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Reincarnated as an Elf Magic Swordsman Introduction Chapter 3

Introduction 3 – Goddess Blessing Sex Part 2 + Reincarnation Ceremony

Zubuuuu……uuuuu, zuchu……zubuzubuuuu……!

Elciata dropped her hips, our union deepening as she did it so. Inch by inch, her hot and slimy mucous membranes began to surround me, wrapping themselves up as they cling firmly onto my entire penis. At first, it was only the tip, then it approached the middle, before reaching the very base at the end.


Two gasps that were close to a falsetto leaked out across the void. It was immediately followed by a lush pair of assets making contact with my waist, deepening the connection of our genitals even further.

It was at that moment that I realized I finally lost my virginity.

My penis finally made it up to its base inside Elciata’s narrow vagina. However,  it didn’t stop there. The wet insides of the goddess wiggled itself around the head and the shaft and sucked on them curiously, as if it had found a new food. Narrow, tight, slimy, and warm – a mixture of all of these feelings penetrated from the hip bone, reaching me to my very brain.


This, this feels so good!

The sensation was, as expected, too much for my virgin mind to handle. In fact, right after the act, an incredible feeling of wanting to ejaculate rose up, and it made my penis go numb in its sweetness.

“Uugh, aaaaaaaah……! Aaauuu, kuhaa, aaaah!? Aaaaah……!”

Before I knew it, I was already ejaculating with a series of loud gasps that’s almost like a scream.

I admit, it was truly pathetic of me. Still, I wasn’t expecting it to happen so quickly.

“Ahhn, so hot……and so thick. And you’ve also released quite the amount as well.”

Perhaps feeling good on my vigorous first release, Elciata’s tone sounded happy.

“Ara, you’re still hard……well, you’re still young after all.”

The Goddess of Love looked down at me with a smile as if she’s fascinated by my reaction. Then, she lightly rubbed her lower belly to check the feel of the rod that was buried in her womb, before licking her lips with her pink tongue and letting out a wistful breath.

However, even though they’re simple, each of these gestures of her, I find them extremely bewitching.

“I’m going to move for a bit. Let’s make ourselves feel good together, shall we?”

Soon as she said this, Elciata began to rock her hips back and forth, thrusting her lower abdomen into the air and down. Her hips were intense, almost similar to the rodeos I watched over the internet. Her insides rippled with each of our movements, and its tightness only became stronger and looser as they sent irregular stimulations to my symbolic organ.

“Uwaa, aaahuu, so good, it feels so good.”

It was the first time I felt how it was at someone’s complete mercy. At her skillful cowgirl movements, there’s no way I could fight back. The only thing I could do was indulge myself as I got devoured by the pleasure given to me by the goddess of love.

“Kuhaaa, aaaah, o-oh God!”

Sex, for the first time in my life, felt far better than I had imagined. It was not only in a physical sense. The visual excitement fueled my sense of spiritual fulfillment as well, and with the goddess straddling my waist, swinging her hips, and shaking her breasts in a manner that was far from being holy, I could only stare in awe as the sensation got amplified dozens of times over. As for my penis, it has been clamped shut in the narrow and tight vaginal hole and has been twitching and throbbing erratically since a while ago.

This translated chapter is made possible by rocheneorecormon of stabbingwithasyringe translations. Support the translator by reading it at his wordpress site at stabbing with a syringe dot home dot blog. Thank you.

‘‘Fufu, I’m glad you’re feeling comfortable. I’m going to squeeze all of your cum, so feel free to let out a lot~.”

A smile of extreme lust, which I could never imaginein Elciata, came out in her divinely beautiful face.

“Kuu, uuuuhhh, ooooooooh! Guu, guuhh!”

For some reason, that smile flipped something inside of me, and before I realized, I was already thrusting my hips up enthusiastically and letting out loud yelps.

So good, so good. It feels too good!

I can no longer think of anything else.

I’m now but a prisoner to instincts and lust.

This beautiful woman straddling my waist, and is deeply taking my dick into her vagina, looked more like a succubus than a goddess.

“Aaah, that’s it……aahh……it’s coming out! Your penis, Soichi, thrust it harder!”

Elciata spoke with a mix of luster that is clearly different from earlier. It seems that her full-throttled pistons have flipped the pointer of her pleasure gauge right at its max.

As to follow her request, I thrust my hips high up into the air. I wanted to give the goddess a stronger sensation as well, so I imitated an almost a bridge posture, raising my body higher so that I can reach her insides deeper.

“Let it out! Come on, let it out! I’m going to cum any moment now!”

Along with her screams, the tightness of Elciata’s narrow vagina became more intensified. It was almost squeezing my dick hard, accelerating the sensation of me wanting to cum. I gave another thrust, thinking I could withstand the ejaculation somewhat now that I experienced it, but I was too naïve.

Before Elciata’s master-like hips, I wasn’t able to last long.

An electric current of pleasure immediately reverberated through my tailbone, rushing up my spine and going into my brain. It spread even more of the sensational pleasure through my entire body.

Because of that, I reached my limit once again.

“Ugh, ooh, aaah, I’m going to cuuuum!”

Dokudokudoku, dopu! Dobyururuurururu!

Like a roaring animal, I squirted my second ejaculation of the day into Elciata’s wet vagina.

I could almost feel the hot semen spraying and overflowing into the goddess’s precious hole. It’s only the second time, but the momentum of my ejaculation has hardly even diminished.

I poured a surprisingly large amount of cum into Elciata’s womb. That’s how aroused I was for this first time.

“Haaaaaaa, so hot, I’m cumming agaiiin! Ooh, no way, this is amazing………I’m cummiiiing! It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s comiiiinnnggg!”

It seems that the goddess couldn’t resist the sensation as well, and she climaxed soon after having a direct hit of my hot semen.

Our bodies shook with pleasure as we both climbed to ecstasy at the same time.

“Fuuu, that’s some thick and delicious semen you got there. Even my womb feels delighted in receiving it.”

Elciata said with satisfaction, unbinding her grasp from my body.

Her white skin was beaded with sweat, and her long pink hair is sticking all over it.

‘‘Haaa,haaa. Haaa……that, felt so, good……aah’’

As for me, I’m shaking all over, still busy catching my breath.

It was as if I was sucked all of my energies in that act, as a sense of emptiness soon followed and assaulted my entire body. However, even though every drop of cum in my balls has been squeezed out, it has brought me a great euphoria as if to compensate for it.

So this is what it feels to have sex with a woman.

“Now then, let’s grant the blessing to you who has communed with the Goddess of Love.”

Elciata gets off the bed.

Then she pointed her index finger at me, who’s still lying on my back and enjoying the first afterglow of my first experience.

“Your soul will now be transformed so you can live a new life in your new world.”

She grandly announces in a solemn manner, as if our previous sex was a lie.

At the same time, a number of glowing magic circles emerged around the bed.

There were five in total.

They started to spin as they surround me, then they got sucked one by one into my body.


All of a sudden, my body was burning hot.

What is this──.

I looked down at my body and saw that I was turning into particles of light starting from my feet and gradually disappearing.

“It’s okay. Your blood, your flesh, your soul – and your very being is now being rewritten. Those were the five new attributes you have chosen earlier.”

This translated chapter is made possible by rocheneorecormon of stabbingwithasyringe translations. Support the translator by reading it at his wordpress site at stabbing with a syringe dot home dot blog. Thank you.

Spoke Elciata to make me at ease.

I am thankful, though, as though my body is changing and disappearing, I didn’t feel any pain.

In fact, I was even more excited from the anticipation.

“In a few minutes, you will be gone from here and will be reincarnated into a new world.”

Elciata continues to explain.

“Usually, when reincarnating someone, we are supposed to erase the memories of that person’s previous life. But if I do that, you will lose the memories of your first experience with me. This time, I’m going to make a special case and preserve your memories. Consider it a bonus from being my first client~.”

Is that really okay? Being so lackadaisical……

Despite tsking in my mind, my body continues to disappear.

The entire lower half of my body is gone already, and little by little, it started bursting into particles of light when it reached the midsection of my chest.

“It’s perfectly fine! The rules here in God’s Domain are pretty loose anyway.”

That’s not helping me with my worry! This sloppy goddess…….


“May you be happy with your new life. Good luck.”

Smiling, Elciata places her hands between my cheeks.

Just when everything below my neck has disappeared, she pulled my face into hers and covered my lips with her soft lips.


We both gasped at the same time.

Our separation and farewell kiss tasted as sweet and as lewd as our first kiss.

“If we have the chance, let’s meet again……Lian Tiarade.”

──That is my name as an elf.

From now on, I will no longer be Yano Soichi, but rather Lian Tiarade, the magic swordsman of the elven race.

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