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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Introduction (Full Text)

Introduction: Reincarnating as an Elf

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Chapter 1 – Let the Reincarnation Ceremony Begin
Chapter 2 – Goddess Blessing Sex Part 1※
Chapter 3 -Goddess Blessing Sex Part 2 + Reincarnation Ceremony ※

Chapter 1 – Let the Reincarnation Ceremony Begin

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The next thing I knew, I was in a completely white space.

“Huh? I was surely on my way to school. How did I end up in this place?”

As I recall, I was crossing the street, when suddenly, I heard a car horn and……

“You’re finally awake, Soichi-kun.”

And then, there’s a woman in front of me.


I was so fascinated by her figure that I even forgot to breathe.

The woman who just spoke is an incredible beauty that I could only describe as ‘otherworldly.’ She has lustrous pink-colored hair[1], long enough to reach her feet. She has sharp eyes that bear a mysterious purple color, and she’s wearing a white robe that reminded me of goddesses that I often saw in Greek Mythology.

What is incredibly noticeable are her white wings in the back, that made her look like an angel……no, a goddess.

“It seems that the movement of your soul from this world to this ‘interstice’ has gone well. How much memory do you have left? Are you aware that you have died?”

A flowery scent wafted softly to the tip of my nose and made my body tingle. Despite the woman’s surprise appearance, her body exudes an oddly bewitching air.

I wonder if this is what they call a pheromone?

In any case, just by looking at her, I could feel like my heart is going to explode.

“I’m not really sure. What you mean by “I died” anyway?”

I asked her, confused about what happened. Then, little by little, my foggy memory began to clear up.

The blinding light of the headlights looming in front of me.

The intermittent blaring of the horn.

The intense shock that ran through my body.

That’s right, I was……

I was hit by a car and died.

“Soichi Yano, 18 years old. Has a life that has no special features, a picture-perfect of mediocrity. Incidentally, you have no experience with women as you had never been in a relationship. I guess you died a virgin, huh?”

My thoughts went dark at her mischievous teasing.

Why do I have to be told so much by the person I met for the first time after I died? Was that really necessary?

…… I’ve never dated a girl, and of course, I’m a virgin.

“I’m sorry if that offended you. I’ve never played the role of the judge for the reincarnation system before…… I guess I got a little worked up there.”

“Reincarnation …… system?”

“But I’m glad. You’re the kind of boy I like. I was a little worried about what I would do if it was an old, ugly man.”

The goddess then regains her pure smile at me.

S-so, pretty!

She had a smile that was too lovely; it was enough to kill a virgin like me over again with a single blow.

I could even feel my blood boiling in my entire body.

“I am Elciata. One of the pillar goddesses who rule over love.”

The beautiful woman announced solemnly.

“Y-you’re a Goddess ……for real?”

I couldn’t help but gulp.

After all, the divine aura that she──Elciata was emitting was enough to make me believe her words unconditionally.

‘‘I’ll explain it to you from the beginning. As I’m sure you’ve already guessed, you died in a car accident.”

…… I knew it. I am really dead.

I accepted that fact with a strange calmness.

This is because I have expected it already since my memory came back.

To tell you the truth, the feeling of “I knew it” is greater than the shocking fact of my death.

“So, this is heaven ……?”


“Eh, then hell, huh……’

“That’s not it either. This is the chasm of time. It’s a place where the dead pass through from your world to the afterlife.”

“So, I guess that means I’m going to the afterlife, huh?”

“Usually, yes.”

Elciata smiled as if she had called out my inner thoughts.

Well, she’s a goddess, so at least she could read my mind?

“But your soul has been specially chosen. From now on, you will live a different life, not in the afterlife, but in a new world.”

Saying that, Elciata winked mischievously.

“To put it in your world’s terms, that would be……reincarnation.”


Is that it?

Is it really the kind of thing that’s common in light novels these days, where you get a cheat ability from a god and make yourself a warrior and produce a harem in another world?

“That’s right. It’s almost the same thing as what is written in these trending light novels of your world.”

……so you can read my mind after all, Elciata.

Well, that’s fine. It’s not like I am having special thoughts anyway.

“So, let’s get on with the reincarnation process.”

Elciata approached me to my side.

Her costume, made of a thin white cloth, was faintly transparent to the skin.

If you look closely, you can even see the red protrusion on her chest and the black shade between her legs.

“Ugh, i-isn’t that a little too transparent for an outfit!?”

You’re not even wearing any underwear!

Contrary to her pure and holy appearance, the glamour of her outfit immediately caused blood to gather in my lower body.

Even though I’m in a situation like this, I’m embarrassingly erect.

I slouched forward in a hurry.

“Oh my, is there something wrong?”

But contrary to her question, Elciata just smiles mischievously.

‘‘I, no, no, na, na, na, nothing is wrong!”

Oh crap, that was utterly suspicious.

“If you say so. Now then, here. Please fill out this contract and this selection sheet and put your thumbprint on it afterwards.”

She spoke after a snap of her fingers.

A desk and chair suddenly appeared out of the middle of nowhere.

And on the desk were two documents.

One of them was a contract.

After a quick reading of the contents, it basically shows that it’s all about ‘I agree to the contract with God, and I will be reincarnated in another world.’

Well, I have no objection to this.

And then there’s another sheet.

“Selection Sheet?”

“It’s just as you see it. When a person is about to be reincarnated, they can freely choose their own traits. In short, it’s the skills that are unique to a person, their constitution, their appearance, and their race. A sample list of traits is on a separate sheet of paper, but you can also come up with your own.”

Explained Elciata.

“Traits ……huh.”

I looked through the list of samples.

Race …… human, elf, dwarf, demon, dragon …… etc.

Skills…… swordsmanship, magic, appraisal, business acumen, internal politics…… etc.

Appearance…… good-looking, ugly, muscular, smart, glamourous……etc.

Traits…… great muscular strength, high magic power, increased luck, maximum charm……etc

Okay, I got the general idea.

However, is it really okay to make your own traits yourself?

In the end, after taking my time choosing, I ended with a total of five traits in my list.

“I’m going to say it here first, just because the blanks are long in that sheet, you can’t just combine three characteristics and merge it in a single number. For example, even if you fill up the #1 option with ‘a beautiful boy with excellent business acumen and the best luck,’ it is not considered a single trait but three.”

Elciata gives an additional explanation.

Well, you can include as many traits as you want if that’s allowed, as long as it fits in the sheet, that is.

“How about something like …… five traits becoming a hundred?”

“Of course not.”

I asked her just to be sure, but I guess that’s not happening either.

Too bad.

Hmmm, what traits should I choose……

After all, when it comes to cross-world reincarnation, I guess the usual option is to go ‘Look at me, I’m OP, REEEEE as you yeet yourself to your opponents.

Well, since that’s a thing, and this is the otherworld, where dangers are lurking almost everywhere (or at least, that’s what I was expecting), let’s find first a skill that would make me the strongest, just to be safe.

I looked for some traits that would be useful for living in another world as well.

I struggled with the traits for a while, fantasizing about what my life would be with these after my reincarnation.

And I pondered over it a lot.

“You can take your time thinking about it. This is the gap between time and space. We have almost an infinite amount of time here.”

I was thankful that Elciata wasn’t rushing me.

And finally, after a bit of an agonizing selection, I finished filling out the form.

“I’m done writing.”

“Please pass it here.”

“……let’s see, for now, I don’t have a problem with the contents.”

Elciata looked over the papers and then turned to me.

“Are you really sure this is what you want to have?”

Her gaze at me became sharp, making sure I take her words seriously.

“Just so you know, you can’t correct me later. There’s no turning backs.”


I think I’ve already put all my hopes and aspirations into these five traits.

I thought very well about it.

“Fine. If you say so.”

She nodded once.

As for my traits, they are as follows.

 # 1…… Appearance: Immensely Beautiful Boy.

 # 2…… Skill: Complete Mastery of Most Powerful Magic Sword Arts

 # 3…… Trait: Maximum Luck with Women

 # 4…… Trait: Matchless Vigor during Sex

 # 5…… Race: Long-Lived Elf

This is what my selection sheet has contained.

Some of them I chose from the samples, while others I came up with the content myself.

I thought I’d be warned to divide # 2 into two since it’s the strongest of both sword and magic combined, but I wrote it as a no-brainer, thinking it was within the rules.

And it seemed to be within the rules. Maybe because it was interpreted as more of a specialization rather than the general one?

Well, to be honest, I always felt magic swordsmen to be really cool. There is also the fact that it gives me a sense of versatility. After all, you can’t be a master if you don’t know the basics of these two well, or at least, that’s what I think.

The reason I chose to make me an elf instead of a human is because I was a fan of their appearances.

Anyway, I tried to pack in as many elements as possible that I thought, ‘I want to be this way.’

Uwaa, I’m starting to get hyped up.

“Now then, for my final act, I’m going to grant you the Goddess’ Blessing.”

Elciata spoke at last.

“Goddess’ Blessing?”

“When one chooses to be born from a human to a different species, they are required to receive the Goddess’ blessing. It’s a pain in the ass to explain, so I won’t……err, the detailed logic about it is really complicated, so it will be hard for you to understand, so I’ll omit it here.”

“Your honest thoughts came out halfway through, though.”

“With that settled, let’s move on to the blessing ceremony.”

Ah, she totally ignored what I just said.

“Could you lie down on that bed over there?”

Elciata moves her fingers in a snap.

Then, a king-sized bed appears right beside me.

It seems that otherworldly Goddesses have a really convenient ability to bring out desks and chairs and beds: Poof, instant furniture out of the blue.

“You want me to go to bed?”

Still, what in the world is she trying to do?

“Oh, and take your clothes off as well.”


“The whole point of the blessing ceremony is that it needs a sexual act between God and man. You’re going to have sex with me now, and if you’re wearing clothes, they’ll get in the way, right?”

I was stunned to see Elciata still able to smile vibrantly at me after what she had said.

“I, what …… now ……?”

“It is what I just said.”

Elciata puts her face close, enough of a distance to kiss me, and blew sweet breaths on my face. “You and I are going to have sex, and I’m going to give you the best first experience you’ll ever have in your life. Fufufu.”

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Chapter 2 -Goddess Blessing Sex Part 1 ※

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“──and I’m going to give you the best first experience you’ll ever have in your life.”

At Elciata’s words, I stood there stuck for a reply. It was all I managed to do as I stare dumbfoundedly at the beautiful peach-haired goddess of love.

“Ara, you’re confused to hear that you’re having sex with me. I don’t hate that kind of initial reaction.”

For some reason, though, Elciata is happy at my confusion.

“Are you perhaps surprised by the suddenness? I wonder if that’s too much for a virgin like you? If so, I feel worried about you later on.”

However, her gleaming smile only made my heart beat faster.

‘‘There are a few rules with regards to reincarnation. You see, when the host wants to be reincarnated from a human to the same human race, all I have to do is send that soul into the other world, and that’s it. That’s the easy part. But when you are reincarnated as a different species, I have to transform their soul first.”

“Transform……the soul ……?”

“It will be too complicated to explain to you the details …… No, it’s too much pain in the ass, so I’ll skip it.”

You know, you’ve been acting a bit too honest for a while now, miss goddess. And you even got the order wrong.

“Anyway, God’s Blessing is needed to transform the soul, but the method for each god to do it is different. As I am the goddess of love, the way I gift my blessing is to give ‘love’ and exchange ‘love’ with each other. Do you understand now?”

”……I have no idea what to say.”

“Nevermind. What is important is you have to have sex with me. After that, you’ll be ready for your rebirth, then whoosh, off you go~.”

“……I still don’t get that logic, but I know what to do now, I guess?”

When I nodded, I looked at Elciata again.

After all, such a beautiful woman – and a goddess at that, is going to have sex with me!

‘‘It’s okay. This big sister here will teach you how to do it. Let’s graduate you of your virginity……shall we?”

It’s a man’s dream to have such a stunningly beautiful woman teach him how to do it for the first time.

It’s already a mystery that the contrasting elements of elegance and seductiveness coexist in this woman’s beauty without contradiction.

Before I realized, I was utterly smitten with this goddess.

My heart was beating fast with tension and excitement, and my crotch has already tented high up since a few minutes ago.


Even my response was a full-on wince at this point.

“It seems that you are interested in it as well. Don’t be shy, for that’s also a good thing.”

A smooth hand reached out and gently stroked my cheek.

In front of me was the dazzling beautiful face of Elciata.

Never in my previous life had I ever gazed at such a beautiful woman (though she’s not a human, but a god) at this close.

Probably, even if I hadn’t had that accident and my life still went on, I still wouldn’t have this opportunity in my life.

──When I was lost in emotion, Elciata’s face came up to me.

Her sweet breath blew on my face. It was ticklish, yet I felt more embarrassment from it rather than delight.


Just when I thought Elciata’s face has gotten even closer, all of a sudden, her flowery-colored lips suddenly blocked my own.

For a couple of seconds, I wasn’t able to breathe because of the abruptness of the situation.

This is──a kiss ……!

For the first time in my life, I have finally touched the lips of the opposite sex, and they were so soft and sweet as honey.

“It looks like this was your first kiss as well. Fufu, thank you for the treat~.”

Elciata parted her lips, her purple eyes smiling with happiness. For my part, my heart is still racing with the excitement and emotion of my first kiss.

“But that kiss is just the beginning.”


Fuuh, the goddess’s breath blew again in my face.

Goosebumps ran all over my body, and my excitement surged up so quick that I immediately felt dizzy.

Of course, my crotch was already fully erect the whole time.

“Hey, Soichi. Have you ever seen a woman naked? Not in pictures or videos, but in the true flesh.” Elciata spoke with a smile.

“N-no. Not at all.”

I’ve seen uncensored pictures on the internet, but I’ve never seen the real thing, of course.

“Then, I’ll show you, okay?”

The goddess of love’s smile deepened into a sensual one. Another shiver ran down my spine.

Elciata began to loosen the bosom of her dress. The sound of her robe rubbing against the bosom of the garment further fueled my excitement. Eventually, she completely removed the bosom part, finally revealing to me her ample breasts.

“Uwaa, ahhhh……!”

I almost let out an unconscious cry.

In front of me stood the glistening naked body of a goddess.

She was supple and slender, yet utterly glamorous, and they bulged precisely at the parts where they were supposed to bulge. Her ample breasts reminded me of rich fruits that had just been harvested, and the rounded line from the tight waist to the protruding buttocks is a beauty that I could only call as artistic.

My gaze, however, couldn’t be found on that, as it was focused on the milky white mountains before me, especially so when they swayed in front of her glamorous naked body.

They’re a fascinating form with a perfect balance of beauty and lustfulness.

“What do you think? Not bad, isn’t it? I’m pretty confident in my figure.”

“Ah…… yes……”

“It’s okay to touch it, you know?”

Elciata smiled enticingly as she took my hand. Then, she guided it to her own chest and let it touch her bountiful fruits in front.


I could only do nothing but yelp as I felt the soft flesh that previously only existed in my imagination against my fingertips.

For the first time in my life, I was able to touch a mature woman’s breasts.

Amazing! It’s insanely soft, but it has a firmness and elasticity that was enough to push my fingers back.

The excitement and the feeling of being deeply moved emotionally penetrated my brain.

“Ufufu. You’re still too reserved. You can be more daring in your touching and rubbing……here, you can do whatever you like with it, Soichi.”

Elciata urged as she brought her chest even closer to my face.

“Ah, Y-yes!”

The wave of excitement that had been building up even under normal circumstances finally swept my dignity over the edge.

I rubbed so hard that my fingertips almost buried themselves in the softness of her tits.

Wow, the more force I put into it, the more I could feel its fresh elasticity.

I was merely touching them, yet it felt so good to me already.

“I’m glad to know that my breasts are to your liking. But what about here?”

Elciata’s gaze went to my lower abdomen.

Naturally, I had a ginormous erection there, and my penis was already about to burst from the inside of my pants.

“Do you want to do something more erotic, Soichi?”

A supple hand reaches for my pants.

With surprising finesse, Elciata unbuckled my belt and pulled down my underwear in a matter of seconds.

“Ah …….”

I felt hot with shame of my naked lower body being exposed──, but it was only for a brief moment as I soon felt her soft fingertips touching the tip of my cock.


A sweet sensation spread through my body as she stroked my penis with her dainty fingers.

It wasn’t too strong, and it wasn’t too weak, either. And just when you think you’re getting used to it, she presses harder with her palm or either strokes it faster with her fingers.

For every fap she does, it sends an itchy electric current from my meat stick towards my spine. Cowper fluids soon leak out in a thick stream, dispersing in the surroundings with a raw smell of sex.

“Come on, let me hear it in your mouth.”

Elciata looked at me with a wicked smile.

“Otherwise, we won’t be able to proceed. Do you only want to just touch my tits? Don’t you want something greater……for example, like having a loving sex with me?”

“Ah, I, I want——”

I felt like my head was going to explode at any moment now.

“I want to have s-sex with you, Miss Goddess!”

Still, I managed to shout it through.

Then, I took off my jacket and shirt, exposing myself completely naked, just like the heavenly being before me. I was embarrassed, of course, but the anticipation and excitement of my first time far outweighed the shyness that I’m feeling.

“Then lie down over here.”

I climbed up on the bed to lie on my back, just as Elciata had told me so.

My crotch was towering almost vertically now.

Regardless of it, Elciata climbed onto the bed and straddled above my waist.

“We’re finally having your first time, Soichi.”

Elciata was in a half-sitting position, brushing her long pink hair out of her face.

I was so excited that I didn’t even have time to respond.

From my position, I could clearly see her ample, heaving breasts swaying up and down. As I lowered my gaze even further, I could see a darker shade of hair just right on top of the rounded mound. Further behind it, I finally caught a glimpse of that most anticipated, pale pink, seductive spot.

(Ah, so that’s a woman’s vagina…)

I took a big gulp, and my throat rumbled out loud.

The most precious part of a woman, shaped like a vertical lip, was already turgid and wet, giving it a more haunting sheen. Its two petals were slightly torn open and gaping, twitching as they opened and closed, as if they were waiting for my thing.

I swallowed my raw spit. More hot blood rushed into my penis, and I could feel my erection getting stronger and harder.

Aaah, I can’t wait to put it in. I want to taste the inside of this amazingly beautiful woman.

My whole body was burning with the primal desire to be a man.

“Then I’m going to put it in you. But first, are you okay for me to be your first partner?”

“Yes. Yes……!”

I responded to the goddess’s final confirmation with a voice rising with excitement.

Shortly after that,

Zubububu……! Zu,bububuuuuuu……uuuu!

With the sensation of scraping the slimy folds of her flesh, the vertical slitherer of my thing has finally been swallowed by Elciata’s womb.

“Kuuh, aaaaaaaaah! Uhaaa, aaaah……ugh”

My throat silently screamed as I breathe a cry of pleasure from within.

So this is what it’s like to be inside of a woman’s body…… It was much hotter than I had imagined.

It was what I thought as my whole body shook with excitement and awe.

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Chapter 3 – Goddess Blessing Sex Part 2 + Reincarnation Ceremony※

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Zubuuuu……uuuuu, zuchu……zubuzubuuuu……!

Elciata dropped her hips, our union deepening as she did it so. Inch by inch, her hot and slimy mucous membranes began to surround me, wrapping themselves up as they cling firmly onto my entire penis. At first, it was only the tip, then it approached the middle, before reaching the very base at the end.


Two gasps that were close to a falsetto leaked out across the void. It was immediately followed by a lush pair of assets making contact with my waist, deepening the connection of our genitals even further.

It was at that moment that I realized I finally lost my virginity.

My penis finally made it up to its base inside Elciata’s narrow vagina. However,  it didn’t stop there. The wet insides of the goddess wiggled itself around the head and the shaft and sucked on them curiously, as if it had found a new food. Narrow, tight, slimy, and warm – a mixture of all of these feelings penetrated from the hip bone, reaching me to my very brain.

This, this feels so good!

The sensation was, as expected, too much for my virgin mind to handle. In fact, right after the act, an incredible feeling of wanting to ejaculate rose up, and it made my penis go numb in its sweetness.

“Uugh, aaaaaaaah……! Aaauuu, kuhaa, aaaah!? Aaaaah……!”

Before I knew it, I was already ejaculating with a series of loud gasps that’s almost like a scream.

I admit, it was truly pathetic of me. Still, I wasn’t expecting it to happen so quickly.

“Ahhn, so hot……and so thick. And you’ve also released quite the amount as well.”

Perhaps feeling good on my vigorous first release, Elciata’s tone sounded happy.

“Ara, you’re still hard……well, you’re still young after all.”

The Goddess of Love looked down at me with a smile as if she’s fascinated by my reaction. Then, she lightly rubbed her lower belly to check the feel of the rod that was buried in her womb, before licking her lips with her pink tongue and letting out a wistful breath.

However, even though they’re simple, each of these gestures of her, I find them extremely bewitching.

“I’m going to move for a bit. Let’s make ourselves feel good together, shall we?”

Soon as she said this, Elciata began to rock her hips back and forth, thrusting her lower abdomen into the air and down. Her hips were intense, almost similar to the rodeos I watched over the internet. Her insides rippled with each of our movements, and its tightness only became stronger and looser as they sent irregular stimulations to my symbolic organ.

“Uwaa, aaahuu, so good, it feels so good.”

It was the first time I felt how it was at someone’s complete mercy. At her skillful cowgirl movements, there’s no way I could fight back. The only thing I could do was indulge myself as I got devoured by the pleasure given to me by the goddess of love.

“Kuhaaa, aaaah, o-oh God!”

Sex, for the first time in my life, felt far better than I had imagined. It was not only in a physical sense. The visual excitement fueled my sense of spiritual fulfillment as well, and with the goddess straddling my waist, swinging her hips, and shaking her breasts in a manner that was far from being holy, I could only stare in awe as the sensation got amplified dozens of times over. As for my penis, it has been clamped shut in the narrow and tight vaginal hole and has been twitching and throbbing erratically since a while ago.

‘‘Fufu, I’m glad you’re feeling comfortable. I’m going to squeeze all of your cum, so feel free to let out a lot~.”

A smile of extreme lust, which I could never imaginein Elciata, came out in her divinely beautiful face.

“Kuu, uuuuhhh, ooooooooh! Guu, guuhh!”

For some reason, that smile flipped something inside of me, and before I realized, I was already thrusting my hips up enthusiastically and letting out loud yelps.

So good, so good. It feels too good!

I can no longer think of anything else.

I’m now but a prisoner to instincts and lust.

This beautiful woman straddling my waist, and is deeply taking my dick into her vagina, looked more like a succubus than a goddess.

“Aaah, that’s it……aahh……it’s coming out! Your penis, Soichi, thrust it harder!”

Elciata spoke with a mix of luster that is clearly different from earlier. It seems that her full-throttled pistons have flipped the pointer of her pleasure gauge right at its max.

As to follow her request, I thrust my hips high up into the air. I wanted to give the goddess a stronger sensation as well, so I imitated an almost a bridge posture, raising my body higher so that I can reach her insides deeper.

“Let it out! Come on, let it out! I’m going to cum any moment now!”

Along with her screams, the tightness of Elciata’s narrow vagina became more intensified. It was almost squeezing my dick hard, accelerating the sensation of me wanting to cum. I gave another thrust, thinking I could withstand the ejaculation somewhat now that I experienced it, but I was too naïve.

Before Elciata’s master-like hips, I wasn’t able to last long.

An electric current of pleasure immediately reverberated through my tailbone, rushing up my spine and going into my brain. It spread even more of the sensational pleasure through my entire body.

Because of that, I reached my limit once again.

“Ugh, ooh, aaah, I’m going to cuuuum!”

Dokudokudoku, dopu! Dobyururuurururu!

Like a roaring animal, I squirted my second ejaculation of the day into Elciata’s wet vagina.

I could almost feel the hot semen spraying and overflowing into the goddess’s precious hole. It’s only the second time, but the momentum of my ejaculation has hardly even diminished.

I poured a surprisingly large amount of cum into Elciata’s womb. That’s how aroused I was for this first time.

“Haaaaaaa, so hot, I’m cumming agaiiin! Ooh, no way, this is amazing………I’m cummiiiing! It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s comiiiinnnggg!”

It seems that the goddess couldn’t resist the sensation as well, and she climaxed soon after having a direct hit of my hot semen.

Our bodies shook with pleasure as we both climbed to ecstasy at the same time.

“Fuuu, that’s some thick and delicious semen you got there. Even my womb feels delighted in receiving it.”

Elciata said with satisfaction, unbinding her grasp from my body.

Her white skin was beaded with sweat, and her long pink hair is sticking all over it.

‘‘Haaa,haaa. Haaa……that, felt so, good……aah’’

As for me, I’m shaking all over, still busy catching my breath.

It was as if I was sucked all of my energies in that act, as a sense of emptiness soon followed and assaulted my entire body. However, even though every drop of cum in my balls has been squeezed out, it has brought me a great euphoria as if to compensate for it.

So this is what it feels to have sex with a woman.

“Now then, let’s grant the blessing to you who has communed with the Goddess of Love.”

Elciata gets off the bed.

Then she pointed her index finger at me, who’s still lying on my back and enjoying the first afterglow of my first experience.

“Your soul will now be transformed so you can live a new life in your new world.”

She grandly announces in a solemn manner, as if our previous sex was a lie.

At the same time, a number of glowing magic circles emerged around the bed.

There were five in total.

They started to spin as they surround me, then they got sucked one by one into my body.


All of a sudden, my body was burning hot.

What is this──.

I looked down at my body and saw that I was turning into particles of light starting from my feet and gradually disappearing.

“It’s okay. Your blood, your flesh, your soul – and your very being is now being rewritten. Those were the five new attributes you have chosen earlier.”

Spoke Elciata to make me at ease.

I am thankful, though, as though my body is changing and disappearing, I didn’t feel any pain.

In fact, I was even more excited from the anticipation.

“In a few minutes, you will be gone from here and will be reincarnated into a new world.”

Elciata continues to explain.

“Usually, when reincarnating someone, we are supposed to erase the memories of that person’s previous life. But if I do that, you will lose the memories of your first experience with me. This time, I’m going to make a special case and preserve your memories. Consider it a bonus from being my first client~.”

Is that really okay? Being so lackadaisical……

Despite tsking in my mind, my body continues to disappear.

The entire lower half of my body is gone already, and little by little, it started bursting into particles of light when it reached the midsection of my chest.

“It’s perfectly fine! The rules here in God’s Domain are pretty loose anyway.”

That’s not helping me with my worry! This sloppy goddess…….

“May you be happy with your new life. Good luck.”

Smiling, Elciata places her hands between my cheeks.

Just when everything below my neck has disappeared, she pulled my face into hers and covered my lips with her soft lips.


We both gasped at the same time.

Our separation and farewell kiss tasted as sweet and as lewd as our first kiss.

“If we have the chance, let’s meet again……Lian Tiarade.”

──That is my name as an elf.

From now on, I will no longer be Yano Soichi, but rather Lian Tiarade, the magic swordsman of the elven race.

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-= End of Introduction =-

Table of Contents | Volume 1

Translator Notes:

[1]. In the web novel, Elciata’s hair color is black, but in the light novel, her hair color is pink. At this point I decided to select what is best for my work and chose pink in the end, matching them with the visuals to avoid confusion to my readers.

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