wards could only barely hold on against.

And with a single blow, he pierced its hard scale that could not even be scratched by Mary’s sword or Ingrid’s magic.


Faced with such a great decimation, the doomed dragon collapsed on the spot.


Mina stared blankly at the unbelievable series of events.

Her whole body is burning hot.

Just by looking at that boy, her heart is beating faster and faster in her chest.

It’s tingling sweetly and sourly, a feeling she had never felt before.

──What in the world is this sensation.

He indeed has the good looks that only an elf can have.

But what attracted Mina was not such an outward appearance.

It was something in her female intuition……something even more primal.

Is this an oracle from the god Mina serves – the Goddess of Love, Elciata?

Once she saw him at first glance, it was as if her everything tells her to adore and devote everything to that man.

It doesn’t matter if the other party is not a human but an elf.

(Yes, if it’s this person……)

Mina looks at the man, titillated.

There’s no doubt about it.

This sensation, which she of earlier as a probability, has been changed to a certainty.

──That this man, is the person I am destined to be with──.

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Chapter 4 – Destined Partner

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The girl with blonde hair and blue eyes had been staring at me for a while now.

The white vestments that look like two long pieces of cloth affixed to the front and back of her body. Long white bare legs stretching out from its hem, exuding a healthy dose of coloration. No matter how you look at it, she’s a pretty girl who looks good in her priestess uniform, reminiscent of the RPG characters I used to play in my past life.

Come to think of it, she was staring at me when I first came here, too.

All three of them are equally beautiful girls, but she was my type in particular.

Her age is around 18 or 20 – probably about the same as me.

……though in my case, I’m reincarnated, so I’m only talking about the age I was when I died in my previous life.

Still, a gentle and refined beauty like hers is very well my best favorite.

Nonetheless, the fiery warmaiden and the cold sorceress mage are also hard to pass by.

The three of them are beautiful in different leagues of each other that it’s hard to choose one.

The woman continues to stare at me.

Her cheeks are blushing red, and she sighs from time to time. Then, a faint smile appeared on her adorable face.

Is she daydreaming? What’s wrong with her?

“Ah, Uhm……”

She stood up and walked up to me.

Ugh, up close and personal, she’s insanely cute. Even I am getting jittery all of a sudden as I was getting approached.

“My name is, um, Mina Aribelle. Can you please grace us with your name, Mr. Savior?”

“Yano Soichi……no, that wasn’t it. Uh, Lian Tiarade,” I almost answered the name of my previous life, so I hurriedly corrected myself.

“You’re a good sport, boy.”

This time the female warrior walked up to me with a smile.

“I’ve never seen an elf before……heee, you have a really beautiful face.”

Her face is poised, and her cheeks are red as she looks at me.

However, she seems like she’s shy of something, as her gaze swims about whenever her eyes meet with mine.

Is this the kind of reaction a girl would have when she’s with an extremely handsome boy?


After I said that, her tense expression that seems to lit a blaze at any time turned into a smile.

She is of considerable beauty, as well.

She’s probably the oldest of the three, but she still doesn’t seem to reach 20.

If Mina’s age range is that of a high school girl nearing her graduation, this girl is definitely a college student.

“I’m Rosemary Grande, but you can call me Mary. Nice to meet ya.”

The warmaiden held out her right hand to me.

When I squeezed the hand back, I was thrilled to feel the surprisingly supple and soft palm of the girl’s.

“Ah, he became shy for a moment. So cute……he’s just my type.”

Mary spoke the last one in a small murmur.

She might have said it that way so that I wouldn’t hear it, but unfortunately, my elven ears have excellent hearing.

“I am Ingrid.”

The mage girl then introduces herself in a cool tone.

She was a petite, beautiful girl with short-cut blue hair reminiscent of ice.

Unlike Mary, she doesn’t seem to be nervous at all.

She was just as cool and girly as she looked.

Her age is probably one or two more years younger than Mina.

In terms of age range, a junior high school girl? But the way she acts is more mature than that, more mature than Mary even.

This is how the three of us – Mina, Rosemary, Ingrid, the three adventuring beauties, and I, a reincarnated elf ─ met.

And it’s also the meeting of what should start the party of the most powerful adventurers in the history of this world.


According to their story, Mina and her party are the so-called adventurers.

The adventurer in this world is said to be a jack-of-all-trades who accepts various quests, such as defeating demons, guarding people, and searching the labyrinths for anything of value.

And it is said that the girls came for the request to defeat the dragon that ravages the villages in these lands.

“Thanks to Lian, we were able to get rid of the dragon, and we’ll be able to go back home on schedule.”

“I’ve explained this countless times already, there are dangerous demons that roam at night. It’s safer to camp here today and leave first thing in the morning instead.”

Ingrid immediately counters Mary’s words.

“Eeeeeh~?! But I want to go back to town and take a shower already! I’m sticky all over, with sweat and mud all over my body. If it’s just a little danger, I can manage it with my sword!”

“Rejected. Also, didn’t the tip of your sword snap from the last battle?”

“Geez, It was only just the tip. Ingrid, you’re too stubborn.”

“I just want to avoid risks whenever possible. You’re too reckless, m……”

“You, are you about to say that I’m a muscle head?”

“It’s all in your head.”

Ingrid returns a cool glance at Mary, who’s about to shout at her.

“Okay, okay, stop it you too.”

Mina coaxed the two with a gentle smile.

“Ingrid just spoke that with everyone’s wellbeing in mind.”

“Sigh. If it’s Mina telling me that, then I got no choice but to comply.”

“Thanks for the follow-up, Mina.”

Mary smiles wryly, and Ingrid replies indifferently.

Even though I had just met them, I could tell that this party of three women have a very good bond with each other.

“Would you like to join us for the night, Sir Lian?”

Mina asked as she looks at me.

“Is it okay? Me sharing the camp with Mina and the others?”

I asked back.

Well, I’m kind of nervous about sleeping alone in the forest, so I’m grateful for the offer.

“Of course, it’s okay. After all, if we’re to be attacked by a monster while the others were taking their sleep, it’s better to have as many people as possible.”

“Also, it’s more reassuring if we’re all together.”

Mary added along.

“Just a reminder. If you come at us lustfully, we will put you in ice.”

Ingrid was the only one with a strangely cold glance.

I mean–it’s the kind of look as if she’s seeing a sex offender.

…… Did I do something to make this girl hate me?

“I don’t mind being attacked if it’s a beautiful boy like him……fufufu.”

“Mary, your drool, your drool.”

“Ah, not good. Fufufufufufufu.”

── And so, I spent the first night in this world with these three women.

We each take turns keeping watch and slept for the rest of the time.

I’m tired, so I’m sleepy too, but…

I was awakened by the sound of a crackling firewood.

Or maybe my sleeping posture isn’t proper to begin with? After all, this is my first time sleeping outside without a tent.

Anyway, since I was already half-awake and in a daze, I started to reflect on the day’s events.

I found myself meeting a goddess in a white space and experiencing sex for the first time in my life.

Then I was reincarnated as an elf in this world, met Mina and the two others, and defeated a dragon with magical swordplay…

Hmmm, too many events happened in one day.

The excitement of it all was making my eyes feel dizzy.

A short distance away from me, Mina and her party were still asleep.

I left quietly so as not to wake them up.

Since I couldn’t sleep anyway, I decided to take a walk around the area.

Ingrid has set up a warding spell within a radius of about a hundred meters around our current location.

It seems to have a mechanism that sounds an alarm when a monster comes near.

As long as I stay within that range, they’ll be safe even if something happens.

If a bad monster appears, I’ll just run over and eliminate it.

In the first place, though, I was told that there is no such vicious thing lurking around here. Maybe because of that dragon, which is on top of the food chain here, that it made the other species hard to approach this area.

For once, I was thankful of that dragon menace.

“Wow, what a starry sky……”

I looked up at the night sky as I walked.

I could see countless stars twinkling and shimmering around us, bathing the surroundings with their scarce light.

It was a far cry from the city I used to live in my previous life.

“I’m really in a different world now, am I……”

I was looking up at the night sky, alone, and suddenly a realization hit me.

There is no one here who knows me.

An environment, a civilization, a country, so different from the world I had grown up in.

The feeling that I was a different person.

The anxiety and loneliness of having nowhere to turn.

All of these came rushing in at once, and I felt as if my chest is going to be crushed.

“You can’t sleep, Sir Lian?”

Before I know it, Mina had appeared behind me.


I turn around.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“No, that’s not it. In fact, whenever I think back the battle we had just been to……my eyes just can’t seem to close with ease.”

Mina spoke with a smile.

She was fantastically lovely under the shine of the moonlight.

Already enough to grab my heart in its core.

Just by looking at her, I could feel my heart beat faster and faster.

Is it the recoil of all the anxiety I had been keeping inside all this point?

Just being with her soothes my heart and makes my heart flutter sweetly at the same time.

“I just feel like…… I’m unable to calm myself? Ah just ignore it. I’m okay, really.”

The voice that came out of me is shrill and nervous.

『──That this man, is the person I’m destined to be with──.』

Suddenly, I remembered the lines she muttered when I met Mina back then.

“C-come to think of it, you said something about me being your destined person when you met me……”

I change the subject, trying to distract myself from the tension and awkwardness.

“Eeeeh!? N-no way, you heard that?”

Immediately, Mina blushed, the least of what I was expecting.

“Awawa, so embarrassing……”

Even her acting embarrassed is very cute.

“A priestess who serves as the Goddess of Love is able to discern his or her destined partner. Whether it’s an oracle or intuition, you see……”

Mina said and looked down, embarrassed.

“After seeing you earlier, I’m sure of it. The one who is my…”

Gulping and clearing my throat, I wait for her next words.

“F-f-fated pa……no, I can’t. It’s too embarrassing after all!”

She suddenly turns red and squats down on the spot.


“When you meet the man of your destiny, you are to dedicate your body and soul to him. Only after that you will attain true happiness…happiness of being a true woman.”

Mina murmurs as if she’s chanting an oracle.


“It is the doctrine of Goddess Elciata, the Goddess of Love, whom I serve.”

Come to think of it, the goddess who took my virginity was the Goddess of Love, Elciata.

I should have expected it for that Goddess’ doctrine, but why do I feel that that Goddess (Is he really one?) is more of a free-spirited and experienced slacker than a holy one? I’m sorry for having such thoughts, Mina.

“In fact, the instant I saw you, I was filled with deep emotion, emotion telling me that I have met the man of my dreams. That the man in front of me is the man of my destiny, the man to whom I would give my whole body and soul to – and also the man whom I will devote all of my chastity.”

Mina is looking at me with an almost tearful face.


“I’m sorry, I know you’re surprised that we just met……”

Mina bowed her head apologetically.

“It is only my intention to follow the doctrine of the Goddess of Love. You don’t have to accept it, and if you don’t like it, feel free to reject it if you don’t want me.”

I wasn’t religious in my past life, and I wasn’t particularly interested in religion either.

I don’t know how I feel about following her beliefs.

But what I know is that Mina’s thoughts are full of sincerity.

It doesn’t matter if we’ve only just met or not.

Is it intuition or instinct?

Or is it just fate, as Elciata’s doctrine would say?

If I were to tell the truth, I’m also attracted to her──.

“……ah, I’m sorry. For Sir Lian, this might be too abrupt. We only just met, after all.”

Mina became despondent.

“I, I was, just so happy that I couldn’t help but got carried away……Please forgive me.”

“No. In fact, I’m also glad that I am Mina’s destined partner.”

The words came out of my mouth surprisingly smoothly, even to myself.

“Then……will you accept me?”

Mina returns her gaze at me.

“Under the teachings of the Goddess Elciata, my mind, my body, please let me dedicate everything I have to you.”

Mina vows before me and gently pulls my face to hers.

Her soft lips touched my own.

Is everything just a lucky coincidence?

Or was it guided by destiny, as Mina had said?

What if it’s one of my traits of having MAX luck with women? Whatever the case is, it’s now a fact that I’m being approached by an incredibly beautiful girl right now.

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Chapter 5 – First Sex with Mina Part 1 ※

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Mina and I looked at each other as we slowly parted our lips.

“Ahh, your lips…… were my first. To be able to dedicate my first kiss to Sir Lian, I’m so happy.”

Mina has her face already flushing as if in a trance.

Those breaths escaping from her wet and shiny lips, it was extremely lustrous.

“I’m happy as well, to be able to receive Mina’s first kiss.”

I made a huge smile, mustering the full effect of my beautiful elven boy face…though I still don’t know if that works.

“Ahhh, Sir Lian……”

And looks like it’s effective, as she immediately became swooned, or at least that’s what I think.

“T-then, this time……”

I reached out to Mina.

I touched her smooth cheeks and neck, then crawled my hands slightly lower – towards the middle section of her white vestments.

Is this really me? I could feel the boldness growing inside me soon after I finished the kiss.


Mina lets out a soft moan.

A faint vermilion of excitement crosses her pretty face, making me aroused in return.

It also made me put more force into my fingertips, which have now successfully reached her chest, which were so huge I could feel the richness of them even through the thick fabric.

And then, I realized something.

“Oh, now that you mention it…”

I shifted my gaze to the small sword hanging onto the waist of my body.

Even though it’s a sword, it’s still kind of embarrassing to have Milfa see and hear me having sex. After all, it is a sentient being.

“Rest assured, Master Lian. I’ll go into hibernation mode to protect your privacy, so please enjoy yourself as long as you like.”

As soon as Milfa says it, the words ‘Sleep mode’ appears on the sword’s LCD display.

I’m not sure if it’s the alternative of being asleep to humans, but……thanks, Milfa.

I thanked my partner from the bottom of my heart for my concern.

“……Sir Lian? Is there something wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing.”

I smiled at a dubious-looking Mina.

Apparently, I was the only one who could hear Milfa’s voice.

“So……shall we continue?”

I whispered softly.

The beautiful young priestess turned red to the ear and nodded her head.

Under the pale moonlight, I took off my leather pants.

As the naked lower half of my body got exposed, I saw Mina gasp.

This is……a man’s……!?”

Mina looks at my penis as if she were enchanted by it.

The anticipation and excitement of getting to have sex with her has already made my dick fully erect.

By the way, my size is more or less fifteen centimeters, about the same as it was in my previous life.

Even though I had already become an elf, my size didn’t seem to get smaller and thinner or larger even.

“W-what should I do……”

Mina asks in a stiff tone.

Oh, right. This is supposed to be her first time.

However, it’s only the second time I’ve had sex in my life.

I’m also far from being experienced.

What should I do first?

While thinking about our next step, I returned my gaze back to Mina.

I see her lovely round eyes and cherry-colored lips.

As expected, she’s insanely cute.

“I wonder if you could use your mouth……”

Half instinctively, those words came out of my mouth.

A thought that it would be a great experience to have that pair of dainty lips sucking my dick.

“M-my mouth……?”

“Yes, my cock, putting it in your mouth……and sucking it in.”

“Uhm, I’m not really sure, but as long as Sir Lian wants me to……”

Could it be that she doesn’t know what a fellatio is?

Nevertheless, Mina consents with open arms.

Kneeling at my feet and putting her knees together, she timidly brings her lips to the tip of my dick.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

I asked her coyly.

My voice trembles with a strange sense of anticipation.

I’ve lost my virginity to a goddess, yes. But I’ve never had a fellatio.

“As long as it makes Sir Lian happy, I’ll be happy as well……I’ll do my best to serve you a lot.”

Mina spoke with a bashful smile, and it was insanely adorable.

“……nn, chu.”

The beautiful girl started by softly kissing the tip.


Just the feel of those hot, soft lips on the tip of my penis nearly made me reach the peak.

Due to the boiling excitement, my manhood quickly hardened in just several ticks.

The area where Mina’s lips touched mine feels like it’s about to melt.

“nn……mu, ahh.”

Despite acting like a nervous cat, Mina swallows the tip.

At a frustratingly slow pace, she takes it up in her mouth from the head, going down little by little until it reaches the shaft part.

“Haaagu, guuu……fuu, muuu.”

Mina then puffs her nose out and sucks hard on my penis.

First, she holds my thing in place with her mouth, then she entwines it with her tongue. After that, she sucks me as hard as she can.

It’s an awkward, yet very polite blow job.

Well suited for a prim and proper girl like her.

It was so arousing. Not only was I satisfied physically, but I was entertained visually as well. After all, to be able to see a good and polite girl on the level of Mina blowing me up close and personal, if this didn’t get me aroused, then I don’t know what will be.

“N, chuuu……lerooo, hnnnnn……sho thick……uuu……mmuh.”

It seems that my hardened penis was a little too big for Mina’s small mouth, as she was having a hard time swallowing it all.

Yet, it was really cute to see her teary-eyed, struggling to suck it hard and serve me in the most wholesome way.

Mina’s warm tongue continues to wrap around the saliva-covered meat stick.

As it was further tightened with exquisite pressure of her hands, an itchy sensation began running through my tip.

“Ugh, that’s it, it feels good……!”

“Really? I’m glad……chuuu, lero……Nnnnn, pichuu……”

Mina’s eyes narrowed in fascination, yet her tongue continued to waggle within.

It seems that she’s trying to find my good spots with her tongue with my reaction as her basis.

This, of course, made the feeling of wanting to cum, a sensation that kept on circulating on my tailbone and my spine since earlier, to increase ten-fold.

“Ahh, I can’t, it’s going to come out……”

Moaning, I looked down at Mina.

She was also looking up at me with an enraptured, exuberant face.

“What……are you…cumming……? P-please, go ahead……chuu, muu……put it all……in my mouth……chuu.”

While continuing to suck on my cock, she encourages me to ejaculate in her mouth.

With those words, my heightened desire finally explodes.

“Ugh, I’m cumming……”

In a muffled voice, I filled Mina’s warm mouth with copious amounts of cum.

A torrent of hot and white fluid floods her throat with an outrageous momentum, then begins to flow back outside. And no, I didn’t use any exaggeration in that sentence, not one bit.

──Is this the trait of having matchless vigor during sex?

I can’t help but feel a sense of conquest as I pour my semen into the beautiful girl’s little mouth.

“Nnnnnnn……!? Guuu, muuu……mmm, fuaaah.”

Mina, on the other hand, was surprised by the amount, texture, and hotness of her first sperm, so much that her entranced eyes are now wide open from shock.

Still, she obediently gulped down the cum without spitting out a single drop.

Impressed by her courage, I became more immersed in the feeling of my blissful release.

“Dokudokudokudoku! Dobyururururuuuuuuu!”

With force so strong that it gave loud vibrations inside her mouth, I continued to release plenty of my load in Mina until I finish my last drop.

“Haaaa, haaaa, haaaa……w-wow, so thick and syrupy…… so this is what comes out of a man……”

Mina releases my cock and takes a deep breath.

Her eyes were in a daze, enraptured by the afterglow of receiving my extracts down to her very throat.

“It felt good in me as well, Mina……haaa, haaa……”

I returned my gaze on Mina, feeling a supreme sense of satisfaction.

There is also that certain amount of languidness, particular to what one usually feels in the immediate aftermath of ejaculation.

However, a hot urge rises from my lower abdomen once more, immediately replacing the languid feeling I had mentioned earlier.

Not being satisfied with just one shot.

An overwhelming sensation that can still make one ejaculate as many times as he wants.

Before I got here, I’ve had many ejaculations in my first experience with Goddess Elciata. However, my degree of recovery right now is much, much greater compared to that time.

I knew it. This is the trait of having matchless vigor during sex.

As evidence, my penis still stands tall, not showing any hint of wilting at all.

It is as if it’s telling me that the ejaculation inside Mina’s mouth just now was just a warm-up to it.

“I-it’s not enough? Ah, p-pardon me. It’s because I was too inexperienced that I was unable to satisfy you. I’m sorry.” spoke Mina in dejection, thinking it was her lack of skills that I still have a hard-on.

“That’s not true, Mina. Your blowjob was really great.”

I told her how I felt.

“But, you see, I wanted to do more and more comfortable things with Mina……and that’s why I’m still like this.”

I swayed my still throbbing manhood, and Mina blushed.

“You want to……do it more……with me?”

She asked, and I nodded quietly.

“Sir Lian……wants me?”

I reached out to her, my hand trembling with excitement. Then, I gently touched her cheek.

Mina lets out a small yet lustrous breath, a massive gap from her usual pristine appearance.

My lower abdomen tingles more due to this.


I screamed in a muffled voice and hugged the beautiful priestess.

Dokun, dokun. We felt each other’s heartbeats, pounding hard on me as I held her in my embrace.

“T-then, please……”

Mina gazed back, and in a faint voice, she spoke.

“Please……make all of me……to be Sir Lian’s……”

All of her? But that means……

“Are you sure?”

I gulped and cleared my throat.

From the conversations we’ve had, Mina must be a virgin.

And she’s going to offer all of that to me, whom she’d just met?

“I trust my intuition as a servant of the Goddess of Love.”

Mina, with a dignified look on her face, tells me back.

“To give everything to my destined partner──I have believed in that doctrine all my life. Besides, this has been throbbing non-stop since a while ago……It’s telling me it wants a deeper connection with you., Sir Lian.”

Mina’s face flushed even more as she said it.

She was so embarrassed, she buries herself in my chest just to hide her blushing face.

Ugh, she’s too cute, this girl.

With my heart fluttering, I put my left arm around Mina and hugged her.

Meanwhile, I continue to slide down my right hand, crawling it downwards……all the way to her lower abdomen.

I rolled up the hem of her distinctive vestments, which look like a long piece of cloth draped back and forth, and inserted my hand through the gap in her garment.

I took a guess as to where is the location of her underwear.

Even though I’m now in a fantasy world, the development of underwear in this world seems to be pretty much the same as when I was still on Earth.

I rubbed with my fingertips the piece of fabric that seems to be her panties.

Guchu. An unexpected loud squish resounded.

“Mina, you……”

I was going to caress her, but her secret place is already gushing wet.

“When I was licking Sir Lian’s……, I also felt good……or something like that……Uuuu.”

The Love Priestess spoke with so much shame that her ears went red.

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Chapter 6 – First Sex with Mina Part 2 ※

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I slowly remove the pretty panties as I gently touch Mina’s smooth bare legs, leaving the white vestments intact.

“Kyaaa……as expected, it’s embarrassing……”

The other party, in turn, lets out a squeal of shame.

However, I didn’t care and pulled her panties all the way down, fully exposing her lower body.

Dazzling white thighs and beautifully curved calves.

And the from the base of her stunningly beautiful thighs, a secret spot hidden by golden pubic hair was laid bare.

Maybe it’s because she’s already wet enough, the pale moonlight gave it a slippery, nasty sheen.


I cried out her name enthusiastically and pushed her down gently on the grass.

Holding her slender waist, I split her smooth legs open.

I advanced my hips between her legs and pressed the tip of my member against her entrance.

“Are you ready, Mina?”

“Yes……my virginity, please make it all yours.”

In a trembling voice, but with a firm will – Mina looks straight up at me.

I kiss her lightly, then push my hips forward.

“Okay, I’ll take it now.”


Squelch. When I pushed the tip into her narrow entrance, Mina’s eyebrows drew together closely.

Her body arched back and her shoulder-length blonde hair shook violently.

“You okay, Mina? Does it hurt?”

“A little bit……but I’m still okay.”

She nodded to me with a smile, even though she seems out of breath.

Those words gave me courage and I moved my hips further.

This will be my first time having sex with a virgin.

To begin with, it was the second sex that I had in my life, so I was still as tensed, not much as different from my first experience.

“Ugh, so tight……”

While being aware of my heart beating so fast in nervousness that it hurts, I kept pushing forward into her narrow meat cave.

Zu, zuzu……zubu, uuuu……uuuuu……!

Unlike the goddess’s which swallowed me down smoothly, Mina’s insides are really tight and narrow.

I have to put all my strength into it just to insert it.

Still, thanks to the fully wet mucous membrane that was gradually getting expanded by my meat stick, it was smoothly swallowed into Mina’s interior.

Zuchuu. I felt something being torn off along the way.

Maybe that was her virginity membrane, her hymen, her proof that I was the first man she had ever had.

“Haa, guuuu!? Nguuu, aah, fuuuh……”

At that moment, Mina lets out a muffled whimper.

“Did it hurt, Mina?”

“Y-yes, but I’m fine……please, go on……”

“Then, I’ll put it all the way in……”

I put my weight on my hips and pushed down the remaining base of my penis.


At the same time, Mina’s body bent over in a big way.

“Haaa, haaa, haaa……it’s all in.”

“Yes……I feel……Sir Lian……inside……fuahh.”

Mina and I looked at each other as we let out ragged breaths.

Mina and I were finally one.

Mina’s virginity, and everything, I received it all.

The pride and emotion of being a man gave me a spiritual fulfillment, and it sweetly soaked onto my whole body.

“I’m……really happy……with my destined person, I……aah, aaah.”

Mina was also panting with a deeply moved expression on her face.

“I’m happy as well, Mina.”

Looking down on her in bliss, I expressed a big smile to her face.

“Aaah, Sir Lian……”

While looking at the enraptured Mina, I began moving my hips enthusiastically.

Of course, in a slow pace, so as not to put a strain on her treasured place, which had just lost its purity.

“Fuaaah, aaaaahhhhnn, somehow, I’m feeling……strange! Sir Lian is……churning my insides……hauuuuu, uaah, it’s, it’s spreading me apart!”

Mina screams as her golden hair got disturbed by her first intermingling with a man.

Her innocent beauty is now completely overtaken by the supreme pleasure, and is now full of lustful indecency.

With such a naughty expression, I couldn’t help but get excited as well.

After all, I am the only man who has ever entered her body.

As well as the only one who’s ever made her look like this.

Feeling exhilarated on being able to monopolize all of her for myself, I held Mina’s upper body in my arms and sucked frantically on her lips.

“Hmmmm, nmmmm, fuahh.”

As we continued to hug and kiss, I rocked my hips and stirred her insides with my meat pole which is about to burst.

Guchu. Guchu. A nasty sound of water squelching echoes to the air.

Yet her vaginal opening, which had been devirginized earlier, is still narrow and tight.

Thankfully, her walls are now slippery with love juices, so my extraction is getting smoother and smoother.

“Mina’s insides……so slimy and tight……it’s the best.”

Letting out words of praise, I pulled back my hips until my member was almost out of the entrance of her vagina.

From there, I slowly insert it while feeling the sensation of her folds spreading in full.

“Ahhh, to be able to receive Sir Lian’s pleasure……I feel so blessed…….”

In order to acclimate the thickness and length of my penis to Mina’s virgin pussy, I repeated the slow pacing in and out.

This movement should have left me breathless already because of the lower physical abilities of an elf, yet I don’t feel tired at all.

Having matchless vigor during sex is pretty useful indeed.

I was able to shake my hips as if I was always full of stamina, similar to being subjected to [Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration)] by the divine sword.

“Kuu, aaaah……nchuu”

Out of the blue, Mina’s precious hole went tight with intense pressure, sending a numbing sensation to my dick as we kiss.

This is bad. I’m feeling so good that I don’t think I’ll last long.

“Nnn, chuu……my insides…… they feel……so good……”

Mina’s eyes watered as she responded to my kisses.

“Then, allow me to make you feel even better, Mina.”

Despite this, it’s not good to let it out inside.

When I was dealing with Goddess Elciata, I didn’t have time to think about it, but this time I have some mental space.

I have to somehow pull it out just before ejaculation and spray it at least in her belly or chest.

“Sir Lian, please let it out inside me. Pour it inside to your heart’s content. I want to receive it all.”

It seems that Mina wants me to cum inside her.

For a moment, a feeling of hesitation rises in me, that this is improper, as we had just met today.

But I can’t resist the temptation being stared straight by Mina’s entranced eyes, which is now full of anticipation to what is coming next.

“Alright. I’ll put it all inside you Mina. Make sure you take it all!”

I thrust in deep and finally, I spurted a load of cum into Mina’s warm womb.

“Dokudokudokudoku! Byururururuuuuuuuu!”

My ejaculation, even more vigorous than the first time, raged inside the vagina that enveloped my member.

I didn’t stop. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to.

“Aaahhh, so hot……this is Sir Lian’s……its so much……afuuu……!”

Receiving a direct hit of a vaginal cum shot, Mina raised a loud moan that is almost a scream.

“Ugh……still coming out!”

My release still continues, filling her tiny pussy with a tidal wave of cum.

The virgin ground, which no one has ever entered, is now being dyed with my color. The feeling of conquest surrounds me.

It took me a while before I finally finished my long, long, long ejaculation, immersed in the most wonderful sensation I ever had.


There was the slight feeling of zen, but it’s still far from the ‘sage mode’ where a man is in a clear state of mind right after ejaculation.

I slowly pulled out my meat rod, which was still hard from the remaining lust left in it.

“Haaa, haaa, haaaa……Amazing, that……so much……”

With her first experience now over, Mina spoke, breathing hardly and with her thin shoulders shaking up a bit.

It seems that she has barely had any energy left to even do a proper sentence.

At her very base, a gaping vaginal opening could be seen.

A lot of white fluid was gushing out of the depths of its hole, which is now almost at the same diameter as my penis.

The erotic nature of the vagina, in which made the semen I pumped it to flow backwards, immediately made my crotch hot.

It warped again valiantly, as if it wants to pierce her bellybutton.

“Sir Lian, is that……? Maybe, it’s still not enough?”

Mina’s eyes went round as she stares between my legs.

Even after ejaculating twice, my penis still stands marvelously.

This guy – as expected – is amazing.

It’s not that I got a full erection right after ejaculating that has left me in awe, but the fact that I had still not entered ‘sage mode’ even though I should have already done it by now if this was the previous me.

How many releases will I have to take to reach that point?

Based on the way I’m feeling right now, I can still manage to release three or four times as much as I want.

Still, it is bad for Mina, as she was just a virgin earlier.

“Please don’t hesitate, Sir Lian. I am very happy to be sought this much.”

Mina was staring at me with sparkling eyes.

My lower abdomen tingles more and more as she looks at me with a mixture of anticipation and excitement.

Though I also don’t want to put a strain to her body that has just recently learned about sex, I still want to enjoy her company a little more.

“……Very well. Let’s continue, Mina.”

I called out to her in a voice rasping with lust.

“Yes. Uhm, I’ll be in your care once again, Sir Lian.”

In the end, I got defeated by my desires. Mina’s bashful appearance while hugging me is just too cute to resist.

I leaned on her, and once again, I was allowed to taste a young and fresh body of a woman without reserve.

I began by fully assaulting her narrow aperture, thrusting myself in and out of that hole. All while I enjoy the feel of her soft body, as well as the hot and wet meat pleats as they tangle around me.

Mina, who was a virgin just earlier, seems to have developed her sense of sex little by little, and began to respond to my pumping with an expression of delight.

And, after pouring my seed into her three times, Mina’s stamina was finally exhausted, giving me no choice but to call it quits.

I still want to have fun, but I guess I’ll have to leave it for some other time.

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-= End of Volume 1 =-

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Translator Notes:

[1]. In the raw, Lian is stated to have blonde hair instead of black, but then again, I’ll be correcting it here to avoid confusion to the readers.

[2]. Mina is stated here to have silver hair instead of blonde in the Light novel. Also, her vestments here were color blue instead of white. I changed it to align with the light novel to avoid confusion.

[3]. Mina being a priestess here, is more of a Buddhist priest, one rather than a Catholic nun. But in the novel, she’s an RPG Healer.

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