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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Volume 1 Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Three Adventuring Beauties

Mina Arabelle’s side.

In front of Mina, the gigantic dragon raised its roar.

It was a Windy Dragon(Green Winged Fang King).

A powerful dragon species that is classified as an A-class demon(monster). As its name suggests, its green scales are as beautiful as emeralds, hence the reason for it being sought, but it’s two pairs of membrane-like wings were spread out wide as if to tell Mina and her party of its greater risk.

(How powerful──)

Tears welled up in her dull green eyes, fear waved her shoulder-length blonde hair, and shivers went down in her slender body in white vestments.[1]

What Mina is feeling was a primal awe, a normal reaction when facing a being far superior to humans and other species.

“Hmph, as expected of an A-class entity, very powerful indeed.”

Rosemary, their female warrior serving as the vanguard, muttered undauntedly. She is a beautiful girl with twin-tailed red hair that reminded one of fire. However, her temperament is even hotter than her latter description.


“Just use the usual coordination and attack as you normally would. If we attack with a prior plan, we have a chance to win.”

Ingrid, their mage, matter-of-factly told them. In contrast to Rosemary, she has short blue hair that is reminiscent of ice. Her personality is also as cool as that of ice.

They appeared to be normal, but their faces were all pale. They were all maidens in their late teens and not much experienced as the others, so as adventurers, they were in the C-class. Therefore, an A-class demon was clearly a superior opponent to them.

It’s impossible not to feel uneasy or afraid. In fact, Mina couldn’t stop her body from trembling from a while ago.

”Even so, I… we…” This chapter is made possible by rocheneorecormon of stabbing with a syringe translations.

Mina looked at the giant dragon in front of her with a strong will in her dulling eyes. If they don’t stop that dragon here, it will invade the villages and cities beyond the forest.

The cities have invested a great deal of money in hiring A-level adventurers to guard them, so they’re still okay. But the villages――― they don’t have that kind of money.

They are defenseless. And the dragon will probably cause a lot of casualties if it reaches them.

That’s why we will defeat it. Right here and right now.

When she was ten years old, she was given an oracle by Elciata, the Goddess of Love.

She said, “You have a mission to love people and keep them happy, and I will give you the power to do so.”

And just as the oracle had said, Mina awoke with the power of a priestess that heals people.[2]

However, her qualities are still yet to blossom, as she is still ranked as the twenty-first of C-class adventurers, but …….

“Yes, this is a good way to train. I’ll definitely be stronger after I beat this one.”

“A real fight with a dragon is going to give us good data.” This chapter translation is made possible by rocheneorecormon of stabbing with a syringe translations.

Rosemary for her strength, Ingrid for her knowledge. Each spoke the reason why they were fighting as adventurers and puts up a stance. Mina, who sent a smile to her reliable friends, immediately tightened her expression.

“──Coming through!”

Immediately after telling that,


With a roar, a greenish flash of light was released from the dragon’s mouth.

It was an attack that could be called the symbolic attack of the dragon race, which annihilates everything in its path, the dragon breath.

The tornado breath that tore and crushed all who touched it was being charged in its mouth, clearly aiming on Mina and the others.

“Goddess Elciata, bless us…”

Mina quickly chanted a prayer on the spot.

Elciaskeil(Pure Heart Barrier)!”

A red glow appears in the air, creating a green barrier up ahead.


Green light and red light then clashed with each other.

The one who was winning in power, however – was the Dragon Breath.

The greenish flashes of light gradually pushed the barrier in, spewing fresh sparks in the surrounding air.

“Kuuh, uuuuuuuugh ……!”

Mina’s forehead beaded with sweat as she put all the magic she could into the barrier.

BACHI! Finally, a single, intense spark popped.

At the same time, the Dragon Breath disappeared without a trace.

“Haaaa, haaaa, haaaa, haaa……”

It was a close call, but it seems that those few seconds of offense and defense have already rooted out the magic power in her entire body.

But── despite that, she was able to prevent the first attack.

Mina’s work is now done.

Now all that’s left to do is…

“Well done, Mina! I’ll take care of the rest.”

Rosemary rushes forward, fluttering her red twin-tails behind.

Crimson Emperor Beheading Move(Teikou Zanjutsu), First Sword(Ichi no Tachi)──”

The beautiful warrior carrying a sword greater than her size on her back charged screaming, then leaps to the dragon’s belly with an inhuman leaping power.

Flame Emperor’s Blazing Fire(Entai Gekisen)!!”

One of the most popular and strongest orthodox swordsmanship on the continent, the Crimson Emperor Slaying Style.

A flash of light that could be considered the distinctive effect of this technique was fully slammed into the dragon’s stomach.


But it was Rosemary who screamed in astonishment.

There was a shrill clang, and the tip of her sword snapped.

Even with the strongest class of swordsmanship, the Crimson Emperor Slaying Style, it wasn’t enough to dent the dragon’s scales.

Too hard──.

“Get out of my way. I’ll do it.”

It was a small girl who held her wand at Mina’s side.

She held up her staff then rotated it above her head, as if to make her look good.

However, it was a habit Ingrid had when her mind had concentrated to the extreme.

“Freeze, crush, and destroy it all.”

With a beautiful melodic spell, a blue light dwelt at the end of the protruding staff.

Sapphire Bullet(Blue Ice Bullet).”

Then, a huge block of ice slammed into the dragon’s massive body, followed by a burst of light.

The attack spell was filled with all of Ingrid’s magical power, however.



They were only scattered by a single roar of the wind dragon.

“It didn’t work!?”

The cool Ingrid let out a rare cry of impatience.

It was at that moment, Mina had realized.

It was too powerful an opponent for them to mess with.

Truly impenetrable, strong in both offense and defense, clearly proving that is befitting to the one of the most powerful genera of all monsters, the dragons.

And that dragon is about to release its signature breath again.

“Both of you get behind me!” Only read the complete version at stabbing with a syringe dot home dot blog.

Seeing that Mary and Ingrid had successfully made it in position, Mina put up the wards again.

“Kuhhhh …… so, heavy ……!”

But the power of the enraged dragon’s flash was far incomparable to the one it had previously. With a violent flicker, the wall of magic power distorted. At this rate, the wards would be shot through, and she and her two companions would be torn apart by the tornado.

“No. The warding can’t hold anymore──. “

Mina let out a scream, but at that moment.

Brash Blade(Demon Breaker Slash)!”

A dazzling flash of light blew the dragon away from the side.

“What ……!?”

Mina stood dumbfounded, not knowing what had just happened.


A boy appears from behind the burst of light.

Black hair like a raven’s wet feathers. Clear blue eyes. An incredibly well-groomed face. And – sharp pointed ears.

“……An Elf?”

The first of the fairy-like beings she has ever seen in her life.

“Stand back.”

The handsome boy turns to Mina and quietly tells her.

It was breathtaking, the beauty of him.

The bewitching atmosphere of a different race, which is far separate from humans, at its very first sight ––– Mina was fascinated.

“What’s that? Isn’t that way too big?”

I couldn’t help but blurt it out, being taken aback by the sheer size of the creature as I peek out from a distance away.

I knew that the monsters I saw in video games were completely different when being seen in real life. However, I greatly underestimated their intimidating power when being seen from up close.

It gave off a pressure enough to shake one’s body to its boots.

As expected of an A-class demon.

The ones fighting it are these three girls.

A gentle-looking girl with blonde hair in a bob cut, a strong-looking girl with red hair in twin tails, and a cool-looking girl with blue hair in a short cut.

All three of them – they’re all beautiful girls.

From their respective outfits, they should be a healer, a warrior, and a mage, in that order.

”Master Lian, there is still a chance for us. Let’s run away.”

Milfa spoke.

“But I have mastered the most powerful magic sword art in the world, right?”

“Yes, with Master Lian, with your inherent strength, a demon like that would not be an enemy. But you’re not used to fighting right now, and there’s still the  chance you’ll be caught off guard.”

“That’s true, but in the end, I still have to test these powers, right?”

“My first priority is to protect Master Lian’s life.”

Milfa still would not relent.

“Master has already sated his curiosity from seeing the demon. Master will get a chance to fight one eventually, but for now, this sword gravely suggests we step aside in the meantime.”


“Well, if you want to go that far …… but what about those girls?”

“If we save the girls, we’ll have to get very close to the monster. Leaving them alone to engage with the monster would be the best method, as it will allow master Lian to escape unscathed.”

Leave them alone?

You got to be kidding me!

I can’t just abandon a girl who’s being attacked in front of me and run away.

“Master Lian, you must decide now. You’ll be in range of the monster’s attack, and you won’t be able to…”

“No, I can’t leave them alone.”

I cut off Milfa’s words once and for all.


“I’ll be fine. I’ll just have to fight that and get used to using these powers at the same time.”

Just think of it as a tutorial of a game. Please support the translator and get the latest updates of this novel by reading only at stabbing with a syringe dot home dot blog.

“It’s dangerous. I strongly advise to take on a lower-grade monster in your first battle.”

“You’re a God’s sword, aren’t you? Are you scared of a demon?”

“Wha-wha-wha-what did you say? Who’s scared of who!?”

When I said it in a provocative way, Milfa reacted more than I expected.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen this thing react emotionally.

It’s kind of cute.

“Gunununuu……W-well, fine. I can provide help on the parts where you are still not used to……it’s not that I am not frightened of it or anything, totally not at all.”

Oh, she’s sulking.

“That was too much of me. I’m sorry, Milfa.”

“……You are a strange man, apologizing to the sword like me.”

Hey now. You’re supposed to accept my apology here.

Though in my head, I could feel Milfa smiling.

“…… I understand. It is the role of the sword to follow the Lord’s will. I will do my best to support and protect you.”

“Thank you, Milfa.”

After expressing my gratitude, I return my gaze to the demon.

“Well, then. Tell me how we’re going to fight this thing.”

Now that I’ve become an elf, my strength has become weaker.

How am I going to stand up against a monster of that size?

“The physical abilities of elves are considerably inferior to those of humans. I recommend the use of a magic sword skill Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration) to amplify your body strength.”

Milfa, who is completely back in her navigator mode of tone, announces.



“It is one of the basic buffs of the magic sword users. As its name suggests, it significantly improves the athletic ability of the wielder, such as muscle strength, endurance, and reaction speed.”

Wow, there exists such a handy feature?

“Our opponent is a demon with a dark and wind attribute. Let’s attack them with the magic sword technique of the light attribute, which is their weak point.”

“The light attribute?”

“I’ll adjust everything in that area. Please follow my instructions this time.”

“Copy that. For now, let’s give it a shot.”

Physical Reinforcement(Acceleration)

A red light enveloped my entire body, along with the electronic echo of Milfa’s voice.

“Ooh, ooooooh!”

I couldn’t help but shout out.

What I felt was like my blood is rushing through my entire being, and it is as if they were boiling.

My arms, legs, and everything in my body felt like it was being filled with power.

I was still slender on the outside, but I could already feel the difference in my physical strength on the inside.

The small sword Milfa, which used to feel as heavy as a small iron dumbbell, is now light as a feather.

When I looked at the LCD screen, the display had changed to ‘Attack mode.’

“Next, we will enter the magic slashing sequence. I’ll take care of the amplification boost and magic power control. As for Master Lian, please do the release.”

“I don’t know how this is happening, but I get it.”

In the meantime, let’s follow our navigator.

“Search for magic power source……completed. This is ……! That’s a lot of magic power.”

You look surprised, Milfa. Is that bad or good?

“It will finish amplifying in about three seconds. I’ll take count and fire at zero – is that okay?”

“Wait, how do you launch a ──”

When I try to ask, an image of something spreads in my head.

I have no idea how it works, but I can just sense it.

“Countdown. Ten, nine, eight ……”

Milfa began to count down.

The “Attack mode” display disappeared from the LCD area, and a digital number appeared instead.

10…… 9…… 8…….

The numbers change in tandem with the Milfa’s countdown.

At the same time, I felt an intense heat in the core of my chest.

It’s as if a fire was about to erupt from inside my body.

“Four, three……”

Soon, Milfa’s countdown approached zero.

The heat that lodged in the core of my chest had now spread throughout my entire body.

It was like my whole body was being heated up.

So this is it ──.

This is my magical power.


Limit(Slash) Break(Release)!”

As soon as Milfa’s countdown ended, the golden sword blade emitted an extraordinarily dazzling light. I put all of my magical power into it and swung my sword with my strengthened arm strength. And then I unleashed its power.

Brash Blade(Demon Breaker Slash)!”

Translator Notes:

[1]. Mina is stated here to have silver hair instead of blonde in the Light novel. Also, her vestments here were color blue instead of white. I changed it to align with the light novel to avoid confusion.

[2]. Mina being a priestess here, is more of a Buddhist priest, one rather than a Catholic nun. But in the novel, she’s an RPG Healer.

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