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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – First Sex with Mina, Part 2※

I slowly remove the pretty panties as I gently touch Mina’s smooth bare legs, leaving the white vestments intact.

“Kyaaa……as expected, it’s embarrassing……”

The other party, in turn, lets out a squeal of shame.

However, I didn’t care and pulled her panties all the way down, fully exposing her lower body.

Dazzling white thighs and beautifully curved calves.

And the from the base of her stunningly beautiful thighs, a secret spot hidden by golden pubic hair was laid bare.

Maybe it’s because she’s already wet enough, the pale moonlight gave it a slippery, nasty sheen.


I cried out her name enthusiastically and pushed her down gently on the grass.

Holding her slender waist, I split her smooth legs open.

I advanced my hips between her legs and pressed the tip of my member against her entrance.

“Are you ready, Mina?”

“Yes……my virginity, please make it all yours.”

In a trembling voice, but with a firm will – Mina looks straight up at me.

I kiss her lightly, then push my hips forward.

“Okay, I’ll take it now.”


Squelch. When I pushed the tip into her narrow entrance, Mina’s eyebrows drew together closely.

Her body arched back and her shoulder-length blonde hair shook violently.

“You okay, Mina? Does it hurt?”

“A little bit……but I’m still okay.”

She nodded to me with a smile, even though she seems out of breath.

Those words gave me courage and I moved my hips further.

This will be my first time having sex with a virgin.

To begin with, it was the second sex that I had in my life, so I was still as tensed, not much as different from my first experience.

“Ugh, so tight……”


While being aware of my heart beating so fast in nervousness that it hurts, I kept pushing forward into her narrow meat cave.

Zu, zuzu……zubu, uuuu……uuuuu……!

Unlike the goddess’s which swallowed me down smoothly, Mina’s insides are really tight and narrow.

I have to put all my strength into it just to insert it.

Still, thanks to the fully wet mucous membrane that was gradually getting expanded by my meat stick, it was smoothly swallowed into Mina’s interior.

Zuchuu. I felt something being torn off along the way.

Maybe that was her virginity membrane, her hymen, her proof that I was the first man she had ever had.

“Haa, guuuu!? Nguuu, aah, fuuuh……”

At that moment, Mina lets out a muffled whimper.

“Did it hurt, Mina?” This chapter is made possible by neorecormon of stabbing with a syringe translations.

“Y-yes, but I’m fine……please, go on……”

“Then, I’ll put it all the way in……”

I put my weight on my hips and pushed down the remaining base of my penis.


At the same time, Mina’s body bent over in a big way.

“Haaa, haaa, haaa……it’s all in.”

“Yes……I feel……Sir Lian……inside……fuahh.”

Mina and I looked at each other as we let out ragged breaths.

Mina and I were finally one.

Mina’s virginity, and everything, I received it all.

The pride and emotion of being a man gave me a spiritual fulfillment, and it sweetly soaked onto my whole body.

“I’m……really happy……with my destined person, I……aah, aaah.”

Mina was also panting with a deeply moved expression on her face.

“I’m happy as well, Mina.”

Looking down on her in bliss, I expressed a big smile to her face.

“Aaah, Sir Lian……”

While looking at the enraptured Mina, I began moving my hips enthusiastically.

Of course, in a slow pace, so as not to put a strain on her treasured place, which had just lost its purity.

“Fuaaah, aaaaahhhhnn, somehow, I’m feeling……strange! Sir Lian is……churning my insides……hauuuuu, uaah, it’s, it’s spreading me apart!”

Mina screams as her golden hair got disturbed by her first intermingling with a man.

Her innocent beauty is now completely overtaken by the supreme pleasure, and is now full of lustful indecency.

With such a naughty expression, I couldn’t help but get excited as well.

After all, I am the only man who has ever entered her body.

As well as the only one who’s ever made her look like this.

Feeling exhilarated on being able to monopolize all of her for myself, I held Mina’s upper body in my arms and sucked frantically on her lips.

“Hmmmm, nmmmm, fuahh.”

As we continued to hug and kiss, I rocked my hips and stirred her insides with my meat pole which is about to burst.

Guchu. Guchu. A nasty sound of water squelching echoes to the air.

Yet her vaginal opening, which had been devirginized earlier, is still narrow and tight.

Thankfully, her walls are now slippery with love juices, so my extraction is getting smoother and smoother.

“Mina’s insides……so slimy and tight……it’s the best.”

Letting out words of praise, I pulled back my hips until my member was almost out of the entrance of her vagina.

From there, I slowly insert it while feeling the sensation of her folds spreading in full.

“Ahhh, to be able to receive Sir Lian’s pleasure……I feel so blessed…….”

In order to acclimate the thickness and length of my penis to Mina’s virgin pussy, I repeated the slow pacing in and out.

This movement should have left me breathless already because of the lower physical abilities of an elf, yet I don’t feel tired at all.

Having matchless vigor during sex is pretty useful indeed.

I was able to shake my hips as if I was always full of stamina, similar to being subjected to [Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration)] by the divine sword.

“Kuu, aaaah……nchuu”

Out of the blue, Mina’s precious hole went tight with intense pressure, sending a numbing sensation to my dick as we kiss.

This is bad. I’m feeling so good that I don’t think I’ll last long.

“Nnn, chuu……my insides…… they feel……so good……”

Mina’s eyes watered as she responded to my kisses.

“Then, allow me to make you feel even better, Mina.”

Despite this, it’s not good to let it out inside.

When I was dealing with Goddess Elciata, I didn’t have time to think about it, but this time I have some mental space.

I have to somehow pull it out just before ejaculation and spray it at least in her belly or chest.

“Sir Lian, please let it out inside me. Pour it inside to your heart’s content. I want to receive it all.”

It seems that Mina wants me to cum inside her.

For a moment, a feeling of hesitation rises in me, that this is improper, as we had just met today.

But I can’t resist the temptation being stared straight by Mina’s entranced eyes, which is now full of anticipation to what is coming next.

“Alright. I’ll put it all inside you Mina. Make sure you take it all!”

I thrust in deep and finally, I spurted a load of cum into Mina’s warm womb.

“Dokudokudokudoku! Byururururuuuuuuuu!”

My ejaculation, even more vigorous than the first time, raged inside the vagina that enveloped my member.

I didn’t stop. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to.

“Aaahhh, so hot……this is Sir Lian’s……its so much……afuuu……!”

Receiving a direct hit of a vaginal cum shot, Mina raised a loud moan that is almost a scream.

“Ugh……still coming out!”

My release still continues, filling her tiny pussy with a tidal wave of cum.

The virgin ground, which no one has ever entered, is now being dyed with my color. The feeling of conquest surrounds me.

It took me a while before I finally finished my long, long, long ejaculation, immersed in the most wonderful sensation I ever had.



There was the slight feeling of zen, but it’s still far from the ‘sage mode’ where a man is in a clear state of mind right after ejaculation.

I slowly pulled out my meat rod, which was still hard from the remaining lust left in it.

“Haaa, haaa, haaaa……Amazing, that……so much……”

With her first experience now over, Mina spoke, breathing hardly and with her thin shoulders shaking up a bit. Please support the translator and get the latest updates by reading at my WordPress instead. Stabbing with a syringe dot home dot blog.

It seems that she has barely had any energy left to even do a proper sentence.

At her very base, a gaping vaginal opening could be seen.

A lot of white fluid was gushing out of the depths of its hole, which is now almost at the same diameter as my penis.

The erotic nature of the vagina, in which made the semen I pumped it to flow backwards, immediately made my crotch hot.

It warped again valiantly, as if it wants to pierce her bellybutton.

“Sir Lian, is that……? Maybe, it’s still not enough?”

Mina’s eyes went round as she stares between my legs.

Even after ejaculating twice, my penis still stands marvelously.

This guy – as expected – is amazing.

It’s not that I got a full erection right after ejaculating that has left me in awe, but the fact that I had still not entered ‘sage mode’ even though I should have already done it by now if this was the previous me.

How many releases will I have to take to reach that point?

Based on the way I’m feeling right now, I can still manage to release three or four times as much as I want.

Still, it is bad for Mina, as she was just a virgin earlier.

“Please don’t hesitate, Sir Lian. I am very happy to be sought this much.”

Mina was staring at me with sparkling eyes.

My lower abdomen tingles more and more as she looks at me with a mixture of anticipation and excitement.

Though I also don’t want to put a strain to her body that has just recently learned about sex, I still want to enjoy her company a little more.

“……Very well. Let’s continue, Mina.”

I called out to her in a voice rasping with lust.

“Yes. Uhm, I’ll be in your care once again, Sir Lian.”

In the end, I got defeated by my desires. Mina’s bashful appearance while hugging me is just too cute to resist.

I leaned on her, and once again, I was allowed to taste a young and fresh body of a woman without reserve.

I began by fully assaulting her narrow aperture, thrusting myself in and out of that hole. All while I enjoy the feel of her soft body, as well as the hot and wet meat pleats as they tangle around me.

Mina, who was a virgin just earlier, seems to have developed her sense of sex little by little, and began to respond to my pumping with an expression of delight.

And, after pouring my seed into her three times, Mina’s stamina was finally exhausted, giving me no choice but to call it quits.

I still want to have fun, but I guess I’ll have to leave it for some other time.

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